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Emmerdale catch up


Katie isn't comfortable about Andy working at Home Farm

Ali takes a pregnancy test

Cain tries to bring Maxine down

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 27th October
Ruby prepares herself to propose to an unsuspecting Ali but Ali gets accidently hit in the nose by Kerry and ends up in hospital. The doctor asks Ali if she could be pregnant and Ali admits she’s unsure, unaware Kerry’s eavesdropping. How will Kerry react and just how guilty will Ali feel when Ruby proposes knowing she could be carrying Dan’s baby?

Andy decides to accept the job at Home Farm after realising Robert only offered it to him to make a point to Lawrence. Robert’s shocked and Katie is not comfortable about Andy working at Home Farm but is it because she’s unsure of her own feelings towards Robert?

Aaron goes behind Moira’s back telling Cain about Maxine. Cain is annoyed with Moira for not telling him about Maxine but incredulous when she tells him she’s made an official complaint. Have Moira’s actions put Adam in further danger?

Laurel and Marlon’s bubble bursts when they return from their honeymoon. Uneasy about April’s behaviour, Laurel suggests getting her a counsellor.

Lisa pops more diet pills. Lawrence learns Nicola took Robert’s virginity.


Tuesday 21st October 

The perpetrator wakes up from their coma in hospital but panics on hearing they have been unconscious for four days and sick with dread over what will have happened to Charity whilst they have been out of action.

Megan confronts Jai over his affair with Leyla but he makes matters worse.

Kirin is preparing for his driving test when Vanessa and Rhona arrive back from holiday. She’s annoyed to learn she has been set up on a blind date with Nigel, her Drugs Rep, but uses Nigel to make Kirin jealous.

Nicola’s left shocked when Jimmy tells her he’s been seeing Carl behind her back. Jimmy insists he cannot pretend Carl doesn’t exist.

Leyla discovers Megan has changed the lock on the office door. Katie is suspicious about what Kerry is up to and is soon staggered to read Kerry’s published article and is incredulous to hear of her plans for a sequel.
Wednesday 22nd October 

Charity is shocked to hear her attacker is awake and further stressed when Jimmy tells her the Insurance Assessors are up at Home Farm. Charity breaks down when she receives an order to sell the estate. She receives no comfort from her family and Cain receives the short straw in having to offer her a place to stay but how will Moira react when Cain turns up with Charity in tow?

Megan demands the office keys from Leyla. Later Leyla is given food for thought when Katie tells her to put Jai behind her and to fight for her business. She tells Megan how Jai truly loves Megan not her. What will Megan think?

Nicola is giving Jimmy a hard time about baby Carl, worried how Angel will react to the news. However, Jimmy is preoccupied with what is happening up at Home Farm.

Katie and Andy plan on using some of Kerry’s magazine money towards their wedding. Nicola gives Andy some security work around Home Farm. Noah moves in with Debbie. Kirin and Vanessa get back together.

Thursday 23rd October (episode 1)
Lawrence and his daughter Chrissie arrive in the village. Meanwhile, Nicola is busy sorting the Home Farm Open Day to attract potential purchasers when Chrissie arrives to look around. Nicola is immediately suspicious and suspects she has only come for the free booze and promptly insults her. Chrissie is rude back and seems determined to look around. So Nicola decides to teach this woman a lesson and play her a bit. She begs Katie and Andy to pretend to be rich to put Chrissie off the house and Chrissie completely falls for the act. However, the pair are soon left red faced and shocked when Chrissie’s fiancé Robert Sugden arrives.

The Dingles are preparing a party for Lisa’s return but Zak decides not to tell her about Charity’s latest news. Moira is fed up with Charity staying at the farm and Cain asks Chas if she will take her. Although she refuses, Chas leaves on a mission...

Rakesh tells Megan that Leyla is owed double her investment if she is to be bought out of the business. Megan’s encouraged when Jai offers her the money to buy Leyla out of the business completely. However, when a cold Jai tries to pay Leyla off, Leyla has something else up her sleeve.

James receives word Ross was seen in Leeds a few days ago and sets off searching.
Thursday 23rd October (episode 2)

Katie is confused by her feelings at seeing Robert again and Robert enjoys winding her and Andy up as he looks around Home Farm as prospective purchasers. Chrissie tries to persuade Robert to move to the village, but he is defiant, insisting they are not moving here. Her father Lawrence arrives and is amused to witness a punch up between arch rivals Andy and Robert. Lawrence is immediately intrigued by the clear resentment between the brothers. Protective father Lawrence senses an opportunity to split Chrissie and Robert up but how will the Sugden’s take the news when Lawrence reveals he’s just purchased Home Farm?

Lisa is stressed when she finds out about Charity, furious she has been lied to. Noah rejects Charity again but Chas urges her not to give up.  Charity’s self-esteem is at rock bottom when Moira tells her she will now be mucking in with the farm chores. Meanwhile, Lisa tells Zak not to keep any more secrets but is she hiding a secret of her own?

Jai’s forced to tell Megan he can’t afford to buy Leyla out. Leyla’s chuffed to have got her own way.

Ruby notices the tension between Kerry and Ali and insists they have dinner together, much to everyone else’s reluctance.

Friday 24th October 

Moira’s impressed when Charity starts to get the hang of life on the farm but they are distracted by Maxine who demands more money from Moira. Charity questions Moira about Maxine but they are interrupted by a call from the police. Has Moira made a mistake refusing Maxine money and could Adam have paid the price?

Robert panics when Nicola fills Chrissie in on Robert’s history in the village but he’s relieved she’s not put off. Edna refuses a drink from Lawrence, worried why he wants to live in the village

Andy refuses to work at Home Farm, not wanting to give Robert the satisfaction. Leyla asks to be Katie’s wedding planner, but Katie turns her down. It soon becomes clear Megan and Leyla are struggling to work together.

Lisa is determined to lose weight before Belle comes home and secretly begins taking her diet pills and Amelia puts a wedding proposal in Ruby’s mind to cheer up Ali.


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