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A new arrival causes trouble for Ben

Terese considers that Paul may be innocent

Sheila's slap has consequences

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Monday 2nd May

Sarah’s on edge as she awaits the arrival of her son, Angus. She reveals to Karl and Susan that she hasn’t told Angus that his stay is anything more than a holiday – or that she has cancer, a fact that greatly worries Karl and Susan. When Sarah learns her recent round of chemo has been unsuccessful, she decides to not have further treatment. Karl and Susan try to convince her not to give up, but Sarah is firm – she wants what little time she has left to be quality time. Though understanding, Karl and Susan are privately determined to convince her to fight. They suggest a cutting-edge hospital in Germany, but Sarah tells them her doctor in London has already looked into it and the waiting list is years long. She asks Karl and Susan to drop it, but when Susan later sees how upset Sarah is at the idea of losing her son, she again urges her not to give up – and Sarah considers the possibility. Angus arrives, taciturn and confused about why his mother wants him to spend so much time with the Kennedys. There are definite signs that he is troubled, which Ben’s the first one to see. When the two boys are left alone, Angus tries to get a rise out of Ben. Ben gets edgy when Angus gets too close to Ben’s stash of stolen money (belonging to Tom Quill). When Ben later finds his money missing, he accuses Angus of stealing it and tells him to give it back. Angus is smug, challenging Ben to complain to his grandparents about his missing stolen money. Angus knows he’s got Ben over a barrel.

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Aaron and Nate are still trying to process the fact that Tom Quill is alive. Aaron wants to tell Mark, but Nate cautions him there will be consequences, as it’ll mean Aaron revealing he’s been keeping information from the police. Aaron doesn’t care. Having been wracked with guilt thinking that he was responsible for Tom’s death, he’s determined to do what’s right. When Tom is finally apprehended, Nate assumes Aaron will no longer need him. But Aaron reveals that he still loves Nate. When Paul discovers that Tom is alive, he leaps on the information – more convinced that ever he could be responsible for the explosion. He begs Steph to help him, but she wants Paul to trust in Mark. Tom’s sighting has Mark also asking questions. Particularly an uncomfortable one: could he have arrested the wrong person? Could Paul be an innocent man? Determined to clear his name, Paul drags in Glen Darby to question him about a fight he witnessed between Julie and Tom Quill. Steph’s appalled to discover that Paul found out about Glen after reading it in Mark’s notebook. Paul begs her not to tell Mark, but Steph can’t break Mark’s trust. Mark orders Paul to stay out of the investigation but when Mark gets word that Tom has been apprehended, Paul’s hopes flair again and he’s left desperate to know more.

Tuesday 3rd May
When Sarah leaves Angus to hang out with Ben once more, they fight over the money Angus took from Ben and has since started to spend. Susan and Karl become aware all is not well between the boys. Ben admits Angus is a pain in the neck and wants nothing more to do with him, jeopardising Sarah’s plans. Karl’s attempts to talk to Angus about what is troubling him backfire, while Susan’s effort to warn Sarah about this reveal a mother who has given up all hope of surviving. Susan gives her a pep talk instead about fighting for every moment of her life, leaving Sarah with FFT. But when Karl reveals to Sarah that a placement has become available in the progressive cancer research centre Georgia works at in Munich, Sarah is torn. If she leaves before Angus is settled, Karl and Susan will likely some major behavioural issues with him. Is that something they’re ready for?

With Tom brought in for questioning after having been found, Paul clings to the hope that he will be found guilty of the explosion at Lassiters, and thus his own innocence finally proved. And it’s clear that Terese also quietly hopes he will be cleared. Mark questions Tom, Paul and Aaron thoroughly but discovers Tom has a watertight alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the blast and could not be responsible. Paul is devastated at being returned to home detention, still pleading his innocence to Terese who begs him to be honest for once and admit his guilt. But when he can’t, she turns her back on him – in her mind, Paul is guilty and must pay the price.

Wednesday 4th May

Sarah has warned Karl and Susan that Angus could go off the rails when she leaves, but they reassure her – she needs to continue her cancer treatment and Munich is her best shot. They’ll be able to handle Angus. But when Angus finds out the news he grows angry, feeling once more abandoned by his mother. Things remain tense and the Kennedys convince Ben to make more of an effort with Angus. And, after meeting Xanthe – and liking what he sees – Angus is more receptive to the idea of staying in Erinsborough, giving Sarah and the Kennedys hope. After making sure Toadie will keep an eye on the situation for her, Sarah heads off to the airport, leaving Angus struggling to bottle his emotions. But to Ben’s disappointment, when he tries to empathise with Angus, Angus’ cocky front returns. When Angus asks if Ben knows Xanthe, Ben’s biting - she’d never be interested in him. But Angus isn’t put off one little bit…

Sheila and Xanthe arrive home from Frankston and meet Angus. But while Sheila’s mildly put out to see him checking out Xanthe, Xanthe doesn’t even notice him, being too focussed on responding to comments on her Facebook page. When Shelila reads the comments, she’s appalled to see they’re all nasty, and coming from girls at school. Although Xanthe puts on a brave face, Sheila isn’t fooled. While Xanthe is buoyed by an admiring Angus, Sheila seeks the advice of Sonya and Steph. Although Steph advocates a direct, physical approach, Sonya counsels that it’s better to ignore online trolls. Later, Xanthe’s furious to learn Sheila has reported the bully responsible for her trolling, Alison, to her parents. Xanthe tells Sheila to butt out but later, when Sheila spots Alison picking on Xanthe, she sees red and in the heat of the moment, slaps her!

