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Walter abducts Nell

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Monday 27th June

Walter arrives at the hospital with Nell to collect Zoe. They see Steph who clocks he is anxious but does not think too much of it. Sonya and Toadie try to track down Nell, and discover that Walter has taken her and Zoe. Toadie convinces Sonya that they should call the police. Eventually Walter returns – alone – and Steph bails him up. Walter explains, Zoe figured out what he was trying to do and escaped with her niece. Zoe turns up on Ramsay Street with Nell saying she had no idea what her father was going to do. A relieved Sonya decides not to press charges. The family gets good news when Sonya learns Callum is a match for Zoe after all. Walter and Zoe leave together, hopeful for the future. But it seems Toadie and Sonya are at odds...

Paul tells Madison she should write a series of profiles on local people. Acting as tour guide, Piper takes Madison to all the hotspots in Erinsborough, including the garage. It’s here Madison clocks the attraction between Tyler and Piper. Being around Tyler is hard for Piper but Madison says she spotted his interest in her and encourages the relationship.

Angus and Susan are now getting along extremely well and she encourages him to think about university courses. Sarah returns to Ramsay Street to visit her son, her health a lot better. She feels guilt at having been away and keeping things from him, and is determined to make up for it by taking him away to Germany. However, Angus reveals he would rather stay with Karl and Susan.

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Tuesday 28th June

Susan helps a reeling Sarah deal with Angus’s revelation. Sarah isn’t surprised with her son’s decision – Karl and Susan have done an amazing job looking after him. Although it hurts her to say it, maybe Angus is better off staying with the Kennedys. When Susan sounds Angus out, he reveals the reason he doesn’t want to go to Germany is because he feels responsible for his mother’s illness. He believes she’s better off without him. Meanwhile Karl is trying to make Sarah see that she is indeed a good Mum – but Sarah’s sceptical, her confidence as a parent is at an all-time low. Karl and Sarah eventually tell Sarah that Angus belongs with her – otherwise how else will mother and son repair their fractured relationship? Sarah makes her case to Angus – come to Germany and let her be the mother he deserves. An overwhelmed Angus eventually agrees, wanting to help his Mum with her recovery. The Kennedys say an emotional goodbye to Sarah and Angus.

Having been encouraged by Madison to go for it with Tyler, Piper confesses she likes him. A lot. And to her relief, he reveals he feels the same way. However, after spending an afternoon hanging out with teenagers Ben and Xanthe, Tyler is reminded of the age gap. Confronted by Piper, he explains he’s up for a relationship with her but only if her parents are on board. Piper is reluctant but Angus convinces her to rethink her position. Tyler is being honourable. That’s a good thing. Spurred on by Angus’s advice, Piper tells Tyler she’s reconsidered. They’ll talk to her parents and take the consequences – whatever they may be.

Things are still tense between Amy and Steph. When Madison clocks an awkward encounter between the two, she can’t help but be concerned. After Jimmy and Charlie plead with Madison to help their mums, Madison orchestrates an afternoon catchup – in the hope they’ll talk and sort things out – but the afternoon looks destined to be a fizzer, with Amy and Steph having digs at one another. When Madison gets upset after finding her ex raving about his new girlfriend, Amy and Steph go into instant mother mode – hoping to comfort her. It works – not only at making Madison feel better, but prompting Amy and Steph to put their differences aside. With the festive mood apparent, the ladies have a girls’ night out... But things turn weird when Amy’s approached by a guy named Ryan. He seems to think that he knows her, but calls her Anika. The encounter with the stranger leaves Amy rattled and leaves us to wonder - Who exactly is Anika?

Wednesday 29th June

Amy is thrown when her old boss, Ryan, crops up again. Taking charge, she tells Ryan that she’s moved on with her life – whatever he wants to tell her, she doesn’t want to hear it. Strong words, but it’s clear that she’s shaken. Amy confides in Aaron that Ryan runs a cleaning agency employing women to clean in their lingerie – at one point in her life, Amy was desperate for cash and worked for him. Aaron fronts Ryan and warns him off. But Ryan is desperate – he needs Amy’s help to save his business. Off her refusal, he threatens to reveal her past to Jimmy and her friends but Amy refuses to be shamed and sends him on his way. But she’s scared now. Has she done enough to warn Ryan off?

