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Monday 25th July

Amy is horrified when she learns that, in a vengeful tactic against Terese, Paul has initiated an expose story of Ryan’s lingerie cleaning service that is due to hit the front page of the West Waratah Star. Forced to admit to him her involvement, she begs him to stop the story from going ahead – Jimmy can never know. Paul agrees and begs the editor, Penny, to pulp the story. Penny refuses, leading Paul to turn to Toadie, already focussed on stopping the paper from further vilifying Sonya in the press, in the hope that they can join forces to stop the run of salacious stories due to be printed. Fruitless in their efforts to uncover the identity of the new owner of the Star, they are all shocked when they realise it is Tim Collins, who states his intention to destroy Sonya’s mayorship and expose Amy’s sordid past. Amy is devastated as the headlines head to print.

Grounded and attempting to distract herself from her heartache by studying with Ben, Piper finds herself confronted by the discovery that Tyler is partying with Paige and others across the road. Ben urges Piper to try to put Tyler out of her mind, but a steady stream of social media photos of the party sees Piper obsessing. When Ben gets sick of Piper ignoring him in favour of curtain twitching to decode Tyler’s movements, he delivers some tough love, telling Piper that it was behaviour like this that caused her to lose him in the first place.

Heartbroken by Jack’s decision to choose his religion over her, Paige decides to lose herself in a spontaneous party. With the main goal for the night being to make sure the bar never runs dry, things soon get out of control. When Mark arrives in response to a noise complaint, the partygoers speculate over who placed the call. Paige, however, is certain it was Jack, intent on ruining her fun. She accuses him of such, but he denies all charges. With the party a fizzer, Paige finds herself alone with Tyler, who is similarly tired of the stress and games associated with ill-fated love affairs. Turning to each other for comfort and uncomplicated fun, these two old friends, with so much shared history and so many drinks under their belts, fall into an embrace. But as morning dawns and they realise what they did the night before, both are horrified.

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Tuesday 26th July

Paige and Tyler rush to hide the evidence of their wild party before Brad and Lauren arrive home. But once that bullet is dodged, they face a more serious predicament: should they tell Piper that they hooked up? When Tyler bumps into Piper, she makes a huge effort to be more mature, apologising for calling the police. Tyler relays this to Paige, and they’re inspired to equal Piper’s maturity – and tell her the truth before she hears it from someone else. Paige is cautiously optimistic – the hook up was purely casual and now she’s doing the right thing by being honest. She hopes that, for these reasons, Piper might react reasonably. But when Paige tells Piper what happened, Piper is shattered, breaking down in tears. She promptly tells Brad everything Paige has done, and Brad and Lauren confront Paige about her behaviour. Paige realises that this hook-up was a serious mistake – and makes it clear to Tyler that it can never, ever happen again. They agree to be friends only, from now on. But how long can they really ignore their undeniable attraction?

Terese is stressed, having heard that the Quills plan to sell Lassiters. She’s not sure what this means for her future. She’s intrigued when Lucy Robinson arrives in town. Does this have something to do with the sale? After catching up with Paul, Lucy confirms that indeed she will have approval over whoever ends up buying Lassiters. Meanwhile Paul is setting up secret meetings with Lucy, clearly planning something. All is revealed when Lucy and Paul explain to Terese that Paul is putting in a bid for Lassiters. He’s managed to cobble together enough investors and loans to make it possible, and is determined to own the hotel again. And in a quiet moment with Terese, he takes glee in telling her that his first act as new owner will be to fire her and send her packing.

Amy’s deeply ashamed when her past as a lingerie-wearing cleaner goes public. But she tries to hold her head high, insisting all that really matters is protecting Jimmy from the scandal. She hopes she can keep him from finding out, as he’s home from school and banned from his phone after his accident. But sneaky Jimmy manages to get his hands on his phone. A friend has sent him the picture of scantily-clad Amy from the paper, and he’s stunned. Amy tries to explain the situation, optimistically reassuring Jimmy this will all blow over soon. Jimmy’s stoic for his mum’s sake, and Amy’s a little buoyed—until a snide comment from the father of Jimmy’s school-mate makes her humiliation sting anew. Riding out this scandal is going to be a long, humiliating journey.

Wednesday 27th July

Terese is in a spin following Paul’s promise to fire her once he’s successful in repurchasing Lassiters. The ramifications are huge – not only will she lose her job, but she’ll have no way to pay her huge mortgage. But Madison suggests her fate isn’t sealed… she could put in a bid for Lassiters herself. Sure she’d need investors and a loan, but so would Paul. Terese, however, lacks the courage to back herself… until Susan points out that she’s everything Paul is and more. If she wants it, she should go for it. Terese decides she’s got nothing to lose, and asks Madison to set up a meeting with the bank.

Upset about the Paige/Tyler hookup, Piper is in a funk, ignoring Paige’s attempts to contact her. Making matters worse is that Xanthe is still freezing her out, instead choosing to hang out with lowlife bully Alison. In a mood, Piper has a go at Elly, who unbeknownst to Piper is already brimming with emotion. Elly bursts into tears and hurries away, leaving Piper feeling terrible. Ben is unimpressed with her, and when Susan finds out about her narky comment, she’s put on detention. But later, as she sits in detention, feeling dejected, a stray cat approaches Piper and she gives her a bite to eat. Seems Piper’s found a kindred spirit at a time of need.

