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Steph's conflicted about having more children

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The walls close in on Paul

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Monday 30th May

Amy’s with Steph, blaming herself for Paul’s disappearance. Steph tries to remain positive but when she discovers Paul has cleaned out the motel’s cash box, she realises he’s not coming back. When Mark arrives to investigate a fault in Paul’s ankle monitor, Steph admits Paul’s missing and begs for unofficial help, relaying that she’ll lose the motel (which she put up as collateral for Paul’s bail) and all hopes of having a future with Charlie if she can’t find him. Mark agrees but, when they come up empty, is forced to call it in. Later, when Mark updates the Willises, Brad and Terese go to the motel to confront Steph. Steph reveals she suspects someone forced Cecilia to make a false confession, and they become afraid she’ll uncover the truth. Terese lashes out – threatening to ruin her if Paul doesn’t come back and face what he’s done.

Ben and Piper are stressing over Xanthe. They let Aaron in on her plans for plastic surgery. Thinking she’s only having a consult, Aaron believes they’ve got time to talk her out of it. But when Angus learns of her plans and goes to see her at the medical centre, he tries to get her to reconsider but she won’t. When, leaving, he overhears that the operation is actually planned for that day, he enlists Aaron to help. But when Aaron’s attempts seemingly fail, Piper and Ben are forced to make a difficult decision – they betray their friend and tell Sheila about what Xanthe’s up to. Meanwhile, Xanthe realises she’s made a mistake and calls off the surgery... Just as Sheila sweeps in and – after giving the doctor a piece of her mind – takes a grateful Xanthe home. Meanwhile, Brad makes a vague excuse to Lauren and heads out, Ned suggests that he’s off to pay Terese another visit. Although Lauren dismisses the idea, she can’t help her curiosity and heads to Number 22 to see if his suspicions are correct. Lauren catches Brad and Terese looking intimate. And although Brad is adamant he’s not having an affair, he’s vague about what he and Terese are hiding. Frustrated, Lauren vents to Ned (who assumes his suspicions were right), before realising she shouldn’t be speaking to Brad’s son about this issue. Later, after getting some space, Lauren and Ned find themselves together alone. And when Lauren innocently tells Ned she cares about him, Ned misreads her intentions... and goes in for a kiss.

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Tuesday 31st May

Xanthe is distraught Piper and Ben betrayed her plan for breast enhancement surgery to Sheila. Sheila is quick to blame Angus, but when Susan stands up for him, Sheila starts to wonder if she’s been a bad role model for Xanthe. Susan assures her she’s not and Sheila realises Xanthe’s issues probably began with her vain mother. Encouraged by Susan who thinks she is a strong and proud female role model, Sheila encourages Xanthe (and Piper) to celebrate everything that is wonderful about the female body, regardless of age or shape.

A desperate Paul, now on the run, needs a false passport but it will cost more than the cash he took from the motel safe. He implores Steph to meet him and loan him the money, in exchange for his share of the motel (a bargain in his eyes). Steph is furious his actions have made him look even guiltier. She will lose the bail money she posted and possibly the motel which was security for that. Paul argues his share will more than make up for that, plus provide an asset and security to ensure a stable future with Charlie – all of which would be destroyed if Steph got caught helping him. Paul wonders if she is prepared to see an innocent man got to jail if she doesn’t help him. What will she decide to do?

Ned is genuinely shocked to realise he misread the signals from Lauren and that she does not share the chemistry he was convinced they shared when he kissed her. Catching Brad and Terese in an intimate moment (as Terese worries paying Cecilia to frame Paul has caused him to do a runner) causes Ned to lash out and accuse them of having an affair and cheating on Lauren. Ned refuses to believe Brad’s denials, forcing Brad to reveal the secret he shares with Terese about Cecilia’s false testimony. He is relieved to hear Ned say he understands completely why they would do that, to get justice for their son. The growing bond between them is threatened when Lauren tells Ned she has to tell Brad that he kissed her; it’s too big a secret to keep between them. A desperate and panicked Ned, not wanting to upset the improving relationship with his father, and knowing it would be ruined forever if he did know about the kiss, begs Lauren to keep their secret.

Wednesday 1st June

Steph tells Amy that even though she believes that Paul is innocent, she has to do the right thing and tell the police where he’s hiding. Neither woman knows that Jimmy has overheard their exchange. Tracking Paul down, Jimmy warns him that the police are coming. Paul panics on hearing a police siren and takes off into dense bushland. Jimmy follows and Paul is unable to shake him off. Paul plans to send Jimmy home – but when Jimmy is stung by a bee and suffers an allergic reaction, Paul must decide between saving himself and protecting his grandson.

Sonya tells Karl that she’s starting to relax and enjoy Walter’s company, even though she can’t shake off the sense that he isn’t telling her everything he knows about the car accident that claimed her parents’ lives. Mark gives her a copy of the police accident report – and Sonya is stunned to learn that not only was Walter in the car with her parents, he was arguing with her father at the time of the crash. Sonya gives Walter the chance to come clean. When he fails to speak up, she loses patience and tells him that she doesn’t want to see him again. Under pressure, Walter admits there’s a reason why he’s kept silent – he’s not Sonya’s uncle, he’s her father. Sonya can see he believes it, and is left stunned. Could Walter be telling the truth?

