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Home and Away

Channel 5

Brody is shocked by a new detail in his memory

Kat grows closer to Ash

Olivia is pushed to the edge by vengeful Tabitha

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Monday 17th October

Phoebe’s annoyed at Justin for standing her up. He doesn’t even give her an excuse for why he’s late for their date. She tries to press on but Justin shuts the date down, he doesn’t think they should do this – and with that cryptic statement, he leaves her alone.

Tori, meanwhile, feels horribly awkward, following the reveal that Caroline, Duncan’s ex-wife, has arrived for a surprise visit, with their five year old son, Bryce. Tori can’t wait to beat a hasty retreat … And Duncan’s left to question Caroline – what is she doing here? Caroline claims she’s here to see that Duncan’s okay, having heard about the plane crash. Alf and Roo are similarly taken aback to find Caroline here in the Bay… And Alf’s suspicious… If she was so worried about Duncan, couldn’t she have simply made a phone call? Caroline’s evasive, particularly in regards to how long she’s staying in the Bay… What’s really going on here?

Tori, meanwhile, finds the opportunity to apologise to Nate, for jumping to conclusions about his meeting with the woman from CareFlight. Friendship restored, Nate now questions Tori about what’s obviously on her mind …

Justin vents to Brody, annoyed after his run in with Decker. Just as he throught they could get on with their lives, they need to keep worrying about the syndicate and crooked cops. Brody thinks Justin should explain to Phoebe what’s going on, but Justin wants to keep her out of danger. Brody says that should be up to Phoebe.

Brody has another memory flash of his mother... He’s just a little boy, and his mother angrily tells him that the whole family will be in big trouble if Brody doesn’t forget a conversation Kate’s assumed he heard… Brody’s left feeling even more troubled … What was the deal with his mother? What is it that he can’t remember? 

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Tuesday 18th October

Brody is struggling with last night’s dream of his mother desperately urging his silence, and her warning that the family will be destroyed if he tells anyone about the argument he overheard. When Brody airs his worries, Justin is at a loss.

Justin continues to evade Decker’s attempts to contact him, so Decker shows up on Phoebe’s doorstep, imploring her to convince Justin to go to the address. Phoebe is reluctant to get involved but Kat persuades her to at least inform Justin, considering how serious it seems to be. Phoebe tells Brody about it. He’s apologetic and seeks out Decker, taking the opportunity to dig for answers about his vague memories -- does Decker remember something going down around that time? Brody’s disappointed when Decker says he doesn’t, Decker admits, that he, himself has become a target. He fears for his life. Decker needs the Morgans to visit the address he’s left in case anything happens to him.

Decker’s visit sparks Brody to remember a key piece of his memory -- his Mum was arguing with Decker. But about what? As Justin and Brody try to get their heads around this revelation, they decide they have to find Decker. Little do they know he’s just been run off the road, and his life hangs in the balance...

As Caroline asks Duncan to spend the day with them seeing the sights of the Bay, the tension between Alf and Caroline remains evident. When Alf later shares these concerns with Duncan, his son pushes back. Duncan doesn’t want to deal with Alf’s nonsense -- instead he wants to focus on spending time with his son. Frustrated, Alf tries to recruit Roo but she’s not having a bar of it either. She reminds Alf that his grandchild is here and that this is his chance to have a relationship with him. With this in mind, Alf tries to engage with his grandson, however Bryce reveals the reason he doesn’t want to talk to Alf is because he’s mean to his Mum. Now realising the true impact of his behaviour, Alf meets up with Caroline to negotiate a truce of sorts. Alf declares that he is letting go of his suspicions -- for now.

Kat and Ash’s newly repaired friendship is going well as he gets a reminder of how Kat is missing the action of the police force. Talk of men prompts Phoebe and Kat to muse about what they want in a guy. Kat says she wants a man to make an effort, get to know her family. Kat’s later surprised to receive an inquiry about a job from a security firm. She quickly puts together that Ash was behind it. Touched by the gesture, Kat further bonds with Ash as she helps him assemble a pram for Billie. Once they finish, Kat is stunned to hear Ash, off the cuff, say something in Spanish. He started studying it when they were dating. Kat’s left dumbstruck -- is the universe telling her she should be with Ash?

Wednesday 19th October

With Tori having written him a glowing reference for the CareFlight job, Nate tries to suss out whether she still has feelings for him. However he doesn’t get far before a critical patient is rushed in – Decker. Tori’s shocked but does her best to pull herself together and focus on saving her ‘family friend’. Wondering why Decker is in Brody’s childhood memories, Justin and Brody call his phone – only for Tori to answer and tell them of the accident. Rushing to hospital they discover Decker was run off the road, Justin’s guilt-ridden that he didn’t believe him when he said his life was in danger – and now he knows they could be in trouble too.

Meanwhile having helped Ash put together the bugaboo for Billie – and seeing how genuine and supportive he truly is – Kat struggles to fight her feelings for her ex. Spying this, Billie attempts to give Ash hope it’s not over but he’s unconvinced. Nothing has changed since they broke up; he stuffed up too many times for her to want him back. However Billie refuses to give up and reaches out to Kat. Kat doesn’t deny her feelings for Ash but makes it clear she doesn’t feel like she can trust him. Although Billie understands her rationale, she’s adamant Ash is the most trustworthy man she knows and even if he doesn’t tick all of Kat’s boxes, he comes very close.

