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Coronation Street


Sarah's tipped over the edge

Gemma has advice for Alex

The search for Callum's killer closes in

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Sunday 19th June (hour long episode)

In the corner shop, Sarah bumps into Lee and tells him that she’s desperate to see Billy. Claiming that Billy is on his way round, Lee lures Sarah back to his bedsit. Whilst Sarah waits anxiously for Billy, Lee steals Sarah’s phone from her bag and calls Billy. Lee informs Billy he’s holding Sarah hostage and will release her in return for £1k. Billy’s horrified. Having explained Sarah’s predicament, Billy recruits Todd and David to check out some addresses in search of Lee while he tries to raise the cash. As jittery Sarah waits for Billy, Lee fuels her fears by insisting that Callum’s still alive. Sarah’s terrified, her worst nightmare apparently confirmed. Sarah attempts to make a run for it but Lee grabs her and they wrestle on the floor. Reminded of her ordeal at the hands of Callum, Sarah breaks down and Lee realises she’s mentally unstable. Arriving at Lee’s bedsit and hearing Sarah’s cries, David breaks down the door.  What will they find?

Alex secretly borrows Roy’s car keys and offers to drive Gemma to the cemetery to visit Callum’s grave. Alex sneaks the car keys back to their rightful place, unnoticed by Roy and Cathy but later Roy’s puzzled to find the Woody parked at a peculiar angle.

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Caz presents Maria with a rare kids’ book for Liam. Maria’s touched whilst Kate is slightly bemused by her generosity. As Luke works on a car, he overhears Caz on the phone giving someone a hard time and demanding they change their story. Luke’s intrigued. When Luke voices his suspicions about Caz, Maria’s dismissive.

Happily reconciled, Sean and Billy plan their day while Todd masks his jealousy. Kirk accompanies Beth to her school reunion. Beth trades insults with her old nemesis Lindsey, inventing a lavish lifestyle. But confronted by Lindsey, Beth admits that Kirk’s a lowly factory packer of limited intelligence. How will Kirk react when he overhears her comments? Bragging to Yasmeen that she has some important friends from the council coming round for evening drinks now her summerhouse is fixed, Sally heads out shopping. Cunning Yasmeen suggests to Tim he should throw a garden party for his mates and serve up his highly acclaimed home brew. Kevin, Dev, Freddie and Ken join Tim in the garden at No.8 for an impromptu beer party. Sally returns home with fellow councillors Paul and Helena in tow. How will they react to find Tim and his mates getting drunk in the garden?

Thursday 23rd June (hour long episode)

Convinced that Callum is still alive and out to get her, Sarah heads out on a mission. Desperately worried, Kylie breaks the news to Gail and Bethany that Sarah’s having a breakdown. A frenzied Sarah asks Phelan to change the locks at No.8. David and Kylie reveal to Gail and Bethany how Billy’s brother Lee held Sarah hostage causing Sarah to go into meltdown and believe Callum is still alive. Gail calls the family together to discuss Sarah’s crisis. Todd tries to reason with her but Sarah becomes upset and barricades herself in the house with Harry. Making out she too is scared of Callum, Bethany persuades Sarah to let her in. As Sarah opens the door, David, Kylie, Bethany, Nick, Audrey and Gail pile into No.8. Sarah clutches Harry visibly scared while David secretly calls an ambulance. The paramedics arrive at No.8 and cajole a terrified Sarah into the ambulance.  Awash with guilt David and Kylie cling to each other, realising with horror how they were instrumental in Sarah’s breakdown. What will happen to her now?

When Roy receives a speeding ticket in the post he suspects Alex of taking his car. Alex denies he had anything to do with it. When Roy phones the police to complain about the speeding ticket, Alex is forced to admit he was driving the car. Angry Roy tells Alex that he has no choice but to report his crime. Cathy rails at Roy for taking such a harsh stance and Alex heads out upset. Alex returns home and explains that on Gemma’s advice, he handed himself into the police station and they let him go with a caution. Roy’s impressed but Cathy remains frosty, hurt by his treatment of Alex.

Robert begs Leanne to return to the bistro and offers her a pay rise. Although tempted, Leanne declines out of loyalty to Nick. But realising she needs £500 to fund Simon’s football camp, will Leanne reluctantly accept Robert’s offer and return to the bistro?

Beth apologises to Kirk, explaining he didn’t stick around to hear what else she said and assuring him she loves him but Kirk remains hurt. In a desperate attempt to win Kirk back, Beth tries to tempt him with some new underwear. Will Kirk be won over?

Friday 24th June (episode 1)

When Kylie suggests she should confess to Callum’s murder, David won’t hear of it, insisting he’d rather take the rap himself as the kids need her. The police call at No.8 and take David in for questioning. Kylie’s worried sick. The police question David about Callum’s final movements. David remains unfazed. Reaching a decision, Jason asks Phelan to retrieve Tony’s toolbag as there’s something he needs to do.

Nick approaches Leanne and asks her if she’ll accompany him to a meeting with his accountant as he’s got some new business ideas and he’d like her to be involved. Covering her guilt, Leanne agrees and tells Robert she won’t be in for her first shift as she’s a family emergency to attend to. Robert’s annoyed. As Nick and Leanne wait in the café for the accountant, Robert enters and angrily demands to know why she isn’t at work.

Gail and Bethany take Harry to see Sarah in hospital. The psychiatrist explains to them that Sarah has suffered some psychotic episodes brought on by stress but medication should lessen her anxiety. At Todd’s insistence, Jason accompanies him to the hospital to visit Sarah. They’re shocked at her zombie-like state.

Steve tries to pluck up the courage to talk to Michelle but he loses his bottle. Michelle confides in Maria she’s thinking of accepting a gig on a cruise ship as Steve has made it plain he wants nothing more to do with her. Is this the end for the pair? Upon hearing Kirk in Norris’s backyard, Beth begs him to come home but Kirk refuses and instead enthuses about Norris’s culinary skills. When Beth calls at No.3 with Kirk’s dirty washing, Norris offers to do it for him and it’s clear the unlikely couple are getting on well. Beth heads off disgruntled. Cathy thaws towards Roy and they agree to disagree over his handling of Alex.

Friday 24th June (episode 2)

The police question David about the texts sent from Callum’s phone after his death. Will David keep his cool? Worried sick, Kylie heads to the police station. She’s surprised to find Jason there handing in Tony’s tool bag. David arrives home from the police station clearly shattered. Gail’s concerned for him.

Leanne assures Nick that she’d love to go into business with him but in the meantime she’s doing a few shifts at the bistro to make ends meet. Leanne starts back at the bistro and explains to Robert how Nick’s got some crazy idea that they’ll set up a business together and she went along with it out of pity. Leanne’s mortified to realise Nick’s overheard every word.

With her mum in hospital, Bethany moves into No.8 to be with her family. Desperately upset, Bethany confesses to Gail that she walked out of her exams and now deeply regrets it.

Zeedan gives Rana the cold shoulder. Tim signs Steve up to some dating websites, but Steve’s adamant he’s only got eyes for Michelle. Steve summons Michelle to the cab office in the hope they can bury the hatchet but when she spots a series of messages on his phone from dating sites, she leaves disappointed and tells Maria that she’s accepted the job on the cruise ship as it’s clear Steve has moved on. At No.3, Norris and Kirk embark on a draughts marathon which Kirk wins hands down. Determined to prove his superiority, Norris teaches Kirk to play Boggle. However, his plans go awry when Kirk comes up with a ten-letter word.

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