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Channel 5

Kat flirts with Nate

Ryan is arrested

Matt breaks up with Sasha

Home and Away preview (what happens this week)

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Home and Away takes a break until Monday 1st June

Monday 20th April

Fresh from kissing Ash, Denny seeks Ricky’s counsel, but does not get the support she’s after – why would she go after an ex-crim?!?! Then when Kyle reveals Brax had asked Ash to stay away from Denny, Ricky’s infuriated, and tells Ash off for betraying Brax’s trust. Sensing Ricky’s unease ahead of visiting Brax, Kyle tells her that it will get easier, but Ricky’s not so sure – she has no idea what she’s walking into. At the gaol, Officer Hayes takes Ricky to Brax, and you could cut the tension with a knife. Where do they go from here?

Conflicted about his promise to Brax, Ash decides to end things with Denny, in spite of Kyle’s encouragement to move on with his own life, if a relationship with her is what he wants. When Denny arrives home disappointed that Ash has blown her off and it’s all over before it began, Oscar tells her that if she likes him, she owes it to herself to find out. Denny finds Ash working at Angelo’s, and he tries to blow her off again, but this time, she takes a seat – she’ll wait until he’s ready to talk.

Struggling to let Matt go, Sasha tries to change his mind about the break-up – but Matt can’t be swayed, and kicks her out. He tells Josh that he doesn’t want Sasha to give up the world for a dropkick from Mangrove River. Sasha learns that Evelyn and Josh have taken their relationship to the next level, and it inspires her to try harder to make it work with Matt, deciding to get a transfer to a university closer to Summer Bay. But can Matt let Sasha sacrifice the rest of her life for him?

After learning that Evelyn and Josh have slept together, Oscar goes into protective brother mode. He awkwardly confronts an unintimidated Josh, and warns him not to hurt Evelyn. When Evelyn finds out, she hugs Oscar – touched by his sweet, but impossible, gesture.


Tuesday 21st April

When Brax tries to avoid telling Ricky why she couldn’t visit him in gaol last week, it opens up old wounds, as she berates him for not taking the plea bargain, and falling on his sword for his mate, when Ash is betraying him. Ricky explains that Ash has been going after Denny, and while it rattles Brax, he tells her that somehow, he’ll make sure that Ash does the right thing by her. Despite this, Ricky can’t hide her fear for Brax’s life, and leaves the prison in a mess of tears. How will Brax take care of Ricky from the inside?

Despite his feelings for her, Ash continues to avoid Denny out of loyalty to Brax, even though she’s sitting in Angelo’s, literally waiting to speak to him! When Phoebe sees the ridiculous stand-off playing out in front of her, she forces Ash to talk to Denny, and they agree meet after his shift. Ash opens up, revealing that he pomised Brax he’d stay away from her. Well versed in the Braxton world, Denny understands, but tells him that she’s ready to move on. At the Caravan Park, Ash admits that he’s never been in a proper relationship, but Denny allays his fears – she’s not perfect either, and they can take it slow. Ash kisses Denny passionately, things very much back on track…

Haunted by the spectre of her stalker, Ryan, Phoebe can’t even stand to hear her own song on the radio, leaving Kyle concerned that she’s not over being kidnapped. Phoebe brushes Kyle off, but when Ricky arrives home from visiting Brax, it startles her for no good reason – forcing Kyle to tell Ricky that Ryan came back. Ricky demands to be told everything about what happens in the Braxton house from now on. When Phoebe can’t sleep, Kyle finds her in the living room, and she finally admits that she’s still afraid that Ryan may come back again. How can Kyle help her get past this?

While waiting to see who’ll make the next move, Kat finds out that Nate has history with Ricky. Nate talks Kat into a date at Angelo’s, where she asks him to explain exactly what went on with Ricky. Happy with Nate’s answer, Kat accepts his invitation back home, and when they realise the coast is clear, things escalate quickly, and move into the bedroom. Can anything stop this hot new couple?

Wednesday 22nd April

After spending the night with Nate, Kat skips out on breakfast, so he tracks her down to check that she’s not using him. Kat tells him she isn’t, but does set some ground rules – if they keep it casual and no-one finds out, she’s in. But it’s not long before Irene, Chris and Marilyn start speculating and interrogating her, leaving her no choice but to shut it down – she won’t be able to do her job without respect from the locals, and being with the town doctor won’t help that. Nate tries to convince her that she’s overthinking it, but Kat won’t be swayed – it’s over.

