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Sonya confronts Lucas

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Piper has a secret

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

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Monday 5th October

Tyler’s gutted when he realises Ben hasn’t locked the garage properly, which leaves him liable for everything taken and his job on the line. Downloading to Paige, she sympathises, and suggests they search for the person responsible themselves, by thinking like a criminal. Using ‘MyStuffForSale’, they find Tyler’s bikes which leads them to the seller and after quick thinking on Paige’s behalf, she cons the seller into giving them the serial and VIN numbers, which is exactly what Mark needs for an arrest. Caught up in the moment, Tyler impulsively kisses Paige. She’s stunned and calls him on having feelings for her. When Tyler admits he kissed her because she’s been giving the impression she’s into him, Paige denies it. But when Paige asks Amber her opinion, and Amber points out she is naturally flirty, Paige realises she may have given Tyler the wrong impression after all.

When Karl and Susan learn Ben is responsible for the garage being unlocked, they discuss how difficult it’s been with him staying with them, neither aware Ben has overheard them. Understanding why they feel that way given the trouble he’s caused, Ben apologises to Karl, admitting he heard them talking. Karl is mortified and he and Susan apologise, explaining they love him but dealing with troubled teenagers is more difficult now they’re older. They emphasise they do want Ben to come back for a visit and he’s welcome any time. Tyler also apologises for taking out his frustration on Ben and he leaves in a much better place than where he was when he arrived.


When Kyle innocently offers Jimmy his old phone, Amy firmly puts him in his place, believing a nine-year-old has no need for a phone. But after talking to Sonya, Amy sees the wisdom in Kyle’s suggestion and agrees, stipulating the rules that come with it. But Jimmy uses all his credit in a short time, texting Kyle, and Amy’s torn between disappointment and amusement. As she relays the texts to Sonya, seeing how taken Amy is with Kyle’s relationship with Jimmy, Sonya can’t help ask Amy how she feels about Kyle. Amy admits there is something there, but the timing isn’t right. Later, Amy and Kyle share a moment, but it’s interrupted by the arrival of someone completely unexpected: Amy’s ex husband, Liam.

Tuesday 6th October
Amy’s suss when her ex, Liam, announces he’s got a new sales job and wants to spend time with his boy. Jimmy’s thrilled, abandoning Kyle to bond with his dad, leaving Kyle feeling on the outer. Later, Kyle checks in on Amy, wondering how she’s coping. Amy admits she’s doesn’t know what to think – Jimmy’s happy to see his dad, but Liam’s not very reliable. Kyle assumes Jimmy won’t want to hang out now that his dad’s around. Amy, however, disagrees, offering to give Jimmy extra credit so the boys can keep texting. Kyle’s happy with that, and hopeful he can still be a part of their world. But he’s left stung when she brushes him off to join in on story time with Liam and Jimmy. Meanwhile, Amy pushes Liam for answers. If he’s after her money, she doesn’t have any. Liam assures her that’s not his reason for coming – he wants to contribute financially to raising their son. Amy’s not sure if she can believe him, but can’t help wanting to in the face of Liam’s charm.

The day of the takedown has arrived and Tyler’s panicking. What’s he going to do if they don’t get the tools (and his bikes) back? There’s no way the new owner will keep him on. Tyler convinces Mark to let him come along to the meet and together they bust the crook. Bemused by the crook’s stupidity, Tyler’s dubious when Mark reveals many crims get greedy and rob the same scene twice. But when they arrive back at the garage to find the roller door open, Tyler fears he’s being cased and crash tackles the intruder to the ground – only to learn he’s just winded the new owner... Lucas Fitzgerald. After hearing about Tyler’s activity with Dimato, Lucas is unsure whether to keep him on. He’s finally convinced when Mark vouches for him. Later, when Lucas is catching up with Sonya and Toadie, Sonya questions him about his newfound wealth. Lucas is evasive, piquing Sonya’s suspicions that he’s in trouble. As she shares her fears with Mark, Tyler overhears the bad news – is his new boss a raging gambler?

Heartbroken after her break-up with Russ, Sheila’s keeping herself busy at the bar. Concerned, Naomi demands she join her for a mother daughter pamper day and is relieved when her mother finally starts to relax. But when Sheila begins to share intimate details of her relationship with Russ, a horrified Naomi demands that she stop talking immediately. She’ll support Sheila, as long as she doesn’t have to hear any more about their bedroom antics.

Wednesday 7th October
Sonya’s worries about Lucas increase when she calls Vanessa to discuss it and Vanessa is vague in response. Tyler begins to worry too when Lucas asks if he can do additional cash in hand work at the garage. When Sonya confronts Lucas with her fears, he assures her he’s not gambling – but his reluctance to reveal the truth behind their sudden wealth keeps Sonya suss – until Vanessa arrives to tell the full story. She sold a cupcake recipe to a food company for a lot of money but had to keep it secret. The other incidents that happened were all misunderstandings – Lucas wanted Tyler to handle cupcake deliveries for her. Apologising for jumping to conclusions, Sonya eventually admits she was assuming the worst of Lucas because she’s had a few wobbles of her own lately. Life has been stressful lately, and without her old sponsor around she’s been struggling. The old friends promise to be there for each other from now on – despite the distance and their complicated, messy lives.

