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Valerie shares her secret

Daniel is confused after a patient visit

Sid's car crash puts him in a sticky situation

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 30th November

Warrior Princess by Toby Walton

Valerie finds the courage to share her secret, and Mrs Tembe stands up to Hutch, with terrifying consequences.

Tuesday 1st December

In Death Do Us Meet by Emily Marcuson

Heston is surprised to find himself appointed executor for a patient’s estate. Meanwhile, it’s the day of Niamh’s photo shoot and Mrs Tembe’s attack causes ripples.

Wednesday 2nd December

Hunt by Miles Bodimeade

Sid’s car crash puts him in a sticky situation with an uninsured driver. Whilst Valerie’s absences are concerning Mrs Tembe whilst Karen is more concerned about Valerie’s health.


Thursday 3rd December

Vapour Trail by Mark Clompus

Daniel’s visit to a patient leaves him confused by a huge memory loss problem. Meanwhile Mrs Tembe’s R.E.S.P.E.C.T act is brought to a screeching halt by Jimmi.

Friday 4th December

The Power of You by Tina Walker

Positive thinking has worked for author Faye Durran but doesn’t seem to work for ex-husband Adam Coltrane. Valerie’s Marilyn Monroe dream turns into a nightmare when her cancer gets in the way.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 23rd November

Skin Deep by Dominique Moloney

Ayesha helps an old friend face up to who she really is. Valerie goes for her biopsy and meets a fellow cancer patient, while Emma makes plans to visit Chris.

Tuesday 24th November

Exposed by Matthew Wakefield

Mrs Tembe is moved to help an elderly widow who is being terrorised by a rogue trader. Meanwhile, Heston offers Ruhma an olive branch, and Karen has an unexpected visitor.

Wednesday 25th November

Bullseye by Olly Perkin

Sid helps a bride-to-be who is suffering from pre-wedding nerves. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Heston invites Ruhma to dinner and Al meets Rob’s cousin Mo.


Thursday 26th November

Milk by Maggie Innes

Ruhma uncovers an unlikely connection between two first-time mums. Meanwhile, Rob has his eye on Al -  and Mrs Tembe is determined to take a stand.

Friday 27th November

And The Winner Is by Jonathan Evans

Ayesha treats a patient who has just won the lottery. Only one snag – he can’t seem to find the ticket..Meanwhile, Al is on Cloud Nine, Sid is struggling with his work load, and Valerie is a bag of nerves. Her test results are due in today - will it be good news or bad?


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