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Paige is hurt by both Brennan brothers

Terese returns to find more family chaos

Amber realises it's urgent to have the paternity test

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

Latest Neighbours episodes

Monday 1st June

Embarrassed after being caught by Susan leaving Brad’s house in the early hours of the morning, Lauren turns up on Susan’s doorstep to explain that nothing happened between her and Brad – it was just dinner between old friends and she ended up falling asleep on his couch. But in her attempt to explain herself, Susan thinks she doth protest too much and explains her fears to Karl, not sure if she should say something to Brad or not. Although they both agree it was probably an innocent sleepover, Karl reminds her these things can easily escalate. Later, when Susan approaches Brad with an update on his suspension, she expresses her belief his friendship with Lauren has grown too dependent. Brad is left uneasy. He admits to Lauren he needs to consider Terese and wants to put some distance between them. Lauren is stung and takes her anger out on Susan, pointing out she has no idea what it feels like to lose a husband. She deflates when Susan explains she was married to Nate’s uncle, who died. Susan helps Lauren see she has love, friendship and support all around her.


Paige is insulted when Tyler suggests she parade around in a ‘car wash bikini’ at the garage to generate funds. She feels awkward lying to Mark about her fake relationship with Tyler. She assumes the smart suit Mark’s wearing is for work. He suggests she take the lead with Tyler because he lacks motivation. She forms an idea. Tyler apologises for his chauvinism, surprised by how cool Paige is about it. A hot female, Hannah, enters looking for a car wash. Tyler is horrified to learn Paige took his car wash idea on-board… using him instead of her. He sucks it up and flirts with Hannah. Paige is surprised when a sleazy guy asks for a car wash. Tyler reveals he added a photo of her to the ad. Paige is forced to suck it up herself, until they join forces and have fun together washing cars - making stacks of cash. Tyler makes a pass at her but Paige backs away. She discovers Brennan was wearing the suit for a date with Naomi. Feeling jealous, she texts Tyler to let him know it’s back on. She arrives at the garage looking great but is stunned to find Tyler getting it on with Hannah.

Toadie and Kyle relax after their foosball game. Toadie admits Sonya was reticent about her new female friend. Kyle seeds the idea Sonya could be looking for something only a woman can provide. Sonya bumps into Georgia, feeling terrible Sonya has felt the need to look for new friends. Toadie misinterprets Sonya’s need for female company… feeling like a boofhead when she explains she has no intention of sleeping with them! He encourages her to remember the friends she has. Sonya is heart-warmed when she arranges a girls’ afternoon and Susan, Lauren and Georgia are all up for it.

Tuesday 2nd June

Amber and Daniel are trying to stay positive on the eve of the paternity test as Daniel hastily arranges an early birthday party for Amber. But with the recent tensions involving Imogen, Tyler and Paige still lingering, the awkward festivities don’t exactly boost Amber’s spirits. Meanwhile upon learning that Joshua could be the father of Amber’s unborn baby, Danni selflessly encourages him to pursue a future with Amber. And so Joshua shows up uninvited to Amber’s party and dumps his hopes onto her about becoming a family. Reacting to Joshua’s omnipresence, Daniel abandons his positive façade and confesses that he won’t be okay if this baby isn’t his. With pressure mounting from all sides, Amber makes a rash decision to escape for some desperately needed time alone.

Paige is feeling humiliated after finding Tyler mid-tryst with a female customer at the garage. When a sheepish Tyler seeks out Paige to clear the air, Paige covers her humiliation and convinces Tyler that she had no intention of hooking up with him herself. But when Tyler discovers Paige’s true motives for returning to the garage, tensions between them boil over. And as word of Paige and Tyler’s (fake) relationship spreads, they are forced to endure each other’s spitefulness, until Tyler clears the air with a thoughtful peace offering.

Paul is refusing to give up the fight against Ezra to keep Bouncer 2 at the penthouse, despite the dog’s need for more space. More problems emerge for Paul when his cousin Hilary arrives with information on the whereabouts of Paul’s estranged daughter Amy. With a sensitive Paul insisting that they not pursue the matter, nosy Hilary threatens to track down Amy anyway – unless Paul agrees to let Bouncer 2 move into Hilary’s sprawling retirement village. And so Paul says goodbye to his beloved dog, accepting it’s for the best, even if it means Hilary has bested him yet again. More importantly, Naomi is left wondering if Paul is making a mistake by not following up the lead on Amy.

Wednesday 3rd June

After spending the night at the bar, Daniel arrives home to find that Amber didn’t go home last night either. Worried, he and Lauren check to see if anyone has heard from her, but no-one has any idea where Amber may have gone, or why, until Lauren learns her daughter left a note at Harold’s to say she needed time alone to clear her head. Sparks fly as Daniel and Josh accuse each other of stressing Amber out, causing her to run away. Plagued by guilt and desperate to find Amber after telling her he didn’t know what he’d do if the baby isn’t his, Daniel asks Imogen to report Hermoine stolen. Imogen is loathe to jeopardise her career as a lawyer by lying to the police, but Daniel convinces her to help him. The police discover the car at a beachside suburb and Daniel takes off, leaving Imogen feeling used. When she reveals the car’s location to Josh, he too heads off. Daniel finds Amber at a beach cottage where he apologies for upsetting her and reassures her that he loves her, regardless of who the father of her child turns out to be. Their privacy is disturbed by the arrival of Josh. The boys immediately start arguing and it’s revealed that Josh is hoping the baby is his. Fed up and worried the stress will harm her baby, Amber throws them out – but Josh returns to make sure she’s okay with his revelation. Annoyed, Amber is about to berate him when she collapses.

