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Home and Away

Channel 5

Evie and Josh look for Matt

Matt goes to counselling

Hannah worries about Oscar

Home and Away preview (what happens this week)

Last week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 22nd June
Ash finds Billie at the cemetery but she runs away and as she tries to drive off, Ash stands in front of her car urging her to stop. She does so reluctantly and they go back to put flowers on their brother Luke’s grave - it’s Ash’s first visit because he was in prison when Luke died. Ash reminisces about their childhood and the way that Luke was always a peacekeeper. Billie tells Ash that she’s still with Dean. Ash looks at her unable to tell her that Dean is dead.

Alf thanks Josh and Jett for putting on a beaut service. Nate talks Roo into letting him take Alf back to the city hospital. Though clearly torn, Roo will stay in Summer Bay to take care of Maddy. Roo is anxious about Alf, so Marilyn offers to go to the city to keep him company. Maddy is distracted, Irene guesses she’s worried about Alf, and worried that Roo is staying behind for her sake. Maddy tells Roo to go to the city to see Alf, she has organised to stay with Irene.

Ash shows Billie around Summer Bay where they bump into Ricky. She persuades Billie to come to Angelo’s for lunch. Billie still doubts that Ash really looked for her but Ricky tells her otherwise. There’s a small thawing of the tension and a bit of banter. Billie confesses that she lied about being with Dean when she finds out that Ash went all the way to Broken Hill to look for her. Ash tries to persuade Billie that he’s not a bad guy, despite being a convicted armed robber.

Irene asks whether Josh and Evie have seen Matt who’s disappeared. Josh and Evie try to work out where Matt could be, and Evie wonders if they could have tried harder to help him. Maddy gets settled in at Irene’s. Evie calls Sasha and covertly works out that she hasn’t heard from Matt. Josh speculates that Matt may be hanging out with old mates if he’s falling back to old ways without Sasha.

Nate is persuaded to join John for an afternoon drink, Ricky and Nate think that it’s because Jett and Marilyn are away and that he will be missing them soon.

Ash tells Billie not to feel bad about what happened, that Dean lied about Ash bashing the security guard. But when Ash tells Billie that Dean’s dead, Billie jumps to the worst conclusion and leaves, telling Ash to stay away from her.


Tuesday 23rd June

Ash tries to persuade Billie to stay, Ricky sees and asks to talk. Billie finds it hard to believe that Sam would kill Dean, and Ricky ends up suggesting that Billie is the cause of all the problems, by testifying against Ash all those years ago. Ricky challenges everything that Billie believes in and Billie walks out upset. Ash comes to find Billie, but she’s already gone. Ricky thinks she may have been too hard on Billie, but Ash doesn’t blame Ricky. He’s just worried that he’ll never see his sister again. He also tells Ricky that Kyle’s back from doing the drug run for Gunno, and that he seems very… Quiet. Ricky goes to check on Kyle, tells him she’s worried about him but he doesn’t want to talk.

Evie asks Josh about growing up in Mangrove River while they look for Matt there. Eventually they find Matt, drunk and rapping with some drop out Mangrove River guys who remember Josh. Matt gives them attitude and Josh walks away, ready to leave Matt behind, but Evie busts out a little rap of her own and Matt walks with them, but they argue and Matt tries to hit Josh and falls into a heap of rubbish. Josh and Evie leave, and later on Josh tells Evie it’s time to leave Matt to his own devices, they can’t help him until he wants to help himself. A drunken Matt comes home in the night, falls through the door, finds some pizza and fails to fall onto the couch and ends up just lying on the floor, hopeless.

Chris has plans to watch a kung fu movie with Irene but she and Maddy are already about to watch a romcom. Chris is a bit put out when he finds Maddy is staying with them but the three of them watch the movie together. Chris picks holes in it afterwards and storms off to his room. Irene goes after him and tells him it’s not on. She figures out that he’s upset over Spencer leaving and he apologies to Irene and Maddy for his behaviour. They settle in to watch the kung fu movie together.

