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Jimmi has to deal with Heather's past

Niamh faces a tough decision

Zara wants answers

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 20th April

Touched by an Angel by Helen Farrall

Jimmi has to deal with Heather’s past, while Daniel and Zara continue to be at odds. Mrs Tembe has to deal with a girl who believes she is an angel who has lost her wings.

Tuesday 21st April

What Love Means by Joseph Wilde

Niamh faces a tough decision when an old friend with a young secret calls on her. Elsewhere Rob and Karen are thwarted by their own game plan when looking for a new house and Emma is left speechless when Ayesha starts making demands.


Wednesday 22nd April

Xander Harrison by Claire Bennett

Al struggles to engage with his ‘godson’ who blames him for the marriage breakdown of his parents but what exactly did Al do? Elsewhere Zara has some accusations of her own to make and Karen discovers today is no ordinary day for the Mill.

Thursday 23rd April

Afternoon Delight by Kim Millar

Howard finds himself trapped in a strange story involving a broken chair, missing porridge and a golden haired stranger in his bed. Elsewhere there is no fairytale ending for Heston and tragedy strikes when Heather ignores Ayesha’s advice.

Friday 24th April

Idolatory by Jeremy Hylton Davies

A forgotten statue leads to a strange day at Campus. After a series of disasters Al convinces Karen that mystical forces are at work. Elsewhere Jimmi and Heather are battling with their guilt whilst Zara is in no mood to take prisoners and wants answers.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 13th April

Boom Banger by Mark Clompus

Heston is caught up in a drama between a loving father and cocky step-son. Barry’s successor causes chaos in the campus, while Al questions Jimmi’s newfound positivity.

Tuesday 14th April

Out of Control by Liz John

Al patches things up for a family of a troubled teenager, an Asperger child and a single mum.  Heather is shocked when Jimmi explodes at her and tells her to keep her nose out of his family. Zara has to face the tough truth about her son, Joe.

Wednesday 15th April

The Dark Net by Katharine Way

Ryan fights to prove his innocence when he is arrested for a heinous crime. Jimmi risks his relationship by revealing an uncomfortable truth. Howard sees Ayesha in a new light.

Thursday 16th April

Fusion Food by Miles Bodimeade

Ayesha gets mixed up in a revenge dish. Zara fights to hide the chink in her armour. Emma sees through Ayesha’s bravado.

Friday 14th April

Toy Story by Dale Overton

Barry helps Rob to close the net in on the Letherbridge burglar. Al plans to be tactful, but drinks himself frank. Heather’s latest decision receives criticism.


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