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Maddy receives devastating news

Sasha leaves the Bay

Nate is confused by Kat's behaviour

Home and Away catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Home and Away episodes

Home and Away takes a break until Monday 1st June

Monday 27th April

Now officially a couple, Ash challenges Denny to join him for a surf, but she turns down the invitation – surfing is still too strong a reminder of Casey. But Denny tells Zac that she feels like she’s ready to move on, so he encourages her to try and enjoy the memories, and not let it stop her having a future. Meanwhile, Ricky tells Ash that she’ll stop giving him a hard time about seeing Denny, but warns him that it’ll be his funeral if he stuffs her around. Out on the beach with Ash and her surfboard, Denny tries to step into the water, but can’t, and runs away. Will she ever be able to move on?

Clinging desperately to the dream of making their relationship work long-distance, Sasha pressures a reluctant Matt into compromise –if her marks don’t drop for three months, they’ll stay together. Unable to let this ridiculous plan unfold, Irene tries to convince Sasha not to throw her big opportunity away to make something of herself, for the sake of a relationship with no chance. When she finds Denny at the Surf Club reminiscing about Casey, she’s sympathetic, but agrees with Irene – even if she loves him, sometimes you just have to move on. Sasha bites the bullet, and tells Matt that she can’t sacrifice her dream. Matt understands completely, and he puts his arm around her, their relationship finally over.

As VJ continues to make Zac’s life difficult after getting suspended, he tries to get Nate on side – but Nate tells him to be an adult, not a guy that blames other people for their own mistakes. Realising that Nate is right, VJ apologises to Zac, and suggests he stay with his Gran for a few days to visit Leah in hospital, giving them both the space they need. But will this temporary fix make a shred of difference when VJ returns?


Tuesday 28th April

Still finding the idea of surfing too painful, Denny runs away from Ash, leaving Ricky to explain that Casey was going to teach her how to surf before he died. Ricky tells Ash not to push Denny, and if he really wants the best for her, he’ll walk away if that’s what she needs. But when Denny finds Ash at Angelo’s, she tells him that she’s ready to move on, if he’s willing to be patient with her. This is no problem for Ash, although when he tells Ricky, she reminds him that if he’s serious about it, he should tell Brax the truth. At the gaol, Ash comes face to face with Brax – will he come clean?

After accepting that their relationship is over, Matt and Sasha agree to officially break up when Sasha gets on the bus back to Uni. Irene’s proud of Sasha, and surprises her with a farewell lunch for two, closing the Diner for business, so they can enjoy the moment alone together. Matt and Sasha reminisce, and when she has second thoughts of leaving such a great home, Matt reminds her that she’s going to be a famous journalist, and that if it’s meant to be, they’ll find each other again. Sasha bids the Bay a teary farewell as her bus disappears, leaving Matt behind. Where to for him now?

Despite her fear of ruining her reputation, Kat finds herself falling back into Nate’s bed. But when they’re busted by Matt, Kat ends the relationship again. Later at the hospital, Kat arrives with a car accident victim, and is in awe of Nate’s handling of the situation. Kat  compliments him, but Nate’s had enough – what does Kat really want?

Wednesday 29th April

Ash tells Brax the truth, confessing that he’s started seeing Denny. Brax is angry, but Ash can’t see his problem. Brax tells him that Denny’s been hurt enough, and demands that Ash ends it. Gunno clocks Brax and Ash arguing, and gives Brax a shove on his way past. Back in Summer Bay, as Ash attempts to avoid Denny, Kyle gives him the whole story about Casey’s death, making Brax’s reaction clearer – he doesn’t want her drawn into their world again. Ash meets Denny, and tells her he will never put her through what happened with Casey. Denny’s touched, and they kiss, finally moving forward together. But in gaol, Gunno warns Brax – any friend of Ash’s, isn’t a friend of his. Has Ash put Brax in even more danger?

When Hannah witnesses Nate’s tense exchange with Kat, she puts two and two together, and tries to suss out the state of play during her consult. Nate comes clean, admitting that they were seeing each other casually, but she ended it, not wanting people to find out. Hannah bumps into Kat at the Diner, and subtly encourages her to go for it with Nate – the people of Summer Bay will understand. Kat finally lets Nate in, and they open up to each other about their pasts, enjoying the start of their relationship, which was nearly over before it began!

