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Home and Away

Channel 5

Zac has a confession for Leah

Charlotte resorts to desperate measures

Andy gets a shock

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Monday 1st February

Deeply in love, Ricky and Nate take advantage of the empty flat. Kyle brings Casey home, and Nate offers to come back over for dinner. Ricky tells him she’ll get John to mind Casey, but Nate wants to spend time with him too, leaving Ricky surprised at his commitment.

VJ heads off to catch up with Olivia, worrying Leah, who thinks she’s trouble, as Olivia was the one who convinced VJ to steal her car. Olivia’s unimpressed as Irene explains which diner shifts she will be doing to cover her share of the car damage. Nate arrives home, and Olivia makes a cheeky first impression on him.

At Angelo’s, Kyle listens to Charlotte’s money troubles and offers her a job. She’s genuinely touched, but is also reminded that she must find out where Brax is.

Zac admits to Leah that he got a loan to help them get back on their feet after the house burnt down – and that when he realised he couldn’t make the repayments, he borrowed $20,000 from Charlotte. Leah’s disappointed, and Zac tells her he’s finally telling the truth because Charlotte threatened to if he didn’t help her with the Education Department.

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As Nate looks after Casey, Charlotte arrives, appearing to be on a mission to find Kyle. She slips into Kyle’s place, and as she searches the house for anything that may help her get Brax’s location, Kyle comes in. Thinking on her feet, Charlotte explains that she wanted to thank him in private for her new job, and kisses him. Kyle responds, and they head towards the bedroom.

Back at Irene’s, Olivia shows Hunter and VJ a photo of her mother. VJ tries to get Olivia’s attention, but she is clearly only interested in Hunter as they continue to bond, leaving VJ resentfully on the outer.

Charlotte is on the phone with Trystan, begging for more time to find information on Brax – but he hangs up. Then suddenly a brick smashes through her window, sending shards of glass flying, and cutting her cheek. Charlotte’s paralysed with fear.

Tuesday 2nd February

As Zac and Leah wait for VJ to arrive home from his night out with Olivia, Leah worries he may be taking things to the next level, and asks Zac to have “the talk” with him about being prepared. Zac reluctantly agrees to have a word with him.

At the beach, Ricky tries to learn more about Nate’s relationship with his father, but realises she’s hit a sore spot. Kat arrives, and the three of them have an awkward moment, after Kat told Nate to stay away from her last week. Concerned for Charlotte, Kyle visits, and tries to help her see she can get through her tough time by talking about how he got past losing Brax. But now that she can see that Kyle’s grief is real, Charlotte realises that it’s going to be hard to get more information about Brax without hurting him.

Olivia moves to serve Hunter at the diner, but he’s deliberately guarded and polite, and suggests that she hang out with VJ by herself from now on. Annoyed, Olivia confronts VJ on the beach, and discovers that he thought that she was flirting with him. Olivia’s furious, and leaves VJ bamboozled that he misread her so badly. Meanwhile over at Irene’s, Olivia’s bare thigh reveals several scars – the evidence of a long-term cutting habit. Clearly VJ was on to something.

Charlotte meets Trystan, and tells him she wants out. Kyle knows nothing about Brax, and the rest of the family believe he’s dead. Trystan doesn’t think she can be sure until she gains their confidences, but Charlotte’s firm. Trystan loses his patience, and threatens to expose Charlotte as Denny’s murderer, just as Kyle intervenes. Trystan backs off, but Kyle’s worried – who was that guy? Charlotte tries to spin a story for Kyle as they enter her apartment, but he knows she’s lying – Trystan called her a murderer. But will Charlotte finally reveal the truth?

Wednesday 3rd February

Left with no choice, Charlotte lies to Kyle, telling him that she accidentally killed a man who forced himself on her one night at a bar. She explains that she’s being blackmailed by the man who Kyle saw earlier – at the time he convinced her to get rid of the body, but now he’s taking everything. Charlotte pleads with Kyle to stay out of it.

About to set off for the beach, Ash and Phoebe see Kat with a classic car outside the house. Ash offers to fix it up for Kat, and Phoebe disappears back inside, their trip to the beach cancelled. Ash tells Kat that she’s looking better, and she heads off to work, leaving him with the car, excited to get his hands on it.

Charlotte emerges from her room to find Trystan waiting for her, and assures him that she didn’t tell Kyle anything. Trystan orders Kat to keep hunting until she finds out where Brax is. Kat arrives, and as Trystan exits, she tells Charlotte she has a couple more questions. Charlotte’s nervous, knowing that she’s getting closer to being exposed. Meanwhile, Kyle stalks Trystan, violence clearly on his mind…

Oscar shows Maddy his email – he’s been shortlisted for a scholarship in Perth. Maddy’s confused, but Oscar figured if he gets in, she could come with him and study nursing at the same uni. Maddy’s hurt that Oscar assumes she should drop everything and follow him to across the country, and she storms out, leaving Oscar kicking himself.

Near the beach, Alf finds Trystan, alive but badly beaten, and calls for help. Kat questions Charlotte about Trystan. Charlotte claims that she doesn’t really know him, Charlotte thinks she’s covered her tracks well, but Kat exits with her mind ticking over… Charlotte goes straight to Kyle, and he admits that he bashed Trystan. Kyle thinks he was protecting Charlotte, but she knows he’s just made things so much worse.

