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Channel 5

Kyle collapses

Leah questions Charlotte's motives

Josh starts using drugs again

Home and Away preview (what happens this week)

Last week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 28th September

Ricky and Phoebe are waiting by Kyle’s bedside when the doctor comes in. He doesn’t have any internal bleeding or organ damage from where he was stabbed but the doctor is concerned about the severe bruising to his brain as a result of the beating. If he doesn’t improve, he may die. Ricky and Phoebe are shocked.

At the Diner, Ash is updating Marilyn & Irene about the situation with Kyle. Irene sends her love and Marilyn offers for her and John to take Casey. But Ash insists he’s got it under control as he heads home with a screaming Casey. Meanwhile, Chris and Irene continue to dicuss preparations for the topless waiter beach banquet. Hannah overhears and offers up some trestle tables she has at her house. Irene gives Chris the job of picking them up.

The next morning Ash is tired from taking care of Casey all night as Andy brings him a coffee. John and Marilyn arrive soon after him and again offer to take Casey. Ash insists he can handle it, even being a little sharp. John tells Ash that he’s doing a stellar job but really Marilyn is so keen to get her hands on Casey, she’s not going to let up until they take him for a while. Ash relents. Andy takes Ash for a surf and Ash is pretty quiet. Andy wonders is it’s just about Kyle. Ash tells him Phoebe’s pregnant – he’s not sure if it’s his or Kyle’s and he doesn’t know what Phoebe’s planning on doing. Andy admits that’s complicated. Ash is clearly unsettled about the possibility of being a dad.


At the hospital, Phoebe believes it’s her fault that Kyle’s here. He only left town because of her and Ash; he never would’ve been in that fight if it wasn’t for her. Ricky tries to tell her that none of this is her fault but Phoebe can’t shake the feeling that she should have seen this coming. Later, Phoebe heads down the corridor for some food as Ricky talks to Kyle, willing him to wake up. Finally his eyes flicker, and Kyle wakes. The doctor gives them all the good news that there’s no brain damage evident and Kyle should be able to go home soon. Ricky insists he’s coming home to her place. Then Kyle sees the cops waiting outside his room to question him about the stabbing – what trouble has Kyle gotten into?

Chris is at the farm house to pick up the tables when Denny wakes up and finds him in the kitchen with a half naked man – Hannah’s new “friend”. Hannah comes out of the bedroom and offers to help Chris get the tables into his car. Chris says she doesn’t have to but Hannah makes eyebrows, hinting that she’s trying to find an excuse to get her new “friend” out of the house. Chris plays along and gets him out of the house. Chris then encourages Hannah to keep enjoying the single life.

Denny runs into Ash at the surf club and asks how he’s doing – she mentions that Phoebe and her talked. Ash realises she knows about the pregnancy. Ash tries to play that he’s fine but Denny makes him talk. He admits it’s a lot to get his head around. He’s offered to stick by Phoebe even if the baby is Kyle’s. But Ash isn’t sure that’d even work. And what if it is his? He doesn’t know anything about babies! Denny tries to calm him, saying that Phoebe and Ash are a strong couple, but Ash’s worry doesn’t dissipate.

After the cops leave his room, Kyle admits to Ricky and Phoebe that he’s being charged. They have footage of him entering an illegal poker game and he was assaulted over a dispute about money. Ricky and Phoebe are both furious that Kyle would be so stupid. They ask if he gave them anything to go on to catch his attacker? Kyle gets angry, he doesn’t see the point. He just wants to get past this. The cops have let him go on bail for the time being. Kyle then starts to get out of bed, saying he’s leaving. Ricky and Phoebe are both alarmed and try to stop him. Kyle gives them an ultimatium – either I come home with you guys today or not at all. The girls have no choice but to agree.

Meanwhile, Irene, Marilyn and Roo are enjoying having their topless waiter auditions for the banquet. Chris walks in with Hannah, late from collecting the tables. Turns out him and Hannah incidentally spent the day together. As Hannah sees all the topless waiters, she comments it’s like Smouldr in 3D! Chris questions whether that dating app really works. Hannah gets excited and suggests Chris gives it a try. He’s hesitant but says maybe just for fun. Hannah agrees there’s no harm in just having fun. Marilyn observes Hannah and Chris’s growing friendship from afar.