As they attempt to get back to normal, Hannah learns that Andy must get his personal trainer’s qualification, or the gym will be shut down. When Andy reveals that his course work took a back seat after Hannah’s accident, she offers to help him study, but he can’t hack it, and storms off, overwhelmed – is this the end for the gym?

Thursday 30th April

With plans for the Colour Run well underway, Oscar arrives to help, but is met with hostility by Spencer, still angry with him for dumping Maddy when she needed him most. Irene and Chris order Spencer not to make the Colour Run about his issues, and Irene sends him up to Sasha’s old bedroom to sleep it off. Meanwhile at the Farm House, Hannah encourages Oscar to be the bigger man – the most important thing is that they both want to help Maddy. As Chris argues for Spencer to stay in Sasha’s old bedroom permanently, they run into Oscar and Evelyn, and Spencer apologises for his behaviour. For Maddy’s sake, Oscar forgives him, and they shake hands. Maybe the Colour Run has a chance…

Worried about her condition, Maddy cuts herself off from her friends, despite gentle advice from Roo and Alf to keep them in her life. But when she runs into Spencer, Chris, Oscar and Evelyn at the Diner, it’s too much, and she rushes out, unable to spend even a moment with them. Oscar’s concerned, but Evelyn thinks he just needs to wait until the dust settles. But when Evelyn finds Maddy at the hospital, Maddy admits that her problems are bigger than everyone thought – the chemo isn’t working.

Embarrassed about his reading difficulty, Andy tries to study for his Personal Trainer qualification by himself, but he can’t handle it, and admits the truth to Josh. Josh feels guilty for not picking up on this when he was younger and not getting help from Andy. Andy takes the responsibility for his own problems, and goes to Hannah, apologising for his outburst, and explains that he hates feeling like a five year old in front of her. Andy meets Josh again, and convinces him to help him study; Josh’s only condition is that he won’t go easy on him. Is Andy finally getting the help he needs?

Pleasantly surprised by Phoebe’s progress after finding out Ryan’s punishment, Kyle has a new dilemma when Josh asks him for a job at Angelo’s – loyalty to Matt versus Josh’s family connection. Phoebe tells Kyle to trust his gut, and he tells Josh that they’re fully staffed. But when Matt goes AWOL, an overenthusiastic Phoebe gets Kyle to give Josh a shot as her trainee. What has Josh got himself into?

Friday 1st May

Shattered after receiving her chemo results, Maddy can’t face going through a new treatment plan with Roo and Alf, choosing instead to hang out with Evelyn. As she breaks down, Oscar and Matt arrive at the Farm House, crashing Maddy’s privacy. Later at the beach, Maddy sees Matt, and he tells that her he quit Angelo’s, frustrated that he’s back where he started – no job, and no girlfriend. With her failed treatment, Maddy can relate, both unable to see a way forward. Oscar finds Maddy on the pier, and encourages her to fight for her life. Unable to get through to her, he pulls out the big guns, revealing Spencer’s plans for the Colour Run. Maddy’s shocked, but Oscar stays firm – if she won’t fight for herself, she should fight for those that care about her.

Keen to get some space from the rest of Summer Bay, Oscar invites Matt out to the Farm House. But when they get there, they find Evelyn with an upset Maddy, their plan ruined. Then when Josh arrives to deliver a pizza in an Angelo’s uniform, Matt loses it, outraged that Josh has taken his job. Matt storms into Angelo’s, and in a rush of blood, tells Phoebe he’s quit. The only person that understands him is Maddy, but it’s not enough, as he goes back to Leah’s for his things, and leaves in the dead of night – is Matt moving on?

With Leah looking unlikey to wake up, VJ tells Zac that he’s prepared to move in with his Gran, leaving Zac free to live his old life again. Although tempted by VJ’s offer, Zac feels like he’d be letting Leah down. But Alf offers him some perspective, pointing out that he’s done a lot more for VJ than most blokes would, and it’s alright to get on with his own journey now. Zac tells VJ that he thinks it’d be best for his long-term future if he moves in with his Gran. As he processes this information, in hospital, Leah opens her eyes. She’s back!

Determined to claim their shared bedroom as his own, Chris takes the initiative, and moves Spencer’s things into Sasha’s room when he’s not home. But when Spencer sees what he’s done, he tackles him, and their fight leads to a broken window. When will this insanity stop?!?!


Home and Away takes a break until Monday 1st June


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