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Al receives unexpected test results

Sid causes utter confusion

Zara locks horns with an angry electrician

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 26th September

Beginnings by Peter Bullock

Ruhma is forced to meet Zaroon, for the good of Shak and Alia. But can she convince him to leave them all alone? Valerie’s first day could turn out to be her last, when she puts an ex-nurse’s needs before those of the recruitment agency.

Tuesday 27th September

The Meteor by Roland Moore

Al receives some unexpected test results at his GP surgery whilst Emma tells Jimmi to get a life. Ayesha grows concerned about a pregnant woman’s mental health when she believes a meteor rock is talking to her.

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Wednesday 28th September

Recalculating by Linda Thompson

Karen and Rob’s future as foster parents hangs in the balance as they face heavy questioning by the fostering panel. Jimmi finally let’s loose at the casino with Ayesha and Emma. When a Lollipop lady bears the brunt of a businessman’s anger Mrs Tembe has to step in and put the man in his place!

Thursday 29th September

The Fiddle by Ed Sellek

Sid causes utter confusion when he assumes Jimmi and Ayesha have spent a night of passion together…  Meanwhile Valerie’s fears about the recruitment agency are confirmed when she meets the MD. Al’s day is brightened by the discovery of a collection of rare comic books, but could this be too good to be true?

Friday 30th September

Sparks by Dale Overton

After the near death of a patient at St Phil’s Valerie starts to investigate the agency in earnest. But will she go too far? Sparks fly when Zara locks horns with an angry electrician at the campus surgery.

Previously on Doctors:

Monday 19th September

Sins Of The Father by Kim Millar

Zara meets a school friend for lunch, but events take a nasty turn when her friend is knocked down by a car. Shak and Alia meet their uncle, but will they find out what they want to know about their father? Emma and Ayesha take a trip to the casino.

Tuesday 20th September

Professor Pickering by David Lloyd

An actor aspires to more challenging roles, but is trapped by a children’s TV series and an overpowering wife. Ruhma corners Alia to see what’s going on, but will she like the answer? Karen and Rob visit her consultant neurologist for a final check-up before the fostering panel.

Wednesday 21st September

What You Don’t Know by Philip Ralph

Sid ends up at hospital with a patient after hours, and finds himself at odds with a consultant. Ruhma has to finally tell the children the truth, but how will they take it? Emma doesn’t take mention of Howard’s anniversary well.

Thursday 22nd September

Mrs Butterworth by Paul Campbell

Rob has unravel a confusing situation when a foreign woman is brought in to the police station and is unable to give any details about what happened to her. Ruhma continues to rail against her children wishes to see their father, while Karen tries to persuade Mrs Tembe to get Valerie back into The Mill.

Friday 23rd September

Not Educating Rita by J.H.Davies

Karen gets involved when a University cleaner gets into a conflict with a tutor. Shak and Alia go out to meet their father together, but Ruhma has a plan to keep a close eye on them. Valerie’s experience of her new job get worse and worse.



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