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Home and Away

Channel 5

Can Nate forgive his father?

Olivia reveals her shocking secret

Jett's new girlfriend arrives

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Monday 15th February

Nate’s father, Gavin, tries to convince Nate that he wants to make up for walking out on him and his mother. Nate’s torn, so Gavin suggests a small step – dinner tonight, with Ricky. Nate agrees to it, but he’s still harbouring doubts.

Evelyn visits Andy and tells him that Josh wrote a note to her saying “YOUR FAULT” at the hospital. She breaks down, and Andy does his best to comfort her. The next morning Evelyn comes home on her way to the hospital. She tells Maddy and Oscar that she’s not going to let Josh push her away, but Alf suggests she give him some time to himself.

At the beach, Ricky notices Gavin checking her out, and he pays her some sleazy compliments. After his swim, Gavin continues to come onto her, leaving Ricky feeling uneasy.

Hannah finds Andy near the water and tells him she’s his friend, and wants to support him as he looks after Josh. But Andy can’t be friends – he still loves her. Andy tells Hannah to stay away from him and stalks off, their messy situation getting even more complicated.

Ricky tells Gavin to leave, but he keeps harassing her, and she threatens to call the police. Gavin stands up and apologises, then gropes her, forcing Ricky to lose her cool and kick him out. How is she going to explain this to Nate?


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Tuesday 16th February

Gavin arrives at Nate’s place, slightly tipsy and looking to spend more time with his son. Nate lets him in, completely unaware that he’s just groped Ricky at Angelo’s. Back at the restaurant, Ash can’t believe what Gavin did, and wants Ricky to tell Nate, but she’s torn – Nate and Gavin have only started talking again, and Ricky doesn’t want to ruin things.

Kat tries to convince Emerson that they need to keep investigating Charlotte, as her story about Trystan doesn’t add up – they are connected somehow. Emerson reminds her she isn’t a homicide detective, but she stresses how important it is that they don’t let Charlotte walk free if she’s a murderer.

Charlotte meets Gunno at prison, and he asks her what happened to Trystan. Charlotte claims it was an accident. Gunno tells her that even though Trystan’s gone, she’s still not off the hook, and Charlotte’s backed into a corner again.

Phoebe hits a wall as she tries to prepare more for her next class. The door bursts open, revealing Ash wearing a robe. He turns some music on and does a strip tease for her. Phoebe stops him before he goes all the way, feeling lucky she’s got a boyfriend that will embarrass himself for her. She agrees that she needed the distraction, and they tumble towards the bedroom.

Wednesday 17th February

Kat interrogates Charlotte about visiting Gunno, but her cover story is strong – Charlotte used to date Gunno and he wanted to apologise for the past. Kat still thinks it’s connected to Trystan’s murder, but Charlotte keeps her cool. Kat reluctantly lets her go. As Charlotte leaves, Kat gets a disturbing call from the hospital.

Nate’s stunned as he realises his father deliberately drove into the tree. He tries to block out his father’s accident, but Ricky can’t accept it – it just feels cold. Ricky encourages Nate to be there for him, and he wonders if he’s rejected his father too soon. At hospital, Nate sits at his father’s bedside. But has he made the right choice?

The next morning, Olivia’s excited as she gets ready to catch up with Hunter. Irene suspects there’s something going on between them, but Olivia says they’re just friends.

Kat goes to prison to see Gunno. She clearly means business, and Gunno is intrigued. Meanwhile, Kat grills Gunno, but hits a wall when she realises he’s matched covers stories with Charlotte.

VJ agrees to help Zac clean the caravan park as Hunter comes home. Hunter tells VJ about Olivia’s scars, but doesn’t think it’s his place to say something, and makes VJ promise to keep quiet as well. VJ can’t stop himself when he sees Olivia, mentioning that Hunter saw her scars, and offers to be there for her if she needs to talk. Embarrassed and angry, Olivia storms off.

Thursday 18th February

Lonely John is disappointed when his call to Marilyn gets cut short, but he lifts when Roo arrives with some lasagne. Roo tells him she’s going overseas tomorrow, and John brave faces that he’ll be alright without her support. But John’s clearly not coping, so Roo agrees to hang around. As Roo escapes to pack for her trip John moves to his laptop, and is thrilled when Jett appears, explaining that he’s come to spend time with him while Marilyn’s away.

Oscar arrives at Angelo’s and is disturbed to see Matt at the table, so he joins in. Maddy and Matt argue there shouldn’t be a strict rule about costumes, but Oscar takes Asia’s side. Maddy knows he’s deliberately winding her up.

Olivia returns home and confides in Irene about her cutting, revealing that it gives her a release. She explains that her Uncle James’ friend used to abuse her. She didn’t think James would believe her – she was so ashamed, and hated her body. The scars are a reminder of how she felt. Irene hugs Olivia as she starts to let go. Olivia continues to open up about what her uncle’s friend did to her, sending a chill down Irene’s spine. But what can she do?

Jett receives a text and John confiscates the phone, just as Chris arrives with dessert, breaking the tension. Jett’s phone rings, and he answers it, moving outside to take the call. Chris thinks that John should give Jett his privacy. Outside, Jett tells the person on the other end of the line that he loves them. But who is he talking to?

Olivia thanks Irene for looking after her, but as she moves off to bed, Irene’s façade crumbles. Her hands shake, as she realises how hard Olivia’s revelation has hit her. What is going on?

Friday 19th February

Chris finds Irene up early, still deeply troubled by Olivia’s revelation, and unable to tell him what’s wrong. Chris backs off, and will respect Irene’s warning to leave Olivia alone.

Still blind, Josh is helped into his room by Andy. Dr Griffin thinks Josh’s speech will start to improve soon, but the tests show no progress with his sight. Andy’s concerned as Josh struggles to deal with his new reality. Dr. Griffin tells Andy that he must begin to prepare the house for Josh’s return, and consider that Josh’s eyesight may never come back. Hannah arrives but keeps her distance, leaving Andy wondering if he was right to push her away.

John knows Jett is hiding something from him, but Leah thinks Jett will tell him when he’s ready.

Evelyn asks Chris if he knows why Hannah’s keeping her distance from Andy. Chris pretends he doesn’t know, but can’t help feeling for Evelyn.

Andy helps Josh with speech excercises, and manages to get him to say “Andy”. But his excitement is quickly shut down when Josh follows it with “I’m scared”. Josh starts to cry, and Andy holds his head. Andy tells Evelyn that Josh spoke, but can’t bring himself to tell her about Josh’s breakdown. Evelyn’s elated, and Andy tries to cling onto her hope.

Leah’s happy to hear about Chris’s dad, and is surprised to learn that Hannah’s going with him, but reassures him it’ll be great. Chris doesn’t want to abandon Irene and Olivia, so Leah promises to keep an eye on them. Over at Irene’s, she struggles to keep it together as she hears a man’s chilling voice in her head. But what is Irene remembering?

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