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Naomi and Paul reconcile

Toadie is in denial about his condition

Ben's past catches up with him

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

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Monday 24th August

Mark is unable to help Tyler fix his bike engine so Russell offers to lend a hand instead. Nervous at the prospect of being alone with his father but unable to say why in front of his brothers, Tyler is forced to accept his dad’s offer. Tyler is tense as they work, and in his distraction, knocks over the oil tin. Tyler automatically prepares for Russell to lose his temper and hit him, but is surprised when Russell understands it was only an accident. After the engine is fixed, Russell tries to get Tyler to move back in the house. Although their day together was nice, Tyler is reluctant to move on so fast. Disappointed, Russell makes an emotional plea – he wants the four of them to be a family again but that will never happen until Tyler gives him a chance...
Amber tells Lauren how glad she is to have found her online friend “Young Mum 97”, whose real name is Phoebe. Lauren can see Amber’s buoyed by the support and suggests she get in direct contact with her. Meanwhile, Josh panics when he receives the request from Amber to get Young Mum’s mobile number and confides in Aaron. Feeling for his friend, Aaron takes the decision out of Josh’s hands, giving him a spare mobile and telling him he’s already texted Amber under Young Mum 97. Joshua can’t believe what Aaron’s done, but Aaron reasons that Josh isn’t being a creep; he’s helping a friend, and if Amber never finds out about it she won’t get hurt. As soon as Amber gets the number she tries to call but “Phoebe” never answers. Josh finds Amber upset about her unanswered calls and, not wanting to continue with this façade, suggests he and Amber support each other instead. Amber is against the idea, wanting to keep a clear line in their relationship. Josh is left with no other choice but to text Amber as Phoebe, explaining she can’t take calls at work so they’ll have to text. It seems Josh is in this for the long haul.


Reeling from the shock of seeing her mother naked in the spa with Russell, Naomi hightails it out of the backyard. Sheila is miffed about Naomi’s attitude and attempts to confront her about it. However, Naomi is too busy organising the Child Care Centre’s grand opening day to care about her mother’s love life and dismisses Sheila’s concerns. Meanwhile, Toadie and Sonya rush Nell to the open day and Toadie can’t help notice the romance has gone from their chaotic lives. When they overhear Sheila talk to Naomi about her romance with Russell, it’s the final straw for Toadie – everyone is getting it on except them. He organises for Amy to take Nell for the night so he and Sonya can have some alone time. But while they plan their night, they realise they’ve lost sight of Nell just when the jumping castle starts to move in the wind, having not been secured to the ground properly. Scared Nell is trapped in the castle, Toadie rushes to hold it down and jumps inside when it bucks off the ground again. He falls, unnoticed by anyone, until Naomi spots him lying unconscious. Will Toadie be okay?

Tuesday 25th August
Having slipped off the jumping castle, Toadie is still unconscious as Karl arrives, immediately taking charge and stabilising him. Close to losing it, Sonya goes with them and she’s relieved as Toadie seems to wake up at the hospital. However, her relief is short lived as Toadie confesses the truth - he can’t feel his legs. Extensive testing soon reveals that his old bullet wound has been aggravated, requiring immediate surgery. Forced to sit and wait, Sonya is joined by Susan, who attempts to reassures her. But Sonya rakes herself across the coals, lamenting the opportunities missed with Toadie – opportunities that now may be lost forever. Finally, at the end of the day, Sonya’s limbo continues as Karl can tell her only that either the bullet has caused more damage, or the swelling is pinching some nerves. One outcome is permanent, the other will resolve itself. But in any event, Toadie is paralysed for now – and the Rebecchi family will never be the same…

Running into Susan, Imogen and Daniel get a rude shock as they realise she knows about their new relationship. Deductive logic tells them Paul has spilled the beans – which means that Terese also knows. But their shock gets exponentially worse as they come face-to-face with Amber. Forced to take the bull by the horns, Imogen admits they’re together and throws herself on Amber’s mercy – and is relieved when she gives them her tacit blessing. On a roll, Imogen and Daniel face up to lunch with Terese and Brad. At Paul’s insistence, Daniel goes all out to win Terese’s approval - until he realises its Brad he needs to impress. But his need to make a good impression results in him eating Brad’s capsicum-laced paella, triggering an allergy and hurling all over him. Brad’s unimpressed, but softens when he realises how much Daniel cares for his daughter. Elated, Imogen then apologises to her mother and Terese gets what she’s yearned for – reconciliation with Imogen.

With Paul and Naomi’s relationship strained, when the Open Day turns to disaster, Naomi vents her disappointment, frustration and guilt at Paul’s lack of support in her hour of need. Expecting Paul to go on the offensive, Naomi is overwhelmed with relief as he puts his anger aside and promises to help her through this latest debacle. 

Seeing Susan’s worry for Toadie, Nate offers to babysit Nell so she can go to the hospital – and volunteers Ben to help him. But Ben’s still upset about the text from Ballarat, and Toadie’s fall only reminds him of his own father’s tragic death. Talking it out, Nate and Ben bond further when Nate’s experience in the army inspires Ben to create a fort for Nell - and despite the bumpy start, they find common ground and a new bond is born.

