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The village says farewell with Betty

Vanessa and Kirin face the music

Jai puts pressure on Rachel

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 25th May

Debbie explains to Pete and Finn that Ross, who is about to fight, is in trouble, urging them to help her find him. They soon find Ross at the venue preparing for his big fight, seemingly determined to go ahead.  Debbie and Cain are shocked to learn Zak's pawned all Lisa's jewellery to bet on Ross winning the fight. As the fight ensues it makes for uncomfortable viewing, but when Debbie witnesses an exchange between Ross and Charlie she realises there's more riding on this than meets the eye. Will Debbie get through to Ross? And what will Pete make of Debbie’s over concern for his brother?  Later, Charlie's bouncers sweep Ross away and soon after gun shots are heard…

It’s Betty’s “Going Away” party and the pub is decked out especially for her but everybody is worried, as Betty has gone AWOL. Concerns grow that perhaps her new mystery fancy man might be out to get her money. They are worried she hasn’t known her new man long enough. Eventually, Laurel finds Betty and the pair share some heartfelt words. Everyone heads outside the pub as Betty returns to say her goodbyes. In true Betty style, she bids farewell to the village, leaving her friends and family gob smacked as she is driven away in an enormous limousine.

Bob gives Brenda the silent treatment over both Carly and the shop and Brenda’s worried she's overstepped the mark. Later Bob gives Carly hope suggesting he could invest. Carly is dubious, knowing Brenda will not be keen. Will Bob find a way to get around the Brenda hurdle?

Adam tells Victoria he wants to move in with her and they make up their differences. Laurel's been to her first AA meeting and is grateful for Ashley's support. Harriet agrees to Laurel staying until she finds somewhere else. Laurel hides her upset when a scared Arthur hurries away after seeing her.


Tuesday 26th May

With Ruby due back tomorrow, Sam and Rachel decide to make the most of their last day alone together. The day takes a turn for the worse when Archie has an accident and needs to go to hospital. The doctor offers reassurance to Rachel, but when Sam is alone with the doctor, Sam makes a grim discovery which puts his whole relationship into question…

Pete struggles with his jealousy over Ross as Debbie tries to assure him he’s all she wants. But as Pete remains uncertain, Debbie insists there is no point in them being together if he doesn’t trusts her. At the garage, Pete confronts Cain over Debbie and Ross convinced there is more to it, but Cain puts forward a convincing case to persuade Pete otherwise. Can Pete find a way to prove his trust in Debbie once and for all?

With Vanessa suffering morning sickness, Paddy soon puts two and two together and realise she's pregnant. Concerned the news is spreading, Vanessa and Kirin decide it’s time to face the music and tell Rakesh. But how will he react?

Carly announces her grandad's lent her the money for the shop and Bob covers his guilt over her lie when Brenda is relieved it wasn’t him who lent the money. Brenda thinks David should consider Carly’s offer and David agrees to listen. Will Bob and Carly’s secret set up come good?

Leyla puts on a brave face as she suggests to Jacob they plan some fun things together before he leaves. Carly and Ross enjoy each other’s company.

Wednesday 27th May

Sam's evasive when Lisa asks if he and Rachel have split. Rachel's scared to tell Jai about Archie's accident but he later finds out from Lisa. Soon Rachel is horrified when he threatens her with court. Rachel explains, hoping she's done enough to reassure him. Jai purposefully winds Rachel up and soon once again a fracas ensues which has Rachel exactly where Jai wants her, in trouble.

Vanessa tells Kirin about Rakesh wanting her to have a termination. Rakesh is irked to be told they’ve decided to have the baby no matter what. Carly and Leyla are surprised Vanessa is pregnant and Leyla begins to wonder whose the baby’s dad is. Adam admits to Moira he had a thing with Vanessa. Could Adam be the father of Vanessa’s baby?
Thursday 28th May (episode 1)

Adam admits to Aaron that Moira knows about the baby. Moira tells Cain what's going on and warns Adam the truth will come out if the baby's his. Vanessa’s taken aback when Moira threatens subtly,  she either comes clean over the baby or she will. Scared Vanessa orders a private DNA test and soon she and Adam sit apprehensively as the nurse arrives. Meanwhile, Kirin's back from college early. With Vanessa with Adam getting a test, will their one nightstand now be exposed?

Rishi's annoyed at Jai’s games when the police arrive regarding Rachel’s 'assault'. Jai enjoys telling them about Rachel's violent temper. Sam and Rachel make up but suddenly the police arrive and she is arrested when she pushes an officer.  She pleads with Sam not to let Jai take Archie. Has Jai’s plan worked?

Alicia discovers Paul wants them to move to Portugal sooner and she dreads telling Leyla. Leyla's devastated and pleads for them to stay. But will Alicia listen?

Andy thinks Bernice is hitting on him when she suggests they meet for a drink so she lies she has a boyfriend and Andy agrees to see her later. Cain tries to console Noah after Charity's said she doesn't want him visiting again.
Thursday 28th May (episode 2)

Vanessa sends Adam upstairs as she finally lets Kirin in but Kirin can tell something’s wrong when he spots the nurse. Vanessa tries to cover but Adam’s phone gives his presence away and he finds Adam upstairs. Kirin is furious when Vanessa makes the admission.  And Kirin vows to kill Adam. Meanwhile, as Adam prepares to tell Victoria the truth, Kirin storms in…

Rishi's shocked to find Rachel’s been arrested and Jai now has Archie. Sam fails to plead Rachel's case but is impressed when Rishi arrives and fights his corner. Appalled at his son’s behaviour Rishi's determined to give Jai some home truths…

Alicia’s furious when Leyla tries to change Jacob’s mind about Portugal. Later down in the dumps Leyla offloads to Jai and before too long it leads to something else! The attraction clearly still between them as they leave their drinks and head home..

Bernice is under pressure as Andy asks about her new boyfriend and trapped when Diane suggests she invite him to the pub.

Friday 29th May

Adam’s relationship is in tatters as Victoria refuses to talk, throwing a bin bag of his belongings at him. Rakesh thinks Kirin should focus on his education, but is frustrated when Kirin tells him he can’t walk away if the baby’s his. Meanwhile, Robert suggests Victoria gets revenge on Adam and she’s alarmed when Robert sets him up with stolen goods. Rakesh asks Leyla for Vanessa’s number but while she’s out of the room he spots the DNA results letter and takes it. Once home Rakesh is horrified when he reads the results! What will Rakesh do with the information?

Leyla gets rid of Carly by sending her to the shop but as Jai comes downstairs, after having spent the night with Leya. She’s firm telling him it was a mistake. But later she’s shocked when Jai returns telling her she’s all he can think about. Is the affair back on?

Kerry devises a story to kill off Bernice’s fake boyfriend as Bernice wells up.


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