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Rob investigates a break-in

Ayesha gets a visit from her cousin

Jimmi visits Barney again

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 24th October

The Limpet by Tina Walker

Rob investigates a break-in, and is shocked to discover who the perpetrator is. Ayesha and Sid try to help Emma to decide what to do with her new car.

Valerie has to deal with a needy ex-colleague who appears to be stuck in a downward spiral.

Tuesday 25th October

The Price of Memory by Bill Armstrong

Rob brings Barney to see Jimmi to discuss his solvent abuse. Ayesha gets a visit from her cousin, who is worried about her drinking.

A man’s sudden, complete loss of short-term memory puts his casual lover in an impossible situation.

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Wednesday 26th October

The Boring Identity by Stephen Keyworth

Rob manufactures a lunch so that Tyler and Ayesha meet. Jimmi visits Barney again.

When Heston’s retired friend is surprised by a figure from his past, Heston has to help him find out: is he really the man he thinks he is?

Thursday 27th October

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Tea (But Were Afraid To Ask) by Stephen McAteer

Zara bets Daniel that he can’t get through a gender, equality and diversity workshop without resorting to male stereotype. Al visits his GP with a spring in his step.

Friday 28th October

Life Unexpected by Fraser Ayres

Daniel and Zara argue over whether or not she should become a school governor. Karen plans Halloween, while Jimmi has things on his mind.

Emma has to step in to a dispute between a father and son over the son’s wishes.

Previously on Doctors:

Monday 17th October

Cravings by Kate Delin

Mrs Tembe holds a meeting about the sugar ban and discovers many of them are experiencing sugar withdrawal.

Miranda is recently divorced but pregnant. Things with ex-husband Jeremy are strained and he is threatening to tell the board she is no longer capable of running their company. A stressed Miranda is comforted by Nick – a maintenance manager who tends the office plants, and clearly has feelings for her.

Tuesday 18th October

The Man In The Mirror by Becky Prestwich

Heston is finally feeling the benefits of giving up sugar unlike Karen who is still really struggling. But then a seemingly innocent question from Heston during a routine checkup with elderly patient Mrs Tovey leaves him feeling mortified.

Ayesha is still feeling loved up after spending the night with Seb. But during their lunch date she sees a new side to him and the doubts start to creep in again. Back at work, she snaps at Valerie for no good reason. Puzzled, Emma demands to know what on earth has changed since last night.

Wednesday 19th October

Profiting From The Dead by Philip Ralph

Karen rushes into work and confesses to Valerie that she fell off the sugar wagon last night and desperately needs a bar of chocolate. Karen reckons what Rob and the others don’t know won’t hurt them…

In the Mill staffroom, Mrs Tembe’s ‘death board’ meets with mixed feelings. Daniel and Valerie think it is a terrible idea but Zara can see the benefits.

Thursday 20th October

Pramface by Katharine Way

Karen has to deal with Barney on her own when he first arrives, while Sid returns from his holiday only for his anxiety to return immediately.

Mrs Tembe has to get to the bottom of a mystery when a baby his found abandoned in the toilets at The Mill.

Friday 21st October

Nearest Relative by Mark Clompus

Mrs Tembe tasks Jimmi with finding someone to attend a course on sexism, while Sid keeps putting his foot in it.

Ayesha deals with an elderly couple who have unhealthy lifestyles.



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