The girls arrive home with a sullen Kyle. As Ash walks in to greet them, Ricky immediately asks if he’s forgotten something. But Ash tells her Casey is fast asleep in the flat. Ash checks that Phoebe’s ok and Phoebe gives him the eye to be quiet. As Ricky and Kyle exit the room, Ash surmises that Phoebe hasn’t told Kyle about her pregnancy. She says she’s decided not to tell him until she knows exactly what she’s going to do. She knows Kyle will have trouble handling it at the best of times, let alone when he’s at death’s door. Ash is supportive. The following morning Ricky asks if either Phoebe or Ash will watch Casey while she goes out to get breakfast. Ash’s had enough babysitting for a while so Phoebe volunteers to stay behind. Phoebe chats away to a sleeping Casey, unaware that the baby monitor is on and Kyle can hear her in the share house. Phoebe tells Casey that he might have a little cousin coming soon, and will he promise to take care of it? Kyle rushes in and asks Phoebe – what did you just say? Phoebe’s secret is out.

Tuesday 29th September

Phoebe has just told Kyle about her pregnancy. He asks if she would have told him if he hadn’t overheard? She promises she would have when the time was right. He asks is she going to keep it? Phoebe doesn’t know. Kyle is reeling. He says the two of them broke up because Phoebe didn’t want to settle down; didn’t want kids. Phoebe says she’s not sure she does now but it’s not clear cut once you’re in the situation. She still hasn’t decided what to do. Kyle gets angry. He thinks Phoebe’s waiting to see who the father is before she decides. Phoebe insists it’s not that simple. Kyle is now yelling – she can’t just drop this bombshell then expect Kyle not to have a say in what happens. Phoebe is firm that it’s not his decision. Kyle threatens to get a lawyer involved if he has to. At that moment Ricky and Ash arrive home. Kyle warns Phoebe not to do anything stupid then walks off.

Ricky runs after Kyle and asks what he’s doing? Kyle starts ranting and Ricky’s silence makes his realise she knew, which makes him more angry. Kyle winces in pain. Ricky says they should get him checked out at the hospital; he’s still meant to be there anyway. But Kyle won’t leave until he knows what Phoebe is going to do with the baby.

John, Alf, Marilyn, Irene and Roo are all discussing final organisation for the beach banquet when they bring up Chris’s duties. He’s talking with Hannah, not even listening. They’re looking on Smouldr for dates for Chris. Irene and Roo roll their eyes. Chris gets a match and Hannah suggests he sets up a date for tonight. Hannah has one too and they can coordinate and be each other’s wingman! The pair are excited, as Marilyn is eyeing their interaction pointedly.

Kyle is still on Phoebe about her decision when Nate turns up at the share house. Phoebe and Ash make a quick exit as we realise Ricky has called Nate to come. Nate checks on Kyle’s wound – it’s infected. Nate says Kyle needs to go to hospital to get the stitches changed but Kyle won’t budge. Ricky tells Nate this is why she called him. Kyle says he can do it here. Nate is adamant he’s not comfortable with this but Ricky pleads with him; it’s this or Kyle won’t get help at all. Nate succumbs and stiches Kyle up on the couch. As he leaves he tells Ricky this has to stop; Nate can’t keep bending the rules for them. Ricky agrees and thanks him. Ricky then has a go at Kyle– he’s been stupid getting himself into this situation and now refusing to go to hospital. Not to mention how he’s treating Phoebe. Kyle insists he should have a say in what happens but Ricky reasons it doesn’t mean he has the right to threaten Phoebe. Kyle realises that was too much. But all he’s ever wanted was a family and this is his chance; he just can’t let it go.

At the surf club Ricky is having juice with Ash and Phoebe when she runs into Nate. She thanks him again for what he did but he reiterates that he won’t do that again. As Ricky moves off, Kat comes up, having overheard. She asks Nate what he did so he tells her about treating Kyle at home. Kat wonders why Ricky and the Braxtons seem to have Nate on call. Nate brushes it off and they head out, but Kat seems a little unsettled. Ricky returns to Ash & Phoebe and tells them what Kyle said about having his own family. She agrees it doesn’t excuse his attitude but suggests maybe if Phoebe and Ash sit down with Kyle and talk, they can work something out together.

