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Coronation Street


Gary struggles to hide his true feelings

Caz has a last throw of the dice

There's more than one bump in the road for Steve

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Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 15th August (episode 1)

Aidan corners Maria and insists that last night was a mistake, she’s an amazing girl and Luke’s a lucky lad. Covering her disappointment, Maria assures him their secret is safe with her. Aidan calls Eva into the office and presenting her with a necklace, tells her he wants to forget about their recent fall out. When Eva quizzes him about the previous night, Aidan lies, making out he spent the evening with a mate. Luke takes Maria to the bistro for dinner, hoping to sort out their differences and suggests they should set a date for their wedding. At Steph’s suggestion, Aidan and Eva join Maria and Luke at their table. Maria admires Eva’s new necklace while Aidan masks his discomfort. When Caz calls in the bistro offering to collect Liam from the babysitter, she asks Aidan if he saw Liam’s toy car when he was round last night. Eva questions why he lied to her.

Robert advises Nick to sort out his relationship with Leanne as the tension between them is affecting the business. Nick takes his words on board. He apologises to Leanne and promises that from now on they’re just friends and he’ll stop hassling her. Leanne’s secretly gutted and when Nick flirts with a customer, Leanne feels jealous.

As Gary prepares breakfast for Izzy and Jake, Izzy watches him gratefully. When Sean asks Gary what’s the secret of his successful relationship, Gary struggles for an answer and Izzy’s upset.

When Kirk suggests to Sean he should move in with Norris as he really enjoyed himself there, Beth takes offence. When Gemma calls in the Kabin offering her services, Rita explains they’re short of a paper boy. Gemma reluctantly heads out with the sack of papers. How will she get on? Having read an email from Michelle to Steve listing the best ways to a quick pregnancy, Tim realises Michelle wants to start a family. Steve admits he’s not keen.

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Monday 15th August (episode 2)

Maria comes to Aidan’s rescue and makes out he called round to get her opinion on a flat he was thinking of renting as a surprise for Eva. Eva’s thrilled. While Eva and Luke get a round in, Aidan rails at Maria for landing him in it and letting Eva think he wants to move in with her. Maria leaves upset. Luke wants to know why she left in such a hurry. Maria drops the bombshell that she thinks they should finish. Luke’s devastated. Having heard from Steph that Maria’s dumped Luke, Aidan makes his excuses to Eva and heads off to find Maria, worried she might have blown the lid on their moment of madness. Has Maria let the cat out of the bag? Meanwhile when Caz tells Liam that Luke and Maria have split up, before she’s had chance to explain things to her son, Maria’s furious and venting her rage on Caz she tells her to pack her bags and leave.

Nick continues to flirt with the hen party much to Leanne’s irritation. Leaving Leanne to manage the bistro, Nick heads off with the hen party to a club in town. Leanne confides in Eva that returning to the bistro was a mistake.

When Izzy suggests it’s time to head home, Gary’s clearly in no rush to follow and Izzy’s disappointed. Glad of an excuse not to go home, Gary agrees to a game of darts.

Tim gives Steve some tips on how to reduce his fertility. Sean butters up Norris telling him what a wonderful time Kirk had lodging with him and wonders if he might rent his spare room.  A woman arrives in the Kabin to view Norris’ cabinet which he advertised on the trading website. While he isn’t looking, Maureen scratches the cabinet and then tries to demand a discount. Gemma recognises Maureen and tells Norris she’s a well known rip-off merchant. When Gemma threatens to phone the police, Maureen is forced to pay Norris £20 for the damage. Norris is impressed while Rita promises her she’ll nominate her for the Good Samaritan Award. Gemma’s chuffed.

Wednesday 17th August

At the bistro a hungover Nick describes his night out with the hens while Leanne does her best to mask her jealousy, Nick and Leanne beg Zeedan to take his job back and Robert reveals he’s struck a deal with Steve for Street Cars to provide a delivery service for their takeaway food. Meanwhile when Leanne calls to see Amy, Liz refuses to let her in and glancing at Leanne’s stomach, explains Amy has chickenpox. Leanne realises with horror Liz knows she’s pregnant. Leanne pours her heart out to Liz and explains how she wishes she could be with Nick but it’s impossible as she’s carrying Steve’s baby. Reaching a decision, Leanne announces that from now on, the baby is her only priority.

