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Emmerdale catch up


Megan is questioned by the police

Priya confronts Jai and Leyla

Declan plans a boat trip

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 22nd September 

Down at the police station Megan is still being questioned over poisoning Noah. It’s not looking good for her as Charity tells the police that there’s no love lost between the pair, explaining how Megan knocked her to the floor when she was pregnant. At the station, Megan attempts to protest her innocence but she can feel the net closing in on her.

Declan comments to the police that if Megan has done what people think, then they can throw away the key as far as he is concerned, but despite his harsh words he suggests a niggle of doubt when he explains to the police just how stressed Charity has been since they lost their baby. Later, Declan suggests to Charity that the pair of them should get away from it all and head off to a cottage, telling Charity she needs to regain her strength in order to look after Noah properly. Initially Charity is reluctant as it means leaving Noah, but she relents seeing Declan’s concern for her.

Priya confronts her brother Jai over his infidelity and pleads with her best friend Leyla to think about how Megan will feel if she knew about their affair. Meanwhile as Jai continues to doubt Megan, he decides to kick her and Robbie out of the house.

Doug admits to Ashley that he still holds a torch for Diane and always has done. Moira has a surprise party for Adam as it’s the day before his hearing. She then signs over 20% of the farm to him, regardless of tomorrow’s outcome.


Tuesday 23rd September

Charity and Declan awake in their cottage retreat. Away from her son Noah, Charity comments about the lack of phone signal.

Megan is determined to speak to Declan and enlists the help of Robbie to try and find where they have gone; will the pair track them down?

Adam is due in court for sentencing and is pretending to be fine, but confesses to Aaron how nervous he is. He doesn’t want Moira to be there so she stays away. Later, Aaron has to break the bad news to Moira and she doesn’t take it well.

Doug’s double life is revealed.

Wednesday 24th September

Megan is desperate to speak to her brother and struggles to reach him by phone.

At the cottage Declan prepares for a boat trip. He heads into some local woods where at last he gets a phone signal and answers one of Megan’s calls.

Edna is on hot coals around Aaron as he threatens to blow her secret, and Sandy is worried after he sees a confrontation between the pair.

Doug attempts to woo Diane but she is completely oblivious to the fact he’s trying to ask her out.

Thursday 25th September (episode 1)

Debbie is worried about her mum having not heard from her and persuades a reluctant Pete to come to the cottage with her. She’s saddened by the distance between them, but grateful for his support.

But with Declan and Charity not there Megan and Robbie continue to look for them nearby.

Kirin arrives at the vets pretending his dog Jay Z is poorly, just as an excuse to see Vanessa. But when Paddy walks in on them kissing, the secret is blown!

Noah overhears Leyla and Diane in the Woolpack talking about Megan poisoning him.

Thursday 25th September (episode 2)

It's the day of the boat trip, but will it be what Declan was hoping for? Meanwhile, Debbie and Pete arrive at the cottage but no one is there they head off to look more.

Jai leaves Leyla gutted when he calls time on their affair, because he’s so furious she’s the reason Noah knows about the poisoning.

Paddy has it out with an embarrassed Vanessa, reminding her of Kirin’s age, but she insists it’s legal. She’s not happy with his judgement and storms out. She later tells Kirin she wants to give it a go as a proper couple.

Sandy is worried about what’s troubling Edna. Aaron pushes him to get her to reveal her secret, explaining it’s cutting her up.

Friday 26th September

All are left reeling following the events at the cottage retreat.

Vanessa and Kirin decide to let their secret romance out as they meet at The Woolpack for a public date. Everyone is stunned as they kiss in front of the entire pub.

Sandy bullies Aaron into spilling the beans over Edna’s secret. He’s troubled and confronts her over it, telling her he won’t let her keep torturing herself.


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