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Steph lies for a friend

Ned faces an impossible decision

Karl learns David has a family secret

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

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Monday 26th September

Ben and Madison have arrived on the Gold Coast, but Ben can’t help but miss Xanthe – until she unexpectedly shows up to be with him. Xanthe tells Ben she’s ready to go all the way, but the moment is interrupted by another surprise arrival.

Madison’s confidence in her upcoming audition is rocked when Logan emerges from the dolphin pool at SeaWorld – surprise! Will this awkward run-in hurt her audition performance?

Steph receives a surprise phone call and hesitantly goes to see Jacka in prison. He’s heard his wife is cheating on him and has to know if it’s true. Steph, knowing what it’s like to be inside, reluctantly agrees to approach her – but it doesn’t take long to discover which Ramsay Street resident is getting themselves into Jacka’s bad books.

Tuesday 27th September

Steph tracks down Ned to tell him that she knows he was the one who had an affair with Jacka’s wife Regan, and that it’s only a matter of time before Jacka does too. Ned is terrified, sending him into the arms of Elly.

Madison vents to Paul about her run-in with Logan, and he urges her to confront her ex and get it off her chest so she can focus on the audition. But when she tries to, Logan reveals that not only has she misunderstood the fight that led to their break-up, he’s also finally got his transfer to California, and wants her to come with him. Will Madison follow her dreams or her heart?

Ben and Xanthe are ready to take their relationship to the next level, but when they retire to their room, they find an unexpected guest there waiting. And they’re not happy.

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Wednesday 28th September

With Jacka knowing about his affair with Regan, Steph tells Ned that he needs to leave town. Ned is reluctant – he needs to be here for Brad’s wedding, leaving him having to make a hard choice.

Up on the Gold Coast, Xanthe shows Ben around her old neighbourhood and admits that she really misses her mum. She’d love to see her but she doesn’t even know where she is right now. Little does she know that her mother is right there, watching her.

Amy and Aaron’s romantic lives look set to get interesting when they both become interested in the Tanaka brothers. While Aaron encourages Amy to put a toe in the water and go after David Tanaka, he hopes to reel in the other brother for himself. Who’s going to get their man?

Thursday 29th September

A mortified David convinces Amy to call Dr Kennedy instead of security when she catches him snooping around where he shouldn’t be. Despite his actions, Karl is ready to give David support when he learns that the young doctor is searching medical records to uncover a mysterious piece of his past.

Fearing retribution from Jacka, Ned warns Elly to stay away from him, but he's soon confronted by a terrified Regan, begging him to save her from Jacka's revenge. Will Ned be tempted by Regan’s suggestion to start a new life together?

Sonya fights hard for her Mark and Steph, believing a baby will be the one thing that keeps them strong. Despite this, Toadie still holds deep reservations about the surrogacy offering.

Friday 30th September

Finally in agreement about the surrogacy, Toadie and Sonya nervously prepare to talk to Steph and Mark about it. While Steph and Mark are at first shocked, they then have to decide whether they want to take Sonya and Toadie up on the offer. The decision becomes difficult for both of them, especially when Steph comes to believe that Sonya is only offering because she doesn’t think Mark and Steph’s relationship would otherwise last.

Paige ropes Nikki into attending her art classes at Blaze and while she’s enthusiastic, her dislike for Jack is all too clear. Paige develops a new mission - she’s determined to try and find some common ground between him and Nikki. Doing so, though, puts her in an all too compromising position with Jack.

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