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Emmerdale catch up


Adam is back

Harriet turns detective

Robert and Andy clash

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 15th December

Victoria is chuffed Andy’s asked her to be best 'man'. Spirits are high until Robert arrives and learns Andy has been given his father Jack's wedding ring. It’s going to be melted down into two rings and Robert storms out in a fury. Aaron tracks down a furious Robert who climbs into his car telling Aaron to drive anywhere. Aaron tries to get to the bottom of Robert’s upset. Soon Robert's uncomfortable when Aaron takes him to a gay bar. Robert’s frustrations over Andy continue to build, so later he makes a revengeful phone call.

Lisa is relieved Belle has agreed to counselling but Zak doesn’t reveal the full story of what she did. Keen to make amends with Edna, Zak offers to do some free work for her, Zak tells Belle although he is cross with her, he loves her even more.

Moira's nervous about the inspectors' visit and Ross causing a commotion over rent doesn’t help things. Ali tells Rishi she wants Jai to bring Archie back. Will Rishi agree to speak to Jai? Val's frustrated regarding booking Daniel Craig for her Christmas light switch on and Pollard despairs when she announces a casino night at the B&B for her charity foundation.


Tuesday 16th December

An excited Moira arrives home with Adam. Later, in the pub Aaron joins Adam as he enjoys his first pint, eager to catch up on everything he's missed. He's shocked to hear about Aaron's dealings with Ross. As Adam, Aaron, Andy, Moira and James enjoy a few drinks, Ross arrives and makes it clear he isn’t going to make Adam’s return easy. Meanwhile, Adam tells Victoria he thought about her a lot in prison and insists he will win her back, whatever it takes.

Robert panics when Chrissie suddenly recognises Ross's voice from the robbery and wants to call the police. A desperate Robert tries to calm her, knowing he has to act fast. He goes to see Ross, telling him Chrissie knows. Ross threatens him he will drop Robert in it if Chrissie calls the police. Soon Ross and Robert are slugging it out. But can they find a way out of this?

Jai and Megan return home with Archie. Jai confides in Rishi how Archie is taking a while to settle with him, envious of Megan's bond with his son. At the factory, Ali's concerned Rachel didn’t get in touch on Archie's birthday knowing it’s totally out of character and Jai struggles to hide his guilt as she insists something must be wrong. Later, Jai tells Megan about Ali’s theory and how he agrees with her, worried he never asked enough questions when he took Archie. Soon, Megan goes to see Ali and invites her and Ruby to a birthday party she's throwing for Archie. It’s clear Megan’s got a plan in action to put Ali off the scent.

Andy tells Robert to stay away from him and Katie, insisting he's not welcome at the wedding. Marlon's encouraged with April's progress but Laurel struggles when she wants to spend time with Ross. Laurel is incredulous to learn Marlon has spoken to Harriet about their problems. It’s Belle’s first day at work and Zak dares to hope.
Wednesday 17th December

Still bitter Robert prevented her from reporting Ross to the police Chrissie has now filled Lawrence in on what’s happened. Meanwhile, Robert naively hopes he has the situation under control but things begin to slide when Chrissie returns home from the salon where she was fully filled in on Ross’s previous crimes and Chrissie is now certain he was behind their robbery and prepares to call the police. Robert rushes to warn Ross and Aaron and Ross packs to leave, when Finn arrives. Ross tells Finn the truth just as the police burst in...

Unemployed; Harriet is disappointed when Marlon cancels their counselling session but is left curious when Pollard suggests she can help with something. Pollard reveals to Finn and Victoria he's found a private detective to search for Finn's mum, Harriet, and she is confident she can help. But Is Finn ready? And what would Ross say if he knew?

Jai's unconvinced Archie's party is a good idea but Megan insists it will ease relations with Ali. At party, Megan arrives with a present she says has been sent by Rachel. All are blown away by this including Jai. Who then worries she might be back.

Laurel and Marlon make headway with their relationship. Bernice tells an awkward Nicola she doesn't know how she'd cope without her and Jimmy.

Thursday 18th December (episode 1)

Robert's uneasy when Lawrence hints he has his own plans to deal with Ross and soon the Barton’s realise something is awry. The local abattoirs are rejecting their business, there’s an unannounced inspection at the garage and a tax enquiry occurs For It’s clear foul play is at hand. It is Pete who makes the connection their family is being targeted due to Ross. And as Ross tries to defend himself, Lawrence reveals it is he who is behind the Barton's troubles and warns they will continue until Ross admits the truth. But just how far will Lawrence go to expose Ross?

Vanessa grows frustrated with Belle's poor attitude at work and suggests Paddy has a word with her. Edna arrives and tells Pearl about her missing brooch and a paranoid Belle snaps, causing Vanessa to hastily intervene. Later, Paddy finds Belle crying and is thrown when she tells him what Vanessa has said to her.

An apprehensive Kirin tells Rakesh that he doesn't want to go to uni anymore and a disbelieving Rakesh thinks Vanessa is to blame. In the factory, Rishi suggests Jai thank Ali for her birthday gift, leaving Jai to swallow his private guilt. Pollard grows frustrated as he accepts deliveries for the casino night, roping David in to help. In the Woolpack, Val tries to sell tickets to the casino night.
Thursday 18th December (episode 2)

Ross returns home to find Lawrence throwing his belongings into a fire including a picture of Donna. Ross goes to attack Lawrence just as Robert arrives who is forced to pull them apart. But when Lawrence finds Ross's phone, it’s clear he’s hit a nerve. Lawrence smiles – enjoying seeing him sweat. Lawrence passes the phone to Robert, urging him to destroy it, but Robert is conflicted. Robert finally makes a decision and drops the phone on the floor, before smashing it. Later it’s clear all is not as it seems but can Robert end this dangerous feud Lawrence now has with Ross?

Pearl arrives to a poor turnout at the casino night but is quick to place her first bet on the roulette table. She is thrilled to win but disappointed to learn it’s not real money. At the Woolpack, Doug relishes in Val's failed casino night but Diane urges him to show his support. Val, meanwhile, tries to save the night, eager to impress a local journalist. But can Val pull it round or could Pearls winning streak make things worse?

Zak questions why Paddy sacked Belle but is shocked when to hear the reason. Zal later confronts Belle and is at a loss over her behaviour. Rakesh tells Priya he's scared for Kirin's future and worries to hear Vanessa and Paddy joke about her future wedding. Nicola agrees Bernice needs to move out but Jimmy is thrown he has to break the news to her.

Friday 19th December

At Butler's the Barton's struggle to undo the damage made by Lawrence. Whilst Robert is still scheming over how to get Lawrence off Ross’s back. But will his plans work? And can the Barton’s forgive Lawrence even with his offer of compensation? Later, Chrissie warns Ross she will get him one day. Ross seethes and grows tired of Pete as he blames him for their recent trouble.  Ross has seen how much damage Lawrence caused in such little time and it’s given him food for thought.

Rakesh reveals bad news to Charity about her trial, telling her Sam has been called as a witness for the prosecution. Rakesh urges her to speak with him.

Nicola insists Jimmy needs to find new work premises. Later, Charity finally agrees to find somewhere else for the work party but dreads having to ask, where has she got in mind?

Rakesh seems intent on stirring things up for Vanessa and Kirin but Kirin overhears. Val fumes when she sees the story about her fundraiser in the Courier, determined to fix her reputation.


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