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Home and Away

Channel 5

Kat flirts with Nate

Ryan is arrested

Matt breaks up with Sasha

Home and Away preview (what happens this week)

Last week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 13th April

Maddy feels tired after her second round of chemo, and tells Oscar she needs to rest. Roo realises she hasn’t told him she’s returning to school, and Maddy reveals she wants to surprise him. When she doesn’t call him that afternoon however, instead using the time to get ready for her return to school, Oscar thinks she may be getting bored with the relationship.

Kat and Nate are getting increasingly flirty, as he confides in her about his divorce.

Ricky is angry at Ash and avoids him, blaming him for what’s happened to Brax. Ash tries to make it up to her and keeps checking on her, which only peeves her more. Denny pays her a visit, and Ricky opens up about her fear that Brax is shutting her out again, and her pain at being unable to visit him. Meanwhile, Brax struggles with being locked up and paces in his cell.

Kyle finds the rose on the bed and calls Phoebe repeatedly, but she doesn’t answer. When he can’t find her anywhere, he becomes concerned, and tells Kat, who says its too soon to do anything. Ash doesn’t want Ricky to find out about Phoebe’s disappearance – she’s been through enough with Brax – and he gets Denny to take her away on a trip to the city – while he and Kyle desperately look for her. Phoebe wakes up, tied up to a chair in Ryan’s motel room. He tells her he’s trying to save her – she’s  terrified. He makes her put on a dress and removes her make-up, in a bid to make her look the way she did before Neive ‘messed her up’. Will Phoebe be able to escape?


Tuesday 14th April

Phoebe has now been missing for a day, and Kat is able to file a police report. She searches Phoebe’s room for clues, and detects a signal from a recording device, which she is able to trace to a general area, which Ash recognises as the location of a motel he stayed in. Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to force Phoebe to perform for him. She gets him to untie her by pretending she needs to go to the bathroom – but finding there is no way to escape, she unlocks the door, and is forced to comply with Ryan’s demand to sing Amazing Grace. Moved by the song, Ryan closes his eyes, and Phoebe knees him in the groin, unlocks the door, and runs outside, right into Kyle’s arms. Kat arrests Ryan, and charges him with stalking, kidnapping and resisting arrest. Kat asks Phoebe whether she’d like to see a counsellor, but she refuses, telling Kyle she’s done with music.

Andy and Hannah are more in love than ever, as he uses his new found gym training skills to help her recovery.

After Nate gets some advice for him to move on with life he asks Kat out on a date which she is very willing to accept – will they get together?

Maddy is so excited to make her return to school as a surprise for Oscar, that she doesn’t call him for a day. When he doesn’t hear from her, he becomes convinced she’s going to break up with him – and finds he isn’t upset about it. As a second day passes, without word from Maddy, he decides he’ll be the one to initiate the break up. But as he’s on his way to do it, he runs into Maddy in her school uniform, and realises how wrong he’s been, and that Maddy loves him more than ever – but will Oscar break her heart?

Wednesday 15th April

Maddy returns to school and finds she has a tonne of work to catch up on. Oscar gets his assignment back and finds he’s gotten quite a low mark. Zac tells him he thinks that looking after Maddy is taking a toll on his schoolwork and he reveals that he doesn’t really feel the relationship is working, but that he can’t break up with her because of the cancer. Maddy get nauseus half way through the day, and is forced to go home early. After much reflection, Oscar realises it’s wrong to lie to Maddy about his feelings, and he tells her he wants to break up. Maddy is upset, but accepts it, and decides she’s going to return to school regardless – as it’s the best thing for her future.

Despite working hard at her physiotherapy, Hannah’s progress has been slow and she’s getting frustrated – Andy decides she needs a break, and prohibits all medical talk for the day. That night she discovers she can lift her leg!

Josh passes his driving test, and takes Evelyn for a drive. They park to watch the sunset, and Evie is so happy, she decides she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level…right then and there – but will they?

Thursday 16th April

As Evie and Josh are about to have sex for the first time, he gets cold feet, and tells her he doesn’t think she should lose her virginity in the back of a car. Evie feels utterly rejected, and thinks it means he doesn’t like her. However, when he surpises her by cleaning his room and decking it out with fairy lights, she realises how much he loves her, and they finally sleep together.

VJ has thrown himself into boxing training, as a way to deal with his anger at his Mum’s illness - but he is starting to get bored of hitting a bag. Keen to get in the ring and have a real fight, he convinces Jett to do it with him. However, when they ask John and Zac for permission, they both say no.

Matt and Sasha made it to the city in time for her to hand in her assignment, but while staying with her, Matt has gotten himself banned from her dorm, which means Sasha now has to come to the Bay every time they want to see each other – at the expense of her study time. When she learns that she’s failed her assignment, it becomes apparent that her long distance relationship is taking a toll on her studies. She decides the only solution is to transfer to a Uni closer to home, but Matt thinks she’s throwing away her future – what will Sasha decide?

Friday 17th April

VJ and Jett try to convince Marilyn to let them fight in a real boxing match, but she refuses. Seeing how upset they are,  Zac and John promise that if they train really hard and get fit, they’ll let them box. But little do the boys know it’s just a trick – Zac and John plan to run them into the ground, so they’ll stop wanting to box at all.

Ricky seems to have forgiven Ash, and thanks him for asking Denny to take her away to the city, which was exactly what she needed. The prison calls Ricky to let her know she can visit Brax, but she finds she’s angry at Brax, and is having doubts the relationship was ever a good idea.

Matt tells Sasha transferring to the local university is a stupid idea, as it will mean she’ll have to get a general arts degree, instead of the top journalism degree in the country. He tells her he isn’t worth her throwing her future away. When she tells him she plans to process the transfer the next day – he breaks up with her.

There is some URST between Denny and Ash, as he gives her his number. She’s starting feel it may be time to move on from Casey, but still feels guilty. John makes her realise that while Casey will always occupy a place in her heart, it is big enough to let someone else in as well. She asks Ash to meet her at the Pier, and kisses him – he kisses her back, but then turns around and walks away. Will Ash and Denny get together?

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