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Coronation Street


Steve and Michelle get some devastating news

Leanne takes matters into her own hands

David's message chills Gail

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Monday 10th October (episode 1)

Michelle and Steve attend their first scan however it’s obvious that something is playing on Steve’s mind. Clearly distraught, he breaks the news to Michelle that he had a call from Jim to tell him he’s got Myotonic Dystrophy - it’s genetic and both he and their baby are at risk. The news is a blow to Michelle and the couple quiz Rana about how MD could affect their baby. But Michelle isn’t the only woman pregnant with Steve’s child...

Noticing a spring in her Mum’s step, Bethany wonders if she’s got a new boyfriend. Her suspicions prove to be correct when Sarah admits there is someone and when Bethany lets slip her mum’s words to Gary, he’s secretly thrilled. However Sarah’s earlier chirpy mood darkens when a shocking discovery leaves her seeing red.

Worried about David’s state of mind, Gail insists he should return to work as a bit of normality. Still consumed with revenge, David heads out of the hair salon, leaving a client mid-appointment. Audrey’s furious - but little does she know the true extent of what David’s got up his sleeve...

Desperate to get Eileen off his back, Phelan suggests she should return to her job at Street Cars. Eileen agrees but when she calls the cab office, she’s left reeling that Tim insists on a formal interview. Meanwhile, at Faye’s suggestion, Anna invites Izzy for tea. Izzy’s delighted when Faye offers to babysit for Jake at Izzy’s flat - does Faye have an ulterior motive?

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Monday 10th October (episode 2)

Leanne does her best to hide her inner turmoil as an oblivious Michelle reveals there’s a 50% chance that Steve may have MD. Elsewhere, Steve breaks the news to Liz who is gobsmacked. Close to tears, Leanne tells Nick about Jim’s genetic condition and how their baby could be affected. Nick calls Steve to the flat where an apologetic but determined Nick and Leanne put pressure on Steve to find out his results as soon as possible. Losing his temper, will Steve comply with the pair’s requests?

Bethany breaks down, coming clean to Sarah about how, in desperation, she started taking diet pills even though Gary had warned her not to. Sarah’s horrified to realise Gary knew what was going on - will this throw their blossoming romance into dangerous territory?

As David heads out of the court building, he watches as a prison van pulls up, a plan forming in his mind. But Gail’s bemused to find a clearly upbeat David making the tea and playing word games with Max and Lily - has he got cold feet at the last minute?

Eileen attends a farcical interview with Tim, has she done enough to win her job back?

Meanwhile, checking that Jake is asleep, Faye surreptitiously lets Seb, her boyfriend, into Izzy’s flat. Later, Anna and Kevin let themselves into Izzy’s flat - what will they find?

Wednesday 12th October

Gail’s suspicions are piqued but when she asks David where he keeps disappearing off to, David covers. Confident he’s got his mum off his back, he borrows Nick’s car and drives to the court-house where he fine tunes his plans for Clayton’s demise. Later, David calls at the garage and, laser-focused on revenge, makes Tyrone, Luke and Freddie an offer they can’t refuse...

Steve tells Michelle that he’s not going to have the genetic test as he’d rather not know. When Nick and Leanne quiz Rana about MD, she’s taken aback to realise they know about Steve and Michelle’s situation but Leanne covers. After, Leanne corners Michelle and piles on the pressure to get Steve tested, will Michelle take Leanne’s advice on board?

When Sarah’s cold towards Gary, Izzy wonders what’s going on. Gary explains how he was trying to help but now Sarah won’t give him the time of day. Later, Izzy corners Sarah and makes her see that Gary only wanted the best for Bethany - can Izzy’s words make Sarah give Gary a second chance?

Kevin admonishes Anna for her harsh approach to Faye, meanwhile Sophie’s thrilled when she receives confirmation that she’s nailed the Bradshaw contract for the garage and Kevin’s proud of her. But Kevin’s mood turns sour when Sophie gets a call from Rosie inviting her to Miami. After berating Anna’s parenting, how will he react to Sophie’s news?

Friday 14th October (episode 1)

Tyrone advises David not to waste his money on the car but David refuses and Nick clocks their exchange. Meanwhile, a deeply concerned Gail collects Max from school after receiving a call that he has wet himself. This is the last straw for Gail and, furious, she confronts David, imploring he needs to pull himself together and focus on his kids. David confides in Nick that without Kylie, he feels a failure as a parent. Could this latest episode push him dangerously over the edge?

Michelle begs Steve to get himself tested but Steve remains unconvinced. In the cab office, Steve confides in Tim that he might have MD. Elsewhere, Leanne will stop at nothing to get the results she needs from Steve. Determined, she comes up with a new plan to get what she wants...

In the garage, Kevin lays the law down to Sophie telling her there’s no way he can spare her for 3 months. How will Sophie take her dad’s rules?

Simon’s excited when Peter calls and confirms he’ll be there to watch him pick up his Player of the Year Award. Pointing out she’s short staffed at the shop, Tracy enlists the help of a reluctant Ken. But when Ken takes an unsettling call he’s shocked at Tracy’s reaction. Meanwhile, Seb arrives for dinner with Faye and her family and proves an instant hit with Anna and Tim. But when he presents Faye with an expensive gift, she realises that all may not be what it seems with Seb...

Friday 14th October (episode 2)

David tells Gail he’s going to take the kids for a spin. After David leaves, Gail opens her son’s laptop and finds his farewell video. Her blood runs cold as she watches it in horror. After quizzing Tyrone, Gail is chilled by his words and with the help of Nick and Sarah, David’s revenge plot dawns on them... but is it too late?

Steve returns home and tells Michelle that he’s going to have the test - will he stick to his word?

Sophie attempts to reassure Kevin she just wants to spend some time with her sister. Kevin relents, will this be enough to change his mind?

Over dinner, Anna’s pleased to see Seb getting on with the family so well. As Faye sees Seb onto his bus, she tentatively asks about her expensive gift but will she get the answer she wants? Simon returns to No.1 clutching his trophy, upset that Peter failed to turn up. Ken confides in Simon how he always wanted to do the Grand Tour of Europe’s cultural gems but when Tracy announces she needs him to cover in the shop again, Ken is torn between his dream and his demanding family.

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