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Emmerdale catch up


Pete's past comes back to haunt him

A robbery goes wrong

Marlon is a mess

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 17th November

Rakesh tells a determined Ali she could apply for a child arrangement order to get access to Archie. Ali suggests to Jai that she has Archie two days a week and he’s further horrified when she tells him she has a solicitor on the case and it’s Rakesh. When Jai confronts Rakesh over Ali, Rakesh has further news for Jai. He’s done some digging on the murdered girl. Is it Rachel?

Debbie's furious when she discovers her clients flash car is missing. Aaron suspects who has taken it and later finds Ross working on parts from the stolen car. Furious, he tells Ross he's done with their business, unaware Pete has overheard. Still sore over Ross’s flirtation with Debbie, what will Pete do? Could he shop his own brother to the police?

Robert’s frustrated at being outwitted by Lawrence and doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction of a humiliating interview for the estate manager job but realising he doesn’t have much choice he turns up with a business plan.

Zac spots Lachlan walking past the Dingles house on CCTV and Belle overhears Lisa’s worries over home tuition fees and insists she’s going back to school.


Tuesday 18th November

Ross gives a false alibi to the police saying Aaron was with him and Aaron reluctantly covers for him but Chas is unconvinced. Pete’s drug past returns to haunt him when the police call asking him to come to the station tomorrow but he keeps his visit from the police a secret from Debbie.

Jimmy’s feeling tender after his reversal op and asks Rodney to stay to try and curb Nicola’s sexual ‘appetite’

Jai asks Priya to help at the factory so he can spend more time with Archie. Ali changes tack when she realises she can’t afford legal action against Jai and offers to support him, if he lets her see her nephew. Jai’s not convinced until Megan gives him food for thought.

Debbie’s tetchy about the stolen car and struggles when Andy wants to talk about Sarah moving. Harriet turns down Ruby’s request for a blessing telling her it means risking her job. 

Wednesday 19th November

Pete reels to learn he's being accused of previously selling ecstasy, which resulted in a girl dying. He’s further shocked when he's arrested for supplying drugs. How will Debbie react when Pete reveals his dark past and will this have further consequences for them?

Robert turns up as Aaron and Ross are stripping his car. He's about to call the police but Ross offers their services. Will Robert hold back on calling the police and just what have Aaron and Ross let themselves in for?

Jimmy finds out that Nicola’s baby making plan is far from over…

Harriet contemplates doing a blessing for Ruby and Ali on the quiet. Ali’s delighted when Jai lets her see Archie. Andy’s patience wears thin when Debbie tells him the farm won’t be safe for the kids for a while.
Thursday 20th November (episode 1)

Aaron and Ross realise they have no other choice but to go ahead with Robert’s raid at Home Farm. Whilst first ensuring Chrissie and Lachlan are both out for the day, Robert sets Lawrence up. Later, Ross and Aaron arrive at home Farm wearing balaclavas. Ross whacks Lawrence out unconscious with a baseball bat and then they set about raiding the house, watched by Robert. However, they all are unaware Chrissie is on her way back. Will Robert’s devious plan be exposed?

After overhearing Debbie and Pete talk, a worried Sarah confides in Andy how her mum and Pete are sad because a lady died from taking drugs and it’s Pete’s fault. Andy’s horrified confronting Debbie who lies to him. However, Pete decides to tell Andy the truth. How will Andy take the news knowing Debbie has lied to him?

Belle tells Lachlan she's starting at his school tomorrow and he reassures he won't say anything about her. Meanwhile, Lisa and Zak are interrupted by the sound of breaking glass and find a brick has been thrown through the window. It appears the hate campaign against Belle is back but who is responsible?

Thursday 20th November (episode 2)

Masked raiders Aaron and Ross attempt disguise their voices as they play the part, blocking Chrissie's exit. Can Aaron and Ross get themselves out of this bungled mess? And could Lawrence’s health take a turn for the worse?

Pete’s past and Debbie’s lies send Andy raging as he decides he wants to keep the kids full time

The Dingles are on edge following the smashed window and worry for Belle’s welfare. Lisa worries further when Sam tells her he saw Belle arguing with Lachlan in the cafe earlier. The Dingle's are heartbroken as Belle worries about going to school.

Friday 21st November

Robert fells guilty when an upset Chrissie tells him her mum's engagement ring is missing from the raid. Meanwhile, Chrissie's still angry and Lawrence knows what to do to make things right.

Laurel nervous about court but feels abandoned when Marlon goes into work but promises he will be back in time to take her. But his promise is short lived as he suddenly needs to dash to April's school. And the gulf between Marlon and Laurel grows bigger.

Chas gives Belle a pep talk after working out she is faking an illness to stay off school. Later, Belle sees an opportunity and enters an empty Victoria Cottage, intrigued by where Gemma used to live, though is alarmed when Kirin appears. But could this unlikely meet give Belle new hope when Kirin confesses that he once blamed himself for his mum's death too?

Leyla offers to be Katie's wedding planner; however, she and Vanessa are shocked Katie is putting their rent up.


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