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Zara faces the music

Mrs Tembe is in an embarrassing situation

Jimmi and Daniel clash

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 25th May

Deeper by Linda Thompson

It’s the morning after the night before and Zara returns home to face the music. Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe’s plan for a fire drill goes awry – can Sid find the courage to take the helm?

Tuesday 26th May

Plus One by Katharine Way

Despite no longer being a couple Niamh and Al attend a wedding together, but they’re not the only ones finding the whole set up a bit uncomfortable.

Wednesday 27th May

Joint Lock by Mark Clompus

Sid enjoys a small heroic moment. Zara’s forced to see her marriage is in crisis. Mrs Tembe finds herself in an embarrassing position.


Thursday 28th May

Little Brother by Liz John

Karen finds herself at the centre of an unusual sibling feud. Zara backs Daniel into a corner. Mrs Tembe experiments with pain relief.

Friday 29th May

Subsidence by Miles Bodimeade

It’s moving day for Karen and Rob. Jimmi and Daniel clash over a troublesome patient.


Previously on Doctors:


Monday 18th May

A Spade A Spade by Shaun McKenna

Mrs Tembe’s compassion is tested when she tries to help the Church refreshments committee’s newest member who keeps upsetting everyone. The rift between Daniel and Zara widens when she reveals she has taken Joe to see a paediatrician. Meanwhile, Rob declares to an amused Karen today is D-day, D for Decluttering!

Tuesday 19th May

Mods and Rockers by Matthew Wakefield

Niamh gets dragged into a race with a difference as an aging Mod and Rocker finally settle an old score. Daniel and Zara clash when he meets Michael for the first time and Jimmi takes the opportunity to stir up trouble between them.

Wednesday 20th May

By The Lake by Kate Delin

Rob takes time off to go fishing and meets a seemingly friendly fellow angler, but the stranger’s troubled past has come back to haunt him. Karen is frustrated at Rob’s lack of interest in their new home, and fears she has forced him into moving house.

Thursday 21st May

Flying Carpets by Henrietta Hardy

Distracted by his personal life, Daniel agrees to help an estranged father who has heard his son has cancer, but will his decision to help cause more harm than good? Elsewhere, Sid feels Zara’s wrath when he gets involved in a case outside of his remit and Niamh has a warning for Emma.

Friday 22nd May

Mystic Madge by Olly Perkin

Rob is on the trail of a door to door thief and confidence trickster. Elsewhere, Ayesha is acting mysteriously about her plans for a girl’s night in – and tensions run high in the Granger-Carmichael household.


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