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Coronation Street


The police have news about Tony

Jason's grief comes to the surface

There is something troubling Billy

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Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 25th April (episode 1)

Jason and Phelan head to the community centre to put right the damage but Tod remains convinced that Phelan was behind the break-in. Todd, Jason and Yasmeen head to the builder’s yard hoping that the CCTV camera there might have picked up the intruder who broke into the community centre. Phelan arrives and points out they’re wasting their time as the camera is unplugged. Yasmeen thanks them for all their hard work and hands them a  generous cheque. An uneasy Todd looks on.

Michelle’s grumpy after a restless night. Steve reckons it’s because she’s got used to having the bed to herself but Liz has her own suspicions. As Steve goes to hug Michelle, she pulls away suggesting they talk later.  Steve’s left disappointed and confused. Liz confronts Michelle demanding to know if she spent the evening with Will. Michelle admits she did but assures her nothing happened. Will calls in the Rovers and drops the bombshell that he’s split up with Saskia. Michelle’s stunned.

As Eileen settles down for an evening in front of the telly, she’s interrupted by a visit from the police. They explain they’re looking for Jason as they need to talk to him about his father.

When Alex turns up with another hangover and tries to blag a tenner out of Cathy, she tells him he can earn the money by cleaning out the freezer. Chris calls in the Rovers looking for Amy’s mum. As Steve explains that Tracy works in the flower shop, Liz quickly intervenes and drags Chris into the back. Both equally embarrassed, Liz and Chris confess that Amy and Sam are their  grandchildren and they lied about their own ages. Is this the end? A distracted Billy snaps at Sean.

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Monday 25th April (episode 2)

Eileen breaks the news to Jason that Tony was found dead in his flat with a suspected heart attack. Jason’s shocked to the core. When Jason discovers that Tony may have lain dead for three days, he blames himself.  Phelan calls at No.11 and when he hears the news, he gives Eileen a comforting hug. Todd watches him skeptically. Clearly angry, Jason tells Eileen that he blames Liz for Tony’s death because if it weren’t for her, he’d still be living near his family and they could have saved him.

Michelle explains to Will that their kiss was a mistake and she loves Steve. Will is dejected. Tim assures Steve that Michelle missed him terribly whilst he was away and  Steve resolves to make it up to her. Weighed down with guilt, Michelle steels herself to tell Steve about her dalliance with Will but she’s thwarted when Steve presents her with flowers telling her how much he loves her.

Billy apologises to Sean for snapping at him and blames it on the stress of his job. As Sean and Billy discuss the shocking news about Tony, Billy’s phone rings. It’s from Lee and Billy quickly kills the call.  Sean’s none the wiser.

Alex asks Cathy for his money. Cathy reluctantly hands him a  tenner and warns him not to waste it on booze. Liz reveals to Erica how she and Chris were playing the same game and both lying about their age. With the first aid course over, Rana playfully suggests they nip back to No.6, but Zeedan refuses, telling her he respects her too much. Rana’s put out.

Wednesday 27th April

Todd arrives at No.11 and announces he’s moving back in as it’s time they pulled together as a family. Phelan masks his annoyance. Billy tries to offer comfort an angry Jason but he refuses to listen and leaves. Phelan meets up with an important building contractor, George Duggan, to talk business. Making out he’s the brains behind the operation and Jason’s merely his lackey, Phelan talks George into giving him a building contract. When Jason turns up drunk he almost costs them the deal. Eileen breaks the news of Tony’s death to a shocked Liz. In the Rovers, Jason rails at Liz, blaming her for Tony’s death. Phelan puts his arms around Eileen and assures her he’ll always be there for her.

Billy admits to Sean he’s not been himself lately and suggests they need some time together. Eva clocks Billy handing cash to an ill-kempt young lad in the ginnel. Clearly embarrassed, Billy makes out the lad was a stranger.

When Alex is late for work again, Cathy’s beside herself with worry. Alex finally arrives in the café, tired and hungover. He explains how he had some mates back for a house party and it got a bit out of hand.  Cathy’s appalled.

Telling Jason that Tony deserves a good send off, Tracy hands him a card for Preston’s Petals. Jason can’t believe her brass neck. Zeedan confides in Alya that he may have blown it with Rana as she’s ignoring his calls.

Friday 29th April (episode 1)

Jason, Todd and Phelan set off for Tony’s flat to start packing up his belongings. Jason, Todd and Phelan set to tidying up Tony’s flat. As Jason pulls out a suit for Tony to be buried in, he’s overcome with emotion and heads out upset. Phelan lies to Eileen making out he’s got to find new digs. Eileen takes the bait and thanking him for all he’s done for Jason, insists he must move into No.11. In the Rovers, Eva and Aidan do their best to comfort grieving Jason but Jason turns on them, giving Aidan a violent shove.

As Nick appears in his running gear, he careers into Kylie spilling her drink. He stares at her, struggling to recognise her and Kylie’s concerned. Nick confides in David that his brain injury symptoms are getting worse and at the doctor’s recommendation, he’s going for a scan. David urges Nick to tell Carla.

Eva tells Sean about Billy’s kindness towards a homeless kid the other day and how he gave him £20. Sean swells with pride. Sean compliments Billy on his good deed unaware of Billy’s discomfort. Billy gets a call from Lee begging him for more money.

As Audrey leaves the Kabin, Ken gazes wistfully after her. Rita suggests Ken should hurry up and make a move. Ken calls in the salon and invites Audrey for a drink. Making out to Zeedan that her phone’s been playing up, Rana suggests a drink after work. Alya reckons Rana is taking him for a mug. When Zeedan clocks Rana flirting with one of the doctors outside the medical centre, he heads over and quickly introduces himself as her boyfriend. Alex asks Cathy to let him stay with her as Nessa is trying to force him to move to Scotland.

Friday 29th April (episode 2)

As angry Jason locks horns with Aidan, Phelan wades in and threatens Aidan. Johnny comes to Aidan’s rescue and punches Phelan. Billy threatens to punch both of them if they don’t behave. Insisting he wants to be on his own, Jason heads out of the pub. Eileen watches him go, deeply concerned. Aidan and Eva put pressure on Johnny to apologise to Phelan. Eileen breaks the news to Todd that Phelan is moving in. Phelan finds Jason on Maxine’s bench. An upset Jason admits he feels lost without his dad. Phelan gives him a comforting hug before heading off. Johnny catches up with Phelan and apologises for their earlier spat. Phelan’s unimpressed and promises Johnny he’ll have his revenge. Having overheard their exchange, Jenny’s intrigued.

Having overheard Nick on the phone, Carla wonders who he was talking to. Nick covers, making out he was organising a surprise for his bride to be. Nick calls at No.8 and confides in David his scan is booked for Monday and if it proves he can’t be a proper husband, then he can’t marry Carla.

Annoyed at having been stood up, Rana heads to No.6. She’s stunned when Zeedan dumps her telling her she’s a flirt and he won’t be messed around. Alya tells Zeedan she’s had Rana on the phone in tears. When Zeedan explains that she’s a game player and got what she deserved, Alya’s impressed.

When she hears that Nessa is moving to Inverness with her new boyfriend, Cathy  promises Alex he can come and live with her and Roy. Ken’s disappointed when Kylie and Freddie gate-crash his date with Audrey. Lee approaches Billy and begs him for more money. How will Billy react?

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