Mark is worried about his brother and asks Paige if she can give him a job. Paige refuses, uncomfortable being around Tyler after his attempted kiss. Thinking Tyler put Mark up to it, she confronts him but their animosity dissipates when they fall into their usual banter and laughter. This is in contrast to Paige’s interactions with Mark which are stiff and formal. The exchanges are captured on film by Amber, who is doing a photography assignment. She shows the contrasting photos to Paige and suggests maybe Paige is with the wrong brother. Paige angrily denies this but doth the lady protest too much?

As a thank you for all the free work she’s been doing for his firm, Toadie arranges for Imogen to have a lunch date with an old colleague of his who is now a judge, Jan Barton. Daniel is invited along as well – but Imogen begins to have fears when she realises Daniel is keen to ask a bunch of controversial questions. She expresses her fears to Toadie who realises there is some basis to her concern and warns Daniel to be supportive handbag. At the lunch Daniel is so supportive that he doesn’t say anything and the lunch threatens to be a disaster due to Imogen’s nervous reticence. Daniel and Jan then discover a mutual love of Paul Kelly and when Daniel is forced to wade in again to rescue the conversation, Imogen is left stewing. Afterwards, angry with herself for blowing the opportunity, Imogen lashes out at Daniel.
Thursday 8th October

Daniel can’t understand why Imogen is angry with him, and Imogen can’t understand why Daniel hogged the limelight when it was her turn to shine. Both take counsel from others, and Piper’s suggestion that Daniel and Imogen don’t have enough in common makes Imogen worry. Naomi sets her straight, suggesting that as long as their differences complement each other and they share a sense humour, then they’ve got nothing to worry about. Curious about her sister’s revelation during their heart-to heart that she had multiple relationships in Canada, Imogen presses Piper for more information, only to be skilfully deflected by her little sister. More is revealed when Piper receives a mysterious text from someone called Chas, and it’s clear that the message has shaken her severely. 

Paul plots revenge, using a current “Elixa Fuel” worker - Conrad, as a tool to punish Josh for sleeping with Naomi. Naomi unknowingly witnesses their plotting session, but Paul’s assurance that he isn’t threatened by Josh leads her to think he’s handling her infidelity with great maturity. Later, she runs into Conrad acting suspiciously at The Waterhole, but can’t quite put her finger on what’s making her uneasy. It’s not until The Heat perform that Paul’s revenge comes to light – a policeman arrives, acting on a tip-off that Josh is dealing illegal peptides. Josh offers up his bag for searching, and is stunned when the policeman discovers a traffickable quantity of drugs in Josh’s possession.

Aaron worries that his public declaration regarding Nate has led to cancellations for The Heat, and he and Josh decide to ask Naomi for help with promoting the business. Naomi reluctantly agrees to a one off session after Aaron works to convince her, wary of provoking Paul, but Paul claims he isn’t worried about her helping Josh and she offers the boys constructive suggestions.

Susan and Karl are excited about commencing a new Scandi-noir box set - but when first Karl, then Susan gets called away from their planned binge session, they both cheat and watch the first episode without the other’s knowledge. Nate is in the know, however, and he finally blabs when he can’t bear the thought of watching the same episode three times in order to maintain their mutual subterfuge. Karl and Susan proceed to squabble over who is the greater sneak for breaking the accord of the box set.  

Friday 9th October

In the wake of Josh’s shock arrest, he finally comes clean to his parents about his past as an illegal peptide dealer. But he maintains he’s innocent of this latest incident, convinced someone’s setting him up. Brad and Terese struggle to put aside their differences to support their son, and Brad feels shut out when Terese takes control of the situation. Instead, he turns to Lauren for emotional support. But the awkwardness escalates when Terese visits Brad with the intention of apologising, only to find Lauren in his motel room. Terese accepts Brad’s explanation that that nothing happened between them. However when Lauren later approaches Terese with her own apology, Terese harshly shuts her down. Meanwhile conflict also arises between Imogen and Piper, when Piper blames her sister for getting involved with Forrest and ultimately making Josh’s situation worse. Imogen attempts to smooth things over, only to be shocked when Piper accuses her of being self-absorbed, and a bad sister. But Piper’s mood snap is due to a text arriving from a mysterious admirer called Chas. Does the youngest Willis sibling have a secret boyfriend?

Amy is cautiously hopeful as Liam works to secure a business deal with Lassiters. It seems her no-good ex is finally turning over a new leaf. But Kyle spots Liam before his Lassiters meeting, seemingly swapping the labels on the products he intends to pitch. Believing Liam’s up to something dodgy, Kyle raises his concerns with Amy, and together they confront Liam. Kyle’s left with egg on his face, though, when Liam has a perfectly innocent explanation for his actions. Embarrassed—and annoyed at Kyle—Amy takes Liam out for lunch to apologise. Kyle’s jealousy is piqued, and he remains convinced Liam will end up hurting Amy somehow. But what will he do with his suspicions?

Naomi’s shocked by Josh’s arrest, and touches base with Imogen to check he’s okay. When Imogen voices her theory that Josh has been set up by his former boss Forrest, Naomi begins to panic. She knows Paul was associating with a man who mentioned Forrest just yesterday. When she notices Paul’s calm smugness about Josh’s misfortune, her fears grow. She secretly reaches out to Josh, who feels his life is falling apart; he’s been cast out of The Heat by Aaron and worries he won’t avoid jail this time. But he’s buoyed when Naomi reveals she believes Paul is somehow involved in framing him—and she intends to prove it.

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