Hannah and Chris both turn up at the diner for their Smouldr dates. They both compliment each other on the way they look and share a few last minute tips. Their banter is easy just as Chris’s date arrives. Hannah wishes him luck as Marilyn watches. Chris’s date turns bad quickly when he finds out his match has no sense of humour. Hannah’s isn’t going any better when her date goes on about his cat and how he loves living with his mum. Both escape to the counter for a moment and they find relief that they’re both in the same position. Later in the night, Hannah’s date walks out on her and Chris gets a milkshake poured over him. Clearly these weren’t good matches! Marilyn, who’s been spying on them the whole night, makes the bold suggestion to Irene that Chris and Hannah would be better suited for each other. When Irene mentions this to Hannah, she’s adamant that there’s nothing between her and Chris.

Back at the share house, Ricky is mediating a meeting between Kyle, Phoebe and Ash. Kyle speaks first and wants Phoebe to promise him she won’t terminate the pregnancy behind his back. Phoebe says that IF she decides on that, she doesn’t need anyone’s permission. Ash pipes in that Kyle can’t tell Phoebe what to do. Kyle arcs up as does Ash, and it soon becomes a screaming match between the boys. Phoebe’s had enough and storms out. Ash runs after her but she’s angry they both turned it into some macho argument. She needs some time away from everyone to think. Ash tries to reason he was only protecting her and it’s hard for him too. Why is he being punished? Phoebe is sick of Ash making this about him, and says she’s needs space from him as well. She leaves Ash standing in the street, crestfallen. For the rest of the night, Phoebe takes some time alone to think. Meanwhile Ricky gently chastises Kyle for his behaviour, suggesting it’s not the way to go if he wants this to be his chance for a family. Kyle thanks Ricky for having his back then heads to bed. Once he’s alone, it clear Kyle is hiding just how much pain he’s still in from his injuries.

The next morning, Phoebe’s invited Ash over to talk. She’s calm and tells Ash she’s been up all night thinking. Phoebe’s come to a decision – she’s keeping the baby. Ash is supportive if this is what she wants. Meanwhile, Kyle wakes up dizzy, struggling to stand. He goes for a drink of water but collapses in the kitchen. What’s wrong with Kyle?

Wednesday 30th October

The surf club is a-buzz with preparations for the fundraising beach banquet for Leah & Zac. Chris is helping out so Marilyn puts him to work, but suggests he gets a helper. Why doesn’t he ask Hannah? Chris obliges but Irene clocks what Marilyn is trying to do. She tells Marilyn that she spoke to Hannah and she’s not interested. Marilyn isn’t convinced. Ricky brings Casey by the club and the ladies fawn over him. They ask how Kyle is…

Kyle is still on the kitchen floor, awake, but in a lot of pain. He manages to get up and stumble outside. He hears John’s voice in the distance and tries to make it to the fence and get his attention, but Kyle collapses again. John doesn’t see him and drives off.

Charlotte and Andy are enjoying each other’s company in bed. Andy goes to grab a shower as Charlotte gets a call from her mum telling her Hunter’s missing again. Charlotte calls Hunter until she gets through. She asks him where he is and Hunter lies, saying he just went for a walk. Charlotte asks him to be patient, she will tell Zac about him when the time is right. As they say goobye we see Hunter is actually in Summer Bay, right near the caravan park.

At the farm house Nate and Kat are having a playful discussion over who’s dish is best for the beach banquet, as Hannah walks out of her bedroom. Kat asks about the Smouldr date and Hannah admits he was a dud. But then she goes on to explain that Chris was there and it wasn’t so bad. Kat asks if Hannah’s into Chris? What! Hannah vehemently denies there’s anything there. Kat insists there was a big smile on her face when she was talking to him. At the mention of Chris, Hannah gets a text – it’s from him. Nate notes he’s keen. Kat suggests to Hannah maybe Chris is looking for more than friendship.

Leah, Zac, Oscar, Evie & VJ are all heading out to the banquet. Alf hangs back and promises to see them there soon. Then Hunter turns up at the back door and asks Alf if he can rent a van. When Alf asks where he’s from Hunter is purposely vague. Alf says he’ll need ID for the van rental just when VJ comes back in having forgotten something. Hunter sees him and quickly slinks away without VJ or Alf noticing.

Kat turns up at the flat to ask Ricky where Kyle is – he hasn’t checked in at the station as part of his bail conditions. Ricky is surprised he’s not next door so Kat gives her another hour to find him. As she heads out with Casey to hop in the car to go look for him, she spots Kyle collapsed in the yard. She rushes to him but he’s unconscious. She calls an ambulance.

