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Alf rejects his therapy

Andy punches Oliver

Leah goes missing

Home and Away preview (what happens this week)

Last week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 20th July

Nate tries convincing Kat to help Matt over the ATM theft charge. Kat is offended that Nate would think she would jeopardise her job for him. Nate apologises, but reasons he’s only trying to protect Matt. Later when Nate tells Leah that Kat won’t help, Leah admits she regrets her decision to turn Matt in, worrying Matt will go to jail. Matt is released pending trial. Leah confesses to Matt that she found the money in his room and handed it in to police. Matt accepts this stoically and apologises for letting them down. Matt rejects Leah’s attempts to get him a lawyer, but she manages to get a dejected Matt to believe in himself again.

Kat and Nate discuss their earlier fight while walking on the beach. Nate argues Kat should be more flexible with her interpretation of the law. Kat stays strong, reminding Nate, Matt robbed an ATM. Nate agrees to not let their personal lives get in the way of their professional ones. Later that night, Kat and Nate return to Leah’s for dinner, where Matt and Kat discuss his case. Kat reminds him he could avoid jail if he gives up the other people involved. Matt resolves to do the right thing.

Alf has his first therapy session with his psychologist, Maria. She tries to get Alf to open up by discussing his recent trip to the Australian War Memorial. Alf becomes agitated and leaves. Later he deflects when asked by Roo about his session. Alf goes to the diner where he apologises to Irene for what he said the previous week. While there Maria calls him, but Alf claims he’s busy and hangs up. Later that night after Alf has gone to bed, Maria calls the house and Roo discovers Alf lied about his progress.

Ash talks to an upset Kyle about what happened with Phoebe at the gig. He apologises for crashing Ash’s date with Denny. Ash then visits Ricky at the hospital. After some light hearted banter, Ricky tells Ash the baby is healthy and they will soon be released. Later, when Ricky and Ash return home with the baby, Kyle apologises for not cleaning and shopping before Ricky’s return. The discussion turns to baby names, but Ricky is adamant she will decide when she sees Brax tomorrow. After a long day of the baby continuously crying, Kyle come in and instantly gets the baby to stop. He reflects on his time in a foster home. The next morning Ricky takes the baby to meet Brax, where the apologetic guard searches them both, while Brax waits anxiously.


Tuesday 21st July

Brax gets to see his baby son for the first time in prison. Ricky and Brax decide to name their baby Casey, after Brax’s brother. Brax apologises to Ricky for putting them in this situation, telling her if he could do anything for her he would. Ricky, like a rock, comforts Brax, but when she leaves the jail she breaks down crying. Upon returning home Ricky can’t hide her deep sadness from Kyle and cries some more.

Alf returns from fishing to find Roo and his psychologist, Maria, waiting for him. Alf is upset over Roo meddling, and she’s upset that he lied to her. As Roo walks Maria out, Alf tells Maria her services won’t be needed. Maria tactfully coaxes Alf into agreeing to just one session. During the session Alf opens up to Maria about his two tours in Vietnam. Alf feels guilt over coming back while others didn’t. After the session Alf agrees to see Maria again.

After discussing her job options, Irene suggests Phoebe become a music teacher, even offering to put up flyers in the diner. Phoebe gets her first student, which turns out to be Chris. They have their first lesson together back at the trailer park. Phoebe discovers that Chris can actually play the guitar; he was using the lesson as a guise to help her out with a bit of cash. Billie misinterprets Chris and Phoebe’s lesson for a date.

Billie upon returning from a swim, asks Kyle out for some breakfast. A sullen Kyle rejects her offer. Billie notes that Kyle has been in this mood since Phoebe’s gig, so she makes it her mission to cheer Kyle up. Kyle admits to Billie he is finding Phoebe’s distance towards him confronting. Back at the share house, Billie tells Kyle that she saw Phoebe and Chris together. She attempts a move on Kyle who rejects her advance, Billie leaves embarrassed. Kyle confronts Chris at the gym about his supposed relationship with Phoebe, which he denies. Chris tells Phoebe that Kyle accosted him about their relationship because of what Billie said. Phoebe confronts Billie, about what she said. Billie warns Phoebe to back off.
Wednesday 22nd July

Phoebe tells Ash to do something about Billie’s meddling. Ash asks Kyle if he and Billie did something. Kyle tells him that Billie came onto him, but he said no. Also, Billie lied about Chris and Phoebe hooking up. Ash confronts Billie about her spreading rumours, annoyed with her manipulation of everyone. Ash sympathises with what she’s been through, but tells her to stop messing things up with his friends; they’ve done a lot to help her out. At the beach, Billie talks to Phoebe about the way she acted, explaining her reasons. Billie then returns home and apologises to Kyle, trying to coax him to engage with her by offering to move out. Later at the beach Phoebe breaks the ice with Kyle, apologising for how she acted at the gig last week.

Hannah is worried about Andy’s distracted mood. She decides to have a girls night out, rejecting Andy’s offer to meet up after work. Andy takes this harder than intended and sulks off. At the gym Andy is gruff with Billie, shutting her down when she asks about his mood. Meanwhile at the diner, Hannah shares her worry with Denny over Andy’s behaviour. At the beach Hannah bumps into Oliver, the guy who flirted with her at the gig last week. Whilst he’s apologising to Hannah about what happened last week, Andy sees their interaction and storms over to warn Oliver off. Oliver brushes off Andy’s anger, telling him he can do what he likes. Andy punches Oliver.