Terese arrives home from Canada to family chaos. She discovers that Brad has been suspended thanks to Clem, Ezra Hanley’s son. But she’s worried for the boy because it seems so out of character. She approaches Ezra, expressing her worries about Clem, but he fobs her off and claims she’s just trying to save her husband’s job. Then he goads her with the news that Brad and Lauren have been seeing a lot of each other in her absence. She tackles Brad on it and he allays her fears. He’s backed off from getting too involved with helping Lauren. Later, when Terese and Brad learn from Nate that Ezra bribed Clem with expensive vintage trading cards, Terese wonders if there is more to this situation than they first thought. Why would a father have to bribe his son?

After learning about Ezra’s secret redevelopment plans for The Waterhole, Sheila believes the only way to fight this is by winning over Ezra’s confidence. In order to do this, she suggests that Nate insult her to convince Ezra they hate each other. Nate starts bagging Sheila, who is initially on board with it all, but when he embraces the concept a little too enthusiastically, Sheila arcs up. However, their ruse works and Ezra reveals he intends to start redevelopment on the bar next week and geriatrics like Sheila will have no place there. To appease Sheila, Nate encourages her to get her own back and fling a few insults his way. Sheila, too, embraces the concept, advising Nate to stop being a coward and put himself out there, pointing out he hasn’t had a date since Chris left. Nate is given food for thought.

Thursday 4th June

After fainting, Amber is relieved that it was only a mild dizzy spell and is more concerned with the health of her baby than herself. Josh goes with her to the hospital to have further tests. Hearing that Josh is with Amber, Daniel asks Lauren for advice, unused to feeling so helpless. She suggests the best way to support her is to be there for her. On her return home, Amber and Daniel reassure each other of their love, while Josh admits to Imogen that he never stopped loving Amber. But Amber has realised one important thing – the only way out of this mess is to know who the father of her child is. Daniel and Josh take the paternity test… but which one of them is Amber’s baby-daddy?

Terese wants Susan to speak with Clem about Chloe but Susan thinks it is not her business… until Susan witnesses Clem tearing up his vintage cricket trading cards that Ezra bought him. Concerned, Susan calls Clem’s ex-school principal and learns that this isn’t the first time Clem has acted out. Susan probes and Clem lashes out at her, leaving Susan unsure what to do next. Terese also approaches Clem, and initially has more luck getting him to open up, until he lashes out at her as well. Believing nothing will get through to Clem, Susan is surprised when the boy turns up on her doorstep – he has spoken to his father and now believes that Ezra may have assaulted Chloe. But what to do now?

Paul is only just succeeding in keeping his feelings of jealousy at bay when he sees Naomi with Brennan. But Brennan’s constant asking for dating tips is pushing his limits. He gives Brennan advice he thinks will cause him to fail, but Brennan surprises Paul by coming up with a great date idea that Naomi loves. Paul finally succumbs to jealousy and gives Brennan advice he knows is bad – that Naomi is a can-do woman, the type who doesn’t want to be rescued all the time, so maybe he should take her on a date where he can teach her something. Happy, Brennan goes off to plan a date at a car mechanics course. Paul is content in the knowledge that this time Brennan is sure to fail.

Friday 5th June

Ezra verbally attacks Terese, accusing her of brainwashing Clem, who’s decided to fly back to Perth, to live with his mother. Ezra warns both Terese and Brad they won’t get away with this, but meanwhile, Susan reveals that Clem admitted to her that his father tried to attack his girlfriend Chloe Jones. Ezra is consequently hauled in for questioning, but when he claims that he and Chloe had a consensual relationship there’s nothing Brennan can do. He apologises to Susan and Terese, but without a statement from Chloe, his hands are tied – and Ezra gets away scot-free, yet again. Furious, Terese now takes it upon herself to track Chloe down, and she makes an impassioned plea, urging the girl to make a statement. Chloe finally agrees, and Brennan arrests Ezra, who’ll be extradited back to Western Australia. Terese is made temporary manager of Lassiters, effective immediately, and Susan informs Brad that whilst there will still need to be an enquiry before he gets his job back, the process will be merely a formality.

Paige and Tyler are determined to make the automotive class a success, as a step towards their plan to “go legitimate” with the garage. Things go awry, however, when Naomi discovers that her handbag is covered in grease, and demands the garage pay for it. There goes any profit they may have made from the course today! And, to make matters worse, Joey Dimato turns up, dumping a backpack off, which he’s been told to deliver… Paige and Tyler try to argue, but Joey says he’s following orders… when they open the backpack, Paige and Tyler are shocked to see that it’s stuffed full of money. So much for going legitimate!

Naomi’s not impressed to learn that Brennan’s signed them both up for the automotive course at the garage… Clearly the man doesn’t know her at all if he thinks this is something she’d be into! Sheila encourages her to go, however, and Naomi reluctantly fronts up – much to the chagrin of Paige. Brennan is called away, however, to deal with the Ezra situation, and Naomi is left to struggle (badly) with all things automotive. Paul drops by and is amused to see Naomi hating every minute of being there… This is working out exactly the way he planned… Brennan, however, is horrified to learn that Naomi’s not enjoying herself, given he only signed her up for the course because Paul said she’d like it. Later, at The Waterhole, Paul receives a text from Brennan who wants to know if Paul’s got any better advice for Brennan’s next date with Naomi. Unbeknownst to Brennan, however, Naomi’s just picked up the phone and read the message…

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