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Kevin has a job offer

Heston makes a discovery

Ayesha snaps at Mrs Tembe

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 20th October

Bucket Behaviour by Bernard Padden

Sarah has a terminal illness and her sister has moved in with her tick list! Kevin goes to a funeral and has a job offer. Howard is doing a charm offensive which the staff find unnerving.

Tuesday 21st October

Dead People are Perfect by Lucy Gough

When an elderly patient fails to attend her dialysis appointments, Jimmi goes to investigate. Elsewhere Heston investigates discrepancies on death certificates, Kevin applies for a new position, and Al helps Niamh move in to Emma’s house.


Wednesday 22nd October

Mysterious Ways by Jan Smith

When a young girl turns up at the Practice showing signs of stigmata, Daniel sets out to investigate. Elsewhere Heston discovers who has been amending the death certificates Niamh apologises to Emma, Mrs Tembe nags Ayesha over her conduct and  tries to organise a leaving party for Kevin and Kevin has a tricky job interview.

Thursday 23rd October

Bad Wedding by Kate Delin

When a young man discovers an embarrassing affliction on the morning of his wedding, Al wonders whether he wants to get married at all. Elsewhere Ayesha snaps when Mrs Tembe checks up on her movements; Kevin and Heston set out to find hard evidence of wrongdoing by an undertaker.

Friday 24th October

About Time by Claire Bennett

Mrs Tembe discovers what it’s really like to be a nurse on House Calls, Kevin and Heston make a shocking discovery.

Previously on Doctors:


Monday 13th October

A Law Unto Themselves by Katherine Way

Rob is overseeing a demonstration over fracking when it all goes horribly wrong and a WPC is injured. He locks horns with a Special Projects DCI when he finds that an undercover cop has overstepped his brief.

Tuesday 14th October

Great Expectations by Tina Walker

Al and Karen come to the rescue of an overseas student who has nowhere to stay. Zara threatens Kevin and he is forced to make a decision.


Wednesday 15th October

“I’m Ready For My Close-Up Now” by Katherine Way

Karen is asked to be in a documentary about her memory loss but things don’t go according to plan. Kevin hands in his notice.

Thursday 16th October

Coping by Liz John

Ayesha helps her friend to confront her difficulties, but at her home she fails to improve the situation with her mother and after a hard day goes clubbing with interesting results.

Friday 17th October

Pet Project by Mark Clompus

Mrs Tembe helps an old lady who is in danger of being evicted, Niamh is also having problems with the same landlord and needs somewhere cheaper to live. Kevin comes clean to everyone and tells them that he is leaving.


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