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Debbie does some digging

Robbie blackmails Finn

Cain puts pressure on Belle

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 21st April

Ahead of Adam’s 22nd birthday party, Katie looks through old photos of him as a child and James is struck by a particular picture of himself with Moira and John. Bringing back memories of what happened that night, he persists in reminding Moira of their past feelings. James makes it clear how he is suspicious Adam maybe not be his nephew after all…

Telling Declan she is going to the beauticians, Charity secretly goes for her appointment at the clinic, leaving Declan to bond with Noah. Overcome by emotion, Charity opens up to the consultant about why she can’t have the baby and books in to have an abortion straight after the wedding. She arrives home to find Declan has told Noah about his future sibling. Will Charity stick to her decision?

Jai’s continued interest in Charity has created cracks in his relationship with Megan. But after confiding in Nicola, Megan seems intent on fighting for him. Will Megan find a way to capture his attention?

Angry with the mediocre reference Declan gave him, Finn decides to get his revenge when he comes across Declan’s credit card. Chas lets slip to Cain she is planning his wedding to Moira, how will he react?  Val prepares for her date with Clive despite Victoria’s concerns it is too soon. All seems to be going well until Val admits she is HIV positive.



Tuesday 22nd April

Though Moira is keen to dodge James and his questions, it is not long before he finds the opportunity to air his suspicions. With Moira insistent James has got it wrong a frustrated James slams the tractor into reverse and inadvertently directs it in the direction of Adam, forcing him to dive out the way. But despite this James remains determined not to let the subject drop. Later, Moira explains Adam was born two months early meaning he is definitely John’s son. But is this the truth and has she said enough to silence James? One thing is certain Moira is increasingly uncomfortable with James’s presence at the farm.

Zak asks Debbie to talk to Belle, desperate to find a way to get through to his daughter. Debbie lays it on thick, giving Belle a few home truths about prison in the hope she will change her plea. But when it seems Debbie’s words have failed to change her mind, Zak decides drastic intervention is required.

Finn tries to secretly return Declan’s credit card but Robbie catches him in the act. Robbie attempts to blackmail Finn, will Finn buckle under pressure?

Charity is uneasy when Noah talks to her about the new baby and is cross with Declan for telling him. Chas and Cain discuss wedding plans. Val tries to convince Pollard her date went well but is wounded to think that Eric knows otherwise.

Wednesday 23rd April

With tensions still running high and James having ground to make up with both Adam and Moira, he is pleased to have heard about a good deal he can secure on a silage trailer. Moira tells him to go for it and to get £10,000 from the bank. On returning with the cash, James pulls up near the garage where Cain and Moira had been chatting. Suddenly a car Ross is working underneath gives way. and Ross screams. They all rush over to him, leaving the money temporarily unattended. All are flustered though Ross seems okay. Panic soon reignites when James realises the money has been taken. How will Moira react when she hears of the ‘missing’ money?

Despite Zak’s drastic measures, an angry and humiliated Belle reiterates she has not changed her mind about pleading guilty. An overwhelmed Zak cannot listen to it anymore; he struggles to breathe and pushes past Belle and Lisa. Later, Cain finds Zak in the barn and it quickly  becomes clear he is having a panic attack. As Zak worries he has failed Belle,  Cain does his best to calm his distressed father having seen him in this state before.

Finn is forced to assume Declan’s identity after Simon tracks him down at the Haulage officer. Simon is impressed by Finn’s supposed wealth and invites him out for a drink at a pricey champagne bar, triggering Finn to take Declan’s card again. Despite having a fun night as ‘Dexy’ Finn’s bubble is burst when once again Robbie catches him red handed. But will Finn’s words of explanation strike a chord with Robbie?

Pete is bewildered by Debbie’s bad mood and attempts to find out what is behind it. Dom bleakly realises Gemma will not be able to attend an upcoming film festival but coldly surmises Belle wont be able to either, given she will be pleading guilty tomorrow.
Thursday 24th April (episode 1)

At the Dingle’s, all are anxious when the solicitor questions where absent Belle is. Zak and Lisa feel guilty they have driven her out of the house. Concern grows when Belle is still yet to return and a determined Cain sets off to find her. Meanwhile, Belle is gathering her thoughts at the cafe when Cain arrives. He lays it on thick how Zak is in a really bad way due to her. He issues Belle an ultimatum, go to court and play the martyr or get in the car and see what is happening to Zak. Later, Zak and Lisa arrive at the café to discover Belle has left with Cain and alarm bells ring. What is he playing at and where has he taken her? Will she make it to court on time?

Finn is worried about his Dad’s decision to move out whilst a guilty Moira assures Finn both he and Pete are welcome to stay. James informs Chas he is looking for somewhere to stay but she tells him he can move in to the pub with her until he get’s himself sorted out. Finn implores Moira to talk James around unaware of the full story.

Sean asks his dad to take him to the court. Debbie is frosty when she returns home to find Pete minding Sarah and Jack, but why? Jimmy learns Bernice is opening a salon in Pear Tree and tries to explain the sentimental value the office has to him. Rhona is suspicious when she learns Donna changed the time of the school viewings meaning Laurel could not attend.

Thursday 24th April (episode 2)

After Cain’s scare tactics, Belle arrives at court with seconds to spare.

Pete arrives for his meal with Debbie but finds she is more preoccupied with Belle’s trial than him. He’s taken aback when she suggests he takes Sarah out on her bike but when he takes the stabilisers off, Debbie snaps at him for putting her daughter in danger. Later in the Woolpack, she overhears Harriet telling Vanessa about Clare’s Law and how you can get someone police checked if you are worried about them, giving Debbie an idea.

Bernice measures up Pear Tree for her boutique spa, exciting Kerry at the prospect of her new job but she soon learns Jimmy has other ideas about moving office. In an attempt to persuade him otherwise, Kerry finds herself refusing to leave and there is  a stand off with Jimmy.

Moira is shocked and guilty to discover James has moved into the Woolpack she offers to talk to Tim about James moving his herd to a Spate Farm whilst retaining his deal with the supermarket.

A suspicious Rhona warns Laurel to not let Donna take advantage of her leaving Laurel a little unnerved.

Friday 25th April

In a bid to prove his love, Sean plays the hero and reverts to attacking the police office in order to get arrested, much to Dan and Ali’s shock. Lisa worries his antics will have made the situation worse for Belle. After being released, Sean visits Belle who has come up with a plan of how she can get out of going to prison, to have a baby…

With Kerry and Jimmy still at loggerheads over Pear Tree, they resort to competing over who will let go of the keys first. Whilst asleep, Jimmy manages to sneak the keys from Kerry but will he succeed?

Pete asks Debbie out on a date but she tells him she’s busy that night. Later that evening, Ross watches as Debbie lets DC Flanagan into the house and presumes she is cheating on his brother. It couldn’t be further from the truth as Debbie conducting a background check (Clare’s Law) on Pete, still cautious after having dated serial killer Cameron! Later, Ross tells Debbie he knows about her lying to Pete, but can she convince him to stay quiet?

Vanessa continues to look after a distressed Dom who is obsessing over Belle’s trial. Megan and Charity bicker over the new office. Chas continues to play wedding planner and sets a date for Cain and Moira’s wedding but James seems less than impressed by the news.


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