In an attempt to put the spark back in their relationship, Izzy suggests a holiday. To her delight, Gary reckons it’s a great idea. When Gary shows Izzy his family holiday ideas, Izzy’s crushed and explains she meant a romantic break for the two of them. Gary finally admits to Izzy that he doesn’t want a physical relationship but is happy to stay for the sake of their family. Izzy’s deeply upset.

Maria calls at the garage and suggests to Luke he should collect his things. Luke wonders if she’s met someone else but Maria insists that’s not the case. Hoping Maria will change her mind, Caz apologises for overstepping the mark. But Maria sticks to her guns, adamant she wants her out.

Rita signs Gemma’s Good Samaritan application form. In the gym, Sharif flirts on the phone but when Gary arrives he quickly kills the call. At Rita’s insistence, Norris reluctantly buys Gemma lunch in the Rovers by way of thanks. Michelle arrives home from Ireland and Steve is delighted to have her back.

Friday 19th August (episode 1)

Reminding Steve that she’s at her most fertile, Michelle suggests they meet for an afternoon lie down. Liz is disapproving and tells Steve it’s time he told Michelle the truth, that he doesn’t want another baby. Seizing the opportunity to escape, Steve grabs an airport run and heads off. Put out to discover Steve’s done a runner, Michelle confides in Maria and Kate that she and Steve are supposed to be trying for a baby. At Kate’s suggestion, Michelle downloads a new pregnancy app and is shocked to realise she’s five days late. Having returned from his airport run, Steve plucks up the courage to face Michelle and tell her the truth. Maria calls in the corner shop to buy a pregnancy testing kit for Michelle. Aidan clocks her purchase with alarm, worried that Maria may be pregnant. Maria and Kate wait on tenterhooks while Michelle does her pregnancy test.

Her mind made up, Leanne spells out to Liz that neither she nor Steve will have anything to do with her baby. Liz is saddened. Leanne breaks the news to Simon that they’re going to live with Toyah in Liverpool. Simon’s horrified and confronts Nick, hoping he can shed some light on Leanne’s sudden decision to up sticks and move away. Nick is stunned at the news and as Leanne approaches their table, she realises she has some explaining to do.

As Eva enthusiastically shows Aidan some house brochures, it’s clear his heart isn’t it and when Mary regales them with tales of her motorhome, he’s only too glad of the distraction.

Izzy tells Gary that she doesn’t want a pretend relationship and that it would probably be best all round if he moved out. Gary’s taken aback. Alya orders Zeedan to get his thinking cap on as it’s their grandparents 45th wedding anniversary and they need to plan something special.

Friday 19th August (episode 2)

Steve finally admits to Michelle he doesn’t want a baby. Utterly devastated, Michelle reveals she’s pregnant. She confides in Liz that she wishes Steve had been honest from the outset as now it’s too late and she’s carrying his baby. Liz is stunned. Michelle finds Steve buried deep in thought in the back yard. Telling her how sorry he is for upsetting her, will Steve come clean about his fling with Leanne?

Begging Simon to go along with her story, Leanne tells Nick that she’s only going to Liverpool for a week or two as Toyah needs a shoulder to cry on.  Nick’s supportive and offers to look after Simon while she’s away. Leanne’s consumed with guilt. Putting the ball firmly in his court, Leanne tells Simon he can either move to Liverpool with her or stay in Weatherfield with Nick. Simon’s torn. Still reeling from the news, Liz tells Leanne about Michelle’s pregnancy.

When Eva tries to interest Aidan in more property details, he flips and telling her to give it a rest, storms out. Eva’s hurt. Aidan corners Maria and quizzes her about the pregnancy testing kit. Maria assures him it was for a mate as Aidan breathes a sigh of relief. Aidan calls at Eva’s flat and handing her gifts, apologises for his earlier outburst. Will Eva thaw? Leanne breaks the news to Eva that she’s moving to Liverpool. Eva excitedly suggests to Aidan that he should move into the flat. Will Aidan agree?

When Zeedan reveals Rana’s plan of a sapphire anniversary party with a blue theme, Alya reluctantly admits it’s a great idea. When Alya suggests Rana should invite her parents to the anniversary party, Rana’s not keen. Will Izzy agree to Gary’s suggestion that they should continue to live together as friends and provide Jake with a loving home.

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