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Home and Away

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Zac searches for VJ

Andy pushes Hannah away

Marilyn and Jett don't want to move

Home and Away catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 30th March

Kyle returns from the city, and Phoebe is overjoyed to have him back. Concerned that Kyle is already under a lot of pressure with Brax’s court case, she keeps her recent stalker scare a secret. But secrets don’t stay secret long in the Bay, and eventually Phoebe is forced to explain things to Kyle, who’s angry at being kept in the dark. When Ryan later shows up at Angelo’s again, Kat tells him he’s in breach of his AVO, and threatens to arrest him if he doesn’t move on, as Kyle watches from the balcony. Having learned the identity of Phoebe’s stalker, Kyle follows and attacks Ryan, but Ash steps in at just the right moment, preventing Kyle from doing something he’d regret. Ash warns Ryan to stay away, or face more serious consequences – but will Ryan heed the warning?

Oscar and Maddy are now officially together, but he’s still having doubts about the truth of her feelings. He asks her again whether she is sure about the relationship and reaffirms her conviction, telling him that although she’s taken him for granted for a long time, she has realised she made a mistake, and that she loves him.

Zac realises VJ is missing, and looks for him everywhere without success. He later learns that VJ has gone to the city to see his Mum in the hospital. VJ still isn’t answering his calls, and Zac is worried he will refuse to come home with him, so when Irene offers to go instead, Zac agrees.

Brax waits anxiously as his lawyer attempts to negotiate a deal with the prosecution, and Ricky realises the idea of pleading guilty and going to gaol for a crime he didn’t commit is killing him. She begins to have second thoughts about whether they’ve made the right call. Finally, Brax’s lawyer informs him that if he pleads guilty, the charge will be reduced to manslaughter, and he’ll face a lighter sentence of 8 years in gaol. Will Brax accept the deal for a crime he didn’t commit?


Tuesday 31st March

John is attempting to come up with the right gesture to show Marilyn he can be romantic, but seriously struggles. Meanwhile, Marilyn is devastated to learn from their real estate agent that someone has made offer on their house.

Brax breaks the news to Ricky about the prosecution deal, which could see him spend 8 years in jail, instead of a possible 20, if he pleads guilty. Ricky questions whether he should accept, but Brax is adamant that a shorter sentence will be better for her and the baby. He starts putting his affairs in order, and informs Ricky and Kyle that they’ll be the new co-owners of Angelo’s and the Gym. He also asks Andy to become the Gym’s new manager.

Hannah is concerned Andy is no longer attracted to her, after she asks him to share her bed, and he opts to sleep on the chair instead. Despite working hard at her physiotherapy with Nate, she still has no feeling in her legs. Sick of feeling like a patient, she breaks down, and confides in Nate about her issues with Andy. He advises her to take more initiative, and let Andy know she wants to be intimate again, but to her distress, when she tries to make a move, Andy rejects her advances, and leaves the room.

Wednesday 1st April

Someone has made an offer on the house and John is over the moon - he can’t wait to move out of the Bay. Jett is furious, and Marilyn doesn’t want to move either, but she’s been too busy trying to keep the peace to tell John how she feels.

Spencer discovers that Maddy is dating Oscar and this, along with his issues with Matt – makes him feel like he’s on the outer. He takes his frustration out on Chris, who confronts him, and tells him he needs to take responsibility for his life, and recognise that he’s not the only one who’s hurting.

After a conversation with Denny about leaving the past in the past, Nate is reminded of his situation with Sophie, and considers the possibility of getting a divorce.

After Andy’s rejection of her advances, Hannah becomes convinced he’s only with her because he feels sorry for her. But in truth, he is worried it is too soon after her accident to have sex. When Nate confirms that there is no medical issue at play, Andy attempts to discuss things with Hannah, but before he can explain himself, she breaks up with him.

Thursday 2nd April

Roo pushes Spencer to explain why he’s behaving so strangely, and he admits that he’s been feeling left out. She urges him to reach out to Maddy, and to make amends with Matt. Spencer follows her advice, and pays Maddy a visit – but upon seeing him arrive, Oscar freaks out, and makes an abrupt exit. Spencer tells Maddy that he’s okay with her new relationship with Oscar, and that he’s happy for her, offering to take them both out for dinner to smooth things over with Oscar. Maddy is delighted and tells Spencer how glad she is to be talking about something other than cancer, which gives him the brilliant idea of organising a fundraiser for teenagers with cancer in her honour. Spencer realises how wrong he’s been, and apologises for his behaviour to Chris and Matt.

Marilyn finally tells John that she doesn’t want to move, and when he realises how much it means to her, he decides to call off the house sale, which Marilyn thinks is the most romantic gesture ever!

Irene returns from the city without VJ, who has decided to stay with his grandma, Stella for a few days. Zac decides to let him stay there, believing it may be the best thing for everyone. He eventually realises his mistake, and resolves to bring VJ home.

Sasha misses Uni to surprise Matt with a visit – but for some reason he isn’t happy to see her and refuses to say why. Sasha’s confused and upset – what is up with Matt?

Friday 3rd April

Sasha pushes Matt to explain why he isn’t happy to see her, and eventually he admits its because he doesn’t want to have to say goodbye again so soon, given how hard it was the last time. Sasha understands and they make up – deciding to take turns visiting each other every weekend.

Brax intends to plead guilty at his trial and knows he will serve 8 years in prison. As he gets the last of his affairs in order before the trial and says goodbye to his loved ones, he continues to struggle with the idea of pleading guilty. Ricky tells him she’ll support him if he decides to change his plea, but he’s adamant it is the best option for her and the baby. As the trial rolls around however, Brax finds himself incapable of going through with it, and changes his plea at the very last second. Can Brax beat the charges, or will he spend 20 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit?


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