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Coronation Street


Carla's return sparks fireworks

Faye delivers a bombshell to Anna

Callum sets his sights on Sarah

Coronation Street catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Coronation Street episodes

Sunday 29th March (hour long episode)

Steve’s thrown when Michelle mentions a long engagement, worrying that she doesn’t really want to marry him and only agreed out of pity. When Michelle then adds there’s no rush to buy an engagement ring, not wanting to pressurise Steve, his doubts multiply. Convinced his illness makes him a burden to her, Steve calls off the engagement. Michelle decides to fight for Steve and sets about preparing a surprise for him. Lloyd steers Steve back to the Rovers to face Michelle, where he finds the back room romantically decorated with candles. Michelle follows him into the bar and the auction grinds to a halt as she passionately professes her love for Steve then gets down on one knee and proposes. Will Steve accept?

Nick prepares to drive Bethany to the airport. Determined to miss the flight, Bethany throws away his car keys and runs off. Todd finds Bethany hiding in Barlow’s Buys and hands her over to Nick. Nick’s weary as Bethany defiantly insists he cannot force her to board a plane. Chaos reigns at No.8 as Gail phones to tell furious Sarah that Bethany missed her flight.

Faye’s set on giving birth in the shop flat and wants Craig to take the baby to hospital afterwards. But as Craig sets out on a practice run of his journey will they realise the dangers of this plan?

Sean and Billy host the butlers’ auction at the Rovers. The night proves to be a success. On a high Billy suggests he spend the night at Sean’s. David’s downcast as Max gets excited about spending the day with Callum. Todd mischievously informs Tracy that Tony’s sold Jason’s house and may be keen to invest in expanding the business. Tracy gets dolled up and summons Tony to the closed shop. Post-coital Tracy drops hints to Tony about expanding. Will Tony see through her tactics?


Monday 30th March (episode 1)

Tony tells Liz and Michelle the money has come through from the house sale and he’s paid off Steve’s tax bill. Michelle nervously breaks the news to Steve but Steve’s grateful and she’s relieved by his reaction. Meanwhile Tracy mithers Tony about the money, telling him her plans for expanding the business. Tony lies, making out the money hasn’t come through yet. But as they all attend Amy’s recorder recital at school, Steve thanks Tony for lending him the money for his tax bill. Will Tracy realise that Tony’s been stringing her along?

Bethany’s unimpressed after being forced to work at the Bistro for the day for free. As Gail tries to lay down the law, suddenly the front door flies open and Sarah storms in. Bethany cowers as Sarah tears a strip off her, revealing the truth behind Bethany’s sudden arrival in Weatherfield.

As Craig implores Faye to reconsider her plans for the impending birth, Tim approaches. Sensing there’s something going on, Tim corners Craig and demands to know what Faye is keeping from him. Will Craig crumble under pressure?

Sally spends the day working as Norris’s butler. Sharif enlists the help of Zeedan and Simon with his allotment. Gail struggles with the web of deceit she’s created.

Monday 30th March (episode 2)

Furious with Tony for lending Steve the money behind her back, Tracy threatens to reveal their affair. Desperate to keep her quiet, Tony explains to Liz and Michelle how Tracy had hoped he would put the money into their business and he’s let her down. Cornering Tracy in the Rovers backyard, Tony apologises but Tracy’s unforgiving and stalks off. Calling at No.1 Tony begs for Tracy’s forgiveness, suggesting they have a weekend away in a hotel of her choice. Can Tony win Tracy back round?

Sarah continues to tear a strip off Bethany, furious at her behaviour in Milan. Bethany’s unrepentant and picking up an ornament she hurls it at Sarah. Gail, Michael, Audrey and David watch, open-mouthed. Jason finds tearful Bethany on Maxine’s bench. Bethany moans about her life in Milan and how Sarah ignores her most of the time. Finding Bethany upset, she and Bethany have a heart to heart. Bethany begs Sarah to let them stay in Weatherfield, adamant she doesn’t want to return to Milan. Realising how unhappy Bethany is, will Sarah agree they can stay?

Tim and Sally quiz Craig over his relationship with Faye. Craig assures them Faye is just a good friend but will they realise there’s more to it?