At the hospital, Nate is teasing Hannah about Chris, asking if she’s set up the first date yet. Hannah admits that Chris has messaged her 15 times today. Nate encourages her to just be up front and tell him that she’s not interested. Just then Ricky arrives with Kyle and the Ambos – she tells Nate she found him unconscious as Nate hurries to assess him. He tells Ricky that Kyle’s got septicaemia. Nate realises he should have made Kyle come to the hospital yesterday; he never should have treated him at home. Now this is on Nate. Kyle is very sick. Ricky tells him there really wasn’t a choice but Nate knows that there was, and he made the wrong one. He could get in real trouble for this. They’re both worried about Kyle.

Leah, Zac and the kids have turned up for the banquet. Leah insists she helps do something, so seeing John with loads of stuff in the car she runs over. Zac isn’t looking where he’s going and literally runs into Hunter. It seems like Hunter is waiting for something but Zac is called away by John before Hunter can say anything to his father. Later, as the whole group enjoy the banquet and Chris introduces the best dish competition, Hunter is watching from the sidelines. The topless waiters all come in, including Andy, which Charlotte quite enjoys from her spot at the table. Hannah turns up from the hospital, ready to let Chris down easy. She awkwardly asks if Chris has feelings for her and he smiles, then brushes her shoulder, getting rid of the tickets she’s got on herself! Chris tells her not to worry, if he was actually cracking onto her she’d know about it. As he walks away, is Hannah looking disappointed?

Alf makes a speech, thanking everyone for their efforts in helping put on this fundraiser. Leah is a very deserving person for their support. As Charlotte is listening she suddenly notices Hunter hiding by a tree close by. She quietly gets away from the table, grabs Hunter and pulls him away, but not without Andy seeing the two of them. Charlotte drags him into the diner to ask Hunter what he’s doing here. He says he thinks it’s time Zac knows about him. Charlotte’s had her chance and he won’t wait anymore. He storms out as Charlotte tries to stop him, but fails. They walk over to the banquet just as Leah and Zac are making their thank you speech. Zac is grateful this will help them get their lives back to normal. Hunter interrupts…Normal? Wouldn’t be the word he’d use. Charlotte whispers for him to stop as Zac asks her what’s going on. Hunter says to Charlotte, that’s a good question Mum. Zac asks who he is? Hunter turns to Zac – I’m your son.

Thursday 1st October

Zac is still reeling after Hunter’s bombshell reveal that he’s Zac’s son. Zac is adamant this is all a misunderstanding. Hunter insists Charlotte tells Zac the truth but Charlotte asks Hunter to go back to the motel and wait for her there. Leah and Zac are both unsure what’s happening as Charlotte asks to speak to Zac alone. Leah reluctantly leaves them. Zac immediately turns on Charlotte – how could you not tell me you had a son? She says she was looking for the right time. Zac counters, in front of everyone at the banquet was not the right time! Charlotte begins to explain that she found out she was pregnant a few weeks after they’d broken up. Zac says, if this kid really is his, why didn’t she tell him? He had a right to know. Charlotte saw that Zac already had another girlfriend and she wasn’t even sure she’d keep the baby so she decided not to tell him. But Hunter is his. Zac’s struggling to comprehend this when Hunter walks in. Charlotte tries to tell him to go but Hunter wants to talk to Zac. Zac can’t; he leaves. Hunter is annoyed but Charlotte thinks he’s done enough – how could he tell Zac in that way, in front of everyone. Back at her motel room, Andy shows up to check on Charlotte. She quickly ropes Andy into watching Hunter while she goes out. Once she’s gone, Hunter warns Andy off Charlotte, saying she never gets close to anyone so he might as well give up now.

Zac returns home to explain things to Leah. He tells her everything Charlotte said and Leah is surprised Charlotte kept it from him this long. Zac admits he didn’t stick around long enough for her to properly explain, it’s just a shock for him. Leah agrees, the kids are in shock as well. As they’re talking, Charlotte arrives and Leah invites her in to talk. All three sit down and Charlotte opens up about all the reasons it took her so long to tell Zac about Hunter. She also heard about his prison sentence and that scared her. Charlotte apologises for not saying anything sooner but she wanted to get to know Zac again first. She tells Zac about how Hunter has always been interested in who his father is, and he’d really like to get to know Zac now. Zac is still processing and tells Charlotte he can’t even think about that right now. He stands, indicating it’s time for Charlotte to leave. After she goes, Leah ask Zac how he is but he can’t even answer her.

