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Emmerdale catch up


There is a wedding day to remember

Finn's life is in danger

Ashley is oblivious of Harriet's feelings

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 21st  July (episode 1)

During the stag party Daz slips out and heads back to Dale Head where a drunk Kerry is looking for a CD. He compliments Kerry and tries to kiss her, unaware a fuming Dan has seen. How will Kerry talk her way out of this one?

A drunken Finn apologises to Eric as he’s serving customers, telling him and Victoria he needs to know why his mum left. But it all becomes too much for Finn and he throws up. Victoria’s worried but can she help him find his mum?

Dan is torn when Chas tells him the army could be the making of Sean. He agrees to sign the consent but wants Ali in the dark until after the wedding.

Laurel feels like she’s losing control when Marlon tells her they should let Leyla plan the wedding.


Tuesday 22nd July (hour long episode)

It’s the morning of the wedding and a distraught Kerry waits outside the church hoping for the arrival of her husband-to-be, but as everyone waits for the wedding to start, there’s no sign of the groom. Will Dan turn up and if he does will this be day that Kerry’s dreamed of or will it turn into her worst nightmare?

Chas asks Marlon if he plans to go on honeymoon but he tells her he doesn’t think Victoria is ready to take charge of the kitchen. Laurel knows what the real reason is and she presses him about it. When he admits it’s because of Donna, Laurel storms out, leaving him with mixed feelings of anger and guilt.

Wanting to put an end to the awkwardness, Katie tells Andy he needs to move past the kiss as she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. They both enjoy a drink together but when Victoria calls round, Andy is eager to get rid of his sister. Once she leaves Katie comes out of her hiding place but will this lead to another kiss?

Victoria hands Finn a list of addresses telling him she’s been looking for his mum. But will Finn be happy with Victoria’s interfering or will Victoria regret trying to help her friend?

Wednesday 23rd July

Dan is surprised to overhear his brother Daz has a criminal record but Daz plays it down.

Debbie confronts Donna and Ross over their relationship. Ross tells Debbie to keep quiet using Pete as collateral but will Debbie listen to Ross’s warning?

Sean questions whether Dan can still sign legal documents if he has a police record. Ali realises he’s talking about the army and goes to confront Dan realising he’s lied to her.

Laurel assures Donna she is okay with moving the wedding forward, Harriet feels a pang of jealousy when Ashley invites Carol to dinner and they are clearly into each other. Katie and Andy decide to give their relationship another go but keep it a secret.

Thursday 24th July (episode 1)

Brad, the mystery man still seems keen to get to Finn. He deliberately bumps into Finn and on spotting the Japanese travel guides as they tumble to the ground Finn is intrigued, just as Brad had hoped. Brad offers Finn a drink but when Finn is not looking sneaks something into it. Meanwhile, best mate Victoria and James are glad to see Finn has met Brad, both totally unaware of the danger he is in.

Kerry is due in court over her arrest but determined to face up to things with Dan.

Harriet covers her sadness as she hears how great Ashley's date with Carole was. Later, Ashley's left stunned when Bob says he's noticed the chemistry between him and Harriet. Bob urges Ashley to speak to Harriet but will she speak up about her feelings or once again give Ashley the wrong impression?

Thursday 24th July (episode 2)

Bob passes on some advice to Kerry about how she is perceived.

Harriet is about to confess her feelings to Ashley but once again is scuppered. Tracy, Robbie and Sam plead with Charity to allow them to stay. Later Sam once again pays Tracy for her time, she’s clearly playing him for everything she can.
Friday 25th July

At Gennie's memorial, Brenda gives a speech and everyone lets go of their balloons.

Sandy's unconvinced Harriet's happy about the Ashley and Carole situation. Lisa's not impressed when Sam takes Tracy to the memorial. Later, greedy Tracy helps Sam fill out a credit card application. Katie agrees she and Andy should go public about their relationship tomorrow.


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