Fed up with being treated like a slave, Sally quits her job as Norris’s butler. David becomes mildly suspicious of Gail’s strange behaviour.

Wednesday 1st April

Owen’s thrilled when he lands a building job. Anna offers to cook a special meal to celebrate. When Owen suggests an early night, Anna recoils, clearly still awkward around Owen and insists they go for a drink instead. Meanwhile as Craig and Faye hide out in the corner shop flat, Craig plucks up the courage to tell Faye that her crazy plan regarding the baby is never going to work. But he’s thwarted when clutching her tummy, frightened Faye tells him the baby is coming.

Callum calls at No.8 with a game for Max. David’s cool towards him and Sarah guesses that he’s Max’s Dad. Sarah takes Bethany shopping in town. Recognising the girls from earlier, Callum approaches them. Sarah’s curt but Bethany lets slip that David is her Uncle. As Sarah waits outside a boutique for Bethany, she’s startled when Bethany flies out of the door chased by security, having been caught shoplifting. Callum advises Sarah not to go after her and insists she gets in his car.  

Carla arrives back from LA and surprises Tracy with a gift from her trip. Jealous of Carla’s success, Tracy resolves to improve her own business.

Dressed to kill, Tracy calls in the Rovers and winds Tony up, making out she’s going to meet a new supplier and he’s superfluous to requirements. Tony’s put out.

Friday 3rd April (episode 1)

Faye’s scared witless as she goes into labour. Craig’s desperate to call an ambulance but Faye bans him from doing so. As Sally and Tim sit with Anna and Owen in the Rovers, a frightened Faye realises she’s out of her depth and screams at Craig to find her Mum. Craig searches in vain for Anna. Finding the flat door open, Sophie makes her way up the stairs. Sophie’s horrified to find Faye on all fours and clearly in pain. As Owen and Anna head home, Craig approaches and clearly distressed, drags them to the corner shop flat. Owen and Anna are shocked to the core to find Faye giving birth. Sophie assures them she’s called an ambulance.

Callum pulls up next to Bethany and Sarah orders her into the car. They speed away leaving the angry shop assistant empty-handed. Sarah tears a strip off Bethany for shoplifting but Bethany remains unfazed. Dropping them back at No.8, Callum invites Sarah out for a drink. Furious to see Callum chatting up his sister, David warns Sarah to stay away from Callum. But will Sarah heed his warning?

Carla tries to thrash out a business deal with Mr Hanlon in the bistro. However when Mr Hanlon complains about his food and admits he’s just trying to get a freebie, Carla tells him to stick his deal and stalks out. But Carla’s taken aback when she gets a call from Mr Hanlon to tell her how impressed he is by her no nonsense approach. Has she got herself a deal?

Tracy bluffs to Tony telling him how well her meeting went with the new supplier. Tony’s sceptical and accusing Tracy of making the whole thing up, tells her she’s right, it’s over between them. Tracy’s speechless.

Friday 3rd April (episode 1)

Faye’s scared and wracked with pain. Anna does her best to take control and assures Faye she loves her no matter what. Owen breaks the news to a gobsmacked Tim and Sally that Faye is having a baby. As Anna, Sophie and Sally fuss round exhausted Faye, Tim tries to reassure her. With Faye in the ambulance, Anna turns on Craig, but Faye reveals she swore Craig to secrecy and tells Anna to leave him alone. Upset Craig heads home where he tells Beth and Kirk about Faye, insisting that the baby isn’t his. At the hospital Anna berates herself for failing to realise that Faye was pregnant. As Faye gives birth to a baby girl, how will the terrified teen cope?

Bethany mischievously tells Jason how Sarah still harbours feelings for him. Meanwhile Callum begs a flirty Sarah to let him take her out again. As David angrily points out to Sarah that Callum is only using her to get at him, how will Sarah respond?

When Carla has problems with her laptop, she asks Nick over to the flat to sort it out. Nick proves hopeless at fixing Carla’s laptop but they share a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company.

Disappointed to find Liz asleep on the sofa, Tony phones Tracy with a grovelling apology. Tracy’s thrilled to realise he’s still well and truly hooked. Dressed sexily, Tracy opens the door to Tony. Will she take him back with open arms?

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