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Naomi gets a new job

Paige and Mary reach an understanding

Amber pushes Joshua away

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

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Monday 27th July

When Dimato reappears, Brennan forces Tyler to go through with a secret meeting, despite his growing apprehension. Aaron discovers Tyler’s involvement and, concerned for their brother, warns Brennan to protect him, but Brennan is getting pressured by his bosses and can’t afford to cut Tyler any slack. Crossing with Paige, Tyler learns she’s planning to leave