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Laurel turns to the bottle

Vanessa has news for Kirin

Ali and Ruby get bad news

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 27th April

Robert’s terrified he’s losing Chrissie after they argue about the Home Farm robbery. Robert demands Ross return his five grand. Ross tells Aaron that Chrissie now knows Robert was behind the break in, leaving Aaron thoughtful.  Is it finally over for Chrissie and Robert and what does this mean for Aaron?

Adam’s relieved when Vanessa tells him there’s no need for awkwardness between them. She battles with queasiness but is glad to have cleared the air. Later that morning, Vanessa is still feeling groggy and rushes out in panic when Rhona brings in a cat for neutering. Later, Vanessa pulls a pregnancy test out of her bag, dreading what’s to come…

Ross is wallowing in self-pity, telling Emma that Pete and Debbie are a mismatch. Emma tells Debbie to focus on keeping Ross’ brother happy but Emma’s suspicions grow further as she sees Ross’ bitterness towards Pete and Debbie’s engagement.

Bernice warns Jimmy to get the house cleaned up or she will send Nicola a video of evidence but Tracy sticks up for Jimmy and offers to give him a hand with the cleaning.


Tuesday 28th April

Vanessa tells Rhona she's pregnant and Rhona dares to question if it could be Adam's. Later at Kirin’s surprise party Vanessa bumps into Adam outside the loos and is stunned by his crassness when he tells her he's over the older woman thing. Worried more than ever Adam could be the father, can Vanessa go through with the pregnancy?

Marlon and Laurel arrive home but Marlon’s still denying she's an alcoholic, telling a frustrated Rhona he is going to handle things his way. Laurel's upbeat as she thanks Ashley for his support.

Unaware of the reason for the fall out, Lawrence suggests Chrissie forgives Robert, explaining their argument has come at a bad time for Lachlan. Chrissie snaps at Lawrence, leaving him rocked. Meanwhile, Aaron wants to leave the village for a while to get away from Robert but Paddy suggests he stay and show Robert he is not bothered, leaving Aaron conflicted. Will Aaron stay and can Robert keep the truth from Lawrence?

Ross has bought himself a new sports car. Jimmy tells Bernice he needs a cleaner and an annoyed Tracy shocks Val when she says she’s not working for her tonight.
Wednesday 29th April

Vanessa starts having second thoughts about having a termination when she sees Marlon and Leo together and realises this could be her only chance to be a mum. Vanessa tries to talk to Kirin in the café but, terrified of losing him, can she bring herself to admit the truth? Later, Vanessa tells Adam she's pregnant but will she admit it could be his?

Bernice refuses to let Tracy clean the house, despite Jimmy's efforts. Bernice suggests Laurel becomes Jimmy's PA and Jimmy, impressed with Laurel’s honesty about her drinking offers her the job. Meanwhile, Tracy breaks into Mill and cleans it but is left disappointed when Jimmy breaks the news the job has already gone.

Aaron rejects a disbelieving Robert's advances, insisting they're over. Adam is pleased by Aaron's change in attitude when he promises to finally focus on the scrapyard now.

Chas looks on with contempt as Lachlan arrives at the pub to go bowling with Robert.
Thursday 30th April (episode 1)

Jimmy's gutted when Jai gives Laurel a poor reference by admitting Laurel was drunk at work, suggesting he shouldn't trust her with his child. Soon Tracy is thrilled to have been given the job in Laurel’s place but Laurel is devastated. Bernice and Kerry are both shocked when Harriet confesses about Laurel’s drink problem. Having lost confidence over the job, Laurel takes out a bottle of wine for some relief but soon matters are serious when April tries to wake her and Laurel begins to cough violently. As a terrified April watches on, inebriated Laurel starts choking on her own vomit.

Adam tells Aaron that Vanessa's pregnant and is going to blow their secret if he doesn't make a decision. Rhona's uneasy to learn Vanessa wants to keep her and Adam's secret. Adam tells Vanessa he won't say anything about them, insisting the baby isn't his but as a relieved Vanessa plans to tell Kirin, has Adam made the right choice?

Val tells Tracy she will need to move out if she's going to be working with Jimmy but when he can't pay her more than the minimum wage, Tracy quits, but uses Jimmy's desperation to her advantage.

Kerry and Ruby try to remain positive about Sean but are gutted to realise it's bad news.

Thursday 30th April (episode 2)

Little Arthur tries to wake a choking Laurel but to no avail. As he rushes out to get Ashley, a panicked but responsible April rings for an ambulance. Doug and Marlon rush home to find some paramedics treating Laurel. Will Laurel survive this episode? And if so how would Marlon look upon his alcoholic wife and what she is exposing the children to?

Kirin’s shocked when Vanessa tells him that she's pregnant but he insists he’ll be there for her. Vanessa is still plagued with guilt at her lies and insists they can't tell anyone else yet.

Tracy sinks to low methods to convince Jimmy to let her stay and soon Jimmy warns Bernice, Tracy is going to be moving in as a live-in housekeeper. Val is shocked by the news and Tracy parts on bad terms but Pollard is thrown to see how upset Val really is.

Friday 1st May

All are left reeling from recent events and Marlon struggles to comprehend what has happened. Have things changed forever?

Vanessa wonders how much longer she can keep her pregnancy a secret as Kirin excitedly fusses over her, rousing Rakesh's suspicions.

Belle's chuffed as she seizes an opportunity to help Priya with some computer issues at the factory but she realises she's not on payroll and an awkward Priya suggests she talk to Lisa. Will Belle discover the truth?

Kerry and Ruby grow concerned for Dan as he blames himself for Sean's injuries. Ruby's shocked when Ali tells her they need to move closer to Sean but will Ruby agree to leave the village.


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