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Naomi kisses Paul

Tyler and Imogen form a bond

Lauren has to make a difficult decision

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

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Monday 27th April

After admitting she’s pregnant, Amber reveals to Paige that Josh might be the father. She describes the night of her wedding when she thought she’d been abandoned by Daniel and Josh gave her the comfort she so desperately needed. Paige can’t believe she and Josh have managed to keep it a secret and Amber explains they agreed to pretend it never happened. But now she’s pregnant, she has no idea who the father is. To make matters worse, Daniel and Josh have agreed to put the past behind them and be friends. Amber doesn’t know what to do. Paige tells her she’ll support her no matter what happens. When Josh comes around to talk to Amber, Paige is instantly protective, telling him that she knows about their tryst and warning him to keep his distance from Amber. Josh complies, wanting to do whatever’s best for Amber. When Amber returns from another conversation of lies with Daniel, she’s distraught – she’s not sure she can keep up the subterfuge. But Paige advises her to wait a few more weeks, until she can do a paternity test. Wouldn’t she rather know who the dad is before she shatters everyone’s lives?

Bailey’s struggles after Matt’s death have pushed him into a dark place, and he’s hitting the bottle again. Things get worse when he’s sprung by Jayden, who gets him into trouble when they start throwing eggs at the History Wall. But when Jayden tries to relate to Bailey, by talking about his dad, Bailey snaps – shoving Jayden – his dad wasn’t a loser like his. Thrown by the intensity of Bailey’s outburst, Jayden takes off. Susan, who’s out power-walking, witnesses this exchange and is left shocked by Bailey’s rage, even more so when Bailey stares at her in defiance rather than hiding from what he’s done.

Lou’s holding the MAMILs back… but knowing how much bike club means to him, Karl doesn’t have the heart to kick Lou out, so instead he decides to keep their rides on the down-low. But this proves difficult when Lou spots them gathering for a meeting and excitedly joins in. But even Karl’s heart hardens when the threesome is once again stuck waiting for Lou at the rest stop and with the others’ encouragement, he joins them and cycles off, leaving poor Lou behind. At Harold’s after the ride, Nate and Kyle finally bite the bullet and dump Lou, leading Lou to have sudden onset chest pain. Fearing the worst, Karl unzips Lou’s lycra top to examine him and reveals that Lou is wearing a girdle! The men tease Lou about his get-up and he happily takes it on the chin, appreciating being part of the gang. Karl finally comes up with a solution to the problem: Lou clearly enjoys the social part of bike club, so why doesn’t he just join them at the cafes at the end of their ride? After Lou agrees, Karl is thrown into another challenge when he and Susan battle it out over whose form of exercise burns more calories. The gauntlet is thrown, and a new competition begins: walking vs cycling, Susan vs Karl. Who will be the champion?


Tuesday 28th April

Naomi witnesses Paul’s vulnerability as he faces up to a lifetime of regret and missed opportunity with regards to his children. Naomi encourages him to stay positive, pressing home that Nick is confident that he can cure Paul of his leukaemia now that the cancer research centre is going to be a reality. Paul makes it clear that he doesn’t want her pity, and Naomi is equally clear that she doesn’t feel that way about him. But Paul is left to ask himself just what she does feel when Naomi acts on impulse and kisses him. Is this the end of a beautiful working relationship?

Lauren is shaken to learn that Bailey has lashed out and is possibly drinking again. Susan suggests he might find it easier to talk to a friend, like Sonya, but Lauren instinctively turns to Brad, who promises to do whatever it takes to support her and her children. Terese works hard to stay positive about their growing closeness – but she’s shaken on learning that Bailey has accused Brad of trying to step into Matt’s shoes. Terese keeps her peace for now, but she’s watching her husband. She’s watching closely.

Imogen attends drinks with the Eden Hills University Law Society. She’s keen to network and make a good impression with her peers but is quickly brought to the realisation that the members of the society are rather dull and boring. Unexpected distraction comes in the form of Tyler. He makes it clear that he’s keen to build on their friendship. Imogen is keen to prove – to herself as much as Tyler – that she knows how to have fun and suggests a game of strip poker. Tyler rises to the challenge. Watch this space! 