Billie finds Ash on the beach and demands to know whether it was Dean, not Ash, who bashed the guard. Ash tells her that he didn’t do it and tries to console an her, she now knows she put her brother in prison. Ash is forgiving and wants to put it all behind them. He gets a call and tells Billie that he has to meet someone, he asks her to stay in touch when she leaves. Ricky asks Kyle if he’s seen Ash, who’s gone to try and sort things out with Gunno. Ash comes back from seeing Gunno’s mate with another job, but the first was supposed to be a one off… Gunno’s holding all the cards, can they afford to turn him down?

Wednesday 24th June

While Nate and Kat get competitive in the gym, Phoebe comes to meet Kat for dinner, which now won’t be awkward as Kyle is away. Later though, Kyle comes in to Angelo’s and bumps into Phoebe. He doesn’t want to talk but Phoebe tells him she knows what he’s been doing. She wants him to promise that he won’t do any more but he just tells her to leave so when Nate and Kat arrive Phoebe bails on them. Nate gets a call and goes to help Leah with Matt, who she has found passed out on the floor at home they try to work out how much Matt has drunk, but he doesn’t know. Nate sends him to bed to sleep it off.

Ricky, Ash and Kyle are discussing the new job that Gunno wants them to pull. Kyle insists that he has to do it. Phoebe tells Ash that she’s worried about Kyle. Ash ends up telling Phoebe that it’s his fault that Gunno is after Brax. Ricky explains why Kyle is on parole, Ash is surprised to hear about Kyle’s dark history. Kat finds Phoebe on the running machine, she’s trying out Kat’s idea of stress release but doesn’t find it helps. Kat suggests the punching bag and Kyle walks in, asks to speak to her alone and demands to know why she’s talking to a cop. It gets heated and Kyle grabs her - Ricky and Ash break it up. Kat sees everything. Ricky tries to talk Kyle down, suggests that perhaps Brax can look after himself and makes him promise to let it go. Ash finds Phoebe on the beach and tells her that he won’t let Kyle do anything else. He just wants Phoebe to keep quiet.

Ash jokingly accuses Kat of stalking him, and Kat asks if Kyle’s ok. Ash blames it on his breakup with Phoebe. Ash gets a call, which Kat listens in to and then overhears him leaving a message for Kyle which makes her suspicious. Ash tells Ricky that Kyle is doing the job, that Kyle lied. Ash says he’ll sort it. Kat asks Phoebe what’s going on with Kyle but she deflects when Nate walks in and quickly leaves.

Matt stumbles out of bed, Leah and Nate ask Matt if he remembers the night before but he resists their good intentions.
Matt sits on the beach, drinking. He hides the booze when he sees Leah approaching. Leah tells him that he scared her, that she’s concerned. Matt pushes her away, acts as though it was a one off. Leah suggests that it’s because of his dad’s alcoholism, but Matt denies having an addiction. Later, Matt overhears Leah blaming herself for his problems, she thinks she’d have been more on the ball before the accident. He tells her it’s not her fault, and asks if the offer of help still stands. Leah tells Matt he has to hand over the alcohol and comforts a distraught Matt.

Thursday 25th June

Phoebe leaves a message for Kyle, who hasn’t been in contact. Kat puts some pressure on Phoebe to help her find Kyle but Phoebe plays dumb.

Leah and Nate are taking Matt to counselling to get his drinking under control. VJ talks to Zac about Matt and his drinking. Leah walks in and overhears them just as they conclude that they are lucky to have her but when VJ tells Zac he feels fortunate that he still has him too Leah wonders what happened while she was comatose… Later Leah thanks Zac for talking to VJ. She asks what he said and when Zac refers to VJ thanking him for being there she asks if there’s anything else she should know but Zac denies it. A guilt ridden Zac then goes to talk to VJ about it. Nate and Matt return from the counselling session, Matt goes to his room and Nate tells Leah that it went well. Leah takes the opportunity to ask Nate how things were while she was in hospital, Nate says that VJ was very mature and that Zac was a saint, he tells her she’s lucky to have them.

