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Andy and Bernice get close again

Lawrence is shot

Chrissie shows her true colours

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 25th July

When Andy drowns his sorrows with Bernice one thing leads to another… but will Chrissie catch them in the act?

Rakesh is under pressure as he continues to hide his money worries from Priya.

Chas demands the truth from Robert.

Rhona isn't convinced by Marlon's answers when she asks if there is anything going on between him and Carly.

Tuesday 26th July (hour long episode)

Chrissie is shocked by what she sees in Holly's photos. And when she goes to Home Farm, she's horrifued to hear a gun shot. Inside, she finds Lawrence collapsed on the floor...

Andy is left wondering what he's done wrong when Bernice, Chrissie and Lachlan all turn their backs on him.

Despite trying to throw the village gossips off the scent, the tension between Marlon and Carly is palpable. And then, she leans in for a kiss ...

Rakesh is tempted to tell Priya the whole truth. But will he?

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Wednesday 27th July

When Chrissie and Lachlan hear the police are searching the grounds at Home Farm, she heads off to find the gun’s hiding place. But when she later overhears Andy leaving a message for Bernice, her plans change to ones of revenge.

Carly and Marlon both confide their worries to others that last night's actions may have spoilt their friendship.

Victoria is touched by Adam's efforts.

Thursday 28th July (episode 1)

It's not looking good for Andy when the police don't seem to be listening to him.

Can Marlon and Carly fix things?

Charity enters a competition for best Publican.

Thursday 28th July (episode 2)

Andy hopes that he will be able to clear his name, but Chrissie has other ideas.

Victoria returns as Gabby and Liv are in mid raid. Will Gabby get away without Victoria realising it’s her?

April encourages Marlon and Carly to talk. Meanwhile, Lisa urges Ronnie to tell Lawrence how he feels.

Friday 29th July

Things take a turn for the worse at the Thomas house.

Chrissie enjoys putting on a show as her revenge plot continues.

When Moira learns Adam and Victoria were burgled, she thinks it’s Simon. Despite Holly's pleas, she decides to warn him off.

While Robert tells Aaron he is going to visit Andy in prison, Ronnie visits Lawrence in hospital and asks him to give them another go.

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