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Home and Away

Channel 5

Ricky reaches a decision about her future

Phoebe gets to know the Morgans

Olivia is concerned about Irene

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Monday 25th July

Both Ricky and Nate feel the writing is on the wall for their marriage. Nate admits to Tori that he knows his relationship with Ricky is over. Ricky, separately, can’t help but look wistfully at the 1st birthday card that Brax sent to Casey.

Kat, meanwhile, is a bundle of anxiety, given Sergeant McCarthy’s announcement he’s re-opening the Charlotte King murder case. Ash wonders why she’s so worked up, and Kat reluctantly decides to confide in him… Ash is shocked to discover that Josh killed Charlotte.

Josh fronts up to Evie, ready to tell her his dark secret. Evie, however, has planned a romantic surprise for the two of them, her way of showing Josh just how much he means to her. Josh can’t bring himself to reveal the truth…

Ricky is taken by complete surprise as Brax turns up, having been invited by Nate. Brax reveals he’s now a free man… He didn’t get in touch with Ricky, as he didn’t want to interfere in what he thought was her happy marriage… But now that Ricky’s a free woman, Brax is here to ask her if she and Casey will spend their life with him? What will Ricky’s decision be?

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Tuesday 26th July

A horrified Evelyn tries to process Josh’s confession to her that he killed Charlotte. Ash and Kat argue over Josh, Kat goes to arrest him. Ash and Andy race to find Josh before Kat does, and Ash nearly has an accident while texting Andy  when driving. He almost gets into a fist fight with the other driver, whose companions calm things down and they get back into their car, heading towards the bay. Who are these three strangers?

Meanwhile, Andy has found Josh and is heartbroken to hear that his brother accidentally killed Charlotte while trying to protect him; to stop her threat of reporting Andy for intentionally killing Jake Pirovic.

Ricky walks along the beach with Casey, trying to decide whether to leave the bay with Brax. She goes and talks to Phoebe, who’s stunned to hear that not only have Ricky and Nate broken up, but that Nate called Brax, who wants Ricky and Casey to leave with him. Pheobe points out the obvious – Ricky loves Brax, she’s going to go.
Kat continues to look for Josh, coming to the garage. Andy says he doesn’t know where Josh is. Andy tries to persuade Kat to stay quiet but she’s determined to do the right thing now.

Wednesday 27th July

Still reeling from the news, Josh and Evie are unsure if the police will even accept Andy’s confession. Kat is thrown by the development. She gets a moment alone with Andy and tries to persuade him not to sacrifice himself for Josh.

Dom makes a romantic breakfast to cheer Phoebe up – but grows evasive when she mentions Tess, his ex. Phoebe confides her concerns to Tori, her new friend, who is reassuring. Phoebe is troubled to learn from Tess that she has already made it clear to Dom she wants him back ...

The Morgan family banter over breakfast. Tori suggests Justin and Brody try to find work. Brody expresses unhappiness at giving up a good job where they were before. Mason has already arranged to continue his medical studies at N.D.U. Justin heads to the local garage for work, annoyed to realise Ash co-owns the place.

Mulling it all over, Phoebe briefly meets Justin, who is struggling to train his dog, Buddy. He cheekily asks her out but she declines. Phoebe sees Dom and Tess with Bella at the playground. It’s a touching family tableau, causing Phoebe to make up her mind - they need to think of Bella in all of this too. She speaks to Dom later, he protests but the fact a big part of him is still in love with Tess is too much of a hurdle for them. As painful as it is, they agree to split. Reeling from the break-up, Phoebe gets drunk and impetuously goes back to the Morgans with Justin - only one thing on their minds.

Thursday 29th July

Hungover after her night with Justin, Phoebe attempts to sneak out of the house while Justin’s still sleeping but Brody spots her, amused that his brother’s already found a conquest. Phoebe dryly points out she found Justin at the bar so he’s her conquest.

Roo is feeling emotionally stronger after a week without taking diazepam until Matt reveals he’s moving back to the caravan park. He feels he should get out of Roo’s hair now that Maddy’s gone, but Roo’s unsettled by this development.

VJ and Billie are on their way to lunch and catch up with Olivia and Hunter, during lunch Billie interrupts the conversation, trying to get them to order. Annoyed, Olivia turns the conversation to school so that Billie can’t contribute, having a dig at how much older Billie is.

Alf is surprised Matt’s coming back to the Caravan Park and wonders if Roo will be alright on her own. Roo tells Alf living alone means she can focus on herself and getting better. However, it’s clear Roo isn’t actually coping at all when she tracks down Dr Chung and lies to get another diazepam prescription.

Brody is disappointed to hear Justin doesn’t want to see Phoebe but he can’t argue when Justin comments that there’s no point getting to know people in town when they’ll have to disappear again. What is this family’s secret?

Friday 29th July

Leah gets a call from her brother who’s pulled a sports injury at home and Leah tells Zac she wants to go and help. Zac understands although Leah is reluctant to leave with all the recent turmoil with the kids. Zac and Leah then spy Billie at the beach, clearly in a downtrodden mood, leaving them concerned. Leah has to leave things up to Zac however, as later in the day she heads off to her brother’s.

At the diner, VJ is giving Olivia a serve for being harsh to Billie. Olivia thinks she’s not the one at fault but VJ wants her to apologise to Billie and find a way to get along. Billie, meanwhile, is given food for thought on hearing John’s regret that Skye has run off, thinking she’s too young to be making such big decisions for her life.

Alf reveals to Roo that he knows she’s still on the pills – Matt told him. Roo denies it and when Matt calls her on the lie, Roo continues to avoid the issue. Alf concedes that he can’t force her to get help but underlines that they’ll wait back at the house for her.

Hunter is confused by Olivia’s refusal to accept Billie – even at the cost of losing VJ’s friendship.

Hanging out at the farm house with VJ and Billie, Olivia is thrown when she gets a call from Irene and all she can hear are scuffling sounds, then a hang up. Olivia tries to call back but only gets voicemail, then a text from Irene pops up, calling Olivia by an odd nickname – “Oli”. It’s enough to send Olivia to Chris. She’s had a feeling for weeks that something isn’t right about Irene’s continuing silence. Chris discounts her concern but Olivia vows that it’s time to take action.

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