Hannah and Denny spy on Andy who is too nervous to look at his practise test results, Denny rips the bandaid off to reveal that he got 90%! Denny tells Oscar they should have a family dinner to celebrate Andy doing well. Oscar asks whether Ash will be coming but Denny says he’s out of town. Phoebe overhears and tells Denny that Kyle also left town that morning. They discuss what they could be up to, and Denny suggests going to see Kat but Phoebe talks her out of it. Later Kat asks Denny where Ash is. Denny plays it cool and tells Kat he’s just out of town but it’s clear that she’s torn. Oscar tells an overwrought Andy about the planned dinner. Oscar offers to take some of the pressure off by working at the gym and Andy agrees to take him on. Andy has to close the gym so misses the dinner, then comes home to find Hannah waiting up for him. She’s upset that he hired Oscar without consulting her, she doesn’t think it will be good for his mental wellbeing given the problems he’s had.

Matt tells Phoebe that he’s been to a counsellor, he doesn’t really think it’s helping but wants to change, Phoebe suggests that there are other options. Zac arrives home to find a house conference as Matt tells everyone that he’s going on a bush retreat. He also apologises for his behaviour. Matt, Nate and VJ leave and Zac starts to confess but Leah stops him and tells him what Nate said, she knows it must have been hard.

Phoebe decides to go away for a few days, Denny would love to join her but is too busy to go. Denny finds Zac with a takeaway pizza, she asks who he’s hiding from, then goes on about being kept in the dark herself. Zac suggests that perhaps people keep others in the dark to protect them, Denny counters saying he should face what he’s hiding from, that avoidance is never the answer. The next morning Zac still looks contemplative when Leah finds him, he says he couldn’t sleep and that there’s something that he needs to talk to her about… Will her tell her?

Friday 26th June

Zac finally confesses to Leah that he was thinking about leaving her just as she woke up from the coma, explaining how difficult things were. Leah is upset, and wants to be alone. Leah confides in Irene about how she feels and Irene tries to comfort her while also telling her how hard it was for them while she was in the coma. Later Leah and Zac talk, she can’t get the idea that Zac was going to leave out of her head. VJ finds Leah crying, she asks what it was like when she was in hospital. VJ says it was tough, and that he took it out on Zac, and even Oscar. When he asks why she wants to know, she says it’s nothing. She then tells Zac to pack his bags and go.

Oscar is brimming with enthusiasm about his new job at the gym. He offers to cover for Andy, if he needs to study. Denny passes through to get toast, and is short with Hannah. Oscar gets his uniform at the gym, Zac is surprised to see him there. VJ finds Zac, wanting to know why he told Leah when they agreed he wouldn’t. Hannah and Denny bring lunch for the boys. Andy spots Hannah’s just there to check up on Oscar. Oscar also catches on to Hannah’s worries about him and tells her how disappointed he is. Later Oscar talks to Andy about it, who tells him that he should be convincing Hannah that he’s fine, not Andy. Oscar talks to Hannah. He apologises and proposes a deal, if Hannah sees any of the old warning signs he’ll quit his job at the gym. Andy comes home to Hannah and jokingly weedles an apology out of her. She then reminds him that his online exam is about to start. Denny watches them and tries to call Ash again, but has to leave another message.

Chris is making pancakes, but instead of making Irene a happy breakfast he wakes her with his music and she’s not pleased. John leaves another message for Marilyn. Chris comes to cheer him up, really still searching for someone to spend time with after being rejected by Irene. Chris has cleaned the toilet block for John who resists Chris’s attempts to feed him a healthy sandwich. Chris keeps talking to John while he’s trying to work. Chris answers the phone and puts Marilyn off, but John’s been waiting so long to speak to her that he loses it with Chris and tries to fire him despite him being a volunteer. Irene tries to explain to John that Chris isn’t as resilient as he sometimes appears, he just wanted some company. John goes and apologises to Chris. They end up watching a movie together

VJ finds Zac packing and asks why he’s just giving up. Leah comes home just as Zac is about to leave, VJ tries to convince her to stop him, saying that he doesn’t want to go and she doesn’t want him to either. VJ is still trying to persuade Leah to just talk to Zac. Things get heated and Leah slaps VJ. She’s never hit him before and he’s left stunned.

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