Wednedsay 26th August

Despite Paul’s attempts to shield her from the media fallout following the jumping castle accident, Naomi still feels guilty for what happened to Toadie and is relieved to learn that he doesn’t blame her for his injuries. When Amy mentions that the press and the council are looking for someone to blame, Naomi worries about having done everything by the book and grills Kyle over moving the jumping castle as she requested. She’s alarmed to learn he did not check the knots tied by Ashtyn, his hopeless apprentice, and lays the blame for the insecure jumping castle at his feet. However Kyle finds damning fine print in the hire conditions, stating that the castle must not be moved once it is set up or all safety checks are null and void. Naomi is stunned to realise she is responsible after all for what happened to Toadie.

Karl and Sonya both fear Toadie’s reaction, now that he is recovered enough from the surgery to be told the news of his condition. However his reaction is not what they expected. Instead of sliding into a deep depression, Toadie goes into complete denial, convinced once the swelling in his back goes down he will be fine. His refusal to accept the situation upsets Sonya, knowing it will make it that much harder for him to face the truth later, especially when Karl warns her he will spend significant time in a wheelchair regardless of the final prognosis.

Paul does his best to convince Amy to stay in Erinsborough but she refuses, convinced that now Toadie is facing a long term and difficult recovery, if at all, that the Rebecchis will not want her and Jimmy underfoot at their place. Jimmy is upset about leaving the family he’s only just discovered. When Paul learns how hopeless Kyle’s new apprentice Ashtyn is, he tries to pressure him into rehiring Amy so she will stay – knowing full well that something happened between her and Kyle but asking him to ignore it. Kyle refuses, but finds himself pressured once more to give Amy her job back, this time by Amy herself, after Sonya has asked her to stay, not knowing how she will cope without help. Unable to refuse, Kyle agrees and Paul and Jimmy are thrilled not to be separated after all.

Thursday 27th August

As a guilty Naomi laments the fact that she is liable for Toadie’s accident, Paul moves into damage control, engaging his lawyer, Tim Collins, to fish for information from the Rebecchi family over whether they intend to look into the matter and sue. Sonya finds Tim dodgy and later questions Naomi over why he visited them. Naomi covers, but is appalled at Paul’s actions. She orders him to call Tim off. Later, Tim warns Naomi that despite being friends, the Rebecchis very well may sue. Paul tries to comfort a rattled Naomi, assuring her that with his positive PR campaign, plus keeping their lips sealed, things will turn out alright. However, a chance meeting with a worried, rambling Kyle makes Sonya question Naomi’s liability for the first time. Perhaps someone’s responsible after all...

When Nate learns from Sheila that Chris has moved on with another partner, he’s crushed. Channelling her crone magic, Sheila decides to help Nate, by setting him up with Aaron. With Russ’s help, Sheila organises a cocktail tasting event to try and get the two boys together. But when Nate learns the truth about the event, he’s furious and lashes out at Sheila. However, when Nate later finds himself bonding over past hurts with Aaron, it seems that Sheila’s croning may not have been such a disaster after all.

Tyler learns that despite Ben’s awesome musical talent, he is reluctant to put his name down for the inter-school concert when Josie Lamb pulls out last minute. Determined to help his young mate out, Tyler reminds him that it’s a chance to reinvent himself as a guitar god. To Susan’s amazement, Ben decides to go for it, and she is finally able to see the benefit of Tyler’s friendship with her grandson. At the concert audition, Ben blows everyone away with his talent on the guitar. However, any joy quickly disappears as Ben’s past catches up with him - with devastating results.

Friday 28th August

Humiliated his risqué photos have been discovered by the other students, Ben pulls out of the concert to Brad’s shock. When Brad informs Susan, and is unable to shed any light on exactly why Ben’s pulled out, she hunts down the one person she believes may be able to: Tyler. Susan voices her worry to him about the worst case scenario, where Ben may start to harm himself if whatever is going on isn’t sorted out. Knowing she’s right, Tyler betrays Ben’s confidence and tells Susan about the photos. Tyler’s confronted by a furious Ben and apologizes for spilling the beans to Susan. Ben accepts the apology and Tyler suggests they go home to play video games to get Ben’s mind off things. Arriving back at the Kennedy house, Ben is surprised and angered to find Brad, Susan and Karl, thinking the trio have gathered for some kind of intervention. They assure him it’s not but suggest that while they’re all in the same room they should discuss the best way of handling the situation. Ben stonewalls them, insisting he’s going to China to join his mother. It seems they’re at an impasse when Brad proposes an idea for Ben to own his mistake. Ben agrees and records a video of himself, succinctly explaining what he did, how stupid it was and his desire to see no one repeat it. His honesty moves the students, and Brad is buoyed by his success as a teacher.

Witnessing his father and mother at odds over Daniel spending the night with Imogen at their place, Josh is keen to unload when his mummy blogger friend (Amber) texts him. But as the two trade texts, he’s stunned when Amber informs him she’s witnessing her mother and her old boyfriend flirting. When Josh sees Terese have yet another go at Brad and Brad walk out, instead of supporting Terese, he asks her to sit down. He needs to tell her something about her marriage. But what exactly is Josh going to tell her?

Walking to work, Amber is confronted by a loved up Daniel and Imogen and before she realises, she finds herself staring at them. Awkward, she admits to Paige seeing the two of them together was difficult. When Paige questions why, after reflecting, Amber admits while breaking up with Daniel was the right thing to do, it will take some time before she can get used to seeing the man she was in love with, with another woman.

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