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Duffy returns as an agency nurse

Charlie has a heart attack

Dylan is suffering mental health issues

This week's Casualty episode

The iconic Aussie drama - with Simon, Vicky, Shirley, Frank, Brendan and Molly. Read more

Saturday 29th August @ 8.45pm

It’s a blast from the past in the first episode of the 30th series, written and directed by Paul Unwin, as Duffy returns to Holby as an agency nurse.

At Zoe and Max’s explosive wedding reception Charlie jumps into the freezing water to rescue Zoe, but later suffers a heart attack and the whole team have to pull together to try and save him. 

Simultaneously the victim of a gunshot wound is brought into the Emergency Department, and Jacob implements a ‘gun and gangs’ procedure. Despite this, the team struggle to prevent gang culture from infiltrating the department, as one casualty inevitably brings on more.

CAST: Max (Jamie Davis), Zoe (Sunetra Sarker), Charlie (Derek Thompson), Duffy (Cathy Shipton), Iain (Michael Stevenson), Jacob (Charles Venn), Rita (Chloe Howman), Louise (Azuka Oforka), Dylan (William Beck).

Sunday 30th August @ 8pm

Tensions rise in the Emergency Department, as events spiral out of control.

Charlie is still in jeopardy after his heart attack and the whole team work hard to save him, as gang crime threatens to spill in to the hospital corridors. It’s down to Jacob to stop the violence spreading.

Dylan is still suffering from mental health issues and acknowledges that he needs help. Max and Zoe kiss, although it's clear that he still hasn't forgiven her.

Louise is fundamental in saving Sarah and Mark’s baby, and after taking inspiration from Duffy she comes round to the idea of becoming a nurse again.

CAST: Max (Jamie Davis), Zoe (Sunetra Sarker), Charlie (Derek Thompson), Duffy (Cathy Shipton), Louise (Azuka Oforka), Dylan (William Beck), Jacob (Charles Venn), Big Mac (Charles Dale), Ethan (Geroge Rainsford).

Previously on Casualty:

Saturday 22nd August @ 9.10pm

The team help a daughter and father at a difficult time, and Ethan convinces a man to come clean to his girlfriend.

Sunday 23rd August @ 8pm

It's Max and Zoe's wedding day, and someone's got cold feet.

Ethan (George Rainsford), Iain (Michael Stevenson), Dixie (Jane Hazlegrove), Zoe (Sunetra Sarker), Rita (Chloe Howman), Tess (Suzanne Packer), Jacob (Charles Venn), Lofty (Lee Mead), Honey (Chelsee Healey), Connie (Amanda Mealing), Dylan (William Beck), Big Mac (Charles Dale), Caleb (Richard Winsor), Charlie (Derek Thompson), Max (Jamie Davis), Robyn (Amanda Henderson), Lily (Crystal Yu), Noel (Tony Marshall).

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