Lauren decides to come clean to Brad about Ned’s kiss. But she has a change of heart and holds her tongue when Brad shares his hope that finally he can repair his relationship with his son. Curious now, Lauren asks Ned about the sudden turnaround in his attitude towards Brad, why is he suddenly so supportive? Ned can’t admit that Brad told him about Terese’s actions to frame Paul. Instead, he uses the kiss to explain his shift in attitude, begging Lauren to keep it as their secret. Feeling compromised, Lauren delivers a strong warning. If Ned steps over the line again, she will tell Brad everything. Ned swears he won’t give her reason to speak up – but can Lauren trust him?   

Thursday 2nd June

An awkward lunch between Aaron, Nate and Susan, is cut short when Nate receives a mystery phone call. He later reveals to Susan that the call was confirmation that his application to re-enlist in the army was accepted. Assuming this was the reason for the awkwardness at lunch, Susan is stunned afresh when Nate admits that he hasn’t told Aaron yet. But he will, and he’s going to ask him to go with him. Aaron is not as receptive to the idea as Nate had hoped, but does take time to weigh it up, explaining to Mark and Tyler that he doesn’t want to lose Nate, but he also doesn’t want to abandon his own dreams. At the end of the day, Nate’s recent abandonment of Aaron left its mark and it’s ultimately why Aaron decides not to accompany Nate on his next adventure. Bittersweet, both cherishing their time together, Nate and Aaron break up. And Nate says farewell to Ramsay Street for good.

When Tyler teases Paige about her feelings for John, she admits that she is waiting to see where their friendship takes them. Tyler, taking pity, says that if he hasn’t made a move by now, he probably never will. Despite this, when Paige runs into John and he agrees to catch up with her soon, she asks him to join her out on the town that very night. With prior commitments, he turns her down, leaving her feeling rejected. Later, John visits Paige to apologise and explain that he had a lead about his identity to follow up, which ended up to be a dead end. When Paige queries why he keeps giving her mixed signals, John admits to all the things he likes about her. Feeling encouraged again, Paige moves to kiss John, only to be pushed away once more, this time with an explanation that despite his attraction, a gut feeling is telling him not to go there. Fed up with the push and pull, Paige tells him to leave; she’s only interested in guys who are one hundred per cent interested in her.

Having dropped the bombshell that he is Sonya’s father, Walter explains: there was a short-lived fling with Sonya’s mother, after which they agreed that John and Fiona would raise Sonya as their own. The night of the accident, they were fighting about this very issue; Walter was pushing to reveal the truth to the then ten-year-old Sonya. Sonya asks for time to decide whether or not to have a relationship with Walter. Overwrought, he goes straight out and gets drunk. Karl comes to his aid, alerting Toadie and Sonya. Toadie, worried that Sonya’s letting Walter in just to appease her guilt about her own past, urges caution. But Sonya, reasoning she has already lost two parents, decides to let Walter in.

Friday 3rd June

Aaron meets with Tom, who explains why he’s convinced Xanthe took his lost cash. Aaron agrees to look into it, and questions Xanthe. She trots out a pre-planned cover story for her whereabouts on the day of the Lassiters explosion, but Aaron quickly spots the holes in her tale. Protective, he warns he can only help her if she comes clean. Panicking, Xanthe goes to Ben, and they realise that even with Angus agreeing to return what’s left of Ben’s money, only a fraction of what they took remains. Tom won’t be happy. Their only choice is to confess all to Aaron, and hope he can save their skins. Aaron’s frustrated to discover what a mess the kids have made, but agrees to help—he can’t let them deal with Tom on their own. He returns to Tom, and is forced into a deal: he’ll return all the money, plus interest, in two weeks. But Aaron takes full responsibility for the debt, making Tom promise not to go near the kids. With Aaron’s neck on the line, can Xanthe and her friends produce enough cash in time?

Paul remains pessimistic about his upcoming trial, but Steph insists they keep fighting. Realising his lawyer isn’t up to the task, Steph decides she needs to enlist Toadie as Paul’s new defence. Toadie baulks at the idea but Steph and Paul gradually manage to wear him down. Terese is livid when she learns Toadie’s agreeing to think about it, but Toadie continues to wrestle with the conundrum, eventually agreeing to step in and represent Paul on one condition: Paul must plead guilty. Paul is left with a difficult decision to make.

Rushed off her feet, Sonya tentatively agrees to let Walter help her look after Nell. She’s surprised to find he’s terrific at entertaining her, and Sonya’s memory stirs at a silly made-up song Walter performs for her. Walter and Sonya find themselves reminiscing, and beginning to bond. Sonya admits that it’s difficult, adjusting to the idea of having Walter around; she needs to take things slowly. But she’s ready to start letting him into her life. Perhaps this broken family is finally beginning to heal.

Lauren’s frustration grows, as Brad keeps sneaking off for secret meetings with Terese. Lauren tries to ask Terese what’s going on, but finds herself excluded yet again. Ned sees Lauren’s at her wit’s end—she doesn’t suspect an affair, but she’s sick and tired of all the secrets. Sensing Ned knows something, she presses him and he reveals the truth: Brad and Terese are conspiring to pay for false testimony that will convict Paul. Lauren’s shocked that Brad could be so dishonest. Will she keep what she knows to herself?

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