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Emmerdale catch up


Carly causes chaos

Ali and Rachel are at loggerheads

Lisa tries to help Belle

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 13th April

Chrissie lays into Lachlan, saying their house wouldn’t be smashed to pieces if he hadn’t goaded Alicia, disgusted when he tries to deny it. Meanwhile, David attempts to talk sense into Alicia about not moving Jacob away, but the pair are taken aback when the police arrive and make an arrest leaving Alicia floored. As news of the arrest spreads, Chrissie is staggered Lachlan continues to show no remorse, will she finally relent and make contact with Lachlan’s dad?

Carly, determined to get her belongings back from her ex, convinces Bob to let her have the day off. Carly spots Jimmy in the village and grabs the opportunity to use both him and his van. Before long Carly and Jimmy pull up outside Sunil's house and Carly attempts to get in. Before long, the alarm is going off, undeterred, Carly remains adamant she's still getting ‘her’ stuff. Jimmy lends a hand but is soon in panic mode when police sirens can be heard. Later, Bob and Brenda despair over what Carly has done.

With Sam and Rachel’s relationship under strain, Kerry tells Sam to prove Rachel wrong. Will Sam find a way to convince Rachel of his loyalty?

James ignores Emma’s digs about his relationship with Chas but later is annoyed to overhear Chas thanking Paddy for his support telling him she loves him. And Rhona’s taken aback when Emma remarks how jealous James is of Paddy and Chas.


Tuesday 14th April

Rhona’s uneasy at James’s tone regarding Paddy and Chas, but on hearing more facts, James is very suspicious of their relationship. Soon James is making accusations and Chas is left reeling. It’s not long until, James bumps into Emma and admits he’s had an argument with Chas, Emma almost can’t contain her delight. With Emma determined to meddle further, inviting him back for a drink, James is soon falling for her manipulative ways.

Jacob goes to see Rakesh, enquiring about the costs for his lawyer services, explaining it was he who smashed up Home Farm and he now wants go to the police. Alicia and David arrive to collect him but Jacob is still determined to confess to the police and Alicia is torn what to do for the best.

The police arrive to question Jimmy and Carly over the break in. Later, Debbie warns Jimmy, he had better not have got Charity's business into trouble, whilst Brenda's incredulous to see Bob hand over more cash to his daughter. Carly continues to ruffles feathers and soon finds herself in a heated argument with Debbie. Brenda's had enough of her and all her insults and is ready to leave - but will Bob let Brenda go or will Bob send Carly packing?

Chrissie and her ex Donny bicker when he arrives to see Lachlan. Chrissie's stressed as she tells him what Lachlan's done, but asks Donny to keep up her lie about not being able to make court. How will Robert react to Donny being back on the scene?

Wednesday 15th April

Leyla's puzzled to realise Carly has slept in her van. Brenda's grateful but a little guilty when Bob tells Carly she's no longer welcome. Later, Carly sees an opportunity to flog some perfume to Leyla. However, Leyla fumes when she realises what Carly has done. But in a twist to the tale, Leyla and Carly end up swapping sob stories. With Carly seemingly determined to fix things with Bob, could Leyla prove to be her saviour?

James is awkward as he comes downstairs after having spent the night with Emma. He’s torn when Emma reiterates his options, either come clean and risk losing Chas, or live with the guilt. Later, Moira tries to talk to James about Chas but is puzzled by his lack of enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Emma enjoys her power as she tells Chas she needs a word. James arrives and is alarmed to see Emma with Chas.

Chrissie's grateful she and Donny seem to be on the same page about Lachlan, but is Donny being straight with her? Elsewhere, Aaron's puzzled by Robert who is seemingly rattled by Donny’s presence.

Rishi is dealt a blow by Georgia but there is more bad news to come. On a double date, Finn's embarrassed when Victoria and Adam realise he's been lying to Darren to make them seem more compatible.

Thursday 16th April (episode 1)

Chrissie’s at a loss when Lachlan refuses to go to counselling, but a smug Donny offers to help. Donny soon gets Lachlan on side with underhand methods. Meanwhile, Robert plans a night with Aaron but quickly changes his mind and returns home. Is Robert is unsettled by Chrissie and Donny’s relationship? Later, it’s Donny’s turn to be unsettled when he takes a secret call and insists to the caller, he needs more time.

A guilty James can’t bring himself to tell Chas he slept with Emma but soon finds himself confessing to Moira. Moira is insistent he needs to tell Chas before Emma does knowing Emma will have her own agenda.

Ali and Dan return from visiting Sean in hospital and it’s clear the situation is bleak. Ali’s determined to split her time between visiting Sean and working but she’s already feeling the pressure.

Belle’s disheartened, having no job or school to go to and Lisa’s worried when Belle suggests getting a job in Leeds and renting a room in the city. Rishi’s saddened by news regarding Georgia.

Thursday 16th April (episode 2)

After discovering the truth about James and Emma, a hurt and furious Chas insists James leaves. Outside the Woolpack James and Emma argue and Pete questions if Emma wants James back.  Soon James is caught up in a danger of his own.

Ali suggests she and Rachel do a job share so that she can see Sean when necessary but is thrown to discover Rachel’s on a better financial deal. Ali accuses Rachel of using Sean’s accident to get more money.

Lachlan’s impressed when his dad Donny stands his ground in the village, first with Paddy and then with Cain. Later, Lachlan proudly tells Lawrence about his day with Donny but Donny’s cool composure clouds when he receives a mysterious text...

As Lisa worries about her daughter, she asks Jai if Belle can fill in for Ali but he explains the post has been filled by Rachel.

Friday 17th April

Donny is bundled into the back of a car witnessed by Debbie. He later returns to Home Farm bruised and bloodied. Chrissie assumes his attackers are the same men who attacked Robert and believes it’s because of Lachlan. She wants to call the police but Donny persuades her not too. But will everyone buy his story and will Donny secure a stay in the village?

Ali explains to Sean via telephone she cannot visit him today because of work. Later, Ali snaps at Rachel when she comes home to find the house a mess. Rachel bites back but agrees to cover Ali’s job at the factory but is soon left fed-up.

Lisa overhears Jai saying he’s understaffed and gets an idea regarding Belle. But with Jai miffed Lisa has gone behind her back, he insists it will be unpaid work-experience, leaving Lisa thwarted.


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