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Home and Away

Channel 5

Leah is on the rampage

Skye defies John

Maddy makes a decision about the future

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Monday 11th July

In the wake of Ricky’s admission that she believes her marriage to Nate is over, Phoebe encourages Ricky to sit down and have the tough conversation with Nate about their inability to have children together. Surely they owe it to themselves to give the marriage a chance, before calling it quits?

Hunter is desperate to do whatever he can to help Olivia, following her revelation that she’s still cutting herself. He suggests telling Leah and Zac, but Olivia is adamant she doesn’t want them to know. She promises Hunter she won’t do it again and despite having misgivings, Hunter reluctantly goes along with the request. Later that day however, Olivia is on the bathroom floor, distraught, as she’s once again tempted to cut herself.

A frantic Dom runs into Phoebe on the beach. Bella’s gone missing! She and Dom had an argument and she took off, and now there’s no sign of her. Forgetting their tension, Phoebe offers to help look for the child; she calls Kat.

Chris arrives home to tell Olivia about a youth group counselling session at Yabbie Creek – he’s signed her up. Olivia’s surprised at how fast he’s moved but Chris offers that maybe being around people her own age and hearing their experiences might be what she needs.

Phoebe runs into Nate, who’s feeling a lot more chipper following the conversation with Ricky. Phoebe’s relieved to hear they’ve patched things up, but as she walks back to her table, she leaves her phone as it beeps with a message from Ricky – “All good. Don’t tell Nate what I said!” Nate sees it and pressures Phoebe to tell him… will Phoebe spill?

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Tuesday 12th July

Nate confronts Ricky, having heard via Phoebe that Ricky thinks her marriage is already on the rocks. Ricky defends, trying to assure Nate that those feelings have subsided after the healing conversation they had at the house inspection. But an angry Nate is disbelieving and stalks off to work.

Phoebe continues to feel betrayed by Ash and Kat hooking up and, as a result, the two remain hiding out at Ash’s house. When Ash suggests lunch the following day at Kat’s place, Kat resists, eager to avoid Phoebe. But Ash thinks they can’t avoid her forever and talks Kat into it. The next day, Phoebe meets up with Dom for a date. Dom suggests a few things they could do, but Pheobe isn’t sold so they just head to her place. They find Ash and Kat in a passionate moment in the kitchen.

Billie is struggling with constant morning sickness, while an unsuspecting VJ remains on cloud nine over their blossoming relationship. When VJ invites Billie over for dinner, Billie is dubious, unsure of how Leah will embrace her. But Billie is buoyed when Leah and Zac both seem accepting. However later that night, Billie is brought crashing back to reality when a giddy VJ lets slip that he loves her.

Wednesday 13th July

Following Billie’s pregnancy bombshell, Ash goes on the rampage, looking for VJ at the Caravan Park. Full of protective instincts towards his sister, he inadvertently breaks the news of the pregnancy to VJ and Leah when he confronts VJ over the baby. Horrified, Leah gets rid of Ash and focuses on the shocked VJ – berating him for ruining his life until. Billie is upset with Ash for telling VJ before she could – and nervously wonders if he has blown her hopes of becoming part of a real family.

Roo is being haunted by horrible memories of the accident – especially the memory of Oscar’s hand sticking out of the rubble. Unable to sleep or rest, she is distraught – and worried sick about coping with Maddy coming home from hospital the next day. When Alf notices how badly she’s coping – forgetting their arrangement and putting her clothes on inside-out – he calls her on her behaviour and Roo finally confesses she hasn’t slept in days. No matter what anyone says, she can’t help but feel responsible for the deaths.

Josh finds himself growing increasingly uneasy, as Evie clearly expects him to side with her in vengeance against Andy – as the slightest reference to him has her vowing to never forgive Andy for what he’s done. Going home, Josh becomes aware of Andy’s bitter, dark mood – which hasn’t been lifted by attempts to connect from either Ash or Phoebe – but Josh manages to break through Andy’s defences, denying that he’s on Evie’s side… Andy is his brother and always will be.

Thursday 14th July

After taking diazepam, Roo awakes with newfound energy. But when a concerned Alf checks in on her she covers about her guilty splurge. He's glad to see she's feeling better, especially since Maddy's home from hospital today. Roo beams, hoping it's a sign of better things to come. However as she prepares to pick up her girl, Tanya insists Matt's doing it - Maddy didn't want a fuss. Roo swallows her hurt, but it only gets worse when Tanya reveals she's asked Maddy to move to the city permanently - and Maddy’s seriously considering it.

Now Tank’s free of all charges, Greg wants to figure out his future. However Tank’s keen to enjoy his freedom for a bit. Greg understands, genuinely trusting his son has turned a corner. When left alone, Tank’s mind drifts to Skye and he texts her to meet up. Skye’s ecstatic to hear from him, but wipes her smile when John crosses. John’s tentative, unsure where they stand after he banned Skye from seeing Tank. Skye claims they’re fine. But when John questions whether she’s keeping to her word, she’s forced to lie. Oblivious John confides his joy in Alf - who is wary. He warns John that teenage girls can't always be taken at face value. A firm seed of doubt is planted.
Roo and Matt are all over Maddy when he brings her home. Maddy's irked by the molly coddling but bites her tongue. Roo works hard not to let Tanya's revelation play on her mind. But when Matt mentions Tanya, Roo reveals she knows Maddy's considering moving. Maddy feels horrible for keeping Roo in the dark. As while Roo works to stay neutral, Maddy can see she's heartbroken.

Skye comes home and is caught off guard when John questions where she's been. When he gets a chance, he checks her phone - and is furious to find recent texts from Tank. John berates Skye for her dishonesty and confiscates her phone, before going out. Now defiant, Skye gets on the laptop and asks Tank to come over.
Friday 15th July

Alf is raring for a fight after discovering Tanya is suing Roo for the accident but Roo resists his call to arms. All she cares about is hiding the lawsuit from Maddy, fearing the stress will impact her recovery. Roo’s passivity doesn’t stop Alf from having a go at Tanya the next time he sees her but she refuses to back down.

In an attempt to focus on what she really wants Maddy takes some time out to reflect, sitting alone on the beach. Later Maddy tells Matt that she plans to travel the world and invites Matt to come with her. Matt is in shock – what will he decide?

Over at the Palmer House Skye’s post-coital bliss soon turns to panic when John arrives home early almost catching her and Tank together. Later Skye relays details of her first time to Olivia who is thrilled for her but worried about Tank’s past. Skye reassures her Tank is a good guy and confesses she might be falling in love with him.

Not everyone is happy about this budding love affair. Greg asks Tank to put the brakes on after a word from John but Tank resists. He feels he has tried to make amends with the Bay and should now be allowed to find happiness. After Tank assures him he is treating Skye well, Greg gives Tank his blessing to do what makes him happy. Later, Tank sees Skye and admits he is frustrated the town can’t see beyond his past. Skye reassures him that she doesn’t care about his past and they kiss. Unbeknownst to them Chris sees it all.  Chris then bumps into John and innocently relays news of the kiss sending John into a fury. Later John and Skye have a huge argument culminating in Skye accusing a stunned John of being as bad as her mother, before storming off.

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