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Nina Tucker sneaks into town

Can Matt and Lauren save their marriage?

Paul and Des Clarke reminisce about the past

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

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Monday 30th March

Outraged after hearing Nick and Paul discuss the bet, Georgia turns on Nick and gives him an earful. Kyle is just as enraged and wants not only Nick’s head, but Paul’s too. But Georgia thinks if the story gets out she’ll never live it down – it’s her word against Nick’s. When Nick tries to smooth the waters, Georgia’s response is to dump iced coffee on him. Embarrassed, his stutter surfaces. Georgia regrets her actions, but Kyle is glad she stood up for herself. She apologises for giving him a hard time recently and they move forward with a kiss. Kyle warns Nick to leave Georgia alone. Nick retorts that he has no more use for Kyle’s wife. Incensed, Kyle’s threat rattles him.

Tensions are running high between Matt and Lauren as Matt attempts to make up for what he’s done. Things get more awkward when he later crosses with Sharon Canning. Matt spots Brad giving Lauren a comforting hug, and seeks his own comfort in another drink. He is stunned to learn Lauren has told Brad all and they end up having an argument about trust, their marriage seriously troubled. Sharon, who’s had a run-in with Sheila over Kyle (and been told she has to stay at the hotel), again crosses with Matt. She encourages him to drink away his troubles. They are later seen kissing passionately outside her hotel room by a shocked Terese. Is Matt about to cheat on Lauren?

Nina Tucker is back in Erinsborough... and books into the hotel under a pseudonym. Attempting to stay incognito, she makes her way to Harold’s but is instantly spotted by Lou and Susan. They welcome her back with open arms, and a promise that they’ll help her lie low. But Nina has a sadness about her and when Lou encourages her to stay chatting with him, she tells him she wants to go for a walk. She revisits old haunts and is clearly feeling nostalgic for the simpler life she had in Erinsborough. When she returns to her hotel room, an apologetic Terese explains a housekeeper quit and the room is a mess. Seeing an opportunity to recapture her past, Nina spontaneously offers her services to Terese as a fill-in housekeeper.


Tuesday 31st March

It’s the night before the wedding. Amber’s made it home in time, and she and Daniel can’t wait to be married. However Imogen is struggling—her secret love for Daniel is a heavy burden. She does her best to bury her feelings, focusing on being the perfect Maid of Honour, and her guilt is piqued even further when Amber gives a heartfelt speech of thanks and gives Imogen and Paige a gift. However when Imogen drops round to Paul’s Penthouse on a wedding errand for Daniel, Paul notices the dreamy way she talks about his nephew’s wedding vows. It confirms his existing suspicions that she may have feelings for Daniel. Paul drops in on Amber and reveals that her bridesmaid may have fallen for her husband-to-be. Amber’s baffled by the accusation, but when she confronts Imogen about it, Imogen can’t lie any longer, confessing that she’s in love with Daniel. With the wedding the next day, Amber’s rocked by her best friend’s betrayal.

Terese reels after seeing Matt getting amorous with Sharon, but manages to cover in front of Lauren. Hearing that Lauren’s determined to fix things with Matt, Terese returns to the hotel and barges in on the tryst, stopping Matt from going any further with Sharon. Matt’s deeply ashamed, and fears it’s too late to save his marriage. But Terese gives him a firm wake-up call, ordering him to stop feeling sorry for himself, and fight to make things right. Matt goes home and tries to reach out to Lauren, but she quickly realises he’s been drinking, and becomes angry again. Later, having sobered up, Matt tries again, sincerely apologising to Lauren for his recent behaviour, and begging her to let him make it up to her. Lauren tentatively accepts, also eager to mend the rifts in their relationship. Matt later crosses paths with Terese, nervously checking if she plans to keep quiet about what happened with Sharon. Terese agrees, and Matt’s grateful he has a second chance to put things right.

Paul’s visited by his old friend, Des Clarke. He’s keen to introduce him to Daniel—and especially wants Daniel to hear about Des’s failed wedding to Lorraine, thirty years ago. Daniel listens as Paul and Des reminisce about the marriage that never was, and is touched when Des reveals he met his future wife, Daphne, in the unlikeliest of ways. But Daniel soon realises the true reason Paul wants him to hear this story: he’s hoping to make Daniel doubt his own commitment to Amber. Daniel shuts down Paul’s attempt, more determined than ever to be at the altar tomorrow. But Paul tells Des he hasn’t yet given up hope of derailing the wedding…

Wednesday 1st April

The big day has arrived! Daniel waxes to Paul about how perfect it’s going to be, but over at the Turner house, distraught Amber has told Lauren and Paige about Imogen’s shocking secret love. Urged by the women to call and tell Daniel, she’s unable to bring herself to share it, instead cryptically mentioning that perhaps the universe is out to get them and succeeding in worrying him. Meanwhile, coming to re-invite Harold to the wedding, Susan catches him mid conversation with ‘Madge’ and she grows concerned for his wellbeing. Later, at the church, Susan gently prods him into a confession: he has been talking to ‘Madge’ for a while now. Deeply sympathetic, Susan assures him he’s not crazy, while also urging him to live in the here and now.

