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How long can Bob and Carly sink?

Brenda fears the worst

Aaron and Robert give in to passion

Emmerdale catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Emmerdale episodes

Monday 6th July

Carly’s dismayed to find the shop flooded, her panic rising even more when she tells Bob she forgot to insure the shop. When Brenda complains the builder hasn’t turned up to start work on Gennie’s memorial playground, despite the fact she’s already taken the money out of the bank, Bob listens and starts to eye up the cash. Elsewhere, desperate for money Carly blackmails Val, demanding money or she will tell Eric about the fraudulent loan, but Val refuses. Will desperate times call for desperate measures?

At the factory Megan tries to get involved with work, Jai snaps at her but Rishi has her back. She arranges to meet with Leyla, knowing Jai was on his way to see her, enjoying ruining their plans. Later, Jai confides in Megan it’d be better for them if Rachel was out of a job, and whilst she feigns agreement she is seriously concerned. Can the two women out smart Jai?

Ross offers to help a stressed Debbie forget about her worries, but fighting her conscience she walks away. Meanwhile, Pete worries about her lack of interest in the wedding. Later on, Ross and Debbie kiss, arranging to meet up at Dale View, but their plans are ruined when Pete tells guilty Debbie he’s taking her away for the night. Can Ross contain his jealousy?

Paddy prepares to euthanize Hamish but Zak worries when Belle insists on being there for his last moments. Afterwards, Belle reassures them she is okay. Lawrence fumes at Robert for gifting Moira with a grain auger, but will Robert win him round when he explains it’s a good PR stunt?


Tuesday 7th July

Brenda’s upset convinced someone has stolen the memorial money. Meanwhile, Bob asks Carly for the money back, but she insists it’s too late.  Bob approaches Val for a loan, but on her refusal is left feeling even worse. Later, Bob discreetly plants money from a payday loan company in Brenda’s apron. But it doesn’t have the desired effect. As when Brenda finds it, knowing she’s already checked her apron, starts doubting her memory. Things are exacerbated when Carly suggests she has been absent minded lately and Val supports the idea. Later Brenda approaches Chas worried her brain tumour is back and wanting Chas to accompany her to the hospital. Confiding that if the tumour has returned, this time she’s going to let nature take its course.

Aaron is initially uneasy when Robert offers to help them on the farm and Andy’s surprised when Robert offers to help out more often. Later, Robert tells Aaron that Cain’s blackmailing has ended; Aaron insists they don’t owe each other anything anymore. After a day of hard graft, Andy suggests they all go for a drink but Aaron makes his excuses and is defensive when Chas later asks about his day. Paddy and Chas are concerned to learn Robert spent the day with Aaron. Paddy promises to speak to Aaron, determined to keep them apart.

Finn tries to find out what’s bothering Ross, convinced it’s something to do with Debbie and is left suspicious by Ross’s reaction. Kerry offers to look after Kyle but soon Kerry and Val argue with it escalating into a full-blown fight with paint. As they fight, toddler Kyle deletes Dan’s course assignment.  Belle lays flowers at Hamish’s grave, Joanie comforts her.

Wednesday 8th July

Paddy attempts to steer Aaron away from Robert but his plan is ruined, resulting in Robert and Aaron being left together alone. The attraction’s still there between them. Paddy warns Aaron he should stay away from Robert but when Robert suggests a drink Aaron defiantly agrees. Later, the sexual tension is bubbling as Robert and Aaron flirt and end up kissing, lost in their passion. Paddy is shocked when he turns up and finds them together. Later, a frustrated Paddy puts a plan into action as he writes a letter to Chrissie. Later, Robert unwittingly hands her the letter. She reads  ‘Rein your cheating husband in’...

A determined Brenda sets off to the hospital with Chas, steeling herself for what’s to come and terrified for her scan. Soon Brenda’s relieved to have been given the all clear, but is shocked to see Bob has arrived at the hospital and Chas admits to having called him. Bob hugs Brenda tightly, overcome with gratitude and relief, as he struggles with his guilt.

