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Home and Away

Channel 5

Alf returns from the city

Brax decides to plead guilty

Phoebe learns she has a stalker

Home and Away preview (what happens this week)

Last week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 23rd March

John’s attempts to remove the ‘love mural’, which Josh painted for Evelyn on the side of the Surf Club, continue to be thwarted by Josh and Evelyn’s peaceful protest, which has now grown to include Jett and a large group of students. Marilyn joins the protest, after her attempts to convince John to keep the mural turns into an argument, she spends the night in front of it with the other protestors. John  is convinced it is only a matter of time before they give up and go home, but is dismayed to find them all still there the following day – now armed with a petition.

Oscar is late to Maddy’s chemotherapy session, but to her relief he eventually arrives - flustered and sweaty. She develops a temperature after the session, and Nate decides to keep her overnight for observation, as a precaution. After the session, Maddy asks Oscar to stay, in front of Spencer, who doesn’t seem to mind. That night before falling asleep, she tells Oscar how grateful she is for his support, and that she’s ‘not going to let him go’. The following day she wakes and is disappointed to find Oscar has already left for school. Alf bumps into Oscar at the beach, and he confesses that although he has been in love with Maddy for a long time – he is worried that she is only returning his affections because she is sick, and that her feelings won’t last.

Kyle believes he has convinced Kat to help prove Brax’s innocence, and while Ricky and Ash think it could work, Brax has serious doubts, and becomes increasingly evasive, avoiding his family, despite his promises to stick with them in the lead up to the trial. After much reflection, Kat decides to give the photographic proof of Brax breaching bail to Ash, and tells him that despite believing Brax is innocent of the murder charge - there isn’t much more she can do. After learning that his trial is only two weeks away, Brax disappears again, pushing Ricky to the edge. Ash finally tracks him down, and tries to set him straight – but will Brax listen?


Tuesday 24th March

The student protest to preserve Josh and Evelyn’s ‘love’ mural continues, until Alf returns from the city, and uses his clout as Surf Club President to put an end to it – citing Surf Club rules that prohibit artwork on the walls. Chris and John happily clean off the mural, but the victory costs John his domestic bliss with Marilyn, who is upset and refuses to talk to him – feeling he doesn’t understand what romance is.

As Sasha prepares to leave the Bay to go to Uni, while Matt stays to repeat Year 12 - they are increasingly nervous about what the distance will mean for their relationship – but neither wants to talk about it. Pressure builds and when Spencer ribs Matt about the potential that Sasha will ‘find someone better’, and they almost come to blows, but are separated by a teacher. Zac asks Matt to explain the fight or face detention, but Matt prefers detention – putting his plans with Sasha on her last night, in jeopardy.

After his confrontation with Ash, Brax wakes up to himself and returns to Ricky’s side. He agrees to work with Ricky and his lawyer to mount a defence. However, when they meet with the lawyer, he tells them that the prosecution’s case is watertight, and as they have no evidence to prove Brax didn’t kill Dean, he’s likely to be convicted, and face 20 years in prison. When his lawyer advises Brax to either accuse Ash (in order to create reasonable doubt), or to plead guilty and receive a lighter sentence, Brax becomes angry and to Ricky’s dismay, kicks him out. Ricky advises him to consider pleading guilty if he wants to be around for his son while he’s still a child. Will Brax plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit?

Wednesday 25th March

Brax tells Ash about his meeting with the lawyer, and Ash advises him not to plead guilty, as there is nothing worse than doing time for a crime you didn’t commit. However, after much reflection, he realises that he has to do what’s best for Ricky and his unborn son. He calls his lawyer and asks him to do a deal – he’s going to plead guilty. pleade

It’s Sasha’s last night in the Bay, and she’s planned a romantic picnic on the beach with Matt to say goodbye. But Matt can’t go because he has detention for fighting with Spencer. Sasha is angry and disappointed, and tells him not to bother – she’ll see him in three weeks when she gets back. While in detention, Zac convinces Matt to talk to Sasha about his feelings. Matt later shows up at her house, apologises, and surprises her with a surprise candlelit dinner and Mexican-themed feast. They finally talk about how they will deal with having a long-distance relationship, resolving to talk every day, and to take turns visiting each other every weekend. As they say goodbye, Matt finally admits to Sasha that he loves her.

