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Home and Away

Channel 5

Nate is drugged

The Morgans are forced to go back on the run

John tries too hard to impress Jordan

Home and Away catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 22nd August

While Andy’s got the cash he made working for Simmo, it’s not nearly enough. Then Simmo, taking advantage of this opportunity, makes Andy a dangerous offer. Steal a luxury car and he’ll have enough to pay this guy. Andy feels he has little choice but to go along with it.
With Josh’s sentencing hearing tomorrow, Evie’s struggling. She confides in Matt her fragile state of mind, prompting him to make a heartfelt plea to Josh. For Evie’s sake, Josh needs to allow her to visit. Josh seems unmoved – he’s facing 25 years, he can barely get his head around it. Not seeing her is better for both of them.

When Phoebe learns VJ’s moving into her place, she’s less than impressed. Billie, still feeling blindsided herself, reassures her that the situation is temporary – only until VJ and Leah sort out their issues. But VJ thinks that’s never going to happen.

Irene offers Billie some candid advice. She warns Billie that there’ll be more than enough drama when the baby comes. She’s going to want Leah in her corner.

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Tuesday 23rd August

It’s the day of Josh’s sentencing hearing and Kat tells Ash that the crown are going to try and make the murder charge stick. Manslaughter is unlikely – Josh has motive, and didn’t come forward for ages.

Later at the courthouse, Evelyn, Matt and Ash arrive for the sentencing. Andy is notably absent, which further raises an alarm for Matt.

When they get far enough out of the Bay, Andy instructs Josh to get changed as they switch cars. Despite the rush, Josh stops, sending a quick text Evie, it’s going to be the last thing he ever says to her ….

Tori asks Justin if he thinks they may have been compromised by Mason telling his girlfriend about their witness protection, but he reassures her. One slip up won’t ruin everything. On her way to Tori crosses with Nate outside the surf club, who has finished up at the gym and is exchanging some friendly banter with Spike, the guy he met previously at the gym. Tori almost recognises Spike, but she shoves the feeling aside as her and Nate head into work together.

Later that night at the hospital, Nate is heading alone  when he stops to look at a chart. Nearby, a masked surgeon appears and pads towards Nate… producing a syringe in his hand.

Wednesday 24th August

Tori, arrives at the hospital having been informed about Nate’s collapse. She orders a wide spectrum of tests trying to figure out what happened, until she finds a small needle mark on his arm dripping blood, prompting her to order a toxicology report on top of everything.

Kat, meanwhile, is tired and exhausted following the disappearance of Josh and Andy. Ash assures her that he had nothing to do with it.

Tori realises Nate’s been drugged, on purpose, by someone who’s trying to get to her. Panicked, she runs out of the room and calls hospital security, leaving a puzzled Nate in her wake…

Ash arrives at the garage to find an envelope, which is stuffed full of money. Ash is stunned as he flicks through it…

Phoebe and Kat have a drink at Salt and talk through losing the garage, both feeling for Ash. Wishing there was a way to save it. Meanwhile Ash stores the envelope in a drawer, clearly undecided about the money.

At the restaurant, everything’s been a great success and Brody and Mason are just about to kick back and relax for five minutes, when Justin races in and tells them they have to pack their stuff and get out of Summer Bay. Their identities have been discovered… If they don’t get out of here, they’re dead…

Thursday 25th August

Dismayed their cover has been blown, the Morgans prepare to go on the run again. However, having only just celebrated the successful opening of Salt, stubborn Brody sticks to his word and refuses to leave with the rest of his family.

Oblivious to their drama, Chris declares war on Salt and starts strategising a campaign to keep the Diner on top. Alas for him, no-one else seems too concerned.

Hunter claims he’s fine, supportive girlfriend Olivia remains troubled by his lack of reaction and fears he’s not really dealing with what’s happened at all. Andy and Josh are on the run, they might not face justice for killing his mum at all.

Marilyn and John are also busy, preparing the house for the arrival of their new foster child, Jordan. Determined not to make the same mistakes he made with Skye, John tries out a new laid-back, laissez faire attitude to parenting but his attempts to make Jordan comfortable seem to backfire.

Meanwhile, the tentative truce that has been called between Roo and recuperating Alf is threatened when she discovers that he plans to cut his son Duncan out of his will.

Friday 26th August

Billie’s uneasy about VJ moving in with her. When VJ snubs Leah, Billie decides to intervene. Leah and Zac are dismayed to learn that VJ is having a good time living out of home.

Hunter finds his Community Service duty annoying. When Olivia passes and his partner Jordan makes a comment, asking if that’s Hunter’s girl, he tells him to get back to work. Olivia promises Hunter that if he doesn’t want to talk about his issues - she isn’t going to push him.

Marilyn and John are overly eager to please Jordan, inviting him out to the movies or to watch some DVDs, but nothing seems to be working.

When Jordan and Olivia seem to be getting along at the party, Hunter reacts.

Roo is uneasy about her decision to contact Duncan behind Alf’s back. She worries Alf will discover what she’s done. Leah chats with Alf and later warns Roo that she may have stirred up a hornet’s nest.

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