Elly receives an upsetting phone notification, and through her tears, almost makes a huge mistake at the wheel of her car, narrowly missing Steph and Charlie as they cross the road on foot. Steph recognises Elly and goes to Mark, insisting he fine her for dangerous driving. Elly is genuinely sorry, and confides that she was upset about a recent breakup and couldn’t see past her tears. Feeling for her, Mark lets her off with a warning, confident it won’t happen again. Steph is frustrated and unable to understand why Mark, who usually sees things as black and white, is being so lenient on Elly. But a passing comment from Charlie prompts her to look Elly up on the internet… and she’s more than a little surprised by what she finds… several photos of Elly with Mark in the pool, complete with affectionate emojis and captions. Steph reels as she realises… Elly is after her man.

Thursday 28th July

After seeking reassurance from Sonya that Elly’s social media photos are not appropriate, Steph borrows her car to sound out Mark – is he okay with this? Mark points out he didn’t have a say in the photos and suspects it’s merely Elly’s way of getting back at her ex. Steph’s still not happy and Mark’s puzzled by her apparent jealousy. Isn’t she being hypocritical? Steph denies this, but later, as she confronts Elly about her reckless driving, she can’t help venting her displeasure at the photos. Elly echoes Mark’s suspicions: is Steph jealous? Steph denies it but her lingering unease prompts her to talk to Susan about Elly. Susan recommends Steph not read too much into it; posting selfies with all and sundry is common behaviour these days. Upon reflection, Steph reveals to Mark that she’s come to realise he’s right – she is jealous of Elly. It’s not a feeling she’s accustomed to and the only explanation is because she’s in love with Mark. Mark admits his jealousy comes from the same cause - he loves Steph. The couple celebrate their revelation with a passionate kiss.

Meanwhile, it’s Xanthe’s first tutoring session with Elly but she’s is too preoccupied with Ben’s betrayal to focus. Sympathetic Elly suggests Xanthe take back her power by showing him how much fun she’s having without him. With this in mind, Xanthe plays up to the attentions of Cooper, the school captain, posting an image of them together on social media. Ben, meanwhile, asks Gary to talk to Xanthe on his behalf, to let her know how sorry he is. Gary, who’s in the bad books himself, believes Ben has to find a way to communicate with Xanthe from the heart. Ben digs deep to compose a song but as he’s preparing to woo her with it he catches sight of her flirting with Cooper and loses heart. Xanthe catches sight of Ben only in time to see him walking away with his guitar. Has her pride only widened the gulf between them?

Karl and Aaron are thrilled when Sonya brings news that money might be found for the bike lanes, provided Council can siphon off funds from other projects. Susan, however, is far from pleased at learning that the school’s remedial programme funding will be one of those projects sacrificed. Not only does this put Susan at loggerheads with Karl, but it also obliges her to speak out against Sonya. Sure enough, Susan’s interview with the WWS adds fuel to the anti-Mayor protest, lead by Clive West. When the bike lane project – supported by Sonya – is approved at a community meeting, Karl feels victory in the air. But, arriving home from the meeting, Sonya discovers the word ‘DIE’ painted over her car windscreen. Then, as she’s relating this to Toadie, a brick smashes through the law office window. It seems the bike conflict is taking a deadly serious turn.

Friday 29th July

Mark launches an investigation into the attacks on Sonya’s car and Toadie’s office and the most likely culprit is Clive West. But when he questions Sonya and Toadie, they realise there is the possibility of two people out there with a vendetta. However, Aaron is still convinced it is Clive and publicly names and shames him in order to track him down, which infuriates Mark. While Mark is no closer to finding Clive, or any other suspects, Toadie worries whether Sonya’s stance on the bike path is worth putting their family in danger, but Sonya is adamant to stay the course.

Paige still has no luck trying to apologise to Piper, and when she hears Brad is having trouble helping Dustin, she seizes the opportunity to do some good. She lends her punching bag to Outreach and is buoyed when both Jack and Dustin react positively. But when Lauren suspects she’s deliberately putting herself in Jack’s orbit, she insists Paige keeps her distance. Paige disregards her mother and when she’s confronted with a shirtless, hot and sweaty Jack sparring with Dustin, she takes out her frustrations by stripping down to her sports gear and taking Jack’s place in the ring. Jack is also confronted by the sight of Paige, and tells Brad she’s sparring. Concerned for Paige’s safety, Brad interrupts the bout... with disastrous results.

Susan and Karl hear about the attack on Toadie’s office when Mark comes to question Susan about her comments in the West Waratah Star, raising the possibility of them inciting bad behaviour. While Susan doesn’t believe it would have, it leaves her a little guilty and she approaches Sonya to clear the air. But Sonya is rattled and stressed and accuses Susan of not thinking her rash behaviour through. Susan defends herself but Sonya makes it clear this issue is bigger than the both of them and tension remains between the two.

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