Wednesday 29th April

Georgia’s hearing at the hospital looms and she’s hopeful they’ll take her back. But her preparation is all for naught when Toadie reveals that it’s been postponed indefinitely. Georgia discovers the delay is due to the hullabaloo surrounding the announcement of Nick’s cancer research centre. Once again she’s been thwarted by him. Reaching her breaking point, she goes to dramatic lengths to expose Nick. Will her risk pay off?

Post-Paul kiss, Naomi’s looking to emotionally connect with Brennan. But he’s left feeling confused and seeks advice from Kyle who speculates Naomi may be stepping things up – could she be ready to say the ‘L’ word? Brennan is concerned at the thought – he doesn’t believe he’s ready to say it back. If only he knew the real splinter in his relationship is the developing connection Naomi is having with Paul…

Imogen and Tyler’s impromptu date has led them to the men’s shed for a saucy game of strip poker. Even though they flirt, it’s clear Imogen’s holding back. She later reveals to Nick that she’s holding out for someone who ticks all her must-have boxes. Nick encourages her to loosen up and have fun – she’s young after all. Will Imogen throw caution to the wind and go for it with Tyler?

Thursday 30th April

Sprung in Nick’s room, a bolshy Georgia admits she was looking for evidence to prove Nick was behind her suspension, but when he turns menacing, she’s forced to call for help and is subsequently arrested. She manages to palm Kyle the USB thumb drive but he is floored to discover not only what she’s been driven to, but that she refuses to divulge to the police what she found on Nick’s computer about her personal information. Georgia remains undeterred and, despite being informed by Karl she’s been fired from the hospital because of her actions, she’s determined, more than ever, to find incriminating evidence against Nick that will exonerate her.

Moving forward with his plan to have Karl succeed him as Mayor, Paul inadvertently rouses Sue Parker’s suspicions when she at first clocks one of Paul’s cancer medications, then finds Karl perusing council minutes. When Karl alerts Paul that Sue may have an inkling he’s sick, Paul, already reeling from his first experience of hair loss due to the chemo, is forced to take matters into his own hands. He arranges a press conference to announce the reason behind his recent absences is due to the fact he’s been diagnosed with leukaemia. It’s very public and a huge shock. Especially to Nick.

After being knocked back by the Attorney General’s office for funding to hunt down Dimato, Brennan approaches Lauren, asking her permission to expose Matt’s corruption so he can back up his case. Initially Lauren is furious, knowing her husband’s name will be forever blackened, but after Brad urges her to think about who Matt was and what he would want, she agrees to let Brennan tell the police about Matt’s involvement. But she knows the fallout for her children could be disastrous. She decides it’s time to tell them herself, rather than wait to let them hear of their father’s corruption from an outside source.

Friday 1st May

Lauren breaks the news about Matt’s corruption to the kids. To Paige’s surprise, Amber is not angry at her father. She’s realised he made mistakes like everyone else, he was human, and it makes her miss him more. When Daniel visits, devastated about Paul’s illness and how it was kept a secret from him, Amber is beginning to reconsider her decision to keep her pregnancy a secret until the paternity test. Amber is cautioned by Paige to hold her fire. Daniel might be the most understanding of men – but even he has limits. However, faced with a despondent Daniel urging them to reset the wedding date in order to give everyone a much needed lift, Amber finally cracks and informs Daniel she’s having a baby. Has she done the right thing?

In the aftermath of Paul’s announcement of his illness, he is overwhelmed with the support from the community. Nick is initially panicked at Paul’s announcement but soon he too is reaping the benefits when businesses start calling in pledging their financial support of the cancer centre. When Sheila, Kyle and Georgia come around to give Paul their best wishes, Paul asks that Georgia stop this vendetta against Nick. Meanwhile Brennan approaches Naomi after learning of Paul’s illness. He assumes this is the cause of Naomi’s strange moods the last few weeks and predicts that now it’s all out in the open they can resume their relationship as a normal couple. However, although Naomi requests Brennan to give her a night to herself after a hectic day, she is more than willing to keep Paul company over dinner. It seems there is still trouble brewing for this couple.

Having secured Lauren’s support to use Matt’s statement to help get Dimato, Brennan opens up a hornet’s nest of anger and grief in Bailey. While at first he is mute in learning the news about his father, Bailey soon vents his fury at Brennan. Paige and Amber confront Bailey and discover his hurt and anger run deep as he wonders what else Matt lied to them about. Did he lie about loving them, too? Amber insists that’s not the case and urges that the family needs to stay together at this time... But can Bailey look past his own grief?

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