Mark asks Toadie for his advice. He’s worried that Paul might take legal action against him for wrongful imprisonment. Toadie is hopeful that Paul won’t act, and Mark opens up about the tension with Steph. They haven’t spoken since they argued about Paul, and he’s convinced she wants to break up with him. Steph, meanwhile, tells Amy that she’s convinced Mark wants to break up with her. Crossed wires ensue, and the couple is forced to question what they want from each other. But will they have a fairytale ending?

Thursday 30th June

Amy confronts Aaron over the flyer she found on her ute, and he’s aghast. He was convinced his talk with Ryan had gone well, but now sees he’s made an even bigger mess of things. Feeling terrible, Aaron confides in Tom, who comes up with a plan to get rid of Ryan – he’s going to offer him a cleaning contract (with traditional uniforms) at the hotel, on the proviso that Ryan leaves Amy alone. Amy agrees to it and Tom sets the plan in motion. Aaron is grateful to Tom, and Tom vows it’s just the first step towards making amends for the damage the Quill family has done. Tom’s sincerity, coupled with his care for Archie (who’s staying with him), reveals another side to Tom. One which Aaron can’t help but be attracted to... 

With the school formal imminent, Gary encourages Xanthe to ask Ben as her date. Sheila’s not happy, and warns Gary that when it comes to teenage girls, treading carefully is the name of the game. Xanthe, however, takes on her father’s advice. When Ben rejects the offer, Xanthe is crushed. And Gary feels guilty for suggesting it in the first place. Xanthe’s mortification is compounded when Sheila invites dweeby Brinsley over to ask Xanthe to the formal. Xanthe can’t believe it – she’s not going to be anyone’s pity date! Gary’s now even more determined to make things right for his little girl, and offers Ben money to take Xanthe as his date. Ben agrees, but only so he can buy tickets to the big 80s concert Susan and Karl want to go to, as he believes they are broke. But if Xanthe ever finds out, she’ll be devastated...

Friday 1st July

Ben’s feeling guilty after accepting $300 from Gary to ask Xanthe to the formal. But he goes ahead with his plan, using the money to buy a gift for Karl and Susan, and asking Xanthe to be his date. She’s thrilled, and goes into planning overdrive, determined to make the formal the best night of her life. The Kennedys feel bad that Ben felt the need to buy them a present, and the ensuing debate sees Susan sending Karl to the accountant to finally declare money he’s been hiding from the tax office. Karl returns despondent, revealing the accountant has advised him to sell Off Air. Meanwhile, Piper finds out about Ben’s deal with Gary, and is appalled. Ben now regrets accepting the money, but Piper urges him never to break Xanthe’s heart by telling her the truth. Gary also confesses his end of the bargain to Sheila, who warns this may end in disaster for Gary and Xanthe’s relationship.

Paul quietly oversees Madison’s project to interview key members of the Erinsborough community, taking particular interest in Brad’s outreach program. Meanwhile, a stressed Terese receives a surprising offer from Tom Quill—he wants her to return as Director of Operations at Lassiters. After some consideration, Terese accepts. When Paul finds out, he’s rattled. He didn’t see this coming. He quickly finds Madison and, for his own mysterious reasons, convinces her to add Terese to her list of interviewees. Paul’s by Madison’s side as she finishes typing up the feature containing the interviews, ostensibly to celebrate her journalistic achievement. But as soon as Madison’s back is turned, Paul hijacks her computer and starts re-typing the article. What is Paul up to?

Piper plays along with Xanthe’s excitement about the formal, but is constantly distracted by texts she’s receiving—texts which never fail to make her smile. Xanthe figures out the messages are from a guy Piper likes, but Piper remains tight-lipped about who her mystery man is. Xanthe’s comically frustrated by Piper’s refusal to explain, but nonetheless offers some advice: if Piper’s serious about this guy, texting won’t cut it. She thinks Piper needs to spice things up by sending him a racy selfie or two. Piper rejects the idea. It’s not her style. But once she’s alone late at night, an idea forms. Piper makes a special “private” episode of her vlog, for Tyler’s eyes only. But will this come back to bite her?

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