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Karen's fears she is cursed lead her to a psychic

Jimmi struggles to control his anger

Daniel challenges Michael's research

This week's Doctors episodes

Doctors is back on July 20th


Monday 22nd June

A Fine Romance by Angela Churm

When an old family friend turns to Niamh with a delicate problem, can Niamh set aside her own embarrassment to help her? Karen’s fear that she is cursed leads her to a psychic but Ayesha smells a rat and Emma gives Howard her answer to his proposal.

Tuesday 23rd June

Climb Every Mountain by Steph Lloyd Jones

Sid proves he’s got what it takes when he gets caught up in one man’s crusade to save a tree. However, back at the Mill, Zara seems determined to cut short his career. Howard and Emma decide on who they want to be their confidantes for the 40-day date project, but will they say yes?

Wednesday 24th June

Indefensible by Dale Overton

Ayesha is forced to be the peace keeper when an exasperated single mother clashes with her grumpy neighbour. Elsewhere, peace is in short supply when Emma and Howard disagree on the details of their dating project.


Thursday 25th June

In The Line OF Duty by Ray Brooking

Jimmi struggles to control his anger when a police officer is injured in the line of duty. Zara’s bullying of Sid escalates to a level which shocks them both and Emma has serious doubts about Howard’s commitment.

Friday 26th June

Mean Girls by Rosalynd Ward

Mrs Tembe helps a bride stand up to her domineering sister whose determination to make her wedding day the happiest day of her life is making her anything but. Zara is definitely not happy when Daniel challenges Michael’s research and she is forced to confront her treatment of Sid.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 15th June

Ghost by Lol Fletcher

Maria has a fiancé a little girl and a good job but her world is turned upside down when past deeds come back to haunt her and Niamh finds her friendship tested. Howard and Emma are on their way to a conference and run out of petrol, a trek across the field to get some proves eventful.

Tuesday 16th June

Truth or Dare by Rob Kinsman

A student is found dead, it seems and open and shut case but Jimmi is not so sure. Zara has a confrontation with Sid but he fights back this time.

Wednesday 17th June

Waiting for Gordon by Paul Campbell

Heston has the strangest of days after a sleepless night reading ‘Waiting for Godot’. Ayesha wakes up with Sid but during the day finds his attention too much. Howard meets up with an old colleague who tells him about a new dating idea which sets him thinking.

Thursday 18th June

Touch and Go by Kit Lambert

Howard has a suggestion for Emma, while Mrs Tembe is given pause for thought by Ayesha. Al has to put himself in an unusual situation to resolve a patients problems.

Friday 19th June

Everybody Needs Somebody by Ian Kelsey

Howard is surprised when a face from his past appears at the police station.


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