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Emmerdale catch up


Emma tells some lies

Robert threatens Katie

Aaron makes a confession

Emmerdale preview (what's happening this week)

Last week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 26th January

Chrissie shows Lawrence the pornographic content she found on Robert’s laptop along with messages arranging to meet up with women. When Robert naively arrives home he’s unprepared for her reaction. Chrissie is in a fury. Initially Robert is worried not knowing what he is been accused of. But Chrissie soon explains and orders Robert to pack his bags and go.  Vanessa who has called over to drop something off, overhears and can’t wait to tell the girls the gossip when she gets to the Woolpack. Katie, Chas and Aaron soon hear how Robert’s arranged to meet a woman he found online. Aaron tries to avoid Chas’s eye as she listens into the gossip.

Belle’s relieved when she discovers it was Lachlan who destroyed Gemma’s shrine and seeing Belle distinctively happier, Lisa seems prepared to give Lachlan the benefit of the doubt. Pollard tells Tracy to leave but Val has other ideas. Adam and Pollard strike a deal regarding the scrap yard.


Tuesday 27th January

Nicola’s nervous for her doctor’s appointment. Jimmy insists on going with her but he’s fretting. At the appointment Nicola’s gobsmacked by what the doctor tells her. Jimmy tries his best to cheer her up. But Nicola is distraught and when Nicola returns home she lies to Bernice.

Chas meets Emma for the first time and the pair chat and joke. Moira arrives and is thoughtful when Chas tells her Emma seems nice. Later, Moira tries to make small talk with Emma but she’s frosty. Moira suggests they go for a drink and put their differences behind them but Emma’s unreadable. That afternoon Moira braces herself when Emma arrives for their drink but how will they get on?

Chrissie tries to talk to Lachlan but fails to get through to him. Chrissie is pleased when Robert offers to have a word with him. Belle plans Zak and Lisa’s anniversary but is a bit weary, still getting used to her medication. Katie offers Belle her stable job back.

Wednesday 28 January

Debbie is still in the dark over why Pete isn’t happy having Emma around. Later, Debbie’s stressed at her list of things to do in time for Zak and Lisa’s party, so Finn offers to help by babysitting Jack. Whilst babysitting, Finn is called away, leaving Emma to watch over Jack. Debbie and Pete arrive back just as Finn is leaving the B&B, he reassures them Emma is with Jack but the news puts Pete in a panic who runs home. Much later, Pete finally explains the full truth to Debbie but will it help him accept his mum now being around?

Jimmy tells Rodney and Bernice the truth and later Nicola fumes when she discovers Rodney and Georgia know about her diagnosis. She snaps at Jimmy for telling them and he apologises, telling her she’s the sexiest woman in the world but does she feel it?

Belle arrives at the Woolpack to help prepare for Zak and Lisa’s party but Chas worries about her lack of energy and enthusiasm. Zak and Lisa are over the moon when they arrive at their surprise party but Belle slopes out, struggling to keep her head together, leaving Lisa concerned. Lisa joins Belle outside, telling her she’s there for her and they will take things one-step at a time. Belle’s touched, hoping Lisa’s right.

A troubled Moira tells Cain that Emma blames her for ruining her life.
Thursday 28th January (episode 1)

Pete’s in turmoil hoping Emma will just leave the village quietly so he doesn’t have to tell his brothers the truth. A bitter Emma heads to the Woolpack where she tells James what happened with Pete yesterday. Later, James attempts to speak to Pete. Emma is devastated by James’ betrayal and heads to the farm to confront him. They argue bitterly whilst James get’s some machinery set up. James is distracted by their argument as he secures the hoist. An angry Emma lashes out causing the pallet to crash down on James, pinning him under the load. Emma checks James to see if he’s breathing, he’s not. She hesitates when calling an ambulance, takes one last look at James and walks away, leaving him to die…

Kerry forms a plan to get Tracy out of Sam’s life but will it work?

Robert suggests he and Aaron spend another night in a hotel and Aaron’s unable to resist time alone with Robert. Later, Katie earwigs on Robert’s phone call to the hotel. Convinced she’s finally got him and determined to show Chrissie her fiancé’s true colour, Katie decides they should follow him.

Jimmy’s shell shocked by Nicola’s determination to make a baby and asks Bernice if he can hide out in the salon. But later Nicola is upset over her situation. Jai makes a big decision. Aaron lets it slip to Paddy he’s dressing up smart for a guy but quickly regrets telling him so much.

Thursday 28th January (episode 2)

James lays pinned under the pallet, pale faced and bloodied. Emma flees from the scene, leaving James to die. She changes her tack, when she sees Pete arrive and calls for his help. Pete runs over to Emma who snaps into nurse mode and tells Pete to call an ambulance. James isn’t breathing and doesn’t have a pulse. Soon the paramedics arrive…

Aaron arrives at the hotel, unsettled by the grand surroundings. He’s wary as he lets himself into the room but is surprised to find a games console and beer. He’s chuffed Robert has made him feel at ease. Meanwhile downstairs, Katie and Chrissie arrive at the reception but there’s no one checked in under Robert’s name. Behind them Robert arrives, oblivious to his dangerous near miss. Robert joins Aaron in the room and they kiss. Outside Katie sees Robert’s car and she and Chrissie head inside. Soon they are on the hotel corridor near the room. But Robert soon gets wind all is not good when he looks out of the door and spots Katie and Chrissie. He makes a hasty phone call; can he stop Katie and Chrissie in their tracks?

Will Katie at last manage to prove to Chrissie her husband to be is not to be trusted?

Nicola confides in Rodney. Kerry lectures Val for helping Tracy but Val compares Tracy to Amy.  Kerry insists Tracy is different but Val’s unconvinced.

Friday 30 January

Andy looks forward to the move to the farm whilst Katie knows how close she came to jeopardising it. Chrissie warns Katie to stay away from them. Later, Katie’s shocked when Robert warns her not to play with fire, which leaves her deeply unsettled. Andy wants Katie to stop her obsessions over Robert.

Emma’s defensive when Pete questions her about the accident. She knows she needs to win him round and later lies to her sons about getting a job in Miami. Emma plays up her story, but when Pete walks out angrily, she knows she needs to sort it out before the lie gets out of hand. Pete soon comes to a decision over Emma. Will she have got what she wanted?

Aaron is sick of all the sneaking around and soon finds himself telling Paddy more than he means to.

David promises Alicia a night out and Lachlan is asked to babysit. Laurel avoids kissing Marlon; keen to cover the fact she was drinking last night. Doug sees she’s hungover, but will he tell Marlon? Laurel soon hears Marlon’s got a plan for February.


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