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Emmerdale catch up


Ross is in danger

Chrissie is on the warpath

Emma gets her way

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 11th May

Aaron’s sceptical about Chas’s holiday with James while she’s more worried about leaving Aaron with Robert. Meanwhile, Cain warns James not to mess his sister about. Finn’s suspicious about his mother after finding a photo.

David’s concerned Alicia is letting Lachlan get to her again while Alicia worries Belle could be Lachlan’s girlfriend and shares her concerns with Lisa. Belle denies it but Lisa warns Belle, Lachlan doesn’t deserve forgiveness. After Harriet refuses to help Alicia discover who Lachlan’s girlfriend is, Alicia takes matters into her own hands.

Chrissie is still shutting Robert out but after talking things through with Andy, Robert tries to make progress again with her. But will it work? Laurel refuses to listen as Doug berates her for her behaviour yesterday and despairs when she goes back to bed. Marlon asks Doug and Ashley to walk away from Laurel but can they? 


Tuesday 12th May

Alicia’s actions are taking their toll on Lachlan when he is set upon by a couple of lads. Lachlan takes refuge with Belle who shows him what Alicia has done but is shocked by his attitude to it all. Alicia confesses what she has done to a shocked David. Later, Alicia pulls up in her car as Lachlan is being surrounded threateningly by a group of lads. Realising this is of her doing will Alicia help him?

Chrissie is shocked when she discovers what Alicia has done. Meanwhile, Chas is proud when Aaron tells Robert that Chrissie was right to get rid of him. Angry and drunk, Robert demands his money back from Ross. Aaron later tries to support a drunk Robert and brings him some water but when Robert goes to kiss him how will Aaron react?

Emma is put in a tight corner when Finn confronts her with Ross over Chas’s stolen passport. Knowing the mugging was also a fake; Finn insists Emma come clean to James about the missing passport having been down to her, threatening otherwise he will. Emma is in a panic over what to do, until she overhears a suspicious conversation between Debbie and Ross.

Ashley takes a lasagne round for Laurel but is worried when she offers him a drink.

Wednesday 13th May

Alicia calls the police as the lads throw stones at the car with her and Lachlan trapped inside. In the car they at last talk. Later, as Alicia and Lachlan return to the village, Alicia makes a life changing decision, one that could affect the life of her family forever. She wants the family to sell up and move away.

Chas confronts Aaron about the kiss with Robert but he walks away. Later, Chas tells Paddy her concerns about Aaron and Robert and Paddy's thrown when Chas suggests Aaron live with him and Rhona until Robert's moved out. However, they're thrown when Aaron decides to go and see Chrissie and put an end to it all. With Chrissie, Aaron eventually let’s slip to her he was there during the Home Farm raid. She begins to waver over Robert when Aaron lies about how much of a wreck Robert was after the burglary.

Debbie tells Emma it would be best if she didn’t attend the engagement party but Emma warns her what she overheard and tells her she looks forward to seeing her there.

Dan tells Kerry he's signed up for a business course.
Thursday 14th May (episode 1)

Robert wants to look his best for his meeting with Chrissie. While out for a walk together, Chrissie suddenly turns on Robert, locking him in an out-building, seemingly determined to make him pay for what he did. Robert realises Chrissie overheard his conversation with Aaron and is shocked when she picks up a petrol can and opens it. Angry Chrissie pours what looks like petrol all around a terrified Robert as Lachlan watches what is happening, unseen. Filled with fury she takes out the box of matches but will Chrissie really go through with it?

Pollard's shocked to discover David and Alicia are thinking of moving to Portugal but David, who is secretly not so keen for the move, tries to jeopardise the plans.

Pete is grateful to Debbie for inviting his mum to the party. But at the garage, Debbie tells Ross about Emma blackmailing her and is annoyed to learn she's blackmailing him too. Debbie has a plan and invites Carly to the party mentioning Ross will be there. When Carly arrives Ross is unimpressed, knowing exactly why Debbie invited her. However, he’s in for a further shock when Charlie suddenly arrives.

Lisa and Jai are sick of Rachel’s attitude and Sam’s troubled when he wakes her from a nightmare but she plays it down, wanting to forget about it but Sam is still left troubled.
Thursday 14th May (episode 2)

Matters are made worse by the fact Charlie has brought two heavies with him and demands his money back from Debbie and Ross. Wanting to protect Debbie, Ross gets in the car with him, alone. Cain witnesses it all and demands to know what’s going on as everyone begins to wonder where Debbie, Cain and Ross are. Pete goes to investigate and escorts an uneasy Debbie back to the party but just where is Charlie taking Ross and how can Debbie stay at her party knowing Ross is in danger?

Lachlan then arrives and Robert's guilty when Lachlan says he was the closest thing to a dad and later a worried Chrissie tells Robert that Lachlan's missing and he blames himself for everything. She calls the police. Robert makes the most of the situation to make things up with Chrissie and comforts her. Alicia and David are stunned when PC Stone arrives in connection with Lachlan’s disappearance but unknown to them he’s in an empty barn with matches and petrol cans. What will he do next?

Rachel admits to Sam she's been having nightmares and is delighted when he suggests he live with her.

David admits to Priya he doesn't want to go. Alicia comes to a realisation.
Friday 15th May

With everyone having been out looking for Lachlan, a tired Chrissie weakens towards Robert as he instructs her to get some rest whilst he continues the search. Chrissie's relieved when Robert calls to say he's found Lachlan but all is not well. But is it all as it appears?

With the search for Lachlan on, David reluctantly agrees to talk to Rakesh, worrying he'll get in trouble for when he did actually kidnap Lachlan. Rakesh tells David to sit tight but seems irked when Priya appears enthused by the fact David may need to put his Portugal plans on hold.

Carly's unimpressed that Ross disappeared last night, whilst Debbie's uneasy to learn he didn’t go home. Emma senses something's not right and later warns Debbie not to hurt Pete. Worried Debbie decides she needs to tell Pete everything. With Debbie ready to confess all will she?

Rachel’s furious Jai continues to call the shots but on observing a strange exchange between Sam and Jai she’s keen to find out what is being kept from her, will she find out?


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