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Coronation Street catch up


Kylie's family summit looms

Anna faces the toughest decision of her life

Brian's grand gesture falls flat

Coronation Street preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 22nd June (episode 1)
Whilst Anna, Tim and Gary prepare for the christening, Faye is dreading the prospect of the day ahead. When Tim witnesses Faye snapping at baby Miley he’s left feeling concerned by her behaviour. During the service it’s obvious that Faye has no interest whatsoever as she plays on her phone, while an awkward Jackson sits with her parents. Tim is overcome with emotion as he gives a reading. The pressure becoming unbearable for Faye she runs out, is motherhood all too much for Faye?

David, Gail, Audrey and Nick all attend Kylie’s first drug counselling session in support. When Michael turns up how will Kylie react?

Dev makes an attempt to impress Talisa with his weight-lifting skills in the gym, but as Mary witnesses his flirting she worries for Julie. Unaware of Dev’s changing feelings, Julie is giving Brian marching orders to leave her alone, certain her future is with Dev.

Tracy is unimpressed to be greeted by Brian at the breakfast table, wearing Ken’s kimono. Fiz and Tyrone sense Cathy might be starting to see Roy as more than a friend, as she pretends her fridge is broken so she can dine at the cafe. Their suspicions are confirmed when they later discover her food shopping, insinuating that she’s told a white lie to see Roy.


Monday 22nd June (episode 2)

Tim calls off the christening, for the sake of Faye and Miley’s well being. Whilst he’s breaking the news to the congregation, Josie and Grieg approach Tim, suggesting it may be better if Miley were to live with him. Tim meets with the couple to discuss the possibility and agrees to talk to Anna and Faye about the suggestion. But how will Anna take to the idea?

Kylie is left mortified when David begins to air the family’s dirty laundry. The counsellor insists that it must be positive vibes all round, but will David be able to hold his tongue and support Kylie? Tensions rise even further when Sarah calls at No.8 with Callum.

As Brian cooks dinner for The Barlows, Tracy is sick of the sight of him and urges him to be more proactive in his bid to win back Julie. Meanwhile Julie tells Dev about her encounter with Brian, but assures him there’s nothing to worry about. Dev squirms as Mary has her beady eye on him.

Roy invites Cathy to join him for dinner at Ken’s, but Tyrone becomes suspicious as she comes up with excuses. Cathy later joins Tyrone and Fiz for a drink in the pub and discusses her and her late husband's passion for quiz shows. Fiz suggests a Rovers pub quiz but Cathy seems reluctant.

Wednesday 24th June

Anna is left saddened by Faye’s obvious lack of interest in Miley. Tim informs Anna of Josie and Grieg’s offer and persuades her to go and speak with them. When Anna and Tim visit, Josie and Grieg assure them they’d take good care of Miley. Tim takes Jackson off privately informing him he’d still want to be a part of Miley’s life. But with her heart breaking will Anna agree this is the way forward and how will Faye react to the proposal?

Erica is appalled to find Nick has thrown her a surprise party at the Bistro, highlighting the fact that she is 50. As Liz, Audrey, Gail, Eileen, Bethany, Carla and Nick celebrate her birthday, Erica declares she’s had enough and heads home. Nick’s gutted to have got it so wrong and is comforted by Carla. As the night comes to an end they drunkenly begin to play fight in the street and it is evident there is still a spark between them. Will Nick act on it?

Mary calls a meeting with Norris, Roy, Tyrone, Fiz, Chesney and Cathy in preparation for the Rovers Quiz Night. When Fiz catches Cathy having a wash in the ladies toilet, Cathy makes out her boiler has broken at home, but alarm bells start ringing for Fiz. Her suspicions heighten when Roy walks Cathy to the bus stop and she becomes flustered and leaves in a hurry. Is she hiding something?

Dev and Julie attend Talisa’s first yogalates class at the gym, but Julie is left unimpressed when Brian parks himself on a mat next to her. He takes the opportunity to offer Julie a last chance to go on holiday with him, will she finally give in?

Friday 26th June (episode 1)

Desperate to talk, Carla agrees to meet Nick at the Rovers Quiz Night. David notices the chemistry between Nick and Carla, so interrogates Nick, will he reveal how close him and Carla have become? As Nick prepares to bare his soul to Erica the quiz night begins with Erica acting as Question Master for Liz. But as she’s delivering questions Erica suddenly experiences pains. Liz orders Nick to take her to the hospital, while Carla watches in concern.

Alya tells Jason that she can’t live with their guilty secret, but Jason implores her to keep schtum, pointing out that no one will benefit if it comes out. When Alya and Gary are left alone in the cafe, will the guilt make her confess?

Refusing to give up, Brian once again attempts to tempt Julie with two golden holiday tickets and a bottle of champagne. But she strides past him unimpressed. Will the realisation kick in for Brian that she’s not going to leave Dev?
ELSEWHERE As Faye contemplates the prospect of Miley moving to the Hodges’, Izzy pays her a visit to point out she’ll regret it. Will Faye be able to give Miley up? Andy sets off to collect a wine order but Steph is shocked to get a call telling her he has been rushed to hospital. When Roy and Tyrone help Cathy pick up some dropped paperwork, they’re worried to discover unpaid bills.

Friday 26th June (episode 1)

In hospital Erica and Nick fear for the baby, will everything be ok or is her pain a sign there’s something wrong with their unborn child? Overcome with emotion Nick takes his anger out on Gail, pointing out that she’s never liked Erica. Gail is left hurt by Nick’s words and Michael approaches her to offer his sympathy. How will Eileen react to this? Meanwhile when Carla finds Nick alone in the Bistro, will she be there for him when he needs her the most?

Anna, Tim, Faye, Craig, Gary and Alya attempt an emotional goodbye to Miley. But when Josie arrives will Faye be able to let Miley go?

Tracy’s determined to send Brian packing on his golden holiday, so decides to search for another Julie Carp online. Amy’s amused at Tracy’s plan. Tracy tells Brian she’s spoken to Julie Carp and she’s agreed to meet up with him. Brian’s thrilled as Tracy and Amy snigger.

The Rovers Pub Quiz continues but as Norris and Mary bicker over answers, Liz decides to call time on the quiz, leaving Norris annoyed. Will Liz hand over the trophy to him? Alya is overcome with love for Gary but can she continue to conceal her guilt in order to she accept his proposal?

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