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Home and Away

Channel 5

The plane crashes

Alf fears he's lost Duncan for good

Tori's desperation puts everyone in danger

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Monday 26th September

Justin, having been unable to stop the plane from taking off, rushes into the airport and tries to break into the locked radio room, desperate to contact his family. Meanwhile on the plane, everyone is unaware of a slow CO2 leak in the cabin. Duncan can’t stay conscious and simply mumbles they’re going down….the plane crashes….

At Summer Bay House, Alf gets off the phone to the cops to inform everyone what Justin had told them – he heard the plane was going down. Zac, VJ and Roo are shocked and scared for their loved ones. Hunter overhears the terrible news and rushes to tell Olivia in the diner about it, knowing she’d want to know since Irene was on the plane too.

The plane has crashed in pieces on the sand, in the middle of nowhere. As we look through the wrecked cabin, everyone is still unconscious…

Terry Stanton gives another briefing and there’s been no sightings of the plane. In a few hours they’ll lose the light and have to call off the search until tomorrow. Everyone arcs up, not wanting to leave their loved ones out there all night.

Meanwhile at the crash site, Tori and Mason are calling out for Brody, worried where he’s gone. Duncan tries to call through on the plane’s radio but with no luck. Their safety beacon isn’t working and there’s no phone reception either.

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Tuesday 27th September

With dusk setting in, the crash site survivors attempt to make the best of a bad situation. Irene works the radio but is unable to make contact. Leah has been making the camp relatively more hospitable, protective of Billie. There’s an awareness they only have limited supplies. Evie reassures Mason that Brody will be found safe – confident they will all be rescued. In the morning, Mason and Evie wake outside, Billie walks up slowly, she fears there is something wrong with her baby.

Back in Summer Bay, VJ and Zac are desperate for signs of contact but neither the SES ground teams nor the police helicopters have reported any sightings. After manning the radio all night, Alf is exhausted. Roo convinces him to rest. He reluctantly returns home, only to be confronted by a desperate and irrational VJ who thinks Alf’s given up.

Zac manages to stop VJ just in time, convincing him that trusting in the authorities is the right thing to do. Later Zac almost breaks down, admitting to VJ he should have been on that plane - he put work before his own wife. VJ makes it clear they need to keep it together because when Leah and Billie do return home, they will need Zac and VJ to be there for them.

Wednesday 28th September

Justin and Ash return from their unofficial search for their missing loved ones, frustrated and exhausted after their fruitless efforts. They intend to just grab more supplies and go back out, but it’s not long before news of the explosion comes via the SES radio, and everyone’s left on tenterhooks, fearing the worst.

Meanwhile, the aftermath of the explosion sees the crash site shrouded in thick smoke.

Olivia’s struggling, her worry over Irene is all consuming. When Hunter drops by to check in on her, she opens up about her fears. There’s a hint of the connection they share, a sense this trauma has brought them closer.

Alf’s gutted when he learns that Duncan is still lost out in the wilderness, along with Nate, Brody and Tori. He distracts himself by helping out at SES headquarters, but once he’s home with Roo,finally his stoic façade crumbles.

Thursday 29th September

Nate, Tori and Duncan have been searching for Brody for the last day and a half. They’re exhausted, out of food, and barely have enough water to survive another day. Nate says they should head back to the crash site before it’s too late, but Tori is determined to keep searching, with or without their help, regardless of the risk. Nate looks to Duncan for support, but he sides with her, much to Nate’s frustration.

At the school, Tabitha has just finished doctoring the exam results, but while leaving the principal’s office she runs straight into Hunter. He's instantly suspicious but she covers well, and he’s left none the wiser about what she was up to.

Meanwhile, Roo is voicing concerns about Alf to a sympathetic Matt - worried about the toll Duncan’s disappearance is taking on her father.

Matt returns home unexpectedly and catches a hooded figure red-handed. However, he’s soon shocked to discover that it’s his little sister, Ellie. She acts like it was all just a joke, but Matt doesn’t buy it. He presses for the truth, and eventually she reveals that she doesn’t want to return to their aunt’s house, but refuses to explain why.

Back in the bush, with Tori emotionally and physically drained, Nate manages to convince Duncan to trick her into heading back towards the plane. However, she soon realises what they’re up to and is furious. She storms back into the bush to resume the search, and the guys have little choice but to follow. As they go, they fail to notice something lying in the nearby undergrowth. It’s Brody – alive but in really bad shape and oblivious to their presence. Has he just missed his one chance for rescue?

Friday 30th September

Roo can see past Alf’s stoic front. She knows he’s not coping and fears that he’ll never get over losing Duncan. It takes some kind words from Marilyn to encourage Roo to admit she’s also struggling rather than just trying to be strong for Alf – they’ll get through this together.

The surprise arrival of Matt’s little sister, Ellie, has left Matt with many questions and Ellie is doing her best to avoid answering them.

The search for Brody continues and despite objections from both Nate and Duncan, Tori remains determined to find her brother at any cost. With supplies running dangerously low, tensions flare when Nate accuses Tori of being unnecessarily reckless. Their heated argument is cut short when Duncan hears the sound of footsteps nearby. For the briefest of moments Tori has hope – it must be Brody!

Meanwhile, Brody continues to stagger through the bush, unaware how close he is to his rescuers and how close he is to death. He is drifting in and out of his own hallucination - a picture perfect day at the beach with his mum and his siblings as kids. As a young Justin and Tori beckon for him to join them by the water, Brody walks blindly through the bush, unaware that he is perched at the top of a steep cliff. With some encouragement from his mum, Brody moves forwards. In his mind, he’s walking towards his siblings, but the terrifying reality is that he has just unknowingly stepped off a cliff. Moments later, Tori, Justin, Nate and Duncan arrive at the edge. They peer over the ledge hoping to see a way down but instead they are met with the terrifying sight of Brody lying motionless at the bottom. Tori screams his name fearing that they are too late… Brody may already be dead.

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