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Alicia is full of doubt

Pearl gambles to pay her bills

Val's health worsens

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 2nd March

When the police arrive, Alicia is quickly concerned by the direction the interview takes. Over at Home Farm, Chrissie's annoyed when Robert initially fails to back Lachlan up. Meanwhile, Alicia is taken aback when Lawrence has a proposition for her. David spots the Home Farm clan heading over to the pub, it’s not long before accusations are flying in full view of other village residents...

As Nicola wishes Jimmy a happy 50th birthday, he remains worried that she’s putting on a front. Jimmy later asks Lawrence to send Nicola to Dubai instead of him who agrees. But how will Nicola react when Jimmy tells her? And will Jimmy regret his actions?

Zak and Lisa visit Belle at the Mental Health Unit, both nervous it has been a year since Gemma’s death. But they are encouraged Belle seems to be making progress, but their hopes of a speedy recovery are quickly put into perspective.

Rachel tells Sam it’s not working with Tracy living with him but he’s determined she stays regardless, but later Kerry gives Rachel food for thought over Tracy’s living arrangements. Pollard's surprised by Val's lack of reaction to the ceiling issue at the B&B whilst Finn is concerned by Val’s attitude when she has a coughing fit.


Tuesday 3rd March

As news of Thursday’s events begin to spread through the village, Alicia steals herself to tell Jacob, but how will he react? Alicia is determined not to hide away and heads to do a shift at the pub, but things are not made easy for her when Georgia passes opinion, infuriating protective sister Leyla who smacks Georgia in defence. But Alicia's apprehension is further heightened when David arrives with the police who want to talk to her and Alicia is left feeling shocked...

Finn’s concern for Val grows as her cough shows no signs of improvement. He warns her that she needs to take responsibility for her health and urges her to go to the doctor. Later, FInn uses a different tactic to try and get through to her, but will his efforts backfire?

In the vets surgery, Pearl's on the phone to the bank, troubled she hasn't enough money to cover a payment. She takes cash from the tin and makes a note of it. Later, she's horrified to find Paddy in the petty cash tin…

Rachel goes to see Dan for a favour, Dan is nervous as to what that might be. Later, Rachel arrives at the Dingle’s to see Sam and Tracy sitting together and is pleased to announce she knows someone can help with her living situation, keen to get Tracy away from her man.

Wednesday 4th March

Chrissie's outraged when DC Bright tells her they're dropping the case. Lachlan's adamant he wants to forget it leaving Chrissie incredulous. Lisa visits Alicia but she’s reluctant to talk. Later, Leyla and David are shocked by Alicia's admission...

Val's breathless but covers her coughing fit when Pollard arrives. She's worried about her doctors' appointment and snaps about Alicia, leaving Pollard annoyed and in need of space from her. Later, alone, Val gets herself ready but is unable to stop coughing. She slumps against the door, struggling for air. Soon after, Emma and Finn find Val on the floor, unsure whether she is still breathing. Both are terrified as they realises the gravity of the situation whilst Finn calls an ambulance. How will Pollard react when he finds out and will Val be okay?

Marlon rallies about Laurel's job hunting. Later, Doug finds a bottle of vodka stashed under the sink and Laurel tries to cover. She is on edge when Doug insists they have lunch together and an honest chat.

Pearl’s at the pub, she cancels her direct debit for her gas bill, unable to resist her urge to gamble but is later devastated when she learns the horse she backed didn't win.

Thursday 5th March (episode 1)

In the hospital, a worried Pollard and Finn sit and wait for news about Val, who still remains unconscious. Pollard's determined to see her, despite doctors encouraging him to leave her to rest. As she sleeps, Pollard reassures her, but is alarmed when her breathing suddenly worsens. As machines start to sound and medics dash in, Pollard and Finn are ushered out. Val’s son Paul arrives shortly after as a nurse approaches to explain Val's condition and the family prepare themselves for the worst...

Alicia is afraid to leave her house, worried what people think about her. Whilst Chrissie tells Robert she's taking Lachlan away for a while.

Marlon struggles with his money issues and feels guilty it is impacting on April. Kerry's frustrated to have Tracy living at Dale Head and storms out after they argue, but will Sam be able to persuade her to let Tracy stay another week? Debbie tries to convince Andy to see his kids but he's reluctant, she and Robert are worried for him.
Thursday 5th March (episode 2)

At the hospital, Val's family urge her to get better but she's still unresponsive. The doctor questions Pollard about resuscitation but Pollard insists  “resuscitation” won’t be necessary. On the ward, Pollard begs Val to come back then breaks down in tears.

Alicia arranges to work a shift at the Woolpack. But is she as confident as she is making out?

After chipping her tooth, Pearl seems concerned about the cost to repair it and is alarmed when she makes a call to the bank. Later, Rhona and Paddy leave Pearl to lock up the surgery, handing her a signed blank cheque to fill out. Will Pearl give in to temptation?

A rough looking Andy arrives to see the kids but the visit does not go to plan leaving father and daughter more distant than ever.

Kerry and Tracy’s feud steps up a gear. Guilt sees Laurel pour herself a glass of wine. Emma is struck by how much Finn care’s for Val whilst Paul picks up on vibes between FInn and hospital nurse Darren.

Friday 6th March

Andy sleeps on the sofa besides his wedding album. Later, a worried Debbie and Victoria confront him over his behaviour but Victoria accidentally spills beer over the album and Andy throws them out. Victoria's concerned to later hear Andy ordering whisky in the pub. Bernice sees the state Andy is in and invites him back to hers where he tries to kiss her but is pushed away. Drunken Andy persists resulting in Bernice slapping him. He leaves embarrassed and glowering whilst Bernice is left feeling shaken. Andy is undeterred as he sets his sights on Tracy… 

Laurel continues to feel useless as she keeps thinking about her hidden bottle of vodka. At the salon, Bernice tells Ashley about her make-up party business and he suggests Laurel could help out hosting the events. Could this lift Laurel’s low mood?

Leyla's concerned about Alicia and goes to tell David, leaving him worried. Alicia covers to David explaining it was nothing. Soon Alicia is flirty with him and he's concerned though eventually reciprocates…

Pearl gets in deeper with her gambling. Kerry finally throws Tracy out. At the hospital Finn and Darren continue to flirt, has he pulled?


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