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EastEnders catch up


Kush opens up to Shabnam

Linda helps Sharon search for her father

Cindy gets some unexpected advice

EastEnders preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's EastEnders episodes

Monday 23rd March @8pm

Sonia deals with the repercussions from Martin’s outburst and makes a decision about her relationship.

Kush opens up about his past to Shabnam but can they move on?

Sonia is played by Natalie Cassidy, Martin by James Bye, Kush by Davood Ghadami and Shabnam by Rakhee Thakrar.


Tuesday 24th March @ 7.30pm


Cindy continues to question her role as a mother.

With help from Linda, Sharon’s search for her biological father continues but can anything prepare her for what she’s about to discover?

Alfie is forced to swallow his pride to help his family.

Cindy is played by Mimi Keene, Linda by Kellie Bright, Sharon by Letitia Dean and Alfie by Shane Richie.


Thursday 26th March @ 7.30pm

Cindy has to deal with the consequences of her actions and receives advice from an unexpected place.

Ian and Sharon pay a visit to Dot but can they get through to her?

Cindy is played by Mimi Keene, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Sharon by Letitia Dean and Dot by June Brown.

Friday 27th March

Tensions run high for the Mitchells and Beales.

Donna confronts Martin about his secret.

Donna is played by Lisa Hammond and Martin by James Bye.

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