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Bernice falls into Andy's arms

James tries to track down Emma

Chas's fear puts Diane in peril

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 23rd November

Bernice is determined to continue with her wedding, but Kerry is determined to her what she will be missing if she signs up to a sexless marriage. Will seeing Andy half naked make Bernice see sense? A horrified Chrissie watches as the pair disappear together...

Joanie is disappointed Zak hasn't changed his mind about her moving out and sad at his coldness towards her. Meanwhile, Zak struggles with his true feelings for her. When Joanie comes to collect her things she is surprised by Zak’s reaction...

Chas tells Diane that Emma was behind the break in. They call a truce but it’s going to be a slow road for these friends. Meanwhile, James is out trying to track down Emma who has left the village to start afresh and is already working at another surgery. But can Emma forgive her family for their judgments and will she want to return the village after the accusations? And have they misjudged her after all?


Tuesday 24th November (hour long episode)

On her wedding day, Bernice wakes up with Andy after their night of passion in the salon.Bernice is shocked that Lawrence still wants to marry her, and makes her an unusual proposal. Will it go ahead?

Aaron's upset to see Chas overreact and burn her hand in the process. Meanwhile, Dr Cavanagh tells Emma she can have her job back but on probation. Chas is shocked to see Emma back working as a nurse when she goes to get her hand checked and struggles to hold in her anxiety.

Joanie pushes Zak into a corner telling him they need to talk he can’t ignore what happened. Joanie agrees not to tell Lisa, who returns to the village. But can Joanie and Zak really ignore what happened between them?

Wednesday 25th November

Chas awakes to find a large kitchen knife by her bed, and Cain sets out determined to sort Emma. Later when a tipsy Diane accidentally smashes a glass in the pub, Chas awakes with a start and heads downstairs with the knife...

Nicola tries to sneak out after spending the night with Jimmy. Later, Laurel lets slip Nicola’s time in Dubai was not plain sailing.

Thursday 26th November (hour long episode)

Diane is unconsciousness as Chas tries to stem Diane's bleeding. Aaron arrives and does his best to pretend Chas is in danger whilst the police are there but as soon as they leave, he tells the others they can't find her and she was the one who stabbed Diane. Meanwhile, Diane has been rushed in for surgery at the hospital.

Carly's surprised to see April still up and is persuaded to let her stay up longer. April tells Carly she has toothache so Carly takes her to find some medicine. Later David get’s a shock to hear the shop alarm going off and is surprised to see who the intruders are.

Robert shocks Andy by suggesting killing whoever it was who stabbed Diane. Emma and James are uneasy to think there was a stalker after all and are concerned for Chas when they learn about the stabbing, unaware it was Chas who did it.

Friday 27th November

Everyone is worried when there are complications with Diane's surgery.

Nikhil invites David out for a drink to celebrate his birthday, saying it's the best offer he's going to get. David later decides to give his deli bar a trial run, grateful Nikhil and Leyla both want to be with him, ignoring the tension between them.

Lawrence tells Chrissie that Bernice needs their support, seemingly forgetting about the trial. Lachlan's worried by the tension. When Emma is questioned by the police about Chas, she's thrown to know the knife was meant for her.


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