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Emmerdale catch up


Jai spies on Rachel and Sam

Robert is angry and wants revenge

Hamish is ill - how will Belle take the news?

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 29th June

Pete is worried about Moses who has a temperature and James tells him they need to take him to hospital, immediately. On getting the call, guilt ridden Debbie rushes to meet them but Moses needs to go into intensive care and needs further tests. Elsewhere, Megan worries, still wondering if the baby is Declan’s. Meanwhile in the village, Carly’s unconvinced by Ross’s alibi for last night but he manages to win her round. Cain warns Debbie he knows she’s hiding something but when the doctor tells her that Moses needs an operation, her guilt becomes almost unbearable.

April’s pleased to see that Laurel is moving back in but Marlon and Laurel are awkward about the sleeping arrangements. Ashley drops by a letter for Laurel and she worries, realising it’s the results of her HIV test. Is she in the clear? Laurel is truthful with Marlon, who reassures her but as he walks away he’s troubled. Later, Marlon confides in Paddy about Laurel’s HIV test, and explains that he isn’t sure he can share a bed with her. Meanwhile Laurel tells Rhona her worries. Will Marlon and Laurel be honest with each other?

Amelia is on a mission from Kerry as she heads to The Dingles, to carry it out. Lisa later explains to an angry Joanie, Kerry just wants to reach out to her grandchild. Rachel and Jai argue over Archie, with Rachel enjoying taking some power back. So later Jai ups the ante.


Tuesday 30th June

Debbie is struggling to make a decision regarding Moses’s operation when Charity arrives, with a prison guard and bristling with attitude. Debbie’s furious with Charity, who seems unaffected by Moses’s worrying condition. Debbie snaps, telling Charity the baby’s father should know his son is ill. But Charity vehemently disagrees. Later, Charity tells Moses she is going to track his dad down for him and she heads to the pay phone to make the call. Charity hangs up the phone and tells the prison guard to expect company

Rachel is struggling with Jai’s bully-boy tactics. Ruby’s chuffed to see Ali home but Rachel’s awkward. Ali breaks the ice, asking for a hug. Elsewhere, Jai suspects Rachel lied when she told him Archie was ill and suggests there’s only one way to find out. Later, Rachel is horrified when Jai brings a doctor round to see Archie. Rachel is seething with rage and Sam is deeply uneasy about the extent of Rachel’s bitterness.

Laurel and Marlon are still getting used to the new set up. Marlon suggests they take the kids to the fair, both wanting to feel like a proper family again. But can they? Kerry is chastised when Joanie returns the teddy bear she gave Kyle, telling her to stay away. Can Kerry heal the rift?
Wednesday 1st July

Rachel is stressing about the court hearing and takes it out on Sam. Ali has to remind Rachel that Sam is on her side. Later, Sam confides in Tracy about Rachel’s mood but a watching Jai smirks when he sees Tracy giving Sam’s hand a squeeze. When they arrive at the court, Jai goads Rachel telling her Sam was all over Tracy in the café. Rachel fumes but will Jai’s tactic work? Later, Jai thanks Megan for supporting him at court and they kiss. A jealous Leyla watches. But when Megan goes, Jai forms a plan, asking Leyla to befriend Rachel. It’s not long before Leyla is outside their house when she overhears a fracas inside, and swiftly reports back to Jai who assumes, Rachel has hit Archie. He’s about to storm over when Leyla stops him,they need proof. Before long, Leyla returns to Tennants, telling Rachel she’s there to return Archie’s teddy – but unbeknownst to Rachel, the teddy now houses a secret filming device…

At the hospital, Debbie’s stunned when the doctor explains Charity hasn’t visited Moses today. The doctor has news about Moses and Debbie battles with her confusion and guilt.

Kerry arrives to see Kyle but Joanie worries over what she has agreed to. Lisa tells Joanie that kids are hard work and she should accept all the help she can get. Joanie doesn’t seem convinced but when Kerry offers her help when she spills the tea, Joanie is grateful. Cain enjoys toying with Robert. Later, Robert asks to see the scrapyard books, threatening to pull out his investment. He and Aaron glare at each other, battle lines drawn.

Thursday 2nd July (episode 1)

Jai continues to watch Rachel’s actions from afar, but when ‘teddycam’ only shows a skewed image, his anxiety grows and he heads to find Rachel, determined to see Archie and make sure he is okay. Arriving at the playground, Jai demands to have his son for a few hours, Rachel agrees, preoccupied as she attempts to make up with Sam. Meanwhile, Jai has arrived back with Archie and checks him over for bruises, fighting back tears at the unhappy situation. Confessing his love to Leyla, he tells her they’ll be together in a few more weeks, before passionately kissing, unaware the hidden teddy cam continues to record. Will Jai fall victim to his own trap?

When James says the grain auger is broken with a new one costing thousands, Cain quickly decides who should foot the bill. He approaches Robert and coldly threatens to speak to Lawrence if he does not cough up. Later, Aaron’s left reassured Cain has finished toying with Robert, but how would Aaron react to hear of Cain’s on-going demands? And what if Robert were to put Aaron fully in the picture, exposing Cain’s secrets too?

Zak knows there’s something seriously wrong with Hamish and worries how Belle might take the news. Carly comments to Vanessa about Kirin flashing the cash causing her to wonder if Kirin is the mystery benefactor.

Thursday 2nd July (episode 2)

Chas demands answers from her brother and son. Aaron admits Cain is blackmailing Robert, threatening to tell Chrissie about their affair. Cain shoots him a look of warning not to reveal any more. Annoyed, Chas explains to Cain that blackmailing Robert will only serve to bring him and Aaron back together. Will Cain take heed of Chas’s request, or will he push Robert for one final settlement?

Joanie suggests Belle needs to know the truth about Hamish, insisting she’s stronger than he thinks. Vanessa confronts Kirin about the money but he denies giving her it, confused she can only think of one other person it could be, but who?

Friday 3rd July

Trying to hide her heartbreak, Megan realises Jai was with Leyla last night, she darkens as a plan starts to form. Once Jai has left for work, she makes a phone call, grimly determined. Rachel is left encouraged when Megan tells her to be in the pub at dinnertime, hoping it’ll be something which will work in her favour for Archie’s custody case, but she is left confused by the lack of fireworks. However, Megan fills Rachel and Sam in on her long term plan which would put Jai back in his box for good, but are they up for it?

Finn worries there may be unfinished business between Debbie and Ross. Debbie does her best to downplay her uneasiness during her and Pete’s meeting with the vicar. Soon after, Debbie heads to meet Ross, confronting him for being angry with her, but with the sexual tension undeniable, will the pair succumb to their desires once more?

Carly refuses to call a plumber for a leak at the shop, determined she can fix it and save money. Meanwhile, Brenda is keen to begin the build for Gennie’s memorial playground, explaining that she will check all the accounts first. Bob panics but Carly interjects buying them more time. But as the web of lies spins further, it’s clear Bob is feeling out of his depth...

Plucking up the courage, Zak tells Belle how seriously ill Hamish is, explaining it would be best to have him put down, but is Belle strong enough to let him go?


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