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Kevin gets even closer to Poppy

Catriona finally goes to the police

Mandy confronts Rachel

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 22nd September

Charlie’s Angel by David Semple

Karen tries to reconcile a lascivious mother and her betrayed daughter. Mandy tries to convince Catriona to go to the police while an unknowing Kevin gets ever closer to young Poppy.

Tuesday 23rd September

Time Out by Tina Walker

An exhausted craftsman finds himself between a rock and a hard place when his health threatens his business. Catriona finally goes to the police only to have a terrible experience; Kevin finally discovers the truth about Poppy.


Wednesday 24th September

Waiting by Hilary Franklard

Mrs Tembe finds herself trying to ward off unwanted company. Things come to a head between Kevin and Poppy; Mandy confronts Rachel.

Thursday 25th September

I know what you did by Roland Moore

Kevin is called upon to help an old friend who is being blackmailed. Elsewhere Mrs Tembe tries to help Jimmi to choose a new car - and Heston fails to realise just how traumatised Catriona is after the homophobic attack.

Friday 26th September

Toxic by Steve Keyworth

Zara bumps into a former nanny who has transformed herself into a successful businesswoman – using Zara as a role model.  Meanwhile, the suicide of a patient raises uncomfortable questions about the way she was treated, particularly for Heston.

Previously on Doctors:


Monday 15th September

The Good Copper by Stephen McAteer

Rob’s loyalty to a colleague and friend is challenged when somebody makes an accusation that a copper has been planting evidence. A night out with an old friend begins in promise but ends in tears for Mandy, whilst Al and Niamh finally have a successful date.

Tuesday 16th September

Do Unto Others by Angela Churm

Jimmi visits a bereavement care centre, where he finds the two managers at war. Mandy deals with the aftermath of last night’s attack; a reluctant Kevin is forced to give a sex education talk.

Wednesday 17th September

The Mad Woman in the Attic by Andrew Cornish

A bad night’s sleep turns into a meditation for Karen on exactly who she is and she confronts her feelings of being haunted by her past self.

Thursday 18th September

A Quick Fix by Mark Hiser and Bridget Colgan

Zara encounters a mother desperate for help controlling her daughter- a teenage vampire. Heston begins to talk through his past with Oliver, whilst Jimmi tries to avoid Mrs Tembe’s well-intentioned but relentless car talk.

Friday 19th September

A Perfect Evening by Paul Campbell

Al, Heston and Kevin all have their perfect evenings ahead of them; but will they go to plan?



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