Sonya and Steph are surprised when Stonefish shows up on their doorstep out of the blue. But Toadie’s clearly uncomfortable with his presence and hustles the women out for a walk so he can catch up with his brother. When they’re alone, Stonefish reveals he’s been on a mission to Newcastle for Toadie. But he reports that the mysterious person he was looking for at Toadie’s behest seems to have skipped town, leaving Toadie concerned. Later, when Sonya arrives home, she grills Stonefish about what’s going on, but Steph - seeing Toadie’s discomfort and realising this might have something to do with the file she read - quickly distracts Sonya. Toadie’s relieved Sonya remains in the dark. But later, Sonya makes a phone call to Lucas, revealing she thinks Toadie and Steph are hiding something from her. If only she knew what…

Thursday 5th May

Arriving home in the wake of lashing out at bully Alison Gore, Sheila is facing the dawning reality of what she’s done. Made all the more pointed by Xanthe’s mortification – and finally drilled home when Mark calls to inform Sheila that Alison’s mother, Jackie, intends to pursue legal action. Hoping to smooth things over, Sheila gets yet another reality check as Toadie informs her that mediation is her best chance to avoid being sued. Xanthe, meanwhile, is in a well of pain as the online insults pile up, confirming her fears that far from helping, Sheila has only made things worse. Chastened, Sheila attempts to reason with Jackie Gore. Instead, she only manages to lose her temper again – while also eliciting a dispassionate character assassination of Xanthe from Jackie, driving Xanthe’s spirits further down. Taking stock, Sheila counsels Xanthe to stand and fight the bullies, rather than run, but Xanthe is deeply conflicted. The one bright spot looks to be an approach from Saffron. Excited, Xanthe wonders if her ship has finally come in. But it is yet another blow as the label issues a cease and desist. It seems no-one values Xanthe at all. And late in the day, the true depth of her despair is revealed as she begins to troll herself. Hitting on a bright idea to engineer more time with John Doe, Paige prints some fliers to paper the suburb in the hopes they might draw out more clues on John’s true identity. However, her plans are quickly derailed as Amy and Tyler are drawn into the scheme, leaving Paige out in the cold with Tyler, rather than working with John. Further fuelling her jealousy, John doesn’t invite Paige to meet his alibi, Wendy Leung. In a quiet moment, under questioning from Tyler, Paige admits her attraction to John, but Tyler warns her to proceed carefully. Advice that appears prescient, as Paige discovers John and Amy enjoying a coffee together and debriefing about his meeting with Wendy, which proved to be a dead end. Snapping, Paige is close to revealing her secret heart. Amy even begins to suspect, but John remains oblivious. Querying her later, he accepts her covering lie that she simply misses their shared mission and they’re suddenly refocused as a call comes through: someone has indeed seen the flier – someone who might have the answers they seek.

Admitting he’s ill-at-ease with his siblings, Ned gives Lauren all the ammunition she needs to get the ball rolling. When her plan to have him help Paige fails, she calls in Piper. She’s going through Josh’s belongings and Ned can help her instead. What at first seems like a painfully awkward afternoon, soon develops into a strong bond as Ned introduces Piper to the virtues of tattoos as mementoes of lost loved ones. But when Piper hits a brick wall with Brad, she bluffs Ned into giving her some ink anyway, putting them on a collision course as Brad reacts angrily. Is Ned destined to remain an outsider?

Friday 6th May
Paige and John are excited to finally meet someone who knew John prior to the explosion but their excitement is short lived as they learn little new information. But Paige is not going to give up easily. Paige jumps on the idea that John is a fan of the Geelong Cats and the Cunningham Pier. When a phone call to the Cunningham Pier representative seems to be a dead end, Paige suggests that a trip to Geelong might be the key to unlocking John’s memory. This seems like a reasonable plan until John is later startled by Tyler at the yard and John’s first instinct is a violent defensive one which reminds everyone, including John, that they know nothing about this man or his past. Tyler tries to caution Paige about travelling with John, but Paige refuses to be swayed. She believes John is a good person and is determined to find the answer to his identity. But is Paige’s crush on the good looking John clouding her judgment.

Troubled by low self-esteem because of online trolls comments on her selfies, Xanthe starts on a punishing exercise routine to improve her appearance. Concerned that Xanthe may hurt herself, Aaron intervenes. When Xanthe reveals her motivation, Aaron is determined to reassure her that she is beautiful. He enlists the help of Nate and together they hatch a plan to boost Xanthe’s self-esteem and prove those trolls wrong. As well as boosting Xanthe’s confidence, it gives Nate the idea that Aaron should manage Xanthe’s social media.  Everyone is thrilled with this idea, except for Sheila who tries to caution that the web is a dangerous place. But Xanthe, Nate and Aaron are on an unstoppable train which leaves Sheila alone in her concern for her granddaughter.

Ned and Piper face the fallout of Piper’s illegal tattoo. After the initial shock and disappointment, Piper and Terese find a new closeness by sharing their grief over Josh. While Lauren helps Ned understand what was really driving him when he encouraged Piper in her tattoo. This leads to Ned, Brad and Terese finally having a truly honest conversation where some shocking admissions finally lead to some real family bonding.  Ned’s happiness at finally feeling part of the Willis family is short lived when Piper reveals she will be doing a vlog timeline of the explosion. Ned fears what Piper will uncover when she asks him to detail his precise movements on the day of the explosion.

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