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Val has a risky plan

Ross meddles further

Chrissie feels unloved

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 27th July

Robert continues to deny the accusations and tries to plead his case to Diane, insisting he is nothing without Chrissie. Later, desperate Robert implores with Chrissie, declaring his love for her. She notes his sincerity but when he tries to comfort her, she angrily pushes him away. Undeterred, Robert returns and again tries to win her round. When Chrissie shows no sign of succumbing to him, Robert leaves, seemingly finally accepting it’s over. But will Robert really back away from his relationship, home and business quietly? Later, whilst alone an edgy Robert makes a call to Harriet, a new plan forming...

Angry Bob and Val arrive back from court. Val and Diane bicker when Pollard suddenly becomes dizzy. He struggles for breath before collapsing, clutching his chest. At the hospital, Val waits outside Pollard’s room and is joined by Diane who offers her support but a scared Val lashes out at her telling her sister to go. Later, Tracy arrives to find a fragile Val sat at Pollard’s bedside. Tracy makes a joke about life insurance, and Val’s mind goes into overdrive...

Moira’s distracted as she reads yet another visiting order from Charity for Cain. Noah arrives home and blames Moira for not being able to see his mum. Ross enjoys watching the conflict he has caused, knowing his plan is taking shape. But later, Ross is frustrated to see his plan flounder. Will Ross’ find another way to cause upset?

Chas finds Andy at Katie’s grave, both struggle with their guilt as they discuss how they let Katie down. Both Brenda and Bob are upset to realise he had forgotten Gennie’s anniversary and it seems there is little hope of the couple reconciling. Awkward Vanessa reveals she's going to leave the village with the baby - but how will Adam respond?


Tuesday 28th July

Moira’s left suspicious about the missing visiting order and when Cain is later absent without explanation, Moira is left wondering if Cain has slipped off to see Charity. Moira calls the prison to ask if Cain Dingle is there and is soon left devastated to realise he’s lied to her. But at the prison it’s actually Ross who is visiting Charity. At the prison, Charity puts pressure on Ross, insisting he needs to break up Cain and Moira soon or his secret will come out...

Chrissie has a feeling of dread when Lawrence insists she needs to talk to Cain. Later, Chrissie intercepts Cain who fumes to hear Robert plans to use the incriminating photos. Will a menacing Cain find a way to warn Robert off? Chrissie is left unnerved when Cain later suggests that if she doesn’t take control of the Robert situation, he too will be her enemy. Running out of options, who will a scared Chrissie turn to next?

Pollard despairs after realising Val is serious about faking her death. Meanwhile, sunburnt David has arrived to see Pollard, but both are left vulnerable to discover Pollard has a heart condition. Later, Pollard returns home and is relieved to see Val is still there - aware it’s make or break for his marriage, will he assist her in her “fake death”?

Debbie’s sick with guilt as she and Pete wait for the others to turn up for their wedding rehearsal. With Debbie’s stress levels rising, it’s clear she can take no more. Soon she puts an ultimatum to Ross, they leave now or not at all...

Wednesday 29th July

Chrissie’s on edge as she goes to see Ross who she regards with utter contempt, he confirms he can obtain the images of her and Cain kissing. Soon, Robert is jumped and mugged whilst at some temporary traffic lights. Later, Ross produces Robert’s laptop and memory stick, to Chrissie, but are they the only existing copies? Meanwhile, Moira’s curious to find an envelope on the table addressed to her, opening it her smile vanishes as she looks at the picture of Chrissie and Cain. Has Ross dealt the final blow needed to break up Cain and Moira for good?

Debbie’s on edge as she prepares to confess all to Pete, but her phone goes distracting her. Later, full of nervous energy Ross confirms he’s ready to leave with her. Will Debbie find the courage to come clean to Pete, or will the truth catch up with Ross first?

Pollard’s irritated after falling for Val trick, but soon they’re both left uneasy after they receive a court date. Joanie reassures Rodney it was a one off and nothing serious, but when Marlon later finds the pub's toilet door jammed the “one off” might have just been repeated.
Thursday 30th July (episode 1)

Ross panics when Debbie tells him she hasn’t told Pete the truth yet, knowing it’s only a matter of time before Cain works him out. Arriving home Debbie fights back her tears as she begins to write a breakup letter to Pete. Elsewhere, when Finn makes a joke about Pete and Debbie not getting married, Victoria senses some truth behind his words and calls him up on it. Finn’s left further on edge when a smitten Pete arrives with an expensive necklace he’s bought Debbie. Later, Debbie and Ross are both stood with their packed bags ready to leave, when suddenly Cain arrives with a bombshell for Debbie but will it be enough to put her off Ross for good? 

Cain tells Moira he thinks he has an idea who the culprit behind the picture could be. However, when Cain confronts a fearful Robert he tells him it wasn’t him but could be Ross. Cain tells Moira it wasn’t Robert but she’s wary to hear Ross is a suspect and reveals she and Ross had fallen out because of his affair with Debbie. Soon Cain and Moira are piecing the evidence together.

Sandy’s takes a tumble whilst out walking Tootsie.

Knowing about the affair Lachlan furiously approaches Robert and suggests he leaves their family alone. Val hands Pollard a eulogy she’s written herself for her own funeral.
Thursday 30th July (episode 2)

Debbie’s fuming following Ross’s revelation. Debbie furiously interrogates Ross. He’s desperately trying to save things but it’s clear she’s finished with him. Cain’s left worried when tearful Debbie arrives and confirms it’s over with Ross but suddenly runs out knowing Pete might still have time to find the breakup letter. Meanwhile, Ross tells Finn the truth. On arriving home Debbie panics to see the letter has gone and Pete is already at home...

Lawrence is worried how angry and bitter Lachlan feels towards Robert. Meanwhile, Robert’s forced to drink alone as Chrissie joins Andy. As she unloads to him she gets the wrong impression and leans in for a kiss but will it be reciprocated?

Ruby’s concerned when Finn turns up with Tootsie, suspecting something’s wrong she and Dan rush out the door in pursuit of Sandy.

Pollard reluctantly reads Val’s eulogy out-loud to her but it all becomes too much. Harriet reveals to Sandy someone she put away in prison has recently escaped.

Friday 31st July

Lawrence is irritated to find an arrogant Robert sat at his desk and gives him a cheque as a bribe to stay away. Lachlan is angered when he overhears Robert wind up Lawrence. Meanwhile, Chrissie and Chas argue but soon bond over their mutual hatred for Robert. Lachlan watches Lawrence take his heart medication, which gives him an idea.

Finn’s troubled to find Ross leaving with his bags packed. Debbie is terrified Ross is going to reveal their affair and frantically texts Ross asking to meet. Moira’s taken aback by an optimistic Ross when he reveals Debbie wants to meet him. But will Ross be let down?

Val gives Pollard a hard time over the funeral arrangements and plans a dinner for all her nearest and dearest. Later, she’s hurt by the response.

Dan informs Kerry she’s not invited to Debbie and Pete’s wedding before he dashes out to avoid dealing with her reaction. Ruby reveals her interest in starting a nursing career. Belle and Zak approach Moira, demanding she should speak to Cain about inviting Joanie to the wedding.


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