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Coronation Street catch up


Marcus bids the Street farewell

Peter is arrested on suspicion of murder

Dennis has a plan to win Rita back

Coronation Street preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 14th July (episode 1)

When Rob snaps at Tracy for moaning that Tina’s still a pain in the neck even though she’s dead Tracy’s taken aback. Has he  given the game away? Desperate to point the finger at Peter, Rob starts arguing with him in the street but when the police arrive having found the missing charm from the bracelet outside no.1 is the net closing in?

Maria and Marcus agree to part as friends as he leaves the street.

Maddie’s back from Devon but she’s clearly upset about something and Sophie’s concerned.

Todd starts working for Tony and Jason. Jason hopes they’re not going to regret taking him on. Lloyd arrives back from his holiday and telling Andrea he missed her suggests it’s time she moved in.


Monday 14th July (episode 2)

Rob hides his relief as Peter is arrested on suspicion of murder. The police interview him, asking how his finger prints came to be on the charm bracelet and revealing they’ve found traces of Tina’s blood in the outhouse at No.1. Will Peter be charged with murder?

Maddie confides in Tim how happy Ben is with his new family and that she realises any contact her with her only confuses him. Will she decide she has to let him go?

Under pressure Andrea agrees to move in with Lloyd but in order to buy herself a bit of time, she tells him she’ll have to discuss it with her daughter. Does Andrea intend to tell Neil that she’s met someone else?

Dennis and Rita grow closer as he helps her sort through Tina’s things.

Wednesday 16th July

When Peter’s solicitor suggests a plea bargain a furious Peter sacks him, protesting his innocence.

Andrea and Steve celebrate their history course results in the pub. Lloyd slips her a key to his flat but when Neil arrives how will a horrified Andrea react?

Maddie’s upset as she explains to Sophie how far Ben’s sake she’s going to stop all contact with him.

Norris warns Rita that Dennis is using Tina’s death to worm his way back into her affections. But will Rita be prepared to listen? Carla hires Sally as her PA in the factory.

Friday 18th July (episode 1)

Andrea phones Lloyd and confirms she’ll be moving in today. After confiding in Michelle, she breaks the news to Neil that their marriage is over, but insists no one else is involved. Will Neil accept her story?

When Deirdre and Tracy visit Peter in prison and ask why he sacked his solicitor, he’s gutted to realise they assumed he must be guilty.

Dennis tells Norris he intends to win Rita back and won’t be beaten. But what plan does he have up his sleeve?

Whilst returning an overdue library book which Hayley borrowed, Roy discovers the library is closing down.

Friday 18th July (episode 2)

Steve’s flabbergasted as Michelle reveals that Andrea’s married and unable to watch his mate getting messed around he breaks the news to Lloyd that Andrea has been leading a double life. Lloyd’s stunned but when Andrea walks into his flat having left Neil will he be able to forgive and forget as he confronts her about her web of lies?

Deirdre assures Peter he has her support no matter what but Peter’s hurt that his own family think he’s guilty.

When Julie throws Dennis out during a staged row Rita agrees to let him stay the night with her. Has his plan worked?

As Sophie and Maddie babysit Simon it’s clear Maddie has an instant rapport with him.

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