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Emmerdale catch up


Charity makes a discovery

Robbie blackmails Finn

Harriet guesses who Dom's benefactor is

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 14th April

Declan is tense in the run up to his launch with Charity seemingly having gone AWOL. Meanwhile at Mulberry, Charity is off her food and comes to an awful epiphany. She quickly finds herself outside a chemist, pregnancy kit in hand. Back at Home Farm, Declan is frustrated, Charity is still ignoring his calls and Jai takes the opportunity to goad Declan about her absence. With a lot riding on the day, will Declan be able to pull something out of the bag and get the results they need? And what result will Charity get when she finally brings herself to do the test?

Marlon arrives to take April out, but she has last minute nerves and asks Donna to go with them. Rhona's suspicious this was Donna's plan all along. Later, Donna realises she has caused suspicion and does her best to quash this, telling Rhona the only interest she has in Marlon is as a dad for April.

Adam's put out when Pete is asked to cover a meeting in Ripon but Moira warns him not to cause trouble with James. But how long will Adam be able to bite his tongue for?


Finn's upset when he finds out Victoria slept with Ross and tells her his brother won't treat her well. She's ashamed but can't help but like Ross. Later, Finn tries to warn Ross off Victoria, but will he be affected by Finn’s words?

Pollard's gutted to realise Val and Ian spent the night with one another, but in an attempt to cover his upset he finds himself suggesting they all have dinner together.

Tuesday 15th April

A preoccupied and stressed Charity snaps at Declan when he makes digs about her absence from the launch. Charity is further irked to see that Jai spent the night at Brook with Megan. Later, Debbie's is shocked when her mum confesses she is pregnant and is thrown by her iciness. Charity is adamant Declan must not find out about the baby since she will be getting rid of it at the first opportunity. But when Charity arrives home to a romantic meal and an attentive Declan, will she come clean?

Both Pollard and Val are separately full of angst in the run up to their dinner with Ian. All parties try and recruit extra guests assuming safety in numbers.  But with Victoria and Andy present a tipsy Val starts dishing the dirt and gossip and those in attendance leave with bad tastes in their mouths.

Marlon goes to see Donna and April before they leave and is choked to realise just how much he will miss his daughter, especially when she calls him ‘Daddy’. Meanwhile, Rhona's still suspicious of Donna's true intentions.
Wednesday 16th April 

Charity is determined to have a termination and sooner rather than later so plans a trip to the doctors that very afternoon. She ropes in Debbie to help with her cover story. Later, Megan inadvertently finds the pregnancy test box and is quick to confront Declan over whether Charity is pregnant. It seems Declan is also keen to find out and heads out to talk to Charity. But will he get to Charity in time? And what will his thoughts be on potentially becoming a Dad?

Val plans to dump Ian, recognising how different the pair are. David overhears of Val’s intentions and informs Pollard who dares to hope he may still have a chance with her after all. Ian arrives at the pub and tells Val how he enjoys spending time with her and has put down a deposit on a holiday for the two of them. Will this gesture sway Val’s decision? And no doubt it would crush a newly hopeful Pollard if it did?

Moira’s disappointed when Cain wants to put the wedding on hold due to all that is going on with Belle.  When Zak hears of this development he appears to think differently. Declan agrees to Bernice renting Pear Tree for her salon but she has yet to break the news to Jimmy. James attempts to build bridges with Adam.

Thursday 17th April (episode 1)

Megan is pleasantly surprised when Declan tells her Charity plans to have a termination. However, Declan is hopeful he can change Charity’s mind. Later, Declan tries his best to persuade Charity to keep their baby and in a somewhat clumsy manner, proposes. But the more Declan talks the more frustrated Charity becomes and she throws him out. Will Declan find a way to tempt her to reconsider? Elsewhere, Megan tells Jai the pregnancy news, but how will he react given Charity always refused to have a child with him?

Pollard is hurt by Val’s attempts to make him jealous, and Val seems to be taking pleasure in winning their exchanges, much to Ian’s discomfort. However, behind closed doors it seems Val is reluctant to be intimate with Ian. Is their relationship just a facade? Later, Val confides in Victoria that she does not enjoy being with Ian and decides to end it with him. But will she?

Dom speculates about his mystery benefactor and Edna seems offended by some of his comments. Dom comes to the conclusion it is Betty. Finn is not happy when Declan gives him a measly bonus. Chas asks James to help her plan Cain and Moira’s wedding but he wants to stay well clear of it. Dom asks Debbie for the rest of his money but she says she doesn’t have it all yet.

Thursday 17th April (episode 2)

Charity comes to a decision and agrees to marry Declan though with an apparent sense of trepidation. Charity asks Declan to keep the baby news a secret but he admits Megan already knows. Debbie is unimpressed to learn of Charity’s change of heart over keeping the baby and of her plans to get married. Later in the Woolpack, Charity announces she is to marry Declan but her family have misgivings. The celebrations are interrupted when an angry Jai arrives to discuss the baby. Unbeknownst to Charity, Debbie warns Declan that her mum will have an ulterior motive for agreeing to his wishes and he should test Charity to check her true intentions.

A hurting Pollard vents his upset when he decides to sell off some of Val’s belongings. Meanwhile Val informs Victoria that Ian has gone for good and her thoughts are now on Pollard. But the wind is taken out of her sails when she sees Pollard’s stall, selling off her belongings.  It seems it really could be the end when a manic Pollard tells Val he has called his solicitor and their divorce is well and truly back on.

Harriet suspects Edna may be Dom’s mystery benefactor. Chas, James, Adam and Katie plan to throw a surprise wedding for Moira and Cain, and tell Zak what they are up to. A drunken Finn receives a phone call about a job.

Friday 18th April

Declan tests Charity by suggesting they plan a big lavish wedding but is pleasantly surprised when Charity states she just wants a something small with no fuss. Meanwhile Jai is guilty as Megan suggests he is playing right into Charity’s hands and he reassures her that his battle with Charity is over, but is it? In the Woolpack Charity is rattled by Debbie’s digs at her relationship and is wounded when Declan admits how Debbie tried to warn him off marrying her. Debbie is guilty when she sees how fragile Charity is but insists she only said those things because she cares for her. That evening Charity and Noah have a heart to heart. Will the words of her little boy help Charity to make some sound life choices?

James is surprised to learn it is Adam’s birthday tomorrow. Moira suggests they have a party to celebrate. James works out Adam will be twenty-one and heads out to buy him a present. But later, James appears unsettled when Chas corrects him on Adam’s age telling him he will actually be twenty-two.

Pollard is struck when Victoria tells him Val has dumped Ian. Pollard is hopeful when Val suggests a truce, however he is gutted when she plans an evening with one of the guests instead of him.

Harriet catches Edna out who reluctantly admits she is the mystery benefactor though Harriet promises to keep her secret. Finn is venomous as he explains to Victoria he didn’t get the job because Declan gave him a bad reference. Harriet informs Chas she can’t marry Moira and Cain in the barn as she hasn’t got the right license.


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