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Coronation Street episode review

Coronation Street Episode Review

Glenda Young's round-up of last week's episodes of Coronation Street


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The most powerful storyline I’ve seen on Corrie in a while has been the one featuring Simon and Leanne. I know from comments online that there’s not a lot of love for Simon Barlow but I really feel for the lad and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Leanne for what she did this week. She’s unable to cope with Simon’s increasingly foul behaviour, we all understand that, but what doesn’t ring true is that she hasn’t reached out for help and has confided instead only to young lad Zeedan. Telling her half-sister Eva this week was a step in the right direction, but still Leanne went about things the wrong way. Instead of asking Simon, or even telling him, that he was going to move in with Ken for a while at Number 1, Simon comes home to find his clothes laid out on the table. He knows he’s ready to be packed up and sent off, again, and he’s right.  Leaving him with Ken, Tracy, Robert and Amy might give Leanne a better life, but it fair broke my heart. Simon stood on the doorstep of his new home, abandoned and alone as Leanne walked away from him. He cried out to her that if she walked away from him, he would never forgive her. And still she kept on walking, first with tears in her eyes and then relief on her face. Leanne, you are an absolute cow.  And that’s something I’ve never said in an update before and I’ve been writing them for a very, very long time.

New character Caz turns up this week, she’s the glam soldier girlfriend of Kate Connor and Jonny calls her ‘Soldier Barbie’. It turns out Caz and Kate have been together 7 months but in that time, because of army commitments, have only spent three weeks in each other’s company. Caz is a bit full on in the clingy attachment department while Kate is more wary. It’s clear this is a relationship that won’t last. Meanwhile, Sophie Webster swans around the street in a cape waiting for her chance to strike and Sally gets a word in with Kate about how au fait with the lesbians she is as she’s got one in the family.

What a performance by Liz this week when she publicly humiliates Tony in the front bar of the pub. He begs her to take him back and even signs back to her his share of the pub that he bought from Steve. With the Rovers back in the hands of the McDonalds, Liz tells Tony she wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole, or words to that effect. He’s embarrassed and humiliated and the country cheered from its sofa. He leaves the next day after telling Jason that he and Todd were the ones who torched Callum’s car. His parting shot to Tracy deserves a mention. “Don’t pine for me,” Tracy shouts across the cobbles. “Don’t kill anyone,” he replies.

Speaking of Callum and killing people, Ken takes Eccles for a walk along the street and the dog starts sniffing around outside the Platts. Could it be the stench of a decomposing body under the manhole that Eccles can smell? Well, she did once sniff out the bracelet that incriminated Rob Donovan after he’d killed Tina McIntyre, so if anyone can solve a crime, Eccles can. Go Eccles!

Elsewhere this week, Sean and the Vicar try to plan a holiday. With Billy’s church commitments (pre-Christmas choir practice, Christmas, post-Christmas funerals from flu, Easter) they agree on a date for a week away later next year. Sean wants to go clubbing in Ibiza and Billy wants to go to a croft on the Isle of Mull. I’m not sure what a croft is, but hey-ho. Sean mulls this over but isn’t best pleased. Billy, bless him, then agrees to a week in Ibiza with the first part spent in the hills and the solitude and the second part spent in the clubs and the noise. There was a lovely line from Eva when Sean was talking about holidays and said he wanted to take Billy to Cape Cod. “Cape God?” she asked.

In the Streetcars office, Michael is shaken when a woman wants a cab to 22 Station Road. He recognises the address so offers to take the woman home as she’s afraid of going indoors on her own ever since she was broken into and robbed. Did Michael once rob this lady’s home? He certainly feels guilty, and after he sees her safely home, she gives him a list of chores he has offered to help her with around the house. Eileen’s not happy when she sees the list which includes tiling another woman’s splashback. “You never look twice at my splashback,” she says. Ooh, I bet it’s right mucky.

And finally this week, Caitlin pays Craig a visit at home and the two of them start on an art project together in Beth’s living room. Caitlin gets some of it on her blouse, which she takes off just as Beth enters stage right. Beth puts two and two together and ends up with five which means Craig gets a talking-to, you know, *that* talking-to about the birds and the bees and the pigeons and that.

And that's just about it for this week.

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This week's writers were Damon Rochefort (Monday double); Mark Burt (Wednesday); Debbie Oates and Jan McVerry (Friday double). Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/2008/11/exclusive-all-current-corrie-writers.html

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at http://flamingnora.blogspot.com

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