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Home and Away

Channel 5

Hunter gets a tempting offer

Kat and Ash are sneaking about

VJ and Billie are under pressure

Home and Away catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Home and Away episodes

Home and Away is back on Monday 9th January 2017

Monday 28th November

Raffy is unable to understand why the Morgans are being so nice to her and Hope, Justin stresses that they need to know if she’s their sister as soon as possible. Tori comes home with the DNA test results, and Brody reveals the verdict.

Out on the road, Hope’s forced to pull over when the car overheats. Suspicious, Raffy opens the boot to find all their things. But Hope can’t tell her where they’re going. A police car approaches, and they head into the bush. Raffy worries they’re going to get lost, when suddenly Hope tumbles violently down a slope. Raffy screams desperately for her sister.

Evelyn kicks Matt out of the Farm House after his unexpected kiss, but when he tries to drive away, Mason’s car sputters and dies.

When Duncan fails to ask Tori to go out when they are on the beach, Roo pushes him to bite the bullet. He texts her, but Tori is too caught up in her family drama to respond. He finds her at Salt and puts her on the spot for a lunch date, and Tori accepts. They enjoy each other’s company until the news of Hope and Raffy’s disappearance reaches them and Tori has to cut the date short. But before she heads off she plants a small kiss on Duncan’s lips.

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Tuesday 29th November

Raffy finds Hope at the bottom of the slope – she’s in a lot of pain. Raffy runs for help, her phone getting no signal in the gully, which explains why the Morgans and Matt can’t get through to her in their attempt to track the sisters down.

Hunter is back at the books. As John asks how he’s coping Hunter half-jokes that perhaps cheating is the answer. John dismisses it, offering instead a good training session to clear the mind. But as Hunter leaves his caravan ready to train he encounters Rebekah, who plants the cheating seed – she has a copy of the English exam and is willing to share it with Hunter at a price – three hundred dollars.

Evelyn looks for Matt at Salt to clear up their last conversation but finds Roo instead and seeks counsel over Matt’s affections – she’s just not interested in that way. When the pair do finally find each other it’s still awkward until Evelyn confesses she’s still hung up on Josh. Matt accepts and understands, but tells her she deserves to move on and be happy, so he’ll ease up on the pursuit and the pressure.

Wednesday 30th November

Hunter trains with John on the beach as Olivia approaches, questioning him over his studies, as both are caught off-guard by his quickness to dismiss hitting the books. Unbeknownst to them, Rebekah’s sale of the exam is at the front of Hunter’s mind.

A well-dressed Zac enters the Diner, bound for a meeting before Olivia enters in a huff and gives Zac grief for his son’s lack of dedication to studying. Zac will speak to him later, but Marilyn presses the exams are only a week away. So when Zac finds Hunter at the beach he’s quick to offer study support but is just as quick to postpone the offer – he’s busy today. The reason for the suit becomes clear, he has a date with Samantha at Salt.

Justin arrives at the Farm House looking for Raffy, but proves evasive to Phoebe’s line of questioning about why he’d kept Decker’s waking a secret. Justin offers the full truth.

Thursday 1st December

Readying themselves for their first antenatal class, VJ and Billie discuss telling people about being engaged – it’s been a week. Billie insists she wants to do it properly, later today for sure.

As the sun rises, Ash and Kat have enjoyed a night together at Ash’s caravan despite Kat’s three month probation and as Kat slips out, doing up her uniform, someone is in the bushes taking photos. Later, both are in the Diner sitting separately to keep up appearances but sending flirty messages to one another until the tease gets too much and Kat proposes a scandalous booty call. So when there’s a knock at her door later, she’s expecting Ash but finds Billie instead, distressed.

Zac returns home in the morning, with a huge bouquet of flowers, apologising to Leah for his recent bouts of absenteeism, and promises to try harder at home and with Hunter. But later as the family celebrate VJ’s happy announcement, Zac receives a text from the mysterious Sam and rushes out. However when he gets to the hotel room he’s due to meet her in, he finds Ash instead and is embarrassed as to how this must look, removing himself quickly from the awkwardness. When he catches up with Ash, he tries his best to cover but fails miserably, and offers to tell Ash the truth, but he’s got to keep it secret…

Friday 2nd December

At the engagement party all are present except the guests of honour. Still at the house, Billie is trying to brush the note off, but VJ is certain it means something and if she won’t open up, their marriage will mean nothing to him. In the morning Leah seeks answers as to where they were last night and VJ offers that they’re having problems, just as Billie comes around the corner. Leah leaves them to it. VJ wants openness, but Billie wants trust.

Another secret rendezvous at the hotel between Kat and Ash – they’re getting pretty good at this! But as they fall back onto the bed, an envelope slides under the door, addressed to Ash, which Kat finds in the morning, leaving for him to open as she heads off for work. Inside are the photos of them kissing, evidence they’re still together, but no note and no further clues.

At the hospital, Tori catches Nate fighting through his shoulder pain. On offering to take a look at it, he winces but it’s not looking good for his Care Flight fitness test, but he appreciates the attention. As they assess the x-ray, the bad news is his shoulder is going to need physio. The good news is the bad news is wrapped in cute banter between he and Tori that results in the pair going for lunch.

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