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Karen refuses to take a foster child over Christmas

Jimmi helps with police with a suspicious death

Daniel helps a couple face some difficult decisions

This week's Doctors episodes

Monday 5th December

A Christmas Treat by Bill Armstrong

Karen refuses to take a foster child over Christmas, but will guilt get the better of her? Meanwhile a joyful Rosie wants to introduce Jimmi to her ‘perfect’ new boyfriend…

A woman is horrified to find her seriously ill father in a secret liaison. Can Valerie help them reconcile their differences before it’s too late?

Tuesday 6th December

The Invisible Woman by Katharine Way

It’s the first rehearsal of the play and things don’t quite go to plan, and Rob and Karen welcome their latest foster child.

Jimmi helps the police with a suspicious death of a wealthy woman, but there’s more to the household than meets the eye.

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Wednesday 7th December

The Pink Room by Kate Davidson

It’s another Christmas Carol rehearsal, can Heston keep his ghosts under control?

Daniel helps a couple face some difficult decisions about their daughter’s future care.

Thursday 8th December

Breaking The News by Liz John

Lena and Emma bond over an evening drink, whilst Max and Rosie find themselves in the same bar. Meanwhile at The Campus Valerie takes charge of the Christmas decorations.

Mrs Tembe and Sid help a couple who find out some difficult truths about their family situation.

Friday 9th December

It is the day of the final rehearsal for the play, and Heston has some comments to make on everyone’s performances…

Previously on Doctors:

Monday 28th November

Mother of Mine - Part One by Andrew Cornish

Ayesha is delighted when Tyler suggests a holiday together but her joy is short-lived. Elsewhere, Zara is still smarting about Joe playing a bungalow in the nativity.

Ruhma visits a retired midwife she used to work with. As they reminisce, a man turns up claiming to be Edwina’s son Gavin. whom she gave away when he was a baby.

Tuesday 29th November

Mother of Mine - Part Two by Andrew Cornish

Jimmi is pleasantly surprised to find himself enjoying the residential Vita course. Elsewhere, Heston tells Ruhma he is looking forward to spending a quiet Christmas with her and the kids.

DI Addison talks to Edwina who clams up and refuses to tell him anything. When asked if the name Carlie Nichols means anything to her Edwina falls silent.

Wednesday 30th November

Chromatic by J.H.Davies

Valerie is really excited about A Christmas Carol and suggests Emma should get involved too. Jimmi is alarmed when Matthew tells the group not to be afraid if they feel the Holy Spirit enter their bodies.

At Campus, Sid collides with a young man experiencing a dizzy spell.

Thursday 1st December

Never Event By Mark Clompus

Jimmi grapples with his surreal experience at the Vita course, whilst Heston finds his perfect ‘Scrooge’. Meanwhile Al alienates himself after his teasing goes too far.

Zara has to give some devastating news which causes a patient to proposition her long term business rival. What could possibly go wrong?

Friday 2nd December

Bah Humbug by Tina Walker

It is auditions day, but will Heston see the performances he wants?

Al is worried when an old friend turns up acting out of character.



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