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Home and Away

Channel 5

Leah struggles to accept being a grandmother

Duncan and Alf have a nasty confrontation

Tori's birthday flight takes off - but are they all in danger?

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Monday 19th September

A frightened Phoebe and Justin face Spike. Phoebe has no idea who is he is, but can tell he’s dangerous. Justin protects her and demands to know why Spike is there. Spike laughs at his fear – he’s here to get Justin’s dad’s book. Justin doesn’t know anything about it. Phoebe and Justin start to look through boxes with Spike watching on, but it’s nowhere to be found. Spike warns if Justin doesn’t find this book his whole family will pay.

At the Diner, business is down and when Chris learns Brody’s been giving away burgers that taste a lot like his own Chris Burger, he’s furious. He accuses Brody of stealing his burger recipe. So when Brody’s catering van is trashed, Brody can only think of one person who would do it. Chris denies any involvement and accuses Brody of trying to make him look bad because he knows his burger is an inferior copy. Brody warns Chris to stay out of his way. Is this the beginning of a war between Brody and Chris?

Kat’s interview starts off shaky and with the Professor’s judgemental questions, Kat thinks she’s lost her chance. Resigned to her fate, Kat reveals she left the police force because she needed a break before the job broke her. Her honesty is a turning point and the Professor admires her ability to recognise the importance of emotional stability.

More determined than ever Justin and Phoebe search for a clue to find the book. Going through the Morgan childhood momentos, Phoebe finds Bernie the bear and comments on his collar with the word “Waldo” on it. Justin’s confused, he’s never had a collar on before. He turns over the tag and finds a phone number – could they have found a clue? But when Phoebe goes to call the number, there’s not enough digits for it to be a phone number. Justin is getting frustrated again but Phoebe and Justin agree to keep going – they’ll crack this together.

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Tuesday 20th September

Chris is determined to prove that Brody’s stolen his burger recipe, and enlists John’s help, in order to narrow down the ingredients in Brody’s hamburger. The taste test leaves Chris even more convinced his intellectual property’s been stolen… He searches in the dumpster outside the Surf Club for more clues, and discovers an empty tube of wasabi. Certain this is the evidence he needs, he confronts Brody, who insists he didn’t steal anything from Chris! Brody then bans Chris from Salt, sick of his crazy accusations. Later as Brody whinges to Matt about the situation, Matt advises him there’s room in this town for two chefs – he’d better go find Chris and sort it out before this gets even more ridiculous.

Ash finds out from an angry Kat that McCarthy told the Professor about Kat’s relationship with Ash. Running into him at the diner, Ash has a go at Sergeant McCarthy, berating him for giving Kat a bad reference and causing her to lose the job she was going for at the university. McCarthy in turn points out to Ash that he was asked for his honest opinion and gave it – Kat’s a hard worker and resourceful woman.

Mason turns up to the house to see Evelyn. But seeing Mason’s concerned expression, Evie starts rambling about how sick she is of everyone worrying about her partying and coming home late.  Alf tries to talk to Evie again but she’s hell bent on pushing everyone away, shutting him down – Alf he’s not her father or a shrink. Evie then runs to her room and breaks down in tears.

Having calmed down, Evie fronts up to Mason offering an apology for her behaviour. He brushes it away, knowing how tough she’s had it. He does remind that all this partying is only making it harder to deal with though. Evie promises she’ll try and curb her ways. Mason knows she’s here because he cares about her. But Evie’s in no mood for the heavy conversation so instead leans in to kiss Mason…and he doesn’t object…

Wednesday 21st September

Finding Evelyn alone in the darkened lounge and upset in the wake of their hook-up, Mason is confronted to learn that she is haunted by the ghosts of her recent romantic past.

Jokes about Leah’s future handle as a grandmother take a turn when Matt stumbles into the middle of the conversation. Teasing her with the idea that she’ll soon be a “granny” only fires her insecurities. Later, as she bangs around the Diner kitchen, Roo, Marilyn and Irene drag it all out of her. It’s hard enough being the woman you want to be through the prime of your life, let alone once you become invisible as a grandmother.