Nate pulls Kat up about not switching off from work. After continuously using her phone to answer emails, kat relents and promises not to use her phone on her day off. While Nate and Kat enjoy a swim at the beach, they see the altercation between Andy, Hannah and Oliver. They take the three of them to the gym, where Nate checks out Oliver and Kat warns Andy about the reperucssions of his actions. Nate and Kat agree they can’t just turn off their professional obligations.

Back at home, Hannah and Andy talk about the fight. Andy tells Hannah he saw her at the gig the previous week. Hannah explains they were just hanging out. When Oliver made a move on her she rejected him, she questions Andy’s lack of faith in their relationship. Andy thinks that’s it’s only a matter of time before she leaves him. After their fight Hannah confronts Andy about trust. Indignent, Andy breaks up with Hannah. 

Thursday 23rd July

After his fight with Hannah, Andy screens her calls and elects to sleep at the gym. The next morning Denny, after learning about the fight, goes to the gym to talk to Andy. Andy confesses to Denny that he sees Hannah as “too good for him” and their relationship is doomed to fail. Denny tells this to Hannah, who was under the impression Andy, was just being a tool. Hannah speaks to Andy, confessing her love for him has not changed. They kiss and make up.

Alf tells Marilyn, John, Maddy and Roo about his positive progress in his counselling sessions. Maddy can’t eat much dinner; they discuss her latest test results that are coming up. Once everyone has left, Roo and Alf talk about Maddy’s health. Later at the hospital, Nate tells Maddy her tumor has gone down and the chemotherapy seems to be working.

Josh tells Evelyn and Oscar about his desire to become an engineer. Evelyn suggests he talk to Leah about it at careers day. When alone Evelyn challenges Oscar to accept he has feelings for Maddy. Oscar thinks the best thing is to avoid Maddy so he doesn’t have to confront his feelings. When Maddy tells everyone about her tumor going down, a party is suggested. Oscar can’t think of a good enough excuse to avoid it and is cornered into going.

VJ tries to get Leah to tell Zac the extent of her health issues. Leah won’t, and gets VJ to promise he won’t either. When Leah gives her career guidance talk at school, she loses her place and gets flustered. Leah struggles when students start asking questions. Maddy asks, what if she can’t do her HSC because of illness? Leah snaps yelling you’re never too sick to do your HSC. Leah immediately apologises, but then Matt makes a joke causing everyone to laugh and Leah freaks out.

When Leah is alone she breaks down crying. Matt approaches VJ to discuss what happened to Leah. VJ thinks they should respect his mum’s wishes, but Matt convinces him what happened was really bad and they need to speak to Zac. Matt and VJ tell Zac about Leah’s recent behaviour, including going off at Matt and the incident in the classroom. Zac’s worried about Leah’s health and her decision not to tell him. Zac contemplates firing Leah.

Friday 24th July

VJ tells Jett about Leah’s aneurism and her fears of having an operation. VJ pressures Zac into doing something about Leah’s behaviour. Matt comes in and suggests VJ come to Maddy’s party. VJ at first refuses, but after Zac says it will give him time to talk to Leah, VJ agrees. Zac’s attempt at talking to Leah does not go very well, she refuses to see a doctor and pushes Zac away. Zac tells Leah she will need to step back from work. Leah is incredulous. “You’re firing me?” She storms off.

Worried about losing his mum, VJ asks if Jett knew something was up with Gina before she died. Jett tells VJ that it was very sudden. Later on Jett asks John if there was anything they could have done for Gina. John, having already asking himself this same question many times before, doesn’t think so. Jett then tells John about Leah’s aneurism; How they have discovered it early, but she doesn’t want to operate on it. John tells Jett it’s her decision but Jett asks, would he feel the same if it was Gina?

Oscar tries to make up an excuse not to go to Maddy’s party. Evie doesn’t buy it so Oscar comes clean that he doesn’t want to see Maddy. Evie pushes Oscar to put Maddy’s needs first. Maddy returns home with essential party supplies, lollies and chips. Leah and Alf are happy for Maddy to have a party as long as she obeys the rules. Once the party starts, Oscar tries to hide his awkwardness, but makes a meal of it by spilling chips and drink everywhere.

Leah arrives at the diner as Alf, Roo, John, Marilyn and Irene are discussing Leah’s health. Leah gets a headache, so John offers to call Zac but Leah gets very anxious and storms out. Alf follows her and tries to get Leah to see reason, but she won’t listen.

At the party, Evie puts Oscar on the spot making him play a game of twister with Maddy. He reluctantly does but the tension is palpable. Josh sees through Evie’s attempts to set up Maddy and Oscar. The following day, Oscar tells Evie that he can’t possibly make a move on Maddy; he’s realised he values her friendship too much. Meanwhile Maddy confides in Roo, she still has feelings for Oscar.

Later on, a worried Alf meets with Zac to discuss Leah. Zac blames himself for firing her. Alf tells him that’s not the issue here, Leah’s not well. VJ and Matt return home; VJ concerned that Leah’s not home yet. Zac and Alf decide to make a search party to look for Leah. They break up into teams to search the surrounding area. Alf discovers Leah’s car abandoned on the side of the road; her phone is in the car. Leah wanders through the bush by herself.

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