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Heston starts to record his vlog

Karen does her best to act normal

Niamh is on a mission

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 31st August

Bank Holiday Monday

No episode.

Tuesday 1st September

Take Two by Stephen Keyworth

Rob has to explain to Karen what is going on, while Heston starts recording his wine vlog. Ayesha has a very unusual blind date experience.

Wednesday 2nd September

Corked by Mark Stephenson

Heston meets up with an old friend and is taken aback by her outrageous behaviour. Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe vows to watch Heston’s wine tasting vlog and Karen does her best to act normal. 


Thursday 3rd September

An Act of Charity by Jonathan Evans

Jimmi bumps into charity runner – literally! Meanwhile, Heston is on a high and Howard has an awkward duty to perform.

Friday 4th September

Drop Dead by Olly Perkin

Karen puts herself at risk to help Rob. Meanwhile, Niamh is on a mission -  and news of Heston’s vlog spreads like wildfire.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 24th August

Let Them All Talk by Stephen McAteer

Can Rob get Weston to talk when he questions him about his involvement in ‘Treehouse’? Meanwhile, Howard drops a bombshell on Emma at their counselling session.

Tuesday 25th August

Golden Ticket by Ed Sellek

Mrs Tembe gets dragged into helping two squabbling siblings find a missing lottery ticket. Weston survives his suicide attempt only for Noakes’ plans to move him to a safe house put him back in danger. Meanwhile at the Mill Emma tries to convince Howard to man up and see his daughter.

Wednesday 26th August

Breaking Point by Dominique Moloney

With Weston still at large Noakes is on the war path and turns his suspicions on Rob and Jimmi. Meanwhile an update on the 40 day date project leads to an awkward moment between Al and Niamh.


Thursday 27th August

Shambles by Dale Overton

Zara’s suspicions about her friend’s fiancé mean there’s no chance their wedding can go without a hitch. Howard and Daisy interview a potential witness to the ambush and Noakes pushes Karen to give Rob an ultimatum.

Friday 28th August

Reborn by Rachel Smith

Niamh helps a transwoman who questions her decision to live as a woman following an attack on her home. Karen gives Rob a much needed wakeup call but a surprise visitor puts them both in danger.  At the Mill, Mrs Tembe challenges Heston to start a vlog.


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