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A couple's wedding is torn apart

Jacob proves he can keep his cool

Carl believes Matilda isn't his daughter


This week's Casualty episode

The iconic Aussie drama - with Simon, Vicky, Shirley, Frank, Brendan and Molly. Read more

Saturday 28th November @ 9.00pm

A young couple have their wedding torn apart by an unsupportive parent, and Jacob proves he can keep his cool with an impossible patient.

Cal refuses to believe that Matilda isn’t his daughter and decides to find out his blood group so he can disprove the test. But in the process he discovers something even more disturbing - he’s adopted.

With his head in a mess, he decides that giving Matilda to social services might be the best option. Yet this, coupled with the knowledge that Ethan might not be his brother, leaves him bereft of any sense of identity.

Connie is impressed by the way Jacob is keeping his anger under control. And the sexual tension between them grows as she spots him with his shorts off in the staffroom…

Cast: Cal (Richard Winsor), Ethan (George Rainsford), Jacob (Charles Venn), Connie (Amanda Mealing), Louise (Azuka Oforka), Charlie (Derek Thompson), Dylan (William Beck).

Previously on Casualty: Saturday 21st November @ 9.00pm

Dixie becomes worried about her HART colleague when discovers that Jess is taking antidepressants. Iain puts Dixie’s suspicion down to jealousy over Jess’s relationship and Dixie is forced to ignore her instincts.

Cal is left to look after Matilda and panics when he spots a rash on her. He brings her into the ED, and with the baby in crisis Cal and Ethan are faced with the prospect of losing her. But Matilda is saved and Cal realises just how much she means to him.

Lily discovers her father was proud of her after all - although that doesn’t change the fact that everyone in the Emergency Department blames her for Alicia leaving. As guilt starts to eat away at her, Lily tries to get Ethan on her side, implying that she was never cut out to be a doctor...

CAST: Dixie (Jane Hazlegrove), Iain (Michael Stevenson), Lily (Crystal Yu), Cal (Richard Winsor)

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