Dan been re-writing his essay for college, Kerry’s sure she can do hers in her lunch hour. Later Joanie and Kerry argue over what is best for Kyle. Rakesh questions why Kirin can’t stay away from Vanessa, Priya explains it’s called ‘love’. Carly’s annoyed to get another plumbing bill telling Bob they need more money.

Thursday 9th July (episode 1)

With the note on her mind, Chrissie scrolls through Robert’s phone but is caught when he walks in, so she shows him the note. Fuming, Robert explains it’s a pathetic joke and heads out, with a good idea who sent it. Approaching Aaron, Robert accuses him of sending the note. But Lawrence comes over, interrupting and asks Robert to be director of the business. Later, Robert’s suspicions are confirmed when he sees Paddy and Aaron arguing. Robert confronts Paddy warning him to back off. Later, at the farm Paddy has just rescued a calf and is climbing out of a grain pit when slips back off the ladder hurting his leg, he calls out for help but Andy doesn’t hear. A menacing Robert is lurking and seeing Paddy trapped, unseen flicks the grain auger on. As the grain starts to flow, filling up the pit with Paddy in it, Paddy screams, unheard for help over the noise of the machine...

When Vanessa has wrongly assumed the money was from her father. And is about to go and visit him but faltering.  Kirin realises something is wrong and Vanessa confesses she thinks the money has been sent by her father. Meanwhile, Priya explains to Rakesh she is not happy with the situation but she’s accepting it.

Rodney returns home from Amsterdam with an X rated gift for Jimmy which backfires! Dan argues with Kerry over her college course commitment and whilst they row, Kyle wanders off. Carly’s plumber won’t start work without payment. Unable to pay, the workmen pack up to leave. Lawrence has a proposition for Robert not only to be a director of the business but he’s put him in his will.

Thursday 9th July (episode 1)

Poor desperate Paddy is still stuck in the grain pit, calling out for help, knowing this could end very badly indeed as the grain level continues to rise. Unseen Robert watches on from the shadows. As the grain gets higher Paddy attempts to climb out, but falls banging his head and knocking himself unconscious. The grain is now covering his unconscious body. Robert peers over, in some way thrilled but also worried. Elsewhere, Marlon’s frustrated Paddy has stood him up and Chas worries something is wrong….

Vanessa explain to Kirin she doesn’t want to talk to her dad and isn’t ready to go and see him, Kirin offers his support and later Rakesh fumes Kirin has missed his interview.  Kirin explains about Vanessa’s dad giving her the money and Rakesh feels awful.

Kerry is relieved to find missing Kyle safe with Joanie. But Dan tries to unpick the damage Kerry has done.

Rodney questions how Nicola will react when she finds out the full story on Tracy. Jimmy is adamant she won’t. Later Rodney queries Jimmy’s feelings for Tracy.  Carly spots Lawrence’s advert. 

Friday 10th July

Chrissie’s still suspicious of the note, Robert reminds her of her own cheating. Will the truth over what Robert did surface?

Vanessa confides in Carly about Rakesh paying her off in order to keep Kirin at bay. Carly realises Kirin must really love Vanessa for Rakesh to have to do that and asks Vanessa if she feels the same. Vanessa goes to find Kirin and admits it was Rakesh who gave her the money. Once home, Kirin packs his bags, fuming at his father. He is moving back in with Vanessa. Once there they discuss their future. Kirin insists he loves her but can't deal with raising Adam’s child. Meanwhile, Priya suggests Rakesh should come clean and tell Kirin he’s actually the father.

Tracy twigs Rodney’s aware of her past career and is ashamed leaving Jimmy concerned for her. Jimmy comforts her as she worries the village will find out. Promising her they won’t, Rodney fumes at Jimmy’s kindness. Alone, Tracy thanks Jimmy for defending her. Is Jimmy aware what is on Tracy’s mind?

Distracted Ross covers his anger whilst he listens to Pete talk about his night with Debbie. Struggling to listen to them plan their wedding, he gets up and goes. Debbie watches him leave and is left wrestling with her mixed feelings. Later, Ross leaves Debbie floored when he tells her he’s ending things with Carly to be with her… Ross receives a text from Charlie reminding him of his final payment, tomorrow. Bob worries over his debts, so a desperate Carly turns to Ross for help.


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