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Home and Away

Channel 5

Brody has strange dreams about his mother

Evelyn's grief puts her life in danger

Alf and Duncan look to the future

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Monday 10th October

Evelyn continues to drive recklessly with Mason in the car, thinking Oscar will protect her. Mason gets increasingly worried and, fearing for their safety, pulls on the handbrake and their car veers off the road and nudges a tree.

Meanwhile, Brody comes home from hospital with Nate’s help. Tori is a little emotional after the last week and Nate comforts her before he heads out. Justin and Brody both witness the exchange and enjoy teasing Tori about the pair’s continued chemistry.

After the beach, Tori heads to apologise to Duncan – earlier in the day she was short with him when he wanted to ask Justin about what he saw when the plane left the airport. Tori is covering the truth to protect her family and hates seeing Duncan so cut up about this. Tori tries to reassure Duncan it wasn’t his fault but Duncan seems determined to find out what really happened.

Back at home, Brody’s sleeping on the couch when he has a dream – he’s a young boy, in his room, with crutches nearby. His mum is there arguing with a man … he can’t see exactly who he is … but the man is trying to reassure Brody’s mum. When he awakes, Brody wants to work out what this dream means for himself.

Evelyn is at the beach on some rocks, crying over Oscar. She screams for him to come back to her… she’s waiting…but nothing happens. Evelyn wades into the choppy water near the rocks…swims out to sea and calls out for Oscar. Will he save her?

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Tuesday 11th October

Evelyn continues to drown, with no-one around to save her.

A downtrodden Kat tells Phoebe she needs a job and Phoebe may have the answer. When Phoebe swings by to ask Brody if he can hire Kat, she’s interrupted by Justin trying badly to wrap Brody’s injured leg up for a shower. Phoebe uses the opportunity to offer to play nurse and do it herself – in exchange for a favour.

Meanwhile a dressed up Tori arrives at the caravan park to Duncan with a peace offering. She hands over a bottle of wine, apologising for snapping at him before. She covers by saying she just hated seeing him beat himself up over the crash – the only thing he’s responsible for is saving their lives. As Tori goes to leave, Duncan takes a chance and asks if she’d join him to share the wine? Tori hesitates, but seeing Duncan is genuine, eventually accepts.

Chris has taken Evelyn to the cemetery at her request. She tries to explain how alone she’s felt since Oscar died, as Chris agrees he wakes up every day hoping it was just a bad dream that he lost Hannah. Evelyn doesn’t know how she can cope and Chris understands. With Chris’s support, Evelyn goes to Oscar’s grave to talk to him, and finally say goodbye.

Kat starts at Salt for her first shift and thanks Phoebe for helping her get the job. Just as she’s familiarising herself with the menu, Ash walks in – he can’t believe she works here. Kat takes it as criticism and gets her back up.

Wednesday 12th October

Kat makes a statement to McCarthy at the station – she explains that she was sexually harassed, but McCarthy warns she’s not a cop any more and can’t go around acting like one.

At the Diner, Olivia is still avoiding Tabitha’s calls. Irene reminds her that she’s going to have to face her eventually, they do go to the same school. In the kitchen, Leah, Marilyn and Roo are cleaning up, talking about Leah and Zac’s “experiment” as John listens on, thinking it’s ludicrous.

At school the next day, Zac tells Hunter he has to re-sit the exam his marks were changed on. Hunter refuses, thinking it’s unfair he’s being punished for someone else’s mistake. As Hunter relays the information to Olivia she pushes him to reconsider.

On the beach, Kat is still troubled by the mess her life is at the moment when Ash approaches. He immediately tells her not to look at him, but sits behind her. He knows she feels like she’s made all these mistakes lately, but those mistakes show Ash she cares and she’s got a big heart – and that’s not a flaw. He thinks she’s one of the most beautiful people  he’s ever met.

Late in the evening, Hunter is mostly asleep when he hears someone in his van. It looks like Olivia and he says a sleepy “hey” when she starts to kiss him and he reciprocates. Things are heating up when Hunter pulls back to see her face and... it’s Tabitha. Hunter scrambles back, shocked and switches on a light. What is she doing? Tabitha counters what is he doing with her? Olivia won’t be happy. Hunter realises he’s been trapped…

Thursday 13th October

Olivia waits for Tabitha on the beach; she’s called her here about something important. When Tabitha arrives, she makes up a story about going to Hunter’s van last night to apologise and says Hunter came onto her, and they kissed. Olivia is shocked to her core as Tabitha makes it clear she would never kiss him, she hates him but this is what Hunter does – disappoint Olivia.

Hunter tries to get advice from VJ, but he’s dealing with his own stuff – a pregnant girlfriend, a van overflowing with baby stuff and nowhere to study. VJ is under a lot of pressure. Leah is in the Diner with Billie trying to convince her it’s time they moved into the house with her, Zac and Alf. Billie is surprised the offer is there, but Leah assures she knew they would both move in eventually.

Looking after Ellie isn’t getting any easier for Matt, who continues to struggle to get her to go to school. Roo’s concerned Ellie’s reluctance is a symptom of some other problem, but Ellie won’t tell Matt what’s wrong. Worried about his sister, Matt asks Phoebe to keep an eye on her at school.

Towards the end of the school day, Phoebe finds an anxious Ellie feigning illness to get out of a test. Later, Ellie flips. Matt tries to stop Ellie from storming off but she yells at him – she hates it here and wishes she’d never come! As she runs off, Matt and Phoebe are left worried as to what’s really going on with Ellie.

Friday 14th October

Phoebe gently pries Ellie open and she’s shocked to discover the reason for Ellie’s outburst at the school.

Roos is delighted to hear Duncan wants to stay in the Bay, but she grows genuinely apprehensive as he lays out his desire to buy into a local seaplane business – and ask their father to buy in with him. Alf and Duncan have only just repaired their relationship after years of misunderstandings and misjudgement. Isn’t Duncan inviting more of the same?

Tori takes Duncan some breakfast and  is confronted by an all together new challenge… Duncan’s wife Caroline and son Bryce have arrived …

Justin’s efforts to shut Decker out catch up with him. Driven to desperate measures by Justin’s stony resolve to keep him out of the Morgans’ lives, Decker engineers an arrest for Justin – so he can put forward his plea for help more forcefully. Furious, cornered and despite Decker’s surprise assertion that there’s more to the Morgan story than he knows – Justin lashes out at Decker, leaving him alone with the walls closing in… but just what is the secret he is hiding?

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