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Coronation Street catch up


It's judgement day for Peter

Jim drops a bombshell on Liz

Kylie's two worlds collide

Coronation Street preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday October 20th (episode 1)

In his prison cell, a nervous Peter waits for the jury to reach a verdict. Jim winds him up telling him he may as well accept he’ll be behind bars for life. Peter’s solicitor arrives to reveal that the jury have reached a verdict and he’s required back in court. Peter anxiously awaits the verdict.

Roy’s clearly not himself since the break-in and is unnerved to spot a couple of teenage louts hanging around again. He locks himself into the café.

Tony and Liz continue their hostilities, neither willing to back down. Meanwhile Liz visits Jim in prison and tells him she doesn’t intend to visit again. But she’s stunned when Jim announces that he’ll be able to visit her in future as he’s being moved to an open prison.

Elsewhere Promising David she’ll clean the house and prepare a meal for Gail and Michael’s return, Kylie secretly takes another wrap of speed. Owen breaks the news to Anna that they’ve received the repossession order and have to be out of the house in 28 days. Anna’s worried sick.


Monday October 20th (episode 2)

Peter’s stunned as the verdict is revealed, while Rob does his best to hide his feelings. Is Peter going down for a murder he didn’t commit or will the search for the real killer commence? Carla is now convinced of Peter’s innocence and tells Rob she wonders who really killed Tina.

Jim admits to Liz that he hopes once he’s released, they can get back together. Horrified at the thought, Liz tells him it’s never going to happen. How will Jim react? And how will Steve react when Liz explains that Jim was never bothered about seeing him again, it was just a ruse to try and win her back.

Roy joins Fiz, Sinead and Beth in the pub. Sinead realises he’s avoiding being home alone and is clearly still nervous as a result of the burglary.

Elsewhere Gail and Michael return from their holiday and are impressed to find Kylie’s tidied the house and made a meal. Kylie covers her unease but when she reaches for another wrap of speed will she be caught in the act? When Faye finds some estate agent details, Anna and Owen are forced to admit they’re moving and it might mean a change of school.

Wednesday October 22nd

JIM’S HOIST BY HIS OWN PETARD. Steve visits Jim and reveals he knows Jim was only using him to get to Liz and how he resorted to blackmail using Peter as his weapon. Furious with his Dad, Steve reports Jim for illegally using a mobile phone to harass Liz. Jim’s incandescent as he’s dragged away by the prison officers. Back on the street Tony and Liz celebrate the fact they’re back together but the mood is broken when Steve arrives home clearly shaken. When Liz then suggests to Tony he should move into the Rovers with her, how will Steve react?

Feeling terrible, on a come-down from her last drugs hit, Kylie does her best to appear normal in front of David. Alone in the salon she’s about to take her last wrap of speed when Maria arrives with Liam. Kylie quickly hides the drug in her nail box. When Liam opens the box and starts playing with the contents, Kylie goes berserk, making Liam cry. As Maria and Kylie row, David and Audrey return, is Kylie’s habit about to be discovered?

Aware Roy doesn’t like being alone in his flat, Tyrone and Fiz invite him for dinner with Chesney and Sinead. But when there’s a knock at the door everyone’s stunned as Cilla enters, clutching an overnight bag with her wrist in plaster. How will Fiz and Chesney react?

Elsewhere Encouraged by Eileen, Tony finally swallows his pride and apologises to Liz. Will they kiss and make up?

Yasmeen, Sharif, Kal and Zeedan put the finishing touches to the new community centre.

Friday October 24th (episode 1)

Kylie’s tetchy as she tries to cover the fact she’s on another come down. When Callum phones demanding to see her she’s shocked and making out she’s got a nail appointment Kylie tracks him down to the pub. After handing her another wrap of speed Callum reveals he wants to see his son Max. Kylie’s horrified and telling Callum it’s really not a good idea she rushes off. But will Callum take no for an answer?

Liz and Tony are like a couple of excitable teenagers as he moves his stuff into the Rovers. Meanwhile determined to cheer Steve up and put the zing back in their relationship, Michelle tells him she’s treating him to lunch in the bistro. Will her plan work?

Surrounded by family and friends Yasmeen proudly says a few words as she opens the new community centre. But Alya’s unnerved to see Gary there after asking him to keep his distance, what does he want?

Elsewhere Having spent the night on Fiz and Tyrone’s sofa, Cilla insists on buying them lunch in the café. Fiz is convinced she’s after something but Cilla’s absolutely charming, leaving Fiz more certain than ever that she’s up to something!

Friday October 24th (episode 2)

Kylie angrily warns Callum he’s crossed the line. Lying to David about another evening nail appointment she tracks him to the pub and orders him to stay away from Max and her family. But as she goes to leave, Gemma collapses having overdosed. Kylie’s terrified her old friend could die and accompanies her to hospital. As Gemma fights for her life Kylie vows to give up the drugs. But is it too little too late as a suspicious David confronts Kylie back at home. Will Kylie confess?

Aware there’s something bothering him, Michelle does her best to talk to Steve. Will he open up to her? Michelle later confides in Liz and Eileen that she reckons Steve’s gone off her. Will he be tempted by the promise of a romantic night

As Yasmeen makes a speech to the assembled crowd, Gary begs Alya to give him a chance and promises her their relationship will be a purely platonic one. Will Alya be convinced?

Elsewhere when Chesney calls at No.9 with Joseph, Cilla plays the doting Granny but Chesney’s unmoved, convinced she’s got an ulterior motive. As Chesney stalks out, Sinead notices Cilla convulsing in pain. Will Cilla admit the real reason for her return to Sinead?

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