When Charlotte returns to the motel, Hunter immediately bolts. Andy tries to stop him but Charlotte tells him to forget it. She thanks Andy for staying and he asks about Hunter. So that’s the baby photo she has in her wallet? Charlotte apologises but she couldn’t tell him until after she spoke to Zac. She won’t be surprised if Andy hates her. He doesn’t, but Andy suggests maybe they should cool it for a while, this was never meant to be serious anyway. Charlotte is curious as to the real reason why he wants to end it between them, not knowing Hunter planted the seed of doubt. Charlotte tells Andy she genuinely likes him and wants to keep seeing him. Andy relents.

The teens are at the surf club discussing what happened. They all feel for Zac being lumped with such shocking news. Then VJ asks what the guy looked like that pushed Josh down the stairs. He thinks it might have been Hunter. Oscar mentions that it was weird the person only took a family photo and nothing else. VJ thinks Hunter is the same height and build as the guy he chased. As Evie points out there’s no proof it was him, Hunter walks into the club. VJ heads straight for him and asks if he pushed Josh down the stairs. Hunter pretends he doesn’t know what VJ’s talking about. VJ stands up to Hunter, demanding he admit it. Hunter acts all macho and shoves VJ. He pushes back hard and Hunter falls to the ground and cuts his lip. Evie firmly warns VJ to back off and Hunter walks out. Back in Charlotte’s motel room, she tends to Hunter’s lip. He tells her that the teens know about the break in, which makes Charlotte worry they’ll connect Hunter to the fire at Leah’s as well. Hunter assures her that won’t happen. Hunter asks what happened when Charlotte talked to Zac. She admits Zac needs more time to process, which Hunter sees as a rejection. He’s getting impatient. Charlotte pleads with him to wait for her to sort it out but Hunter desperately wants to talk to his father.

Back at the house, Leah’s heard about the tussle between VJ and Hunter and she’s furious. Oscar and Evie try to explain it was because they suspect Hunter of being responsible for the break in. Zac warns they can’t go throwing accusations around. Evie backs it up, saying they don’t know anything yet, not even if Hunter is really Zac’s son. Zac tells the teens that he believes that Hunter is his son after talking to Charlotte. They ask what’s next? Leah says it’s Zac’s decision. Later, when Alf checks on Leah, she’s a little shaky. Alf takes her hand and reassures her that atleast her & Zac can decide how to tackle this together. Leah says it’s Zac’s decision; she’s just there to support him and the kids. But she’s wary of Charlotte and the way she’s gone about this. Leah’s not sure if she can trust her now.

Charlotte’s managed to calm Hunter down and they’re having lunch at the motel. Hunter suggests maybe he should go home but Charlotte wants him to stay. Then there’s a knock at the door – it’s Zac. He asks Hunter if he wants to go for a walk. Hunter’s happily surprised and accepts. They chat awkwardly about Zac’s past then Zac hedges.. this is weird isn’t it? Hunter agrees. Zac decides to take the pressure off. Why don’t they just hang out, get to know each other, and see how that goes. Hunter’s chuffed that Zac wants to hang out and they agree to take it slow. Meanwhile, Leah turns up at Charlotte’s motel room. Charlotte tells Leah she never meant to deceive anyone but Leah’s not so sure. She wants to know why Charlotte got close to their family whilst continually hiding the truth about her son. Leah’s curious about what Charlotte really wants so calls her on it - will Charlotte tell her the real reason she’s in the Bay?

Friday 2nd October

Charlotte is trying to assure Leah that she has no alterior motive; she just needed to find out what kind of man Zac had become before she told them about Hunter. Leah checks that this isn’t a tactic to make a play for Zac. Charlotte admits she did think what if? when she first got here, but as soon as she found out Zac was engaged to Leah she was happy to leave the past where it is. Charlotte considers Leah a friend and never wanted to lie to her but this was about protecting her son. Leah tells Charlotte she should’ve been honest from the start. Shortly after Leah leaves, Charlotte runs into Zac at the surf club who’s returned with Hunter. Charlotte mentions that Leah came to see her. Zac then confronts Leah, wondering why she went to see Charlotte on her own? Leah says they still need answers and she doesn’t trust her. Zac believes Charlotte explained everything and it made sense. Leah’s not satisfied. Zac is annoyed that Leah hasn’t even asked how it went with Hunter for the first time. The two are at a stale mate and Leah walks out upset. Meanwhile at the diner, Josh is being tempted by Damo into buying more drugs. Matt comes up to Josh’s table after, says he half recognises Damo. Josh makes up some lie about where he knows him and Matt’s none the wiser.

