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Coronation Street


Aidan bites the bullet with Carla

Tony's out for Callum's blood

Steve puts Lloyd in an impossible situation

Coronation Street catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Coronation Street episodes

Monday 24th August (episode 1)

After pouring over the Underworld accounts, Carla’s depressed and admits to Nick that she’s in a financial mess. As Carla shows Aidan round the factory, a man turns up to repossess her car. Aidan’s shocked to realise the extent of Carla’s financial problems. Sally tries to make light of the situation whilst Alya enjoys watching Carla squirm.

Gail and David are adamant that Max must go to the police station and make a statement but Kylie worries that it’ll be too upsetting for him. Sarah and Bethany are shocked to hear Max witnessed Callum beating up Jason. Kylie agrees to take Max to the police to report witnessing Callum’s attack on Jason. Callum is riled when Bethany refuses to give him an alibi, and heads to Sarah’s house with a plan…

Tyrone and Fiz take Hope to see the doctor. The doctor tells them that Hope has a lump in her abdomen and will need an ultrasound scan.


Monday 24th August (episode 2)

Making out she needs Bethany’s help, Gemma lures her into the car. Gemma explains to Bethany that Callum wants her to give him an alibi and tell the police she was with him and Gemma when Jason was beaten up. Bethany refuses but Gemma phones Callum who shows her pictures of Sarah clearly drugged on the sofa at No. 8. Callum tells Bethany that she’ll do as she’s told or Sarah gets it. Terrified, will Bethany agree? While Gail, David, Kylie and Sarah celebrate Callum’s downfall, Bethany is overwhelmed with guilt.

Fed up with Carla’s self-pity, Nick tells her to get a grip and a row ensues. Nick persuades Aidan that, with his support, Carla can turn the business around and they’ll be sitting on a goldmine. Will Nick be able to work his magic on Aidan and save Underworld?

Liz, Lloyd and Erica share a few bottles of wine and laugh as they compare their car-crash love lives. Liz wonders if Lloyd and Erica might be a good match. Later, Lloyd leaves a message on Andrea’s phone admitting how much he misses her.

In the garage, Tyrone confides in Kevin about Hope’s condition. Fiz and Tyrone are grateful for Kevin’s support as he calls at No. 9 with some beers.

Wednesday 26th August

As Kylie, David, Sarah, Gail and Max gather round Lily and wish her a happy birthday, Bethany broods over the awful lies she’s told the police. Under pressure, Bethany announces that Max was lying about the assault on Jason, and that she’s given the police an alibi for Callum. David and Kylie are horrified – will the police believe Bethany over Max…?

When Carla leaves Aidan in charge of the factory, Nick suspects that she’s heading to the casino. Alya is amused by Aidan’s attempts to deal with an irate client. Aidan fills Carla in on his first day at Underworld and tells her he’s moved Alya’s desk onto the factory floor.

Steve lets slip to Lloyd that Liz reckons he and Erica would make a lovely couple. Lloyd admits he likes the idea. As Lloyd and Erica enjoy a drink together they’re suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Andrea. Clocking their intimacy, Andrea storms out again. Lloyd’s torn.

Steve’s thrilled when Rover the dog turns up at the pub again. When Cathy leaves crumbs in the butter and soapsuds all over the kitchen, Roy does his best to mask his irritation. Fiz worries that Hope’s tumour might be serious.

Thursday 27th August

Against Eileen’s advice, Tony tells the police that he saw Callum hanging around just before Jason was beaten up. Tony returns from the police station in a foul mood because the police were disbelieving. Jason regains consciousness and Eileen, Tony and Sean learn the extent of his injuries.

When Aidan shows Carla her new company car, she’s underwhelmed, and leaving him to deal with a client, she heads off in it to the casino. Michelle returns from Ireland and senses the tension between Carla and Aidan. Michelle, Carla, Aidan and Steve enjoy a family meal at the bistro. Aidan delights in winding Robert up by complaining about the food.

In an attempt to cheer Lloyd up, Liz invites him to spend the evening with her, suggesting that they can watch TV and share a takeaway. Lloyd reluctantly agrees. As Liz and Lloyd compare their failed relationships, Liz gives Lloyd a comforting hug…

Cathy reluctantly agrees to give art classes at the community centre. Tim catches Craig on the phone to Caitlin. Tim tells Craig that he’s going to miss Miley over the next couple of weeks as the Hodges are going on holiday to Canada.

Friday 28th August (episode 1)

Todd overhears Sean and Billy discussing Jason’s condition and how he might need a kidney transplant. Jason remembers being kicked over and over again, and thinks that the voice that he heard was Callum’s. As Callum approaches his car, Tony grabs him and drags him into the ginnel. Tony gives Callum a beating and demands the names of his two accomplices.

As Steve, Michelle and Aidan chat over breakfast, Liz looks shifty. Lloyd tries to creep down the Rovers stairs to make his exit but Steve appears and Lloyd beats a hasty retreat. Steve and Michelle realise that Liz is hiding someone upstairs. How will Steve react when a sheepish Lloyd descends down the stairs? And how does Lloyd feel about Liz’s belief that they could have a future together?

Mary cajoles Emily, Craig and Tim into signing up for Cathy’s art class. Cathy appears nervous and Roy’s sympathetic.

Liz has a change of heart about Rover and so Steve proudly declares himself as the dog’s owner. Unimpressed when again, Carla leaves him to manage a client meeting alone, Aidan confronts her over her gambling problem. Will Carla listen to his calls for her to seek help?

Friday 28th August (episode 2)

Roy finds Cathy at the bus stop and persuades her to return to the art class. Cathy’s art class proves a huge success and Emily, Tim, Mary and Craig enjoy themselves immensely. Cathy thanks Roy for giving her the confidence to do it. Yasmeen’s delighted when Cathy agrees to take some more art classes.

Under pressure from Steve, Lloyd invites Liz to dinner at the bistro. Lloyd confesses to Dev that he doesn’t want a relationship with Liz, but knows if he comes clean, she’ll be upset and Steve will be furious. As Lloyd and Liz prepare to leave for their date, Andrea sweeps into the pub and begs him to take her back. Leading Andrea into the back yard, Lloyd admits there’s nothing he’d like more than to start again – will they reconcile?

Liz finds Tony terrorising Callum in the ginnel and orders him to stop, pointing out he’ll be no use to Jason if he ends up in prison. Callum slinks away.

A guilty Tracy reluctantly agrees to support Robert at Maddie’s charity evening at the bistro. Aidan and Carla put their differences aside, but Michelle is concerned as Carla knocks back the wine. Carla admits to Michelle and Aidan that she blames herself for the deaths of Maddie and Kal. Todd calls at the hospital and offers to donate a kidney to save Jason. Eileen’s touched when she overhears Todd, will the family be able to bury the hatchet and move forward?

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