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Coronation Street episode review

Coronation Street Episode Review

Glenda Young's round-up of last week's episodes of Coronation Street


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The new community centre opens this week with Yasmeen at the helm. It’s called Jamila House, named after Khalid’s wife who died. I like the idea of the community centre a lot. There are bookshelves, a little kitchen, some tables and chairs with checky tablecloths on them and a poster on the wall advertising the Weatherfield Walking Group, whoever they are.  Despite Emily giving her time and effort to help set up Jamila House, Yasmeen overlooks this, and Emily, in her opening speech. She’s not all good, is Yasmeen, but I’m finding her good to watch.

Over the road, Owen and Anna receive a court summons for repossession on their house. This poses soap question number 35, sub-section b, clause iii.  Namely, who owns their house anyway? I thought when Anna and Eddie moved in it was rented. But maybe I missed something, I usually do.

After being burgled last week, Roy isn’t happy being in the café or the flat on his own. He’s clearly scared and retreats, even more, into himself.   

Steve’s also having a hard time this week, fighting in prison with dad Jim and turning him into the screws for having a mobile phone in his cell. And then Liz goes and moves Tony into the pub without asking Steve. Michelle does her best to cheer Steve up but even her sexy black top and hot-brush curls fail to hit the spot. Steve is in a dark place and it’s not nice to see. I just want to reach into the telly screen and give him a hug.

Cilla Battersby-Brown returns this week with her arm in a cast. It’s not clear why she’s come back, unannounced, and she’s showing no signs of change, or tenderness towards her kids. Fiz and Tyrone put her up and put up with her, for now at least. And after they all head to bed, Sinead questions Cilla about her arm. “It’s osteoporosis,” says Cilla. “Me bones are like sticks.”

Peter Barlow is found guilty this week for Tina McIntyre’s murder. He gets banged up in the big house for life, a minimum of 15 years. But if it’s the same minimum 15 year life sentence for that Tracy Barlow was given, chances are he’ll be out before the next series of Strictly Come Dancing starts next year. Although given that Carla’s getting suspicious about brother Rob, he could even be out earlier than that.

And finally this week, Kylie’s back on the estate taking drugs and taking chances with Max’s dad Callum. Callum wants to see his son, and although Kylie denies him this, Callum still turns up outside Bessie Street School in his flash car trying to chat to his son. Kylie’s all over the place at the minute and David knows there’s summat up, he’s just not sure what, not yet.

And that’s just about that for this week.
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This week's writers were John Kerr and Susan Oudot (Monday), Martin Allen (Wednesday), Damon Rochefort and Mark Wadlow (Friday). Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at http://coronationstreetupdates.blogspot.com/2008/11/exclusive-all-current-corrie-writers.html

Glenda Young
Blogging away merrily at http://flamingnora.blogspot.com



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