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Emmerdale catch up


Doug confides in Diane

Chrissie finds some comfort

Aaron struggles with his guilt

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 23rd March

Lawrence and Lachlan are unimpressed when Chrissie admits she didn’t mention the kidnapping to the solicitor. Chrissie apologises to Alicia for Lachlan’s behaviour explaining she has made a statement admitting her version of events and assures her David’s kidnapping is also in the past. However, will Lawrence be as willing to drop the issue?

A desperate Pearl tries selling her jewellery to Pollard and soon becomes defensive when Sandy pulls her up on it.  Paddy is shocked when a concerned Edna tells him about Pearl’s stealing and Vanessa finds Pearl’s stashed ‘IOU’ book.  Rhona thinks Pearl deserves a chance to explain but will Pearl’s betrayal be too much for Paddy?

Doug finally confides in Diane over what is going on with Laurel, admitting her drink problem. He explains why he can’t tell Marlon. They notice Laurel refuse wine at Jimmy and Nicolas leaving drinks but despite this, Doug remains uneasy.  Later, Laurel spots a bottle of vodka, tempted but will she be spotted?

Jimmy is miffed about being a househusband in Dubai. Will Jimmy be honest with Nicola about his feelings about the move?


Tuesday 24th March

As Nicola gets ready for the big move Jimmy is less enthused. Laurel tells Jimmy it will take something drastic for Nicola not to go to Dubai. Which gets Jimmy thinking.  While Nicola says her goodbyes to Bernice and Laurel the taxi arrives and it’s obvious Jimmy has a plan.

Paddy struggles with the enormity of Pearl’s betrayal. Meanwhile, Pearl is advised by Ashley to admit her mistakes and to make amends. Will Pearl take drastic action to prove how sorry she is?

Alicia worries for Chrissie but David insists it’s not her problem. Meanwhile, Lawrence is still questioning Chrissie’s decision to shop Lachlan. Lachlan is worried about seeing his friends at school. Has Chrissie done the right thing?

Chas worries about Aaron, knowing he’s pushing himself too hard and thinks Robert is the last thing he needs. After Paddy warns Robert to stay away he gets defensive, but is he too secretly worried for Aaron?

Wednesday 25th March

Pearl admits to the police she‘s committed fraud. After having struck a deal with Pollard, Pearl gives Ashley and Edna the cash to repay Paddy and Rhona and reveals she is leaving. Meanwhile, Paddy and Rhona discuss how much Pearl means to them, but will they realise she is leaving before it’s too late?

Nicola digs at Jimmy how important Dubai was to her but he fails to see her point of view. Soon their decisions result in heartbreak.

Ross is cold with Carly, asking if she knew about him and Donna. But despite his misgivings, Ross can’t resist Carly’s sense of fun and sexiness.  After agreeing to a drink, they are interrupted by April, but Ross struggles to see her in Carly’s arms. Will Ross put the brakes on with Carly? Later Emma learns Carly is also Bob’s daughter and goes to check on Ross but will he welcome her concerns?

Robert gives Chrissie the support she is seeking over Lachlan and agrees to help by meeting a client on her behalf, but is this his main objective? In the car park, Robert sees an overexerted Aaron being sick from pushing himself to hard.  Robert approaches him but will he get an explanation?

Thursday 26th March (episode 1)

Carly tells a thrown Bob that she is leaving the village and Brenda is unimpressed. Later, Carly’s is shocked when her recently dumped fiancé Sunil turns up in a flash car demanding cash to reimburse him. Meanwhile, Ross spots an opportunity.

Adam tells Aaron he has bought an old car for Victoria’s birthday while Aaron is not happy his fundraising account is up £2000, guessing immediately who has donated. Later, Robert tries to get Aaron to open up but Aaron refuses, leaving Robert in need of a new strategy. Meanwhile, Ross arrives at the scrapyard with a car but Adam and Aaron refuse it, knowing it is stolen. In the pub, after learning about the stolen car Robert has a proposition for Ross. Later Robert offers Aaron the chance to unleash his anger but is unable to do so. Will Aaron get some answers?

Emma is uneasy over Finn’s new relationship. Later, Val tells Emma she is struggling on her meds and they are both clearly worried about Finn being with Darren. Could Emma overstep the mark when offering advice to her son?

Nicola is stunned by what Jimmy has done to stop her taking Angel. Nicola later unburdens to Bernice, can she forgive Jimmy or are they are over? Jimmy is struck when Bernice tells him how Nicola’s in a state. Later Jimmy has a shock proposal for Nicola. Will she finally admit defeat?

Thursday 26th March (episode 2)

Processing what Robert has told him Aaron lays into him furiously in a total rage before bolting, Robert fearful for what he might do next. Robert tries to get cleaned up before Chrissie sees him but it is too late will he be able to talk his way out this time? At the pub, Victoria sees Aaron washing his bloody knuckles and realises what’s happened but will Aaron reveal all to Victoria? Later, Aaron is left with a decision to make.

Val is still feeling ill when Finn tells her he’s fed up of Emma treating him like a kid. Later he arranges with Pollard to book a room at the B&B for him and Darren, leaving Val unsettled.

Jimmy, Nicola and Angel head to the airport. Will Nicola leave for good and if so under what terms and will she take Angel with her?

Carly is grateful to Bob and he’s chuffed she wants to stick around. Adam plans to propose to Victoria.
Friday 27th March

Adam prepares to propose to Victoria while Andy tells Moira, Adam’s plan. Later, Adam is left blown away by a gesture from his mother. Victoria is delighted when she receives the car as her birthday present from Adam but silence falls as Adam proposes. Is this really what Victoria wants?

Lawrence suggests a family trip but Robert is unsure about leaving Aaron. Chas wants Robert to sell his share in the scrap yard and Aaron fumes when he hears Chrissie telling Robert about the trip away.

Priya suggests Georgia sign up for online dating, but how will Rishi react? Finn tells Val about his date with Darren.


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