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Coronation Street catch up


Tony offers everything to Liz

Leanne feels the wrath of Simon

Michael plays the good Samaritan

Coronation Street preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 16th November (episode 1)

Michelle reckons Liz has taken leave of her senses and makes it clear that if she chooses to stay with Tony, she and Steve will have no choice but to move away. When Tony calls at No.11 and announces that he and Liz are back together, Eileen and Jason are flabbergasted. Eileen tries to make Liz see Tony for what he is, a cheat and liar, but Liz refuses to listen. Tony presents Liz with a signed contract, giving her his 50% of the Rovers. Liz summons Michelle, ready to break the good news. Telling Liz how he wants a fresh start, Tony goes down on one knee. As Liz reels in shock, Michelle arrives in the pub and is horrified to find Tony mid-proposal!

Simon skives off school and invites his mates round to play computer games. When Leanne arrives home she’s furious to find Simon and his mates lounging about.

When Aidan and Carla berate Kirk and Kate after a mix-up with the orders, Kate kindly takes the wrap and Kirk’s touched. Meanwhile as a birthday surprise, Aidan and Carla arrange for Kate’s finace Caz to pay a visit. Kate’s thrilled as Caz’s taxi pulls up outside.

Steph tells Luke she and Andy are taking him out for the evening to cheer him up. But when Jamie calls at the garage and tells Luke he’s not having an evening out with his sister as he wants him to take part in a warm-up race, Luke feels trapped.


Monday 16th November (episode 2)

Horrified at the thought of Liz marrying Tony, Michelle is shell-shocked. As Michelle, Erica, Eileen, Tracy and Robert gather round will Liz accept Tony’s proposal?

Leanne throws Simon’s mates out and demands some answers. But Simon heads out too, sarcastically telling her he’s going to school. Back at home Simon locks himself in his room and turns up his music. In tears, Leanne finally cracks and admits to Eva how Simon has been hitting her. As Leanne breaks down, revealing Simon’s out of control and she doesn’t know what to do, how will Eva respond?

Kate hugs Caz, telling her she’s the best birthday present she could have wished for. The family celebrate Kate’s birthday in the bistro.  

Luke apologies to Steph as he arrives late in the bistro with Jamie in tow. Steph’s suspicious. Luke tells Jamie he’s not willing to drive in the big race but when Jamie threatens to reveal the naked photos of Steph, will Luke have a choice?

Wednesday 18th November

As a crowd gathers outside the bistro, Leanne’s sickened to realise the word ‘whore’ has been spray-painted on the wall. Guessing it’s Simon’s handiwork, Leanne searches his school bag and finds a can of spray paint. Simon’s defiant when Leanne confronts him, goading Leanne about her infertility and calling her an awful mum. Leanne screams at Simon to shut up, on the verge of striking him. Will Leanne lash out? Horrified by her loss of control a tearful Leanne tells Eva she can’t cope any longer and thinks Simon would be better off living with Ken!

Jason’s shocked when Tony confesses that he and Todd stole and set fire to Callum’s car. When Tony urges Jason to forget pursuing his own revenge, will Jason agree?

Kate admits to Michelle that although she loves Caz, because they spend so little time together their relationship can be very intense. When Caz suggests a February wedding, all the eyes of her family are on Kate. Will she agree?

Luke summons Jamie to the garage and furiously accuses him of daubing the graffiti on the bistro as a veiled threat to Steph. When Steph walks in on the row, will Jamie’s dirty tactics be revealed?

Friday 20th November (episode 1)
Leanne calls at No.1 and admits to Ken that she’s finding it hard to cope with Simon. She suggests Simon comes to live with him for a few weeks and Ken agrees. Simon makes spiteful digs at Leanne suggesting she wants him out of the way so she can drag men back to the flat. But as they set off Simon begs Leanne not to leave him at No.1, telling her he’ll never speak to her again if she does. Will Leanne be able to go through with it?

When Aidan announces to the factory girls that they’ve a huge order and he’s looking for volunteers for overtime, Kate’s disparaging. On behalf of the workers, Kate demands a decent overtime rate but Aidan refuses to budge. Accusing Aidan of exploitation, Kate gathers her things and walks out. Carla’s quietly impressed.

When Michael takes a booking from a customer at 22 Station Road, he’s clearly uneasy. The driver returns to the cab office, moaning that the customer left her shopping in the taxi. When the woman calls in the cab office to collect her shopping, Michael quickly offers to get one of the drivers to run her home free of charge. Eileen’s perplexed.

Luke reveals to Sophie how Jamie has some dodgy photos of Steph which he’s using to blackmail him into racing for him. Sophie’s shocked. Caitlin visits Craig and he offers to teach her his graffiti techniques. As they work on a canvas together, Beth arrives home to find Craig helping Caitlin out of her blouse. Can he convince his mum that it’s not how it looks?

Friday 20th November (episode 2)

Tracy’s unimpressed to discover Simon has moved in. Ken assures her it’s only temporary. Amy winds Simon up by playing her violin down his ear whilst he’s trying to watch a DVD. Simon grabs Amy’s violin bow and the cousins fight. Ken later finds Simon sitting alone in the dark playing on his phone. Simon bitterly shows Ken a text from Leanne which reads “Goodnight. Love you.” As Simon fails to reply Leanne breaks down, can she stand by her decision?

Johnny lays the law down to Aidan telling him Kate’s still got a job if she wants it. Carla and Michelle drag Kate back to Carla’s flat and over a bottle of wine, try to persuade her to give her job another chance. Will Kate agree?

When Dee, the customer from Station Road, confides in Michael how scared she is to return home alone, Michael offers to go with her and carry her shopping in. Dee’s touched whilst Michael conceals his guilt. What is he up to and how will Eileen react when she realises where he’s been?

Beth gives Craig and Caitlin a talk about the birds and bees. Craig cringes but he’s thrilled when Caitlin confirms that they’re boyfriend and girlfriend but taking things slowly. Sophie tries to placate a suspicious Steph, who’s convinced Luke is keeping something from her, claiming that Luke’s got a lot on his plate at the moment as the garage is so busy.

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