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Zara struggles with stress

Jimmi and Heather have a difficult decision

Mrs Tembe feels guilty

This week's Doctors episodes

Doctors is on an Easter break and returns on Monday 13th April


Monday 23rd March

Late Lunch by Charlotte Wise

Can Emma help when a woman with an intense fear of childbirth goes into labour in a restaurant? Barry’s colleagues try to convince him to apply for a promotion, while Heather wonders what to do about her tricky situation.

Tuesday 24th March

Optional Extras by Neil McLennan

Ayesha has to help her friend with a difficult life choice. Zara struggles with the stress of her work and personal life, and Jimmi puts off having a difficult conversation with Heather.


Wednesday 25th March

Pity Party by Dale Overton

Karen tries to help a grieving friend and her family move on with their lives. Meanwhile Jimmi and Heather have a difficult discussion, and Barry is confident as he goes for an interview.

Thursday 26th March

Surrogate Dad by Olly Perkin

Barry has to deal with a difficult work experience trainee while waiting to see if he gets his promotion. Jimmi and Heather have to be honest about their situation, whilst Zara appeals to Ayesha for advice.

Friday 27th March

Angels and Demons by Henrietta Hardy

Jimmi worries about recent developments, while Zara struggles at home with Joe. Mrs Tembe feels guilty after her advice to Barry’s doesn’t work out as planned.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 16th March

Old Times’ Sake by Bill Armstrong

Ayesha’s morals are tested when and old friend comes back in to her life asking for help. Barry tries to act the hero to save The Mill, while Heather picks Jimmi up on what she learnt at the dinner party.

Tuesday 17th March

A Matter of Perspective by Rob Kinsman

After Niamh is present as a patient falls from a great height and dies, Rob has to dig deep to uncover the truth about what happened.


Wednesday 18th March

Finding Nina by Roland Moore

Al tries to limit the damage when a visiting academic is diagnosed with suspected diphtheria. Meanwhile Heather finds it hard to choose between a girl’s night in with Niamh and Emma and a trip to the cinema with Jimmi. 

Thursday 19th March

The Lost Weekday by Stephen Keyworth

When a brand new vehicle is taken from a car showroom, Rob finds himself on the trail of a daring and elusive thief. Meanwhile, Jimmi and Heather go bowling, Mrs Tembe puts Barry through his paces, and Niamh has a confession to make to Emma..

Friday 20th March

Profit and Loss by Tracy Black

Heston tries to get to the bottom of a patient’s heart trouble. Is it stress related  - or something more sinister? Meanwhile, Zara struggles with childcare, Al is up to something fishy and Jimmi has prepared a wonderful surprise for Heather.


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