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Emmerdale catch up


Robbie rattles Declan

Charity's lies are closing in on her

Jai plays a dangerous game

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 8th September

Robbie explains to Megan he was arrested for breaking into the abortion clinic. Megan despairs to think any chance of getting proof may have slipped through their fingers. Robbie arrives at work and winds up Declan by telling Jimmy he was arrested for doing a favour for a mate who’s in denial about his wife having had an abortion. Charity knows she needs to think creatively to throw Declan off the scent but will she manage to?

Zak wonders if he has been too hard on Tracy and invites her round to watch a film on his new television. Later at the Dingles when Zak has popped out, Tracy  loses her balance whilst dancing sending the TV crashing. With Tracy flush from the Charity v. Megan war she could offer to pay for a replacement, but will she?

Kirin tells a prying Priya if he wants to see Vanessa again he will. Later, Priya overhears Vanessa telling Leyla how much she likes Kirin. Despite learning Kirin’s ‘date’ was actually his auntie, Priya twists the truth telling Vanessa Kirin has met a girl and they’re going on a second date.

Victoria suggests a night out to Finn, telling him he needs to get back to normal. With Nicola still intent on Jimmy having a makeover, he mischievously decides to play her at her own game.


Tuesday 9th September 

Charity is rattled when Megan informs her Declan has been asking questions and is having doubts. Later, an increasingly desperate Charity asks Chas one more time to go along with her plan and pretend she had the abortion, but Chas refuses point blank.

Laurel’s father Doug arrives in time for her wedding. Laurel practices her wedding vows with Leyla. At the pub, Doug worries it’s not a good time for Laurel and Marlon to get married but Diane reassures him. Later, Laurel and Doug come across Marlon watching something on the camera but he quickly turns it off covering. But once Marlon and Doug are out of the room, Laurel presses play on the video camera and sees Donna, her concerns mounting.

Sam opens a credit card statement and sees exactly how much he owes. Lisa is barely through the door before she clocks Sam’s worried face. Later, Kerry’s concerned when she sees Sam try to steal and she warns him not to do anything silly, reminding him to think about Samson.

Debbie goes on a night away with Pete. Laurel questions why Hilary isn’t with her dad while Leyla warns Diane away from Doug. Jimmy tells Nicola he is heading off to do Zumba at the gym and later returns in skinny jeans, she is left wondering exactly what she has started.
Wednesday 10th September

Whilst sharing quality time with April, Marlon misses a call from Laurel and almost misses the wedding rehearsal. Later, Laurel and Marlon are clearly having very cold feet as they head to their respective stag and hen parties. It is not long before Laurel slips away from the pub, followed by Ashley. In the pub toilets Doug overhears Marlon confiding in Paddy. When Ashley catches up with Laurel she tells him her concerns, before drunkenly trying to kiss him.  Ashley is worried, telling Laurel to call the wedding off for the sake of the children.

Worried Declan will get to Debbie first, Charity goes to see her daughter and wastes little time in telling her she lied about having a miscarriage, explaining she in fact had a secret abortion. Debbie is lost for words. Charity then drops the bombshell she has told Declan it was Debbie who had the abortion. A sickened Debbie is left reeling. Charity begs for her to cover for her to Declan but will she?

With Ruby convinced Dan is acting weirdly, Ali tells him to start acting normally, but Dan struggles. Will Dan come clean about sleeping with Ali at the risk of breaking Kerry’s heart?

Jimmy fronts out the laughter and tells Nicola he is a new man. Kerry helps out Sam after he opens up to her about his debt and spending money on Tracy.
Thursday 11th September (episode 1)

It’s the day of the wedding and Laurel’s nervous. Ashley wonders if they are getting married too quickly, especially after the kiss. Meanwhile, Doug tells Nicola what he overheard but Nicola urges him to keep quiet. With both the bride and groom in turmoil, will the wedding go ahead or will they both get cold feet?

Sam’s concerned when Samson tells him he’s given his iPad to a girl at school to make her like him, like Sam does with Tracy. Will this make Sam rethink his relationship with Tracy?

Charity plays the voicemail Declan left her to Chas, explaining unless Debbie convinces him it was her abortion she is dead. Charity’s genuinely scared and realises her fate lies in her daughter’s hands but will Debbie be her mother’s saviour?

Ali’s gutted to hear Dan has told Kerry the truth and worries Ruby will find out. Dan apologises to Kerry but can she ever forgive him?

Thursday 11th September (episode 2)

Just as the wedding service should be starting Marlon and Laurel realise they have a lot of talking to do and head home to work things out. Both are devastated and unsure how to fix things. Ass they open up about how they’ve been feeling, Laurel blurts she kissed Ashley and Marlon tells Laurel he understands confessing he did the same with Donna. With the truth out in the open will they decide to marry after all?

Megan’s shocked when Declan tells her she was right, Charity lied about the abortion. Later, Chas tries to talk Debbie round, explaining Charity loves Declan and is vulnerable. Debbie is still angry but heads to Home Farm. Will she persuade Declan it was her who aborted a child?

Jai tries to smooth talk Leyla but she throws it back in his face by chucking the bouquet in the bin. Soon after Megan arrives, surprised to find Jai in the office. He gives her the same flowers and Megan passionately pulls him onto the desk. Later, a tetchy Leyla arrives and Megan suggests setting her up on a date but Leyla already has a man on her mind and heads to the factory...

Dan’s surprised by Kerry’s decision and Lisa receives a call from Sam, explaining what he has done.

Friday 12th September

Megan’s stunned with how things have turned out. Meanwhile, Debbie is cold with Charity, which makes Pete curious. Charity can’t abide Megan and all her meddling and sets about getting revenge.

Ruby discusses marrying Ali but knowing the truth, Kerry’s not sure it’s a good idea. Dan begs Kerry to keep quiet but Ruby notices tension between Ali and Kerry and wants to know why.


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