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Heston sees what his future may be like

Toni decides to leave The Mill

Al and Niamh's date seems a disaster

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 1st September

Signs by Dee Hughes

Mrs Tembe refuses to assume the worse of an ex-con working as a handyman at Campus even when things go missing. Jimmi consoles Toni who’s feeling dejected and foolish. At the Memory Clinic Heston sees what his future might be like in the shape of a woman who has dementia.

Tuesday 2nd September

A Trick of the Mind by Bill Armstrong

Toni treats a heavily pregnant woman who is worried that she is losing her memory. Heston confides in Kevin his concerns that he may have dementia, while Niamh and Al fail to realise they’re attracted to one another.


Wednesday 3rd September

Monsters and Gods by Jeremy Hylton-Davies

Al saves the life of a fellow sci-fi enthusiast and impresses Niamh who finally asks him out on a date.  

Thursday 4th September

Life Story by Mark Clompus

Daniel must help two of his patients who are at loggerheads over the man’s son’s claim of innocence, even though he is in prison for the murder of the woman’s daughter. Heston is told he does not have dementia but refuses to consider that he may be depressed. Niamh bottles out of breaking up with Oliver and Toni decides to leave The Mill.

Friday 5th September

Judgement Day by Katharine Way

Rob tries to stop a woman from dousing acid on the magistrate whom she blames for her daughter’s comatose state. And Al and Niamh’s first date is a seeming disaster.

Previously on Doctors:


Monday 25th August

Bank holiday - no episode.

Tuesday 26th August

Three’s a Crowd by Maggie Innes

Mandy tries to help an at-odds couple with a secret to take care of a young baby. Heston has the day from hell as he turns from doctor to patient; Al’s romantic hopes are raised only to be crushed again when he discovers a list Niamh has written.


Wednesday 27th August

Love is a Battlefield by Olly Perkin

A desperate mother is prepared to go to any lengths to stop her son from getting married. Barry reluctantly partakes in a medieval role playing date, while Jimmi becomes suspicious of Zara.

Thursday 28th August

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Lorry Driver by Matthew Wakefield

Mrs Tembe finds herself reluctantly embroiled when a suspicious wife accuses her husband of smuggling illegal immigrants. Heston receives his test results while after a dance rehearsal, Toni wonders whether Daniel’s love life is as perfect as it seems.

Friday 29th August

The Girl in the Photograph by Tom Ogden

Karen helps a young Asian woman to pursue her dream of becoming a costume designer. Daniel and Toni wow judge Anton du Beke at the dance competition, but they are shocked to see who the competition is. Meanwhile, Niamh is having doubts about Oliver.



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