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Home and Away

Channel 5

Kat finally tracks down Charlotte's murderer

Maddy has to make a difficult decision

Olivia is concerned about Irene

Home and Away catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Home and Away episodes

Monday 20th June

Debris, flames and people litter the caravan park. It’s a disaster zone. Panicked, Zac and Leah race down from the house and search through the injured. Evelyn refuses to leave; she needs to find the others. Dom and Nate find a dazed Phoebe, suffering from a minor head wound. She’s found Ricky’s Purse – but there’s no sign of Ricky.

Matt yells for help, as he tries to free Maddy, whose arm is pinned under a large pylon. She tries to fight the pain. Leah and Nate stop Matt from lifting the pylon - it could do more damage. They need to wait for an ambulance to arrive first. A distraught Maddy asks if Roo is okay, Matt assures that she is. Meanwhile, Roo lies unconscious amongst rubble on the other side of the park.

Kat’s frustrated to learn that in the wake of Dylan Carter’s sacking, the murder investigation into Charlotte King has been shut down – it looks like the killer has got away with it… At the station Kat is shocked to find out about the explosion. McCarthy saddles her with the responsibility of coordinating efforts from the station.

Irene’s nearly ready to head to the fundraiser when there’s a sudden blackout. Heading for the fuse box she is startled by some noises, - but no one’s there. She resets the main fuse and goes to head back inside, but after another noise she becomes convinced someone is playing around with her.  A knock at the door startles her, she opens it ready to tell off some kids, when she discovers a man at the door who says he is Chris’s uncle Mick.

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Tuesday 21st June

Alf checks on Roo at the hospital – he’s here to look after her, but she’s busy worrying for him after the devastation at the park. He doesn’t give a damn about the caravan park though, it’s people that matter now.

Kat runs into Andy at the Sharehouse, she’s curious if he’s alone – but before the conversation can continue Kat receives a call and they both learn of Oscar’s death… Andy reels, devastated for his mate. Rushing to the Caravan park, Andy races up to Constable Stevenson, wanting to find Oscar’s family – Andy learns that the explosion was caused by a couple of gas cylinders behind the van. This sinks in for Andy as he realises this is all his fault. Andy’s guilt is pushed even further as Josh fumes, wanting whoever is responsible brought to justice.

The shattered MacGuire - Wilson family sit at home grieving for Oscar, and are all concerned for Evelyn.  Andy arrives to tell Hannah how sorry he is for her loss. Chris and the others are surprised when Hannah decides to go into work off the back of the tragedy.

Andy finds Tank in the aftermath of the accident. Traumatised Tank seems to have had some sort of mental break, so Andy, driven by his guilt, makes sure Tank gets the help he needs in hospital. It’s there the police ask him if he knows how the accident was caused, but Tank appears to be unable to answer. Tori suggests the police return once he’s had a full psychiatric evaluation. The terrible truth stays hidden, for now...

Kat, having pieced together who Charlotte’s killer is, pursues her investigation. It’s waylaid, however, when she’s called away to deal with the devastation of the accident. Only once she’s worked through the night does she have the chance to pick the investigation up again. She makes a phone call to her mysterious suspect, demanding they meet face-to-face.

Wednesday 22nd June

Kat meets Charlotte's murderer alone and hears the details of the night that Charlotte was killed.

Nate and Tori struggle to save Hannah’s life after she collapses from an epidural haemorrhage. Before they can get her up to surgery to release the blood compressing onto her brain, Hannah goes into cardiac arrest.

Maddy’s feeling more pain in her arm. Tori decides to give her more pain killers and keep an eye on her. When the pain and discomfort increases Tori does a thorough examination of Maddy’s arm, and sends her off to have more scans. It’s clear that Tori is concerned but she hides it from Maddy, Roo and Matt.

Maddy is brought back from her scans. A grave Tori reveals that there is major damage to Maddy’s arm from the accident – the pressure is so great that the tissue is starting to die. If they don’t operate immediately the dead muscles will continue to release toxins that can be fatal. Maddy must have her arm amputated.

Thursday 23rd June

Maddy’s hysterical and in denial about Tori’s announcement that she has to have her arm amputated. Maddy refuses to sign the consent forms. Tori tells Roo, Alf and Matt that if she doesn’t agree to the operation soon, Maddy could die.

Andy returns home, and the guilt and fury that’s built up within him explodes as he trashes the house. His grief is clear. Ash arrives in time to restrain him – all he can do is hold onto his mate.

Phoebe seeks out Chris and finds him numb and altered. She doesn’t think he should be alone right now, but he refuses to connect and leaves. Later, John reaches out to Chris but he only rejects his help. When an abashed Andy comes to offer his condolences, Chris lashes out.

VJ offers his condolences to Billie. Needing comfort, she kisses him. VJ’s surprised but quickly disappears into it as deeply as she does. She takes him inside the house….

Maddy wakes up from surgery. It’s gone well. But in a moment alone with Matt she admits she doesn’t know what her future is now, and questions whether he’s sure he wants to be with her. Matt’s adamant that he’s staying with Maddy, reaffirming his love for her.

Ash returns to the share house, it’s clear he’s struggling with the week’s events. He hears someone at the front door… when he opens it, Dylan burst through, viciously attacking Ash. The two men grapple and struggle, until Dylan eventually overpowers Ash, beating him unconscious.

Friday 24th June

Dylan has tied Ash up. He wakes him with a couple of swift slaps to the face. Ash looks up at him with grim determination, asking – what now?

Tank paces his hospital room, clearly on the road to recovery. He’s nervous, wanting to know if he’s going to be questioned by the police again. He will be - pending a psych evaluation. He checks his phone – Skye has been texting and calling him concerned since the explosion.

Olivia and Hunter are trying to get in touch with Irene; they want to let her know what’s going on. The last thing that they  heard was that she was in the city with Finlay. John says he’ll try to help find her. Skye receives a text from Tank, and Oliva calls her out on it. She’s worried about her, but Skye still isn’t talking. She leaves.

Dylan reveals he’s been kicked from the Police force. He blames Ash for losing both his job and Kat. He wants Ash to admit that he was right about Ash and Kat all along - claiming that Ash turned her against Dylan because he wanted her for himself.

When Kat enters, Dylan restrains her briefly until she promises not to scream. Kat tries to talk him down. Dylan is convinced that he can force Kat and Ash to help him get his life and career back. Kat claims it’s beyond her now, other people are involved.  Dylan’s grip on reality is slipping, all he really wants is Kat to say she loves him – when she won’t, a coldness settles across his face.

Olivia gets in touch with Finlay and discovers Irene isn’t there like her text message said. In fact, Finlay hasn’t heard from Irene in weeks. Olivia panics, John tries to calm her down. They can’t think of a single reason that Irene wouldn’t contact them unless something was wrong …

Kat and Ash discuss the traumatic events of the day. She didn’t mean to bring him into this. Ash brushes away her concern, trying to play light despite his injuries. He’s impressed she managed to break Dylan down. Kat admits it was risky, but she had to take a chance - she couldn’t let anything happen to Ash. They draw together in a tender kiss...

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