Hannah is still bedridden following her accident and is unwilling to go outside, while Andy waits on her – never leaving her side. When she tries to cancel her physio appointment, Nate shows up at the house unannounced, and tells Andy he thinks Hannah is hiding behind him, and that she needs to draw on her own strength and push herself, if she’s ever going to walk again. He confronts Hannah, and reassures her that he believes she can make a full recovery, but she is afraid it’s more likely that she’ll never walk again. When he tries to push her to get some fresh air, she becomes angry and kicks him out. Hannah later tells Andy that she wants to get a new doctor, but Andy agrees with Nate, telling her she needs to face up to her situation, and that he can’t keep doing everything for her – because he feels it is holding her back. Will Hannah be strong enough to overcome her injuries and walk again?

Thursday 26th March

Andy is trying to give Hannah more space so she’ll stop hiding behind him, and push herself toward recovery. But when Zac visits and tries to push her to go outside, she breaks down – admitting she’s afraid she’ll be bedridden for the rest of her life. Zac convinces her to at least change her clothes, and helps her sit in her wheelchair. This first step inspires Hannah, who finally realises she’s been in denial, and needs to take charge of her life to turn things around.

With Leah still in a coma, VJ is feeling lonely and attempts to reach out to Zac, who suggests they have lunch at Angelo’s. But when lunchtime rolls around, Zac is tied up helping Hannah, and forgets about lunch. While at the Surf Club, VJ overhears a call from Andy to Hannah, and learns that Zac has been at the Farm House all day, and decides it is a sign that Zac is moving on too. Zac soon realises what has happened, and tries to make it up to VJ, who accuses him of not being there for him, and of making promises he can’t keep.

Kyle, Ricky and Brax are all away, leaving Phoebe alone in the house. That night she is visited by a fan who has been secretly stalking her for weeks. She tries to stop him entering the house, but he knows she is alone, and to her horror, he enters. Is Phoebe in danger?

Friday 27th March

Phoebe has discovered she has a stalker, who forces his way into the house, while she is home alone. She tries to get him to leave, but he only becomes more insistent, saying he wants to help her by taking her away to his secluded home, where she can concentrate on her music. Terrified, Phoebe screams for help, and is fortunately heard by John next door, who rushes to her aid and chases him away. They call the police, and Kat arrives to take her statement. Kat explains that without a name there isn’t much she can do, but suggests Phoebe come and stay at the Caravan Park where Kat can keep an eye on her. The next morning, Phoebe takes Kat out for breakfast to say thanks, and find the stalker waiting for her at the park with a bunch of flowers. He runs when he sees Kat, and she catches and cuffs him, but after obtaining his name, is forced to let him go, as she can’t legally hold him. However, she takes Phoebe down to the station to file an AVO against him, promising Phoebe that it will stop him, and that if he comes near her again, she’ll be able to arrest and charge him. Phoebe isn’t convinced it will work, and she’s more right than she knows, as Ryan secretely continues to stalk her.

Marilyn’s still not talking to John, who’s been doing most of the housework all week, in the hope she will forgive him for removing the ‘love’ mural. She is proud of him when she witnesses first hand how he saved Phoebe, but to her dismay, the incident reinforces his conviction that the Bay is no longer safe, and that it’s time to move.

VJ is still mad at Zac, and is spending the night at the Palmer House instead of going home. When he realises John is serious about moving out of Summer Bay, he feels everyone he cares about is moving on. He packs a bag and heads to the bus stop - but is he leaving the the Bay for good?

Maddy develops a fever and is admitted to hospital. She calls Oscar, who has been avoiding her all week, but gets his answering machine. After receiving treatment, she recovers and returns home, to find Oscar waiting for her. He comes clean about why he has avoided her, and about his fears that her feelings aren’t real, and will disappear once she recovers. Maddy tells him she is sure of her feelings for him, and puts his fears to rest with a kiss. Could Oscar and Maddy be Summer Bay’s hottest new couple?

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