Later that night, Alf chats to Zac who’s avoiding heading to bed to Leah. Alf sheds some light on where Leah is coming from. She’s not mad about Zac having a kid, she’s frustrated at how Charlotte handled it. She’s trying to work out where she stands. Zac admits he hasn’t really thought about how all this is affecting Leah. The next morning, Zac heads into the diner to see Leah. They both apologise and Zac admits to Leah he forgot that it’s a lot for her to deal with as well. Leah asks how it went with Hunter and Zac says it went well. Zac’s surprised how together Hunter is and how well he’s handling this. Zac asks if Leah would go and talk to Hunter too – if’s he going to have Hunter in his life he wants the whole family behind him. Leah’s reluctant but when Zac expresses how much it would mean to him, she agrees.

Josh is falling asleep studying, getting frustrated he can’t do anything. He scrolls through his phone till he finds Damo’s number. Josh meets up with Damo and and asks for some “stuff” – same as last time. Damo doesn’t have any more, but he does have something better. A stronger version of the other stuff. Josh is hesitant but as Damo makes to leave, Josh gives in and buys some. He returns home and looking at all the study ahead of him, he takes one of the pills.

Maddy’s grilling Alf about Roo’s new boyfriend before she has breakfast with James and Roo. Roo comes downstairs, nervous as hell. Maddy teases her a bit, but concedes if this guy is important to Roo, Maddy’s sure she’ll like him. Meanwhile at the Diner, Leah sees Hunter come in and decides to approach him. He’s curt but she sits down anyway. She apologises that they got off on the wrong foot but Hunter interrupts saying he only cares about Zac. Leah tells him that Zac would really like the two of them to get along. Hunter isn’t interested in getting to know her; he wants nothing to do with her. As he walks off, Leah’s deflated. Over at another table, Roo, James & Maddy are getting along swimmingly. James asks why Maddy is keen to study Nursing. She explains her time in hospital, how she came to rely on the nurses. She wants to give that same support to others. James is impressed she knows what she wants already. Maddy’s flattered and jabs Roo. I see why you like him! At the end of lunch, Maddy’s given James her seal of approval.

Matt is raiding Leah’s fridge when she comments she hasn’t seen him around the house much lately. Matt says he’s happy flying solo, plus a new teen’s just turned up in the family! Leah faces drops. Matt apologises but Leah it’s more annoyed that she’s letting the situation get to her. Matt thinks it’s more than understandable, especially when Charlotte said nothing that whole time they were getting to know her. Matt brings up that he was probably the one who broke into their house too. Leah is adamant they have to drop that, for Zac’s sake and Hunter’s. They have to get along no matter what Hunter says or does. Matt pulls her up on this; what did Hunter do now? She alludes to the chat she had with him but doesn’t tell Matt what he said. She asks Matt to drop it – they all need to make an effort with Hunter; end of story.

Matt runs into Hunter at the Surf Club and decides to start up a conversation. Hunter’s wary, as Matt picks up a pool cue to play. Hunter’s not interested in playing happy families but Matt’s not giving up so easily. Matt mentions that Zac and Leah have been there for him when he most needed it so he owes them. Hunter not sure what that has to do with him so Matt spells it out – you hurt them and I’ll hurt you. The threat thrown down, Matt goes back to playing pool as Hunter takes this in. Meanwihle, Zac goes to talk to Charlotte about Hunter – he wants to know all about him. He’s still slightly hurt Charlotte didn’t tell him about Hunter sooner, but Zac admits she’s done a great job raising him. As Zac looks admiringly at the baby photo Charlotte has in her wallet, Charlotte eyes him fondly.

As Josh is studying his vision blurs and his breath quickens as the drugs take affect. He struggles outside, trying to catch his breath. He’s sweating profusely. Matt shows up to say hi and mentions that he remembers where he knows that Damo guy from. From old circles – he’s bad news. Matt says he hopes that’s not the guy Josh was scoring from? Josh admits it was. Matt says he’s glad Josh isn’t using anymore then. Damo’s drugs are cooked up in a backyard mixed with who knows what. Matt heads out, saying he just wanted to give Josh the heads up once he’d remembered him. As Matt leaves, Josh becomes panicked. He finds Damo immediately and has a go at him – how could you sell me this stuff? It’s not safe! Damo fobs him off, saying it all does the same job. Josh threatens to go to the cops but Damo counters that Josh has bought from him twice now – he’s Damo’s client. If he goes down, he’s taking Josh with him.

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