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Emmerdale catch up


Charity is left for dead

Moira is blackmailed

Kirin plays with fire

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 13th October

Charity has been ostracised by all her family and has never been more hated. Debbie tells her they are all finished with her after what she has done and reminds her what happened to Cain when he was as unpopular a couple of years ago. She is concerned when her solicitor arrives unannounced with a DVD - a confession Declan has recorded. With all her secrets now fully exposed her solicitor tells her copies of this DVD’s have already been sent to the police and the insurers, explaining there will now be a full investigation.

Meanwhile, at the Dingles, Sam has watched a copy of the DVD and hearing Declan give the order to make Charity pay for this, he grabs his coat and full of fury leaves.

Not long after, Charity drives along a country road leaving the village behind her but sees a stationary car blocks her way. She gets out of her car to go and see what is going on. Suddenly Charity is hit hard on the head. She slumps to the floor as her unknown assailant stands over her.

A woman called Maxine arrives at the farm telling Moira her son shares a cell with Adam but there might be a problem.  As they begin to talk, Moira becomes suspicious and is soon shocked and scared when Maxine suggests they work out a deal for Adam's wellbeing …


Tuesday 14th October

Charity comes round after having been abducted. She realises she is locked up and chained to the side of an empty shipping container. She bangs on the walls, calling out but to no avail.

Moira's upset to learn Adam's been in another fight in prison and she is worried, knowing she may need to do something. Maxine returns but will Moira give into her demands?

It’s the day of Doug’s Q&A and when his adoring fans arrive will Diane’s nose be pushed out? Rakesh feels rejected when Priya tells him she can't meet up with him tonight but Leyla gives him an idea! 

Wednesday 15th October

Charity wakes up in the container, breaking down after calling for help.

Leyla is excited about her posh dinner with Rakesh and Katie is intrigued. Priya hides her shock when Katie reveals that Leyla and Rakesh are attending his lawyer's dinner together. Priya later confronts Leyla but she reveals she's only going to pretend to be his wife. Priya hatches a plan which ends with a kiss...

Aaron is unconvinced Moira can keep her problems under control and urges Moira to tell Cain if Maxine returns.

Katie’s attempts at matchmaking Diane and Doug backfires. Jimmy struggles to find Charity, scared their business is falling apart.

Thursday 16th October (episode 1)

DI Bails arrives and explains to family members how Charity's belongings in her abandoned car have obviously been rifled through.

Charity’s welfare and life becomes further at risk when her captor, the only person who currently knows her whereabouts, has a life threatening accident of their own. Will the captor mention Charity and her location, to someone else in the nick of time?

Priya and Rakesh are happy about their new situation, they are secretly dating and Rakesh tells her he has encouraged Kirin to cool things with Vanessa, unaware he's listening on the stairs. Later, Kirin's lets Rakesh know he has knowledge against him as leverage.

Thursday 16th October (episode 2)

Charity has collapsed, breathing only shallowly as night draws in. Someone arrives at the site of the container but after hearing Charity’s cries despite having found her, takes the decision not to save her and departs. Will Charity make it through the night or has her only chance of survival just left the scene?

Kirin is pleased to get his way when Rakesh gives him money for a trip he asks for. However, Kirin uses the money to buy a flash new car, infuriating Rakesh. Has Kirin pushed his father too far this time?

Diane feels sorry for a miserable Doug as he reads abuse from his followers after his mistake. He is gutted telling her his sponsors have now also pulled out.

Jimmy and Rodney struggle to keep the business going whilst Charity is missing.

Friday 17th October

Charity lies motionless in the container, whilst her captor lies unconscious in hospital. The Dingle family try to look for Charity but it is soon clear to one of them that someone else knows more than they are admitting to. But is it too late?

Kerry considers selling Charity’s life story to a gossip magazine for £500, but when Bernice fills Kerry in on Katie’s past affair with Robert, Kerry chooses that as her inspiration for her article instead.

Kirin damages Rakesh’s car in the hope he will be allowed to keep his flash new one, but will Rakesh see through him?

Katie and Andy announce they have booked their wedding. Diane is unimpressed that Doug is giving up so easily on his vlog and later he decides to fight for it.


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