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Home and Away

Channel 5

Phoebe tells Kyle a harsh home truth

Charlotte takes desperate measures to cover her tracks

Marilyn pretends she's got her memory back

Home and Away preview (what happens this week)

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Monday 16th November

As Kyle and Phoebe desperately cling to the slim chance all is well with her pregnancy, they head to the hospital to receive the latest news with Ash, who is careful to try and keep everyone’s expectations realistic – even if she gets to full-term and her child is born, there are likely to be complications. When Hannah delivers them some encouraging news, Phoebe and Kyle are surprised and ecstatic, but Ash is worried she’s getting her hopes up too soon. Phoebe assures him she isn’t, and asks him to help her enjoy today’s results. On board, Ash takes Phoebe out for a picnic lunch on the beach, while Kyle checks the truthful chances of the pregnancy’s success with Hannah, who is careful to try and keep things in perspective, and tells him there is definitely some hope. But she’s worried that Kyle’s misread this information – there’s a long journey ahead, and everything must go right. On the beach, Ash suggests that he and Phoebe find their own place. Phoebe agrees, but her flat response raises Ash’s concern. Phoebe’s cramps start to escalate, and she admits something is wrong with the baby. Ash rushes her to hospital, and Kyle follows, but when he arrives, Hannah’s forced to reveal the devastating truth – Phoebe’s lost the baby.


Keen to help Marilyn get her memory back, Roo and Leah propose appealing to her senses – they will bring her some of her favourite foods, fragrances and recreate her stay-at-home honeymoon, hoping it triggers something. John thinks it’s a great idea, but doesn’t think it will help if he’s involved, so he decides to stay out of it. At the hospital, Marilyn asks Nate if he can get her in touch with her ex-husband Don Fisher so she can talk to him, which she thinks could help. Marilyn wants Nate to be honest about what she’s really facing, driving him to be upfront – the next two weeks are crucial – if she hasn’t remembered anything by them, she may have lost the last 20 years of her life forever. As Nate tries to track Fisher down through Roo and Leah, he learns that Marilyn loved him very much. John overhears this as he delivers the stay-at-home honeymoon items, and it’s a knife through his heart. He’s starting to lose hope that he’ll get his wife back. Roo and Leah visit Marilyn and present her with the reminders they’ve collected, but she can’t remember anything, and with the clock ticking, she breaks down, so scared she’s going to lose such a big part of herself. When John hears about how badly it went, it pushes him to visit her, unable to let her go through this alone. But his visit is interrupted when Irene arrives, and Marilyn’s heart soars, leaving John feeling even more on the outside than ever before. Irene promises that they’ll help her fight and get back to where she needs to be, which finally gives Marilyn the assurance that she needs. But can Irene really make this happen?

With Nate nervous about returning to work after a four week suspension, Kat encourages him to move forward and believe in himself. Nate’s grateful for her advice, and that they’re giving their relationship another shot. But his ego is futher bruised when he learns that James will be supervising him for the next week or so, and he’s forced to swallow his frustration. He unloads to Kat after his first shift, feeling like a med student again, but she tries to get him to see the positive side – he got through it, which is the main thing. Nate appreciates how good her support is for him, and they’re both happy to have each other again.

Tuesday 17th November

After losing the baby, Kyle and Phoebe return to their homes broken and changed forever. Phoebe shuts Ash out as he offers unconditional support, telling him that there’s nothing he can do. Kyle’s extremely worried about Phoebe, and Ricky suggests he go to her – the worst thing he can do is try to handle this on his own. As Phoebe continues to reject Ash’s help, Hannah suggests that he try not to take it to heart. Her recovery will take as long as it takes, and he needs to be patient. When Kyle visits to let Phoebe know he’s around if she needs him, she asks him to leave her alone too. Ash feels sorry for Kyle, but knows there’s nothing more he can say. Ricky checks in on Kyle, who finally admits that he’s hurt – he thought he was going to be a Dad, and get the family that he always wanted. He would have loved the child no matter what – but now he’s just completely alone.

Despite Hannah and Kat’s suggestion that Phoebe may just need some space, Ricky visits her, and offers flowers. But when she tries to relate her own experience to Phoebe’s, she’s shut down – Ricky’s body didn’t reject her baby like Phoebe’s did. Ricky decides not to push, and leaves Phoebe alone, fuming over her interference. Ash finds Kyle to see how he’s doing, but Kyle’s livid, criticising him for taking Phoebe out on a beach picnic when she should have been resting, implying it was the reason she lost the baby. Ash arcs up, adamant it wouldn’t have made a difference. The situation escalates into an argument, with Kyle accusing Ash of wanting Phoebe to terminate the pregnancy all along, and now with the baby gone, has Phoebe all to himself. Ash warns Kyle to stop, causing him to snapb and swing at him. As the fight escalates, Nate breaks it up, sending Ash away, but Kyle continues to try to bait him, and get him to admit this is what he wanted all along. When Ash arrives home, Phoebe pushes him for sex, but he can tell she’s just trying to avoid dealing with the pain, and stops her. Phoebe cracks, and breaks down in his arms, letting it all out.

