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Coronation Street catch up


Gail and Audrey tackle Callum

Todd ignites Jason's jealous rage

Kevin defends Jenny Bradley

Coronation Street preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 16th February (episode 1)

Callum calls in the salon, passing David a package and insisting he looks after it for the day. Feeling threatened, David has no choice but to agree. Sally watches, intrigued, before telling Gail about the fracas and how he forced David to accept a strange package. Finding Callum’s package, Gail tells Sally the man’s a drug dealer and she’s taking it to the police station. When Callum calls at No.8 for his package, David’s baffled to discover it’s gone. In a fury, how will Callum react as he demands to know what David’s done with it?

Feeling vulnerable, Faye tells Gary, Izzy and Katy they mustn’t let Linda destroy the family. They assure her that won’t happen. But when the family catch Katy sharing a drink with Linda before she heads back to Portugal they’re horrified. Izzy rips into Linda calling her a disgrace. Linda snaps and tells Owen it’s time the girls found out the truth.

When Jason confides in Todd how he’s planning a surprise trip to New York for Eva, conniving Todd encourages Jason to call at Tony’s flat to discuss it with him, hoping he might catch Eva and Tony together discussing houses.

Clearly in a good mood, Kevin tells Tyrone and Luke he’s met someone. Julie and Mary battle for supremacy, each trying to assert their authority over the children.


Monday 16th February (episode 2)

David tears the house apart looking for the package. Callum tells him he’s got an hour to find it or he’s taking Max. Gail and Sally are on pins as the police officer opens Callum’s suspicious package. They’re stunned to discover it’s an empty box. What is Callum playing at?

Linda denies that she left because of Izzy’s disability and explains it was because she had an affair which she deeply regretted. Izzy and Katy listen, shell shocked, realising how Owen has lied to them. As Izzy and Katy turn on Owen, Anna looks at him with disgust. Linda later calls in, revealing she’s decided to stay around in the hope of forging a relationship with her daughters. As Owen breaks down, will his girls forgive him? Meanwhile Craig and Faye work out that Faye must be 7 months pregnant. Faye’s horrified and under pressure, promises to tell Anna. But when she returns home to find Anna upset, will a guilt ridden Faye feel she can unburden herself?

Tracy and Tony spend the afternoon in bed at Tony’s flat. When Jason knocks at the door, Tony fobs him off, but as he makes to leave Jason hears a woman’s voice. Jason confides in Todd how he reckons Tony’s playing away. Can Todd steer Jason into thinking it might be Eva?

Determined to clear the air, Julie summons Mary and Sophie for tea.

Wednesday 18th February

Making out he’s got a dental appointment, David skips off work and meets Callum in the ginnel. Gail’s suspicious. Callum hands David a wrap of coke and an address and orders him to deliver the drugs for him. David is forced to agree but later flushes the coke down the drain. Enlisting the help of Nick and Gavin, David announces they’re going to confront Callum and tell him to leave them alone. But as David, Nick and Gavin are about to set off, Gail stops them, declaring that she and Audrey will sort Callum out. Confronting Callum in the Dog & Gun, Gail orders him to stay away from her family but Callum insists he has the right to see his own son. Losing her temper, Gail tells Callum that David flushed his drugs down the drain. How will Callum react as a terrified David worries that they’ve made matters a whole lot worse.

Kevin meets up with his internet date, Jenny Bradley. They reminisce about the old days and Jenny asks after Rita. When Kevin suggests they meet up again, will Jenny be as keen?

Having secretly arranged to attend a property auction with Tony, Eva lies to Jason, making out she’s going shopping with an old girl friend. Jason’s deeply suspicious.  

Julie’s horrified when Mary comes in the shop and helps herself to some groceries without paying. How will Mary react when Julie accuses her of shoplifting? Faye confides in Craig that she can’t bring herself to tell Anna about her pregnancy and plans to give birth in secret and leave the baby outside the hospital.

Friday 20th February (episode 1)

Eva confides in Todd that she’s secretly meeting Tony for a house auction at a hotel in town. Whilst Eva’s not looking, Todd steals her mobile phone and plants it on the hotel reception desk, making out that a guest left it in the bar. When Eva’s late for dinner Jason phones her mobile and is horrified to discover it’s been handed in at a hotel. Fearing the worst, Jason sets off for the hotel whilst Todd’s delighted to see his plan coming together. Having bought a house at the auction for a bargain price, Tony and Eva celebrate with a glass of fizz in the hotel bar. Arriving will Jason rise to Todd’s bait?

As Gail prepares for Michael’s welcome-home-party, she hopes she hasn’t made things worse for David by wading in and antagonising Callum. When there’s a knock at the door, David horrified to see Callum. Shoving David out of the way, Callum forces his way in.

Sally, Tyrone and Maddie gently rib Kevin over his failed date. But as Kevin locks up the garage, Jenny approaches and telling him she’s changed her mind, suggests they go for a drink. Kevin’s thrilled.

Linda invites Izzy and Katy to join her for dinner in the bistro. Katy’s keen whilst Izzy only accepts her offer to hurt Owen. Meanwhile Anna remains at loggerheads with Owen and makes it clear she’s jealous of the love he once felt for Linda. In the hospital, Chesney and Kirk watch with baited breath as the physio helps Sinead to sit up for the first time.

Friday 20th February (episode 2)

In a rage, Jason marches up to a stunned Tony and accusing him of having an affair with Eva, punches him. Back on the street Jason tells Eileen, Todd, Sean and Billy how he caught Tony and Eva together in a hotel. Todd’s quietly thrilled. Tony and Eva barge into No.11 and explain to Jason that they were simply attending an auction at which Tony kindly bought them a house. Deeply offended that he could think they were having an affair, Eva tells Jason they’re finished. Jason’s devastated whilst Todd revels in their distress. Jason apologises to Eva and getting down on one knee, asks her to marry him. How will Eva respond?

Thrusting a letter at David, Callum demands to see Max. Gail and Audrey threaten to call the police but Callum’s unfazed. While Callum fawns over Max, David opens the letter. He’s gutted to read that Callum’s applied for a residency order for Max. To David’s horror, Callum tells Max that he is his real Dad. Max looks confused and David orders Callum to leave before attempting to explain all to an emotional Max.

After an enjoyable meal, Kevin persuades Jenny to join him for a drink in the Rovers. Sally’s taken aback to see that Kevin’s date is Jenny Bradley, while Norris tears into Jenny, berating her for the way she treated Rita in the past. Jenny leaves embarrassed, followed by an apologetic Kevin. Can Kevin comfort Jenny with a kiss?

Linda persuades Owen that they should forgive and forget for the sake of the girls. Will Owen agree? After another pep talk from her physio, Sinead paints on a smile for Chesney, Kirk, Beth and Julie when they visit.

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