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Coronation Street catch up


Tracy's troubled by Deirdre's admission

Leanne plays Nick at his own game

Anna reaches out to Owen

Coronation Street preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 21st July (episode 1)

Neil begs Andrea to give him another chance but her mind is made up, telling Neil she doesn’t love him any more, she leaves. Andrea bursts into tears on Steve, telling him how much she loves Lloyd and asking him to try and talk him round. As Steve gives Andrea a hug Neil watches from a distance. Suspecting Steve of being Andrea’s other man, Neil gets into his cab. What has he got in store for an unsuspecting Steve?

Peter’s depressed that he’s not heard from his dad since his arrest but Deirdre admits to Tracy she hasn’t told Ken about Peter’s predicament. Meanwhile when Deirdre opens a letter asking Ken to attend a WW1 commemoration ceremony, she unearths Uncle Albert’s Military Medal. Tracy’s unimpressed until Deirdre mentions it’s worth a lot of money.

Owen’s downbeat as he shows Anna the summons he’s received for a bankruptcy hearing. Anna promises him they’ll get through it together.

When Roy asks Sharif to put up his petition in the gym, protesting at the closure of the library, he’s interested to learn that Yasmeen is the Chief Librarian.


Monday 21st July (episode 2)

On the way to the airport, Neil quizzes Steve about his private life and asks him if he ever plays away. Steve’s unnerved and glad to see the back of him. Meanwhile Andrea arrives on the street dragging her suitcase. She begs Lloyd to give her another chance but will Lloyd be able to forgive her?

Under pressure from Tracy, Deirdre phones Ken and tells him about Peter’s drinking. But will she tell him about Tina’s murder and Peter’s arrest? Meanwhile when Amy asks if she can borrow Uncle Albert’s medal for her WW1 project Rob can’t find it. How will he react when Tracy admits she sold it to fund their wedding?

Owen and Anna break the news to Gary, Izzy and Katy about the bankruptcy summons. As the family rally round will Katy bring herself to forgive Anna for sleeping with Phelan?

Jenna returns home from visiting her Mum and is concerned to hear how Andrea deceived Lloyd. Roy and Emily discuss the closure of the library with Yasmeen who insists they need to take direct action.

Wednesday 23rd July

Neil pushes his way into the bar and to Andrea’s horror, confronts Steve, accusing him of having an affair with Andrea. Lloyd steps forward and explains to Neil that he’s the ‘other man’, not Steve, and that Andrea has been lying to both of them and he never wants to see her again. How will Neil respond to his admission?

Owen warns Gary that they might get a visit from some bailiffs and they need to be vigilant. But when the bailiffs call at No.6, Faye unwittingly lets them in. As the bailiffs help themselves to Owen and Anna’s belongings, the family watch in horror. Is there anything Owen can do to stop them?

Roy and Yasmeen plan a sit-in at the library.

As Michael sets about building a rockery for Gail he tells her he’s got a second job, helping a mate out who works in the catering trade. Gail’s delighted for him and as they join Audrey for birthday drinks in the bistro, she makes a point of hugging Michael in front of her disapproving family

Friday 25th July (episode 1)

As Owen faces bankruptcy Tim and Sally offer to have Faye stay with them until Anna and Owen are out of the financial mire but Anna’s offended and tells them where they can stick their charity. However later a desperate Anna buries her pride and calls in the local food bank.

Yasmeen quizzes Leanne about her divorce and warns Kal that if he ever intends to marry Leanne he’d best draw up a pre-nup. Kal’s mortified whilst Leanne’s offended. Yasmeen then approaches Nick and tries to persuade him to take Leanne back. How will Nick react? Will Yasmeen succeed in splitting Leanne and Kal?

Neil follows Andrea into the Kabin and begs her to come home. But Andrea tells him that even though Lloyd might not want her, their marriage is over. Andrea then calls in the cab office and locking the door, perches on Lloyd’s desk and insists they talk things through. Will Lloyd agree?

As Rita and Dennis grow closer Norris is quietly fuming and moans to Mary how Dennis is playing Rita like a fiddle only she can’t see it.

Friday 25th July (episode 2)

Anna, Gary and Katy rally round Owen, assuring him it’s not his fault he’s been declared bankrupt and they’re all in it together. Anna promises him they can put all their mistakes behind them and move on. Full of emotion will the couple be reunited?

Leanne apologises to Kal for blurting out that she loves him. But was it what Kal wanted to hear? Meanwhile Nick’s incensed having been told by his solicitor that mediation is the way forward as Leanne is entitled to a substantial pay-out. Can the warring pair sort out their finances amicably?

Norris confronts Dennis and accuses him of stealing £20 from the till. It’s clear Rita too thinks he’s to blame so how will she react when Mary finds the missing £20 note on the floor?

Andrea begs Lloyd to forgive her and promises him that her marriage is over but can a hurt Lloyd move on or is it time for Andrea to move out?

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