Still fuming at Hunter’s betrayal, Olivia wants little to do with him – or Tabitha. However when Tabitha badmouths her online, Olivia fires back, ignoring Hunter and VJ’s advice not to fuel the fire. Much to Olivia’s distress, her response only makes things worse, the entire school seemingly getting involved. Finally listening to Hunter, Olivia takes the high road and ignores Tabitha, hopeful she’ll get bored with her and move on. But Tabitha isn’t done yet and posts a video of Olivia she’s doctored to make her look full of herself. When a group of students mercilessly mock Olivia, she can’t take it any longer and confronts Tabitha on the beach, begging her to stop ruining her life. But Tabitha’s got news for Olivia – she hasn’t even started.

Desperate for answers, the Morgans wait for news on Decker’s condition. Finally word comes through and it’s not good. However Justin refuses to simply cross his fingers and hope for the best, heading to the Farm House in search of the address Decker left Phoebe. Kat gives it to him but upon learning he plans to go there and get to the bottom of what’s going on, she offers to go with him but Justin’s uninterested. Unable to fight her bad feeling about this, Kat reluctantly goes to Ash, and they head off together after Justin.

Thursday 20th October

Evelyn finds Mason on the beach, and their old chemistry returns as he offers to take her for a drive. When they pull up to find the garage closed, Evelyn suggests they restart their friends with benefits agreement – and they quickly move into each other and start kissing. Soon after, Matt arrives to find them scrambling to straighten their clothes. As Evelyn heads off Mason moves in to kiss her goodbye, but she subtly avoids him.

Zac and Leah’s reheated relationship inspires John to do something romantic for Marilyn. Lost for ideas he turns to Chris, who suggests writing her love letters from a secret admirer. He think the anonymity will give her a thrill, but she’ll still know they’re from John – because who else would send her love letters, right? John reluctantly agrees to let him take care of everything.

Ellie’s dyslexia has been diagnosed, and friends and family rally around her. Zac tells Ellie he’s hired Evelyn as a teacher’s aide to give her one-on-one tutorials. But the attention is making Ellie feel like a freak. Despite Evelyn’s enthusiasm, their first tutorial is a disaster. Ellie is uncooperative, lazy and rude, before she finally storms off.

Olivia is still reeling from Tabatha's latest round of cyber bullying. Hunter’s encouragement gives her the strength to ignore it and return to school, but she discovers Tabitha has created a fake Facecloud profile to turn even more students against her. Determined to help, Zac calls a special assembly and shines a light on the dangers of cyber bulling, explaining what Tabatha had done to Olivia, giving the mean girls a reality check.

At the Diner, Chris and John secretly plant Marilyn’s love letter. Although flattered, Marilyn insists it couldn’t possibly be from John – it’s not his style. Leah then wonders if perhaps she really has a secret admirer? Marilyn thinks it’s probably just a silly prank. But Leah feels the letter was too heartfelt for that, and points out that Chris has been acting strange – maybe he’s the one with the massive crush?

Ellie lies to Matt about her first tutoring session with Evelyn, telling him that she was mean, pushy and walked out on her. Matt calms her down and finds Evelyn with Mason. He confronts Evelyn over how she treated Ellie. Mason defends Evelyn but as Matt walks away, Evelyn tells Mason to stop acting like her boyfriend, leaving him stunned.

Friday 21st October

Mason catches up to Evelyn, apologising for getting involved in her argument with Matt. Evelyn’s furious, pointing out she’s capable of fighting her own battles. Then when Matt visits Evelyn to talk about Ellie, he warns her that Mason may want to take things to the next level. He advises her to put a bit of space between them if she doesn’t want a relationship. Later Mason runs into Matt at the gym, and Matt warns him against pushing things with Evelyn just as she’s getting her life back on track. But when Mason overhears Evelyn advising Ellie on how to be strong, he’s reminded of how awe-inspiring she is. Mason knows they had a deal, but he has to come clean to Evelyn – he’s falling for her. Does she feel the same?

Suspecting Chris is behind the anonymous love letter, Marilyn overcompensates, convincing John that the letters are working. Evelyn catches wind of the plan and Chris lets her in on it. Evelyn reminds Chris that Hannah had fun the night they pretended to be a couple, but instead of reminiscing he gets straight back on the next letter to Marilyn, uncomfortable with the memory. When Marilyn finds the second letter, the writing convinces her that Chris is definitely her secret admirer. Marilyn confronts Chris, forcing John to reveal the truth and apologise. But Marilyn’s impressed with the romantic effort. Chris slips home and finds a photo of himself with Hannah from when they were happy and in love. He cries, depressed, alone and and with nowhere to hide from his pain.

Matt returns home after his run-in with Evelyn, and Ellie’s quietly delighted to learn he stuck up for her. But when Roo arrives home and catches up on the news, she can’t believe that Evelyn would walk out on Ellie. Matt goes to hear Evelyn’s side and realises Ellie lied. Matt’s confused and confronts Ellie about what her problem is, but she walks out on him, convinced he won’t understand. When Evelyn finds Ellie working on her assignment by herself, Ellie admits she’s embarrassed about what the other students will think of her. Evelyn offers Ellie some sound advice, and Ellie finally accepts the help she needs. Matt thanks Evelyn, hopeful everything will finally work out.

Leah and Billie discuss baby names, and Leah suggests that giving the child a family name may tie the two families together a bit. Billie explains her dilemma to Marilyn, who suggests a compromise. Later when Leah finds Billie on the way to the Surf Club she has a few more suggestions, but Billie’s already come to a decision – “Leah” will be the child’s middle name!

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