Having kissed Tori a few days ago, Duncan sets about busily using the buds of this new relationship to best effect. He’s organised a special outing for his nearest and dearest to coincide with Tori’s upcoming 30th birthday. However, when Alf gets wind of it, he’s infuriated, accusing Duncan of neglecting his responsibility to make good on his overdue child maintenance, which only serves to drive them further apart. Is Duncan a new man, or the same selfish kid he’s always been?

Nate is also facing a question of character as he tries to build a bridge to Tori after drunkenly confessing his feelings a few nights ago. She doesn’t seem interested in revisiting things sober, and it’s Marilyn who advises him to stay the course and follow his heart, but when he does that it only leads to rejection and heartbreak.

Thursday 22nd September

A weary Justin and Phoebe are searching boxes for the book Spike so desperately wants, when they finally make a breakthrough, finding a receipt to a storage unit. Suspecting the book is there, they head off to find it. After convincing the storage facility attendant to give them access to the unit, they discover an address book.

Meanwhile, Duncan finally reveals his birthday surprise to Tori - he’s flying her with her friends and family to a winery for an overnight stay. Although she’s initially thrown, Tori remembers her pledge to Leah - to go with the flow - and shelves her concerns. Duncan asks if he can invite Alf along and Tori agrees, thinking it’s a good way for the men to fix their issues. But when Duncan raises the subject with Alf, he’s dismissive.

At Salt, when Tori comes in looking for Brody, she invites Phoebe on the winery trip, but Phoebe says she has to work. She then unsubtly tries to persuade Tori to invite Justin, wanting to convince Tori to give him another chance. Later, Tori drives past Justin, who’s waiting to meet Spike. She approaches to ask him to come along on her birthday flight, but to her surprise Justin declines. Tori persists, wanting to bury the hatchet and refusing to budge when he tells her he’s busy. Desperate to keep her out of harm’s way, Justin tersely sends her packing, leaving her hurt and him feeling terrible.

At school, Tabitha is gushing to Olivia about passing her test with flying colours and thanking her for help studying. Seeing Olivia’s own exam nerves, Tabitha offers to return the favour, which Olivia gratefully accepts. As they head off, Hunter gives them a wave but they give him the cold shoulder. Hunter’s bemused, telling Zac he has no idea what he’s done to warrant the treatment.

Meanwhile, Leah’s nervously awaiting the results of Zac’s job interview for Principal of Summer Bay High. But when she asks Zac about it, he admits he doesn’t think it went well, and that he felt like the School Board was preparing him for disappointment.

Friday 23rd September

Leah confronts Zac over his lie about starting his new job straight away. She’s decided to go on Tori’s birthday trip without him. Later, as Billie sees VJ off to his exam, Zac comes home and apologises to Leah, he didn’t want her to go away without making peace, and suggests that they do something together when she comes back from the winery trip. Leah would like that.

Roo tries to talk to Alf about his argument with Duncan, after getting the heads up from Irene, but it doesn’t go well.

Mason makes Tori a birthday cake, and Brody gives her a sick bag as a present, telling her she’ll need it on the small plane. Tori tells Brody and Mason about her run in with Justin. Mason thinks it’s weird, even for Justin.

Irene, Leah, Billie, Evelyn, Brody and Mason turns up at the airport and Duncan tells them they need to turn their phones off around the jet fuel. As they load up the luggage into the small plane, Mason admits his friends with benefits arrangement with Evie to Brody, who thinks they’ll never manage to maintain it. Justin arrives at the house, and finding paperwork for the flight, realises that he needs to get to the airport ASAP.

Olivia’s pre-exam nerves are overwhelming her but Tabitha is full of reassurance. She gives Olivia a good luck charm before she goes in. Zac has a go at VJ and Hunter for being unprepared for their exams.

Marilyn talks to Nate, she feels bad about pushing him into anything. He tells her it’s fine, that he and Tori are friends. When she finds out that Nate’s not going on the trip she tells him either he’s friends with Tori or he isn’t, if he is then he should be going. Everyone’s getting on the plane when Nate arrives on his motorbike. Tori goes to speak to him, leaving Duncan to watch jealously. Nate asks if there’s room for one more, telling her what Marilyn said. Duncan welcomes Nate onboard and prepares them for take off. As they taxi down the runway Justin arrives and runs towards the plane, but they’re already moving. He desperately chases after them, but they take off without seeing him and he’s left out of breath and scared; what’s going to happen to his family?

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