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Zara is shocked by Jimmi's criticism

Emma's romantic weekend gets off to a bad start

Sean is after some action

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 3rd August

Spandex and Secrets by Tom Ogden

Heston meets an old friend who has a surprising revelation. Niamh is determined to help Sean find a job so he can stay in the area, while Emma and Howard try to overcome their awkwardness with each other.

Tuesday 4th August

Lady Brenda by Tina Walker

Karen tries to help a woman make sense of her husband’s strange behaviour. Sid calls on Heston for support with a difficult patient, while Zara is left shocked by Jimmi’s criticism.

Wednesday 5th August

Housemates by Miles Bodimeade

Sid finds himself stuck in the middle of a feud with his housemates. Howard tries to find a way to address bullying in the workplace, while Niamh is concerned by Sean’s attraction to Daniel.


Thursday 6th August

Sticks and Stones by Claire Bennett

Howard’s Respect at Work meeting is an epic fail when tempers fray and home truths are dished out. But the biggest shock comes from Zara. Elsewhere, Sid is at his end of placement review and desperate to know if he has passed or failed.

Friday 7th August

Someone Like You by Andrew Cornish

Emma’s romantic weekend with Howard gets off to a bad start when an injury puts him out of action. Elsewhere, Sean is also after some action when he goes clubbing with Niamh but the night holds a few unexpected surprises for both of them.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 27th July

The Laughing Gnome by Matthew Wakefield

Rob is called to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a garden gnome. Meanwhile, the working week begins and it’s business as usual for our two romantic couples, Zara and Daniel and Emma and Howard – or is it?  

Tuesday 28th July

Blind Spot by Maggie Innes

Ayesha is roped in to help Sid run a sun awareness stall on Campus. Back at the Mill, Heston and Zara clash. 

Wednesday 29th July

Insignificant by Katharine Way

Mrs Tembe encounters a disturbed young man. A face from the past turns up to see Niamh. Jimmi hits a nerve with Emma.


Thursday 30th July

Zero Tolerance by Mark Clompus

Daniel loses his cool at a police station. Emma and Howard’s counselling session does not go to plan, whilst Sean tries to tell Niamh something important.

Friday 31st July

Slipping Through the Cracks by Bill Armstrong

Jimmi and Rob come across an unusual transaction. Zara wants Daniel to take their London trip seriously, while Niamh finally realises the truth about Sean.


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