At Angelo’s, Kat notices that Kyle has hired Charlotte. She encourages him to be careful, unaware that Kyle has already become involved in her dangerous business.Kat arrives home and finds Ash still working on the car. Feeling sentimental about her brother, Kat tells Ash that she’d like to help him fix up the car. Ash agrees, and Kat’s determined – she owes it to her brother to finish the job.

Enraged, Trystan goes to Charlotte’s and gives her an ultimatum as he gestures to a baby photo of Hunter. She has one week to find out where Brax is, or the people she cares about are going to get hurt.

Still wondering why Matt got back with Charlotte, Maddy presses him for the reason. Uncomfortable, Matt tries to deflect, but she puts it together – he did it because he likes her. Maddy’s shocked, not expecting that at all…

Thursday 4th February

Still trying to make it up to Maddy, Oscar makes her a coffee as she studies. Matt arrives, and Maddy’s instantly uncomfortable. She drags Oscar off to the exam with her. Leah checks in with Matt, and he tells her Evelyn will be at the hospital all day. Leah’s scared that she’s pushing herself too hard. Evelyn gets to the hospital and takes over from Andy, and despite his protests, Hannah offers to take him home and make him a decent meal. Remaining tough, Evelyn sets up to start her study session.

Hannah encourages Andy to be strong as he comes to terms with his new reality. They’re reminded that Hannah learned to walk again, and Andy becomes nostalgic, regretting how their relationship ended. He leans in and kisses her for a brief moment before Hannah pulls back. Andy knows he’s stuffed up big time. He moves off to his car, and as Hannah follows him, he admits he still wants her. Hannah tells him she thinks he was just looking for comfort, so he plays along, and they agree to pretend it never happened. But privately, Andy knows that her still really loves her.

At the diner, Chris is confident ahead of his Bronze Medallion assessment tomorrow. John just wants Chris to make sure he’s ready. Maddy tells Roo what’s been going on with Matt. Roo advises Maddy to be clear with him – she’s flattered but nothing is going to happen. Roo thinks once she’s cleared the air she’ll feel better, but Maddy’s not looking forward to the conversation.

Leah drops in on Evelyn at the hospital, and worries that she’s not looking after herself, even though Evelyn tries to cover it up. She runs into Hannah at the diner and asks how Andy’s coping, and Hannah reveals that he kissed her. As they discuss if she’ll tell Chris, he enters and tells her that he’s going to treat her like a princess for helping him with his Bronze Medallion training. Feeling guilty, Hannah tries to tell Chris what happened, but can’t bring herself to do it.

Dr Griffin brings Josh back from his tests, and tells Andy and Evelyn that he’s shown a slight improvement. It’s a small ray of light and nothing to get too overexcited about, but Andy’s going to cling to it for all it’s worth.

Friday 5th February

As Ash and Phoebe bicker playfully over his mechanic skills, they find Hannah on the verandah, distraught after telling Chris that Andy kissed her. Meanwhile, Chris arrives home and updates Irene, admitting he’s worried that Hannah doesn’t love him, and thinks he should end it before he gets hurt. At the farm, Phoebe thinks that Hannah and Andy are a better match. Hannah doesn’t want to be with Andy, but can’t deny that Phobe has hit the nail on the head.

Evelyn and Andy agree to stay positive after Josh’s slight improvement. Both are keen to stay at the hospital with Josh overnight, but Evelyn convinces Andy to go home, and settles in for more study beside Josh, still on life support.

Andy arrives to visit Josh, finding Evelyn tired and weary. As she goes to leave, Evelyn’s final dregs of energy drain away and she collapses to the floor, passing out.

On the beach, John takes Chris through the test instructions, when Hannah arrives with a special Chris flag. But things are still awkward, so John jokes that Hannah be the swimmer that Chris rescues. But Chris rejects the idea, leaving Hannah stung. Chris begins his test, with Irene, John & Hannah watching on.

Phoebe’s nervous as she waits with Ash for her interview, and he tries to give her some tips. Principal Snelgrove arrives and is taken aback by her outfit. She’s nervous, and gets her bracelet caught on his sleeve. As they begin the interview, Phoebe takes a deep breath, trying to stay calm. Greg is satisfied with Phoebe’s credentials, but when he begins to discuss dress code, Phoebe takes offence, and lashes out in defence of her right to wear what she wants without being judged. Ash tries to help her, but Phoebe just insults Greg’s tie, and makes a hasty exit, well aware she’s stuffed up royally. Back at home, Ash consoles Phoebe about how the interview went, when Greg arrives and offers her the job – she knows who she is, and will be a strong role model for the students. Phoebe’s ecstatic, accepting the role, and proud of she got it by being herself.

Andy finds Hannah outside the Surf Club, upset that Chris thinks she’ll always be a cheater. Andy thinks it’s all his fault, but Hannah admits that she’s the one to blame, and will always regret what she did to him. Andy goes to Chris and takes full responsibility for kissing Hannah. He doesn’t want Hannah to get hurt, and tells Chris he’s got to stop blaming her and fix things, or he’ll lose her. Chris apologises to Hannah, and explains that he’s still insecure because he thinks she’s too good for him. Hannah forgives him, but something has clearly shifted between them – is the damage permanent?

Back at the hospital, Andy sits with Josh, when suddenly his eyes start to flicker. Andy can’t believe it – Josh is waking up!

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