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Valerie campaigns for Heston

Al isn't coping with his split from Niamh

Daniel gets a surprise visit from his past

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 26th January

Territoriality by Andrew Cornish

Niamh and Ayesha brave an unseen terror to help a pregnant mum in an isolated caravan. Valerie takes to the streets to campaign for Heston.

Tuesday 27th January

Put Away Childish Things by Hilary Frankland

Howard is caught up in a rift between friends after a stag night goes wrong. Elsewhere Ayesha’s long lost aunt comes back into the picture and Al isn’t coping after his split with Niamh.


Wednesday 28th January

Child Of Mine by Lol Fletcher

An unstable man is haunted by the corpse of his dead mother but Niamh is there to save the day. Elsewhere, Daniel gets a surprise visit from his past, bringing an unwanted and unnerving outcome and Heston improves his public speaking but gains a rival.

Thursday 29th January

Mrs Waverly’s Winnings  by David Semple

Valerie has to step in when two elderly friends go to war over a winning lotto ticket. The Mill is thrown into chaos when it is shut down due to a suspected case of Weil ’s disease, meanwhile Tracey makes a breakthrough with Ayesha.

Friday 30th January

Sometimes They Come Back by Roland Moore

Zara deals with a traumatised teen who cannot accept that her mother has died. Meanwhile, Howard has to deal with the mounting crisis at the Mill while Valerie channels her inner Maggie Thatcher.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 19th January

Between The Cracks by Steve McAteer

Heston becomes concerned for the safety of a young patient when he discovers a shocking event in his father’s past. As Howard deals with accusations against the practice, Niamh comes to him with a confession.

Tuesday 20th January

Not Ticking Boxes by Eve Spence

Valerie stands up to discrimination to help a young foster child with health problems get adopted. Niamh worries about what decision the Partners will make regarding her future.


Wednesday 21st January

The Week Out by Kim Millar

Rob helps two young people come to terms with the death of their parents. Howard embarks on a PR campaign to restore confidence in The Mill.

Thursday 22nd January

Scoff by Claire Bennett

Rob and Karen attend a market research chocolate-tasting course ‘in disguise’. Niamh has to endure the stress of a training day with the other doctors.

Friday 23rd January

Look Who’s Talking by Matt Cooke and Vince Lund

Greg thinks he’s going mad when he starts hearing voices. Daniel comes to the rescue and saves the day for Howard. Valerie helps Heston plan his election campaign. Al tries to prove his love for Niamh.


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