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Diane is banned from the funeral

Hope is pinned on finding Carly

Is Kirin over Vanessa?

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 31st August

Aaron hears Andy tells Chas the barn has been sold and he will probably never know why Katie went there that day.

Lawrence invites Bernice to an exclusive ball, and she is delighted he seems keener than she could have hoped for.

Pollard is angry at Diane's interference and bans her from Val's funeral.

Emma and James announce that they are back together to a muted reception.


Tuesday 1st September (hour long episode)

Diane decides to go to the funeral but dreads the prospect of facing Pollard. The stage is finally set for a very unconventional funeral.

Kerry gives Connor, a good-looking guy she thinks is a reporter, directions to Home Farm. At Home Farm, Connor kicks a stable door off its hinges before regaining his composure and heading towards the house.

Andy offers Aaron an olive branch. But soon, Aaron's uneasy when Andy finds Katie's phone bill and goes to call the last number Katie dialled before she died…


Wednesday 2nd September

Connor arrives at Home Farm, covered in bruises and tells Lawrence he was beaten up because he's gay.

Tracey and Finn wonder what to do with the pictures of Val from the funeral and are surprised when Pollard arrives claiming to be fine.

Aaron feels guilty when Chas says it would have been Katie's birthday. Later, Andy's grateful when Aaron tells him to remember the good times and promises things will get better.

It's moving day for Jimmy, Bernice, Rakesh and Priya, but Priya's clearly unhappy. Rodney organises a date with a client as Hunter's back in business, and Jimmy's thoughtful when he learns Rodney gets £200 for a date.

Thursday 3rd September

Lawrence talks to his solicitor about the assault but reiterates the problem of his son-in-law still exists and needs sorting - quickly. Soon after, Robert suggests to Lawrence he could do some digging on Connor, but will Lawrence allow Robert to help him, and is Robert’s help genuine?

Rodney's asks Jimmy to entertain his date. But things take an unexpected turn.

A stressed Harriet lies to Brenda she's close to finding Carly.

Chas worries when Aaron packs a bag to go to London for a while, sure there is more to it than he's letting on.
Friday 4th September

Brenda finds Carly and tells her she might never see Bob again if she leaves. Will Brenda be left disappointed by Carly’s reaction? Meanwhile, in his cell, Bob tries to make small talk with Ged and soon is making a very big ask of Harriet.

Vanessa and Kirin decide to go to a networking event in Birmingham, as friends. Priya and Rakesh are concerned to hear they are planning on staying over.

Rodney convinces Jimmy to do something illegal.


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