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Coronation Street


Nick comes to his senses

Bethany pushes herself to the extreme

Leanne has a decision to make

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This week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 22nd August (episode 1)

When Leanne calls in the bistro to say her goodbyes, Nick’s gutted to realise she’s moving to Liverpool for good and tells her if things don’t work out, she knows where he is. Michelle tells her she’ll be sorry to see her go and reveals that she’s pregnant. Feigning surprise, Leanne congratulates her. Relieved she’s going, Steve wishes Leanne luck. Having said an emotional goodbye to Eva and Ken, Leanne and Simon leave for the coach station. But when Eva gets a call from Leanne telling her she’s lost her tickets and had to rebook a later coach, Eva forms a plan.

As a celebration of Kylie’s birthday, David buys a garden swing for Max and Lily. Having built the swing the family watch in amusement as Bethany tries it out and the swing collapses leaving Bethany in a heap on the grass. Craig takes a photo and posts it online. Bethany receives a parcel containing some diet pills. She quickly stuffs them in her bag.

Sharif and Yasmeen arrive home and are utterly thrilled to find their grandchildren have arranged a surprise 45th wedding anniversary party. Sharif makes a speech and announces to Yasmeen he’s booked a holiday, the honeymoon they never had. However he’s interrupted by the arrival of their old friend Sonia, who clearly upset, explains her husband has thrown her out.

Michelle books an appointment at the doctors to discuss her pregnancy and insists Steve must accompany her. Steve reluctantly agrees.

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Monday 22nd August (episode 2)

Eva implores Nick to go after Leanne and stop her from leaving but Nick’s in turmoil as he tries to digest the news of Leanne’s pregnancy. Having purchased another lot of coach tickets, Leanne discovers the first lot in Simon’s rucksack and realises with heavy heart that he doesn’t want to leave. As the coach readies to leave, Nick scrambles on board and begging Leanne not to go, tells her that he knows about the baby. Leanne’s stunned. As Simon waits with bated breath will the pair admit their love for each other?

Bethany receives a text and is horrified to realise that Craig’s posted the photo of her sprawled on the grass online. She rails at him for drawing attention to the fact she’s fat. Craig’s mortified and assures her she’s beautiful but Bethany refuses to listen. Convinced she’s fat, Bethany secretly pops two of her diet pills.

While Yasmeen fusses round Sonia and insists she must stay for as long as she likes, Sharif’s clearly stressed. Grabbing a moment alone with Sharif, Sonia assures him their 7 year affair still remains a secret and he has nothing to worry about.

In a bid to avoid moving in with her, Aidan suggests to Eva they should leave it a few weeks in case Leanne changes her mind and returns home. As the doctor advises Michelle on her pregnancy, Steve takes a keen interest and suggests they attend ante-natal classes together.

Wednesday 24th August

Bethany furtively pops some more diet pills. When Sarah mentions her forthcoming exam results, Bethany covers her unease. While Gary oversees Craig’s induction at the gym, Bethany pounds away on a running machine. Suddenly, Bethany collapses.

Eva explains to Aidan that Leanne’s ditched her Liverpool plans so he won’t be able to move in after all. Aidan feigns disappointment. Nick calls on Leanne and asks her who the father of the baby is. Leanne lies, making out she had a one night stand with a stranger. Reaching a decision, Nick tells Leanne how much he loves her, but is he willing to be a part of the baby’s life?

Offering to help Gail with the kids, Michael takes Max to the Kabin. Whilst Michael pays for Max’s comic, he clocks Max stealing a toy. Max explains to Michael that he took the toy as his mum always used to buy him a present on Lily’s birthday. Making Max promise he won’t steal again, Michael agrees it can be their secret. Meanwhile when Michael assures Gail he no longer has feelings for Eileen, will Gail agree to give their relationship another go?

As Sonia half-heartedly searches the paper for a flat, Yasmeen assures her she’s welcome to stay as long as she likes and Sharif is forced to agree.

Friday 26th August (episode 1)

Eva, Aidan and Simon are thrilled to realise Nick stayed the night and he and Leanne are officially back together. Nick suggests Leanne and Simon should move into his flat as hers is so cramped. Nick assures Leanne he wants to be a dad to both Simon and the baby and reckons they should lie and pretend the baby is his. Leanne promises to think about it.

Concerned about Bethany’s health, Gary drags her to the café insisting they need to talk. Bethany promises him she’s disposed of her diet pills but Gary can see her troubles go deeper than that.

Jittery Aidan calls in the salon and apologising to Maria for his recent behaviour, suggests they just act normal around each other. Maria reluctantly attends a gym class with Kate and Sophie. When Eva joins them, Maria does her best to mask her discomfort.

Vinny calls at No.11 demanding his £65k to get the development project off the ground. He’s quick to realise that Phelan plans to screw the money out of Eileen. As Eileen arrives back from Thailand, Phelan ushers Vinny out of the door. The Platts gather for Lily’s birthday party. When Max refuses to join in, Michael tells David about the incident with the toy and suggests he’s missing his mum. Max enlists Michael’s help to find Kylie’s favourite pebble in the garden.

Friday 26th August (episode 2)

As Leanne is forced to announce her pregnancy Steve sweats. With all eyes on Leanne she’s at breaking point, what will she say about the baby’s father?

Sarah’s gutted to discover Bethany’s failed three exams and blames herself for being such a useless mother. Bethany promises she’ll retake them. Lauren tracks Bethany down to the gym and makes cruel jibes about her weight. Gary watches as Lauren continues to taunt Bethany.

Eva quizzes Maria about her breakup with Luke and tells her that if she ever wants to talk, she’ll be there for her. Maria feels terrible. Telling Aidan what a lovely girl Maria is, Eva resolves to find her a new man. Aidan inwardly squirms.

Having found Kylie’s special pebble, Michael suggests to Max he should keep it in a memory box together with other bits and pieces which remind him of his mum. Gail thanks Michael, touched by his thoughtfulness. Over dinner, Eileen tells Phelan that Jason has come to a decision about investing in his development project. Is he in?

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