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Emmerdale catch up


Pete lives in fear

Brenda smuggles for Bob

Bob worries he's made things worse

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 24th August

While Emma and James nervously wait to identify Ross's body, Pete drops a bombshell.

Zak is increasingly worried about Sam and Rachel's relationship.

Diane tries her best to find out what Val's funeral wishes were.

Ali returns for Ruby's funeral.
Tuesday 25th August (hour long episode)

Debbie struggles with Pete's revelation.

Rachel accuses Sam of ruining Ruby's funeral, and Ali makes a life-changing suggestion.

Val gives a piece of her mind from beyond the grave.

Bob and Brenda worry about whether Harriet will be able to track down Carly.


Wednesday 26th August

Pete feels the scorn of his family for the first time in his life.

Brenda goes to desperate measured to protect Bob in prison.

Sam is devastated as Rachel decides to leave the village.

Thursday 27th August (hour long episode)

Pete is heartbroken to realise that Debbie is petrified of him.

Bob worries he has made things worse after he stands up to Ged.
Doug is anxious to prove that Val was wrong about him.

Lisa and Zak refuse to help Jai look for Rachel.

Alicia tells Jacob they can't go to Portugal at the moment as David has to look after Pollard.
Friday 28th August

Jai tries to get Kirin to shift the drugs and even tells him about Rakesh's history with cocaine to try and convince him.

Pollard's resentment of Diane grows stronger.


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