Heartbroken and humiliated, Imogen plans to get out of town. But first she has to deliver to Daniel the wedding present he’s giving to Amber– a framed picture of Agnes. She’s intercepted by a special guest from Erinsborough’s past, Tom Ramsay, who gives her the missing piece of the Agnes and Frederick mystery. Apparently, before she died, Agnes threw her pearl ring down an Erinsborough well. Eager to mend the broken fence between Amber and Imogen, Daniel corners Imogen and tries to force the issue, resulting in the shocking revelation that she loves him. Realising there is little chance of Amber and Imogen reconciling in time for the wedding, Daniel grasps new hope in the form of the information about Agnes Robinson’s discarded pearl ring. All he needs to do is find it and Amber’s faith in the universe will be restored. Racing to the newly discovered Erinsborough well, Daniel is pursued by Imogen, who begs him to just go and get married, but when he won’t give up, guilt drives her to volunteer to help. Arriving in the murky depths of the well they immediately realise a search would be fruitless and decide to climb back up. However, as they ascend the rusty old ladder, it gives way and they both come crashing down. They’re trapped… together… with the clock ticking on the wedding. At the church, a hopeful Amber waits for her groom, while Paul fantasises about Daniel jilting her. Will Daniel be able to get out of the well and to the church on time?

Nina has a close call with Paul while working a shift at Lassiters and laughs about it with Karl and Susan. The mood turns serious however, as Nina explains how working at the hotel has been just the thing to make her feel normal again and she’s begun to reminisce about her old life when things were much simpler. After some gentle probing from Karl and Susan, Nina confirms that she and Jack have separated and she’s not sure what the future holds for them. Later, Nina works through her feelings for Jack, alone in her hotel room, as she composes a new song.

Thursday 2nd April

Daniel and Imogen remain trapped in the well, with Daniel hiding the pain in his ankle, determined he can still get to the church as long as someone hears them. He and Imogen call out and bang together pieces of metal (from the broken ladder) to try and attract attention. Their fears escalate when a council worker places a grate over the mouth of the well. Daniel becomes depressed by the thought of what Amber must be going through, knowing she’s thinking the worst – that he’s jilted her.

Amber’s hope that Daniel will turn up for the wedding is quickly waning, and when she receives his voice mail message, she believes he’s left her at the altar and run off with Imogen.

Nina’s plan to slip back into life in Erinsborough unrecognised is foiled when Paul spies her in The Waterhole. He pleads with her to sing at the closing concert, but Nina is firm – she’s not here to perform. Paul’s not happy when it looks like his only other option for entertainment is The Right Prescription. Later, Lou pays Nina a visit and queries the reason why she’s so averse to performing at the concert. Nina admits she’s enjoying being Nina ‘the person’ as opposed to Nina ‘the star’; but Lou tells her the two can’t be separated, and urges her to sing her new song at the concert – it might make her feel better. But Nina’s unsure – she can’t take the opportunity away from Karl, knowing it’s his dream. However, the decision is seemingly taken out of her hands when Karl presents with a (feigned) sore throat... What will Nina do? As the concert kicks off, Paul’s about to announce The Right Prescription, when Nina strides onto the stage and belts out her new song. The crowd goes wild. Post performance and Nina receives news from Jack – he saw her performance (thanks to Lou who sent him a clip) and misses her terribly. As Nina bids farewell to her friends, she leaves Erinsborough with the promise of love and happiness on the horizon.   

Friday 3rd April

Paul informs a stunned Nick that the Research Centre location is no longer feasible - the council received a more lucrative tender. A livid Nick vents his frustrations to Terese. Terese calms him down and reminds him Paul can’t be trusted. Georgia takes pleasure in seeing Nick get his comeuppance, whilst Karl advises Nick that the only way to get Paul to agree to anything, is to make it worth his while – there has to be something in it for Paul. Heeding his words, Nick spots a Blood Drive poster and gets an idea. He doctors Paul’s blood test results before approaching Paul with some devastating ‘news’, claiming that after screening the blood Paul donated at the drive, it appears Paul has leukaemia.

Daniel and Imogen remain trapped in the well, trying to escape. Dread that they may not be rescued leads to intimate conversations, and Imogen for the first time talks openly of her love for Daniel and her regret about what it’s done to her friendship with Amber.

Harold’s search for what’s next in life finds purchase when Sky makes contact, asking him to come and help her with baby number three, due to arrive soon. Harold packs to leave Ramsay Street, aware that in doing so he will be leaving Madge behind. She tells him she’s fulfilled her purpose, and that she will be waiting for him with open arms when it’s his time. Filled with renewed vigour, Harold sets off on his next adventure, leaving his friends and great love behind.

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