With a heavy dose of cabin fever, Hannah’s desperate to get out of the house and enjoy herself, despite Andy’s concern that she’ll push herself too hard. When Nate comes over for a check-up, she begs him for news of the outside world to tide her over, but it’s still not enough. Hannah tells Andy that she needs to do something spontaneous, and against his better judgement, Andy takes her for a dinghy ride in the Bay. Having fun for the first time in ages out on the water, the boat suddenly capsizes, and Hannah’s nowhere to be found. Andy frantically searches for her, and submerges again – but has this accident cost him his girlfriend?

Unable to help Phoebe overcome her fear of Ryan, Kyle goes to Kat, and tells her that Phoebe needs more details about what’s happened to him, in order to get closure. Upset by Phoebe’s torment, Kat goes the extra mile, and visits Phoebe, delivering her concrete information about Ryan’s punishment – he’s going away for 7 years. Phoebe’s overwhelmed, finally hearing what she needed to, so she can live her life again.

When Chris pushes his gentle ribbing of Kat’s rumoured romance too far, she threatens to arrest him for defamation. But with Marilyn now convinced that Chris was onto something, he’s forced to change his tune. Has Chris started something that he won’t be able to finish?

Thursday 23rd April

Hannah surfaces from underwater, struggling to stay afloat, before Andy grabs her and swims them to shore. Nate examines Hannah, and luckily, she’s okay, but no-one can believe that Andy took her out on the water. Hannah stands up for Andy – it was her idea, and he was just trying to give her what she wanted – some fun and spontaneity back into their relationship. Nate also encourages Andy not to feel too bad about it – he’s her boyfriend, not her keeper. When Andy arrives home, he and Hannah agree that they need their life back. They kiss, and their passion is rekindled for the first time since the accident.

Desperate to prove that she can get through school despite her illness and break-up with Oscar, Maddy hits the books hard. Worried for her state of mind, Roo asks Spencer to check in on her. Spencer offers to help Maddy study, but he can’t hold his tongue – how could Oscar dump Maddy when she needs him most? Still a sore subject, Maddy covers, unable to blame Oscar for telling the truth. On the way to school, Maddy freaks out, admitting she can’t face Oscar and the other kids, and runs for home. Is she done with school for good?

After Hannah encourages Evelyn to cut Andy some slack, she calls Josh, and tells him that they shouldn’t judge his brother based on the old Andy. Evelyn also reveals that she told Hannah that they’ve begun sleeping together, prompting an unimpressed Josh to strike a deal – he’ll keep an open mind about Andy, if she stops speaking to her family about their sex life!!!

When Marilyn accidentally reveals that Zac and John are trying to train the boys so hard that they give up on the idea of boxing, Jett and VJ trick them into a confession. The jig is up – how are Zac and John going to stop them boxing now?

Friday 24th April

Zac and John apologise to VJ and Jett about their plan to thwart their boxing dreams, but it’s now an issue of trust for the boys – how can they believe what their parents tell them now? Zac acknowledges his inconsistency, and tells VJ they’ll be organising a safe, controlled environment for the boys to box in. But when Irene reminds Zac that Leah would never approve of the idea, he has to change his tune again, giving VJ a full head of steam. VJ crosses past an altercation between Spencer and Oscar, and when Oscar tries to bait Spencer into hitting him, VJ steps in, and punches him instead. Zac’s left with no choice but to suspend VJ for a week – will things ever be right between these two again?

Unable to let her relationship go, Sasha tells Matt she’s applied to study at Northern Districts Uni so they can stay together. But when Matt doesn’t show up at the Diner to meet her for lunch, she questions her choice, leading Marilyn to suggest that Matt is setting her free. Meanwhile, at school, Matt avoids Sasha by bonding with Oscar over their respective break-ups, as he struggles with doing the wrong thing for the right reason. Later, when he sees Sasha approaching, he gets involved in the argument between Spencer and Oscar, trying to prove that she shouldn’t stay for him. Sasha finds him on the beach, totally aware that Matt’s just trying to make it easier for her to let him go, forcing Matt to go one step further, and tell her that he’s not in love with her anymore, leaving her broken. Is it really over this time?

When Maddy reluctantly returns to school, Spencer tries to protect her from Oscar, but instead, humiliates her in front of the class, despite his heart being in the right place. Alf encourages Maddy to keep fighting, giving her the strength to pick herself back up. Spencer can’t put Oscar’s harsh dumping of Maddy in the past, and a fight threatens to erupt. But surprisingly, VJ’s the one who throws the punch, striking Oscar in the face!

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