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Home and Away

Channel 5

Hannah gets devastating news

Leah suffers from Zac's arrest

Morag investigates Claire

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Monday 25th April

Hannah has been called to the hospital by Nate and she faces an anxious wait for her test results. She tries to stay strong, sharing in Oscar and Evelyn’s relief when they learn they tested negative to the cancer gene. But her joy is short lived when Nate confirms her fears - Hannah has tested positive and has a high risk of getting cancer.

Kyle continues to grapple over how to get the money Dave has demanded from him. A phone call from Isla makes it clear Kyle is running out of time. Dave wants his money today. Desperation growing, Kyle takes out the insurance papers from Angelo’s again. Feeling he has no choice he decides to burn down Angelo’s to claim the insurance money.

Matt and Maddie continue to drive everyone crazy with their bickering. But when Matt makes an offhanded comment about Hannah’s test results, he over steps the mark. Realising he’s upset Maddy they have heartfelt conversation about Maddy’s fears for her future and the possibility of her own cancer returning. Matt reassures her no one knows what’s waiting around the corner and suggests they need to make the most of every day.

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Tuesday 26th April

Chris is devastated when Hannah breaks it off with him calling him a ‘man-child’, and despite Nate’s attempts to assure him otherwise, he’s convinced that Hannah’s finally realised that they are in fact mismatched. Meanwhile, Nate accuses Hannah of pushing away the people who love and care for her the most. She did it to Andy after the bus crash and now she’s doing it to Chris.

With Dave making threats, Kyle feels he has no option but to go to the police and confess all. However, when he tells Ricky that the real reason he wanted to sell the gym was to pay off his debt to Dave, although initially not impressed, Ricky admits that at least it’s a step in the right direction and hopefully Kyle’s problems with Dave will go away.
As the community continues to reel from Zac’s arrest, Roo is losing patience with Maddy and Matt’s constant bickering. She reminds them of the bigger issues going on, and warns them that they better get it together or else. Matt and Maddy debrief, questioning whether they perhaps rushed into living together. However, they both agree that they love waking up with each other every day, and wouldn’t trade even the more mundane aspects of domesticity. They admit to Roo that they have been complete pains in the butt, but are determined to change. Things are put into perspective when Maddy sees warnings on social media to stay away from the Diner because Leah’s married to a murderer…

Wednesday 27th April

Ricky is surprised to find that Kyle has left Angelo’s early for the day, which Josh assumes is a result of hooking up with a mystery woman. But Kyle and Isla are, in fact, still trapped in the back of the moving truck, fearing their fate. Their worries are further cemented when the truck abruptly stops – and they have no idea where they are.

At the station, Ricky’s fears are realised when Kat confirms that she’s been unable to track Kyle, but Dylan has managed to get a trace on Dave’s phone, to bushland an hour out of Summer Bay. With police on their way to the area, Ricky just hopes they get there in time.

Despite her own assurances that she’s doing fine, Leah is struggling to cope with Zac being charged and refused bail. Alf is holding out hope that Morag’s bail appeal will be successful and Zac will be allowed home.

The next day, VJ and Hunter are dismayed to find that the shower block at the caravan park has been vandalised in response to Zac’s charges. The boys vow to clean up the mess before Leah sees it. But she ultimately stumbles upon the scene and is upset. Alf tries telling Leah that it’s just the work of some kids mucking around, but when they head to the diner that night, Leah notices people gossiping and pointing in her direction.

On the return home, Leah is lamenting the bubbling town gossip. As they approach they see the place has been trasshed. They step inside and find that the mess continues there and the words “Murderer lives here” spray-painted across the wall in red. Leah’s horror as she takes it in, fearing that this is only just the beginning. 

Thursday 28th April

Scandal surrounding Zac's arrest is turning some Summer Bay residents against Leah and her family. Business is suffering at the diner and caravan park, but it's the heartless vandalism of Alf’s house that has hurt the most. After Kat examines the crime scene, the family gets to work cleaning up the mess. A guilt-ridden Leah suggests to Alf that it might be best if she and the family move out, but he’s adamant that is not even an option. He kindly reassures her that they’ll get through this together.

Meanwhile, Morag has returned with more bad news for Leah and her family – Zac’s bail appeal was rejected, and he’s refusing to see visitors. The family is devastated, but Morag promises to do whatever it takes to prove his innocence.

The Greek feast resumes, lifting spirits a little. Skye opens up to Olivia about her heartbreak – she’s convinced Oscar will never like her the way she likes him. Olivia tries to reassure her that other guys will be queuing up for a date, but Skye still only has eyes for Oscar.

Meanwhile, Kat is puzzled by Dylan’s downcast mood. At first seems it’s because he missed out on a promotion, but he reveals today would have been his son Anton’s 5th birthday. Kat can't help empathising, due to the recent loss of her brother, and tries to lift his spirits and ease his workload. Morag witnesses their interaction and suspects they may be romantically involved. Despite a veiled warning from Morag, Kat stays back at work to help Dylan.

Friday 29th April

Irene is preparing to welcome Claire. Olivia’s uneasy about Claire, but knows Irene doesn’t want to do a DNA test yet because she’s convinced Claire is her daughter. Irene asks Olivia to be kind to Claire, and Olivia agrees for Irene’s sake. Things go well when Claire first arrives, but soon Claire reveals that she is broke and Irene offers to pay for her flights. Olivia’s suspicions go into overdrive and she tells Skye she’s going to expose Claire for the con-artist Olivia believes she is.

Kat decides to confront Dylan about their ‘moment’ the previous evening, but he dodges the subject. Kat calls him out and Dylan admits there was a moment, but he thought she’d want to avoid it seeing as she’s the one rebuffing him. He makes a crack about her being interested in someone else – Ash. Kat sets him straight, there’s nothing going on there. But Dylan has to let go of the idea of her and him as a couple. Dylan replies it’s hard to let someone like Kat go. He’s sincere and it leaves Kat thrown.

Morag gets back to Roo, Olivia and Skye – she’s found nothing on Claire. It seems her story checks out. Olivia tries to argue, but the others decide to back off. Olivia remains unconvinced and decides to take matters in her own hands, confiding in Skye that she’s bought a home DNA testing kit.

Kat checks out the garage and hears Dylan was their first customer. She’s surprised when Ash says Dylan was actually acting like a decent bloke. Unbeknownst to them, Dylan’s obsessively watching a video of his proposal to Kat over and over again. When Kat runs into him later he convinces her to join him for dinner. It looks like Kat could be falling back into his web …

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