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Rakesh starts a fire

Nicola's life is in danger

Laurel faces temptation

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 27th June

Rakesh is desperate to blame the dry rot on any work Jimmy and Nicola had had done, and when he looks up his insurance documents, it gives him a dangerous idea ...

Holly's drug taking leads to potential disaster when she falls asleep at the wheel on the way to a client.

Chrissie interrupts a moment between Bernice and Andy.

To Priya's joy, Vanessa agrees that she and Rakesh can look after Johnny sometimes.

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Tuesday 28th June (NB hour long episode or two half hours depending on football this evening)

After arranging an alibi, Rakesh pours white spirits over the flat, only saving Kirin’s basketball medals. He strikes a match and runs out ...

Nicola finds herself in deadly peril when she sneaks back to Mill Cottage to retrieve her and Jimmy's bag of sex toys. As a box of white spirit explodes, she if left trapped and screaming for help.

Lawrence tells Ronnie he wishes he was dead. When he returnss to Bernice at Home Farm, he swears he isn't gay. Will Bernice agree not to leave him?

Emma and James rush towards burning Mill Cottage, despairing to see their new home in flames. Meanwhile, a worried Victoria accidentally sprays Finn with red Identispray.

Wednesday 29th June

Rakesh is conflicted over the fire. He is relieved to discover the investigating police officer is a friend, but horrified that people have been seriously hurt.

Nicola is checked over in hospital and discharged. But it isn't long before things take a turn for the worse.

Andy spies Lawrence holding an unconscious Ronnie's hand in the hospital.

Gabby and Jacob kiss.

Thursday 30th June (episode1)

There is further worry for Nicola, Jimmy and Rodney. What will the consultant's tests reveal?

Ashley plays hide and seek with the kids but panics when he finds the front door open and Angelica missing ...

Jimmy accuses Rakesh of negligence. Gabby puts pressure on Jacob to get them some booze.

Thursday 30th June  (episode  2)

Jacob and Gabbie get tipsy and play ‘Never Have I Ever’. Jacob says he likes her and they kiss, but the game is soon up for the young pair ...

Laurel's anger with Ashley turns to relief.

When Emma tells Lawrence his existing medication means he can’t take erectile dysfunction pills, he takes matters into his own hands.

Friday 1st July

Laurel, Ashley, David, Leyla and Bernice all end up arguing over whether Gabby or Jacob is more to blame for recent events. But when Laurel declares that that Gabby and Jacob can’t see each other any more, Gabby gets her revenage in a shocking way.

When Ashley tries to comfort Laurel, he makes matters worse by accidentally calling her Harriet. Later, Harriet is worried for Laurel when she confides her fears. Later, Ashley forgets that Laurel is an alcoholic and offers her some wine. Will prenant Laurel be tempted to drink it?

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