Nate tells Ricky about the fight, and suggests that she check up on Kyle. She finds him smashing up the baby’s cot with a cricket bat, and eventually gets him to stop, and holds him as he breaks down as well. Phoebe heads out alone and runs into Kyle. He apologises, wanting them to help each other get through the loss together. But Phoebe can’t be around him – he’s been the problem the whole time. She didn’t want to be a mother, but he yelled and bullied her into it. If it was up to her, she wouldn’t have kept it, and now, here they are. Phoebe storms off, leaving Kyle, stunned and completely gutted.

Excited for the new journey ahead, Maddy and Roo move out of Alf’s house, and in with James. Maddy’s happy for Roo, but becomes suspicious when she finds James’ second phone in a kitchen drawer. James explains that it’s a work phone and changes the subject, doing little to convince Maddy that something strange isn’t going on. Then when James hestitates before agreeing to invite his parents to the housewarming, Maddy runs her thoughts past Oscar, but he thinks that the story checks out. Back home, Maddy goes to tell Roo about James’ second phone – but he arrives home, beating her to it, and reveals his parents are visiting next week! Roo’s delighted, but Maddy still can’t help harbouring lingering doubts…

Wednesday 18th November

Kyle enters Angelo’s angry, after being accused by Phoebe of forcing her into the pregnancy, and takes it out on Maddy, who is working her first shift. As broken Kyle drinks to numb the pain, guilty Phoebe tells Ash that she was awful to him, and decides she needs to fix things. But Kyle ignores Phoebe’s text, and when Andy suggests that getting drunk won’t help, he promises to ease up. Then when Maddy messes up a pizza order, Andy tells her to give it to Kyle, and he appreciates the gesture. But when Angelo’s closes, Kyle, more drunk than he realised, tries to kiss Maddy, only to have her pull away and interrupted by Matt before anything can happen. Meanwhile, Phoebe thanks Ash for his support through all her dramas, appreciating how lucky they are to have each other. Furious Roo arrives outside the surf club and checks that Maddy’s okay, before heading off to deal with Kyle. But he’s not at his place, and Roo tells Ricky what happened. Ricky finds Kyle near the beach, and he admits he wasn’t thinking. Ricky’s worried, pointing out that he isn’t himself, and he breaks down.

Ricky finds Maddy the next morning, and apologises for Kyle’s behaviour. Maddy’s surprised when Ricky assumes she may press charges. She is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and doesn’t want to stop working at Angelo’s. Roo’s concerned, but Matt promises to keep an eye on things. Ricky’s satisfied with the agreement, and heads off to check on Ash. Ash comes clean, telling her that he feels like he’s dodged a bullet – the next few years of his life would have became a constant negotiation of sharing Phoebe and the baby with Kyle. But Phoebe overhears this, and walks away, cold. Ash apologises, but Phoebe admits that a part of her is relieved as well. She’s experiencing so many different emotions, and Ash suggests they have a gathering to remember the babies. Phoebe’s unsure, but when she apologises to Kyle, he is on board with the idea – it feels right to say goodbye. Back at home, Ricky can see that Kyle is beginning to heal, as he picks up Casey and smiles.

Tormented by nightmares and visions of Denny, Charlotte struggles to hide the truth from Hunter. As the pressure of her secret builds, Charlotte hears Chris comment that no-one has heard from Denny yet, and her family are expecting she would have contacted them by now. With no other option, Charlotte tries to log in to Denny’s social media account, but cannot guess her password. She heads to Denny’s old place, and with the coast clear, searches for Denny’s left-over things, to see if she has written her password down somewhere. When she finally finds Denny’s box, and a notebook contained within, Chris arrives, and she’s forced to hide. Will she be discovered?

Thursday 19th November

Still unable to remember anything, Marilyn’s doctor discharges her – some time at home could help her regain her memory. Irene’s worried about putting her back in the community. Too much has changed since 1996, and she may not like what she finds. The doctor knows it won’t  be easy, but lying to her won’t do her any good either. The news that Marilyn’s been discharged spreads to the diner, sending John straight to the hospital to take Marilyn home. But when he arrives, Marilyn tells him that she is going home with Irene – she wouldn’t be comfortable staying with him, as she can’t remember who he is. John moves into the corridor, devastated – his wife feels further away than ever.

