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Victoria's under pressure

Finn plays detective

Laurel neglects Leo

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 30th March

Finn worries he has lost Darren but Victoria is determined to sort things out.  Meanwhile, Emma and Val are displeased when Darren arrives back in the village and offers to take Finn out. Val puts a plan into action in order to sabotage their date. Later, an emotional Val struggles to take her HIV medication. But not long after Val offers fake sympathy to Finn but has she gone too far?

Priya is frustrated to learn Georgia has taken down her online dating profile but is left thoughtful after a confrontation with Rishi. Does she have a plan to reunite her Mum and Dad?

Victoria tries to remain upbeat after talks with Moira about Adam moving into hers. Chas later realises Victoria hasn’t told Adam how she really feels...

Will Aaron accept Chas’s offer of money to buy Robert out of the business?

Marlon comes downstairs as Laurel tries to hide wine bottles, she then takes Daisy out for a walk and uses it a an opportunity to ‘dispose’ of the evidence...


Tuesday 31st March

Finn has a list of candidates he believes might have trashed Darren’s car. Firstly accusing Ross and then a stunned Emma, who is left heartbroken. Elsewhere, Val is now guilt ridden. Will the truth come out or will Finn continue to blame Emma?

Victoria struggles to hide her turmoil on her birthday and later, unable to take it anymore, snaps at Adam telling him the truth spelling the end for Adam and Victoria.

Kirin attempts to reach out to Vanessa but she is adamant she doesn’t want his pity leaving him thwarted. Later in the pub, Single Vanessa drinks wine to take her mind off her test results tomorrow. She soon finds a broken-hearted Adam and the pair console each other sharing another bottle of wine. As they drown their sorrows, one thing leads to another!

Marlon worries about finances when Pollard says his assistance is no longer required at the B&B. Later, Laurel is unsuccessful at setting up more pamper parties and soon resorts to taking a glug or two from a large glass of wine. When Marlon arrives home, she hastily hides the evidence of her drinking. He breaks the bad news to her but is keen not to dwell, suggesting a trip away as a family for Scott’s wedding, but will Laurel be keen?

Georgia enters the pub to find Rishi sat waiting by himself, the pair soon realise they have been set up on a date by Priya. But will her matchmaking pay off?
Wednesday 1st April

Adam and Vanessa wake up in bed together and immediately regret their actions. Later, Kirin finds a scared Vanessa procrastinating from getting her test results ands it’s not long before he manages to convince her of his love and unwavering support. Elsewhere, Victoria finds Adam, insisting she wants to be with him, always did. After a one-night blip, both relationships are back on track, but would they be if either Vanessa or Adam decided to be honest and come clean?

Laurel’s waiting to go to on the family trip to London but is torn when Kerry makes mention of a party she is holding for Dan. The temptation proves too much for Laurel who convinces Kerry to lie to Marlon in order to free her up to attend. Soon the party atmosphere takes a massive dive when Laurel has more than one too many and ruins the evening.

Emma and Ross are irked to learn it was Val who caused the damage. Emma confronts Val, telling her how Finn feels about her and she has lets him down. Will Val be able to right her wrongs?

Thursday 2nd April (episode 1)

It’s the morning after the night before and a defensive Laurel insists to Doug her drink must have been spiked. But Laurel’s alarmed when he suggests they go and get explanations from those responsible and it’s not long before her lies are exposed. Laurel continues to be defensive, insisting Doug is over-reacting but is mortified when Doug explains she wasn't just sick, it was worse than that. Marlon arrives and the atmosphere is tense, will Doug reveal all to his son-in-law?

Vanessa is determined to be honest with Kirin about Adam before he finds out from someone else. Meanwhile Adam leaves a voicemail confessing all to Victoria but will he regret his actions?

Despite Finn’s attitude over things Val still feels guilty and is determined to get the pair back together.

Rachel is thoughtful when Ruby suggests she get a job at the factory, but will Jai be as keen on the idea? Rishi is concerned about the new house Georgia has found. Will Priya manage to get Rishi to admit he still has feelings for Georgia?

Thursday 2nd April (episode 2)

Doug talks to Marlon about matters but Laurel’s defensive and relieved when April distracts Marlon. She desperately pleads with Doug not to tell him about April drinking her vodka. Marlon returns and asks Doug to leave so he and Laurel can discuss things. Will Laurel be able to talk her way out of this? Or is the wake up call she needed?

Adam concocts a plan to get himself out of the mess. Later in the Woolpack Victoria becomes suspicious of Aaron; will they be able to keep hold of the secret?

Jai tells Ali he isn’t going to give Rachel a job. Later Ali is shocked to learn from Dan that Sean is in intensive care after an accident.

Rishi is hopeful about getting back together with Georgia. Val tries to explain she was trying to protect Finn and has a plan to make amends.
Friday 3rd April

Laurels determined to keep on top of things. Marlon cautiously hopeful heads off to work. Will he listen when Doug explains how serious Laurels drinking is? Later, Laurel is anxious and heading to Smithy with the kids. But in her anxious and desperate state, should Laurel really be in the position to be looking after the children?

Val reads out her blog confession to Pollard. Tracy is impressed by Val’s bravery.

Jai annoys Rachel when she needs someone to look after Archie, but Rishi gives Jai food for thought. Later, Ruby and Rachel have a go at Jai about his attitude.

Emma opens her divorce papers from James. Later Emma touches a nerve with James about Chas. Jai feels for Rishi but when Georgia fails to notice Rishi’s efforts, Priya makes a new plan of action.


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