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Home and Away

Channel 5

The Morgans struggle to come to terms with a secret

Evelyn and Matt are drawn together

Will Duncan leave the Bay?

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Monday 14th November

Tori informs Justin and Brody that Decker is out of his coma. Desperate for answers about where they stand with the syndicate, the brothers rush to the hospital.
Justin and Brody sneak in to see Decker – his relief over Hope and Raffy’s safety is palpable. They discreetly discuss the drug syndicate, but Justin senses Decker is holding back and grows frustrated.

Ash and Kat continue their secret relationship – they have to keep the charade up for two whole months. However, their lust almost immediately lands in them in trouble after a drawn out morning in bed traps Ash in Kat’s bedroom.

At the police station, Kat is brought up-to-date by Sergeant McCarthy on a credit card scam taking place in town. But she’s quickly distracted by a text from Ash to meet up at the garage for a ‘car service.’

Brody tells Justin and Tori what he’s learned – they debate whether or not to trust Decker. He lied to them for seven years about their mother. What else might he be keeping from them?... Meanwhile in hospital we see Decker is holding a photograph of a little girl, a grinning toddler.  Who is she? And what could she have to do with the Morgans?

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Tuesday 15th November

Ash and Kat struggle to get dressed as Sergeant McCarthy demands access to the Garage. Kat hides under the office desk, while Ash collects the remnants of her police uniform that have been strewn over the floor.

Brody and Justin are both trying to make peace with what they’ve learned about their mother and Decker. Brody is somewhat glad that his mum found a little happiness during that turbulent period towards the end of her life. They still have questions they want answered though, so it’s back to the hospital where Hope and Raffy are already visiting Decker.

An excited Hunter presents Olivia with his ideas for their gap year. Irene’s none too happy about what she’s hearing. Olivia’s interest in the trip is also waning, but she’s finding it hard to tell him she doesn’t want to go.

Decker appears on the Morgan’s doorstep that night, desperate for their help. The drug syndicate is tying up loose ends. Decker reveals why they’re actually safe in the Bay. Before his accident, Decker hacked into the witness protection system and altered all of the Morgan’s records to point to Melbourne. Only the Commissioner and himself now know of their whereabouts. Decker is leaving town, determined to find out who’s really pulling the strings, and he wants the Morgans to look after Raffy permanently.

Wednesday 16th November

As Tori, Brody and Mason come to terms with the news that Raffy is their half-sister, Justin is still unable to believe it. Either way, Tori doesn’t want Raffy to know anything until they’ve gotten to the bottom of it. Later when Raffy’s unable to see Hope and learns Decker has gone away for work, she accuses Justin of trying to tear her family apart.

In a great mood on his 18th birthday, VJ surprises Leah when he forgets his traditional birthday breakfast. Billie checks that everything’s alright, and VJ covers convincingly. He heads outside by himself and pulls out an engagement ring.

At VJ’s birthday dinner, Billie makes a heartwarming speech – she can’t imagine her life without him. When they get home, VJ takes Billie to where he has set up fairy lights spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Billie freezes, not expecting this at all.

Thursday 17th November

Nate spies Billie and VJ arguing. Concerned over Billie’s distress after the argument, Nate attempts to calm and question her.

Caroline and Bryce prepare to leave Summer Bay for Hawaii. Duncan is down about the thought of saying goodbye to  both his son and Caroline, especially now that he is aware of her illness. Alf also seems to be struggling with the thought of losing his grandson who he has become very close to over the last few weeks. Unable to pass up the opportunity to have a life with Caroline and his son, Duncan decides to move to Hawaii with them.

The tension is palpable between Matt and Evie after their kiss. Following an awkward encounter in the Diner, Roo chastises Matt for how uncomfortable he’s made things between him and Evie. He concedes that he’s handling things poorly.

Friday 18th November

Duncan tries to explain to a bewildered Roo and Alf why he’s decided to move to Hawaii. Shocked, they point out his obligations and commitments in Summer Bay including his relationship with Tori. Roo and Alf question whether Duncan and Caroline’s relationship would even work, especially given all the problems they have had in the past.

Having spotted Tori at the Diner, Duncan and Tori discuss his situation and Caroline’s illness. He intimates that he’s thinking of moving to Hawaii to be with Caroline and Bryce. Tori admits that she’d miss him if he went, but that she’d understand. Duncan concedes that there are a lot of reasons to go, and, with a meaningful look at Tori, many reasons to stay as well.

After a tip off from Roo regarding Duncan’s intentions, Caroline finds Duncan to discuss his move to Hawaii. Caroline doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to go back with them because he isn’t in love with her.

Evie’s plan is underway to make Matt move on from their kiss: she’s attempting to set him up with one of her friends. Matt’s hesitant to go along with it, but all stubbornness is forgotten when Evie reveals that she just wants things to be normal between them again. Sensing how serious Evie is, Matt concedes on one condition; he gets to pick the girl.

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