Back at Irene’s, Marilyn notices how much the house has changed. She asks Irene to update her on what all her old friends are doing – and Irene regretfully has to tell her that one of them, Chloe, passed away in a car accident. Marilyn’s shattered, struggling to cope with the reality of her situation. Chris finds John in Angelo’s, but is unable to cheer him up. John’s heartache pushes Chris to visit Marilyn to see if he can help, but his determination overwhelms her, and Irene has to take him outside. As Irene calms Chris down, Marilyn overhears his concerns for John – worried he won’t be able to go on like this. Later, when John visits, Marilyn sees him, and tells him she remembers him, and his heart soars. But as he hugs her, doubt is written all over her face – she’s making it all up…

Noticing Evelyn’s amazing mood, Leah’s curious – who is her new boyfriend? But when Evelyn leaves without revealing anything, Leah orders VJ to tell her everything he knows. Evelyn meets Tank on the beach, and he’s got a surprise for her. Unable to get him to elaborate, Evelyn’s charmed, anticipating something special. Tank takes Evelyn to the edge of a Jump Rock, and she’s scared. Tank gets more personal, and asks Evelyn what scares her most in life. But when Evelyn hesitates, he pulls back, and tells her he just wanted to know more about her. It wins Evelyn over, and she opens up about the deaths of her parents. Tank reveals that his Mum has died as well, and he doesn’t get along with his father. After the deep conversation, Tank changes the tempo, and asks Evelyn if she wants to jump off the edge with him. But it’s a long way down, and she’s still uncertain. Evelyn’s scared, but wants to face her fear. But as she goes to jump, Tank pulls her back. He can’t believe she was going to do that for him. They start kissing, and their passion escalates quickly. Post-coital, Evelyn’s on cloud nine when Tank tells her he could fall in love with her. Has she found the one?

Charlotte narrowly escapes being caught trespassing by Chris, and gets away from the farm house with Denny’s notebook. Back at home, she scans it for passwords, but is interrupted by Hunter, setting himself up on the couch after basketball training. But Charlotte sends him off to have a shower so she can continue looking. As her frustration increases, she finds Denny’s password, and logs in. She writes an update as Denny from London, and hopes it will be enough to convince Denny’s friends that she arrived there okay. Charlotte runs into Chris at the diner, and when he’s satisfied with the post, relief runs through her. But Charlotte has another vision of Denny, and has to leave diner. Will she ever escape what she did?

Friday 20th November

As Marilyn continues to lie that she remembers John, she uses any clues she can from their wedding photo album to fool John. Irene’s please that Marilyn is recovering, but doesn’t want them to overdo it and wear her out, giving Marilyn some relief. The next morning, Irene notices that Marilyn is acting a little odd, but gives her the benefit of the doubt, and suggests that they have Leah, Zac and John over to celebrate her memory coming back. Marilyn’s apprehensive about maintaining the charade in front of more people, but can’t turn it down without looking suspicious. Irene takes Marilyn to the diner to get the supplies for the lunch, and they bump into the teens. But Marilyn can’t remember any of them, or anything about the accident when Irene shows her where it happened. Irene’s suspicions are growing, and she keeps them to herself for now. But when Marilyn puts chicken on her plate at lunch, Irene’s sure that something isn’t right. She checks with Leah, who agrees – if she remembered her wedding day, she’d surely remember that she wasn’t eating meat then. Irene thinks she’s lying for John – she knows how much pain he’s in, and is trying to make things right. Irene confronts Marilyn, who admits that she couldn’t bear to see John suffer anymore. Irene thinks she should be honest with John and face the reality. It’s the only way she’ll get through this. Marilyn tells John the truth, and he’s heartbroken, unable to believe the life they’ve built together may be gone. When Irene arrives home to see how it went with John, she finds Marilyn meditating. Marilyn doesn’t know why she chose to, but it’s good news – Irene tells her that she took up meditation a few years ago. Marilyn’s remembered something!

When Evelyn shares with Maddy that she had unprotected sex with Tank, Maddy is worried, and suggests she take the morning after pill. Meanwhile, Oscar meets Tank at the diner, but is unsure what to make of him, getting the impression that he’s just saying what he thinks Oscar wants to hear. Evelyn arrives with Maddy, after having taken the pill, and is feeling nauseous, so asks Tank to leave with her. Evelyn tells Tank that she took the pill, and he apologises, guilty that he wasn’t more prepared yesterday. Tank also tells Evelyn that he would have gone with her this morning if she called him, making her feel loved, and they kiss. Oscar tells Josh that he thinks Tank was trying to hard to impress him, and Josh agrees, revealing that he is different in class, where he talks differently about Evelyn behind her back. Josh doesn’t trust him, leaving Oscar thinking he’s got something to worry about. Oscar debriefs with Maddy, but she thinks Josh is just jealous. Oscar doesn’t want Evelyn to do anything stupid, and Maddy, knowing she already has, hides her secret. Oscar and Maddy arrive home to find Tank looking after Evelyn, but still can’t shake his bad feeling about him. Zac and Leah meet Tank, but as Leah begins her inquisition, Zac pulls her away, saving Evelyn the humiliation. Tank wants to take Evelyn out to meet his mates, and she agrees, eager to repay him for looking after her. Later, when Tank arrives to pick Evelyn up, he agrees to have dinner with everyone one night soon. Oscar’s concerned when he sees them leave, but Maddy thinks he should relax. But when they enter Tank’s place, Evelyn’s confronted with a rough group of guys watching football and drinking beers. Can she handle it?

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