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Emmerdale catch up


Charity's plan is in action

Aaron tries to trap Robert

Megan plans to bring down Jai

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 20th July

Emotions are high at Laurel’s mother’s wake and stung by her sister’s blunt remarks, Laurel ends up blurting out more than she means to. Arriving home, Marlon and Laurel are both in a sombre mood, in need of some comfort she moves in to kiss him but can they accept their relationship is over or is there one last moment of intimacy to be had for this doomed couple?

Debbie’s gutted when Ross tells her they can’t leave today. He asks Moira for a job at the farm, to the objection of Pete but she gives it to him thinking it’s so he can distance himself from Debbie. Ross darkens, a plan obviously in place. But just what has Charity got Ross to do?

Paddy’s edgy when Rhona answers a call from Home Farm. Wanting to keep her away, he takes the call out himself. He clocks Aaron smartly dressed with Robert and fears they’re becoming embroiled again. Paddy tries to stir things by telling Lawrence about Aaron’s criminal record, leaving Lawrence alarmed. Later, Chrissie invites Rhona and Paddy for lunch as a thank you for the call out but Robert firmly tells Paddy to make an excuse and cancel…


Tuesday 21st July

Paddy is on tenterhooks about the lunch at Home Farm and is doing everything he can to avoid having to go. Aaron’s angry to hear Paddy’s dropped him in it with Lawrence and the awards. But later when Aaron furiously confronts Paddy he is soon sickened with what Paddy tells him. As Paddy is forced to tell him that Robert tried to kill him. With the fear still visible in Paddy’s eyes it gives Aaron the confirmation he needs, that Paddy is telling the truth. Paddy’s firm when he tells Aaron to stay away from Robert, but filled with revenge Aaron can’t make any promises. That evening, Aaron tries to remain calm and keep his contempt from his voice when Robert arrives, suggesting they go away to the hotel together. And tomorrow can’t come sooner for vengeful Aaron.

Marlon tentatively broaches planning their separation with Laurel, although both daunted, they’re united in this. Soon Laurel accompanies Ashley to the see the Bishop. They are both driven by Tracy who later reveals she doesn’t have a driving license. Ashley and Laurel share a giggle. Meanwhile, Marlon worries how to tell the kids.

Jai and Megan head to a custody meeting. Double dealing Megan hides her vengeful feelings from him as she plots against him. Later both she and Rachel are flummoxed when Jai arrives with keys. Debbie’s thrown when Moira reveals Ross is working at the farm. Later, Cain’s unsettled to open another visiting order from Charity, Moira takes it off him and puts it in the bin. Seeing this as an opportunity to meddle, Ross starts to stir.

Wednesday 22nd July

Paddy’s frustrated, unable to get hold of Aaron. Meanwhile, Robert is naively looking forward to spending the night away with Aaron, totally unaware of what Aaron now knows. Chrissie suggests joining Robert on his business break but he quickly reassures her they’ll spend time together when he’s home. Meanwhile at the holiday lodge, Aaron’s on edge as he waits for Robert. When he arrives, they both head inside with Aaron acting as normal as he can, covering his hatred. When Robert’s back is turned, Aaron takes out his mobile phone and hits record. But will his trap work? Robert is unsettled by all Aaron’s questions and tries to kiss him but Aaron can’t. Pushing Robert away. Aaron blurts what he knows and Robert is stunned as Aaron accuses him of trying to kill Paddy. Robert tries to explain, but soon the conversation turns to Katie’s death and Aaron is utterly dumbfounded by what Robert admits to and launches himself at him. Desperate to defend himself Robert hits Aaron hard with a beer bottle, knocking him out. Robert panics not knowing what to do Aaron is lying unconscious with a bleeding head. He checks Aaron’s phone and discovers its being recording their conversation. How will Robert react to know Aaron has totally set him up?  

Megan and Rachel are both baffled when out of the blue Jai, gives Rachel time off work to move back into Tenants cottage. A delighted Rachel starts unpacking when suddenly someone hammers on the door. Both Sam and Jai are shocked to see a police officer with a warrant to search the property for drugs. Elsewhere, Megan quizzes Jai and is secretly horrified to hear what his plan is. Will Jai’s plan succeed?

Marlon and Laurel brace themselves to tell the kids. There is a clear spark between Bernice and Lawrence but how will she react when he asks her on a date?

Thursday 23rd July (episode 1)

Chrissie notices blood on Robert’s collar when he returns home. Paddy aggressively asks about Aaron’s whereabouts, but Robert remains arrogant and just smirks. Meanwhile, Aaron’s still body is tied to the radiator. He attempts to weaken the cord around his wrists when Robert returns with food and water. It quickly turns into a heated argument as they discuss Katie. Robert tries to remain calm but ends the conversation by pulling out a gun. Elsewhere, Lawrence reveals the location of Aaron’s business convention to a worried Paddy who heads off with intent. At the lodge, Robert walks over to the gun, picks it up and points it at Aaron, who doesn’t look away knowing this could be the end. Beginning to shake, Robert slowly pulls the trigger when the door slams open and there’s a bang. Paddy in the doorway slumps to the floor.

Rachel feels defeated when a social worker calls round. Meanwhile, Jai reveals to Megan he’s spoken to social services and things are looking positive on Archie’s custody. Later, Megan promises Rachel and Sam, that Jai will pay for this.

After Joanie expresses her interest in Rodney they agree to set the two up on a blind date. But how will Rodney feel about it? In the salon the girls all discuss Lawrence and we see Bernice’s interest is piqued. Later, Bernice agrees to go out with a delighted Lawrence. Victoria and Adam are back from their honeymoon.

Thursday 23rd July (episode 2)

It’s a terrifying scene at the holiday hut. Paddy is in pain, Aaron is still tied up and Robert has the gun ... Later, Chrissie’s world crumbles when she learns about her husband’s affair.

Happy Jai wants to celebrate with Megan convinced his custody case over Archie is in the bag. But Megan has a plan and after digging out a number starts to text someone. Meanwhile, Jai reassures Leyla he will soon leave Megan.

Vanessa invites Adam to her scan unaware he’s not yet told Victoria. Lawrence and Bernice arrive home from their date. Will Bernice be happy with how it went? The Dingles are interrupted by drunk Joanie and Rodney as they come home. But did their date go well?

Friday 24th July

Chrissie’s heartbreak turns to fury and it’s clear she’s out for revenge. Later a furious Chrissie arrives looking for Robert. Robert urges Chrissie not to say anything, and desperately tries to manoeuvre her into the back room for the pub, but it seems she is grimly determined. Stood in front of an audience, is the moment the truth finally comes out? And how would Andy feel to learn Katie was right all long about Robert’s affair...

Debbie’s edgy as she explains to Ross her desperation to end things with Pete, but Ross has to cover knowing his deal with Charity isn’t yet finished. Later, when Ross sees a frustrated Noah moping about, he begins to form a cruel new plan...

Brenda struggles to hide a flash of concern as Bob tells her about the case hearing tomorrow. Elsewhere, Val’s with her solicitor trying to defend her actions but how will she react to what the solicitor has to say?

Rhona arrives to support Vanessa through the baby scan. Meanwhile, Adam confides his fears of being a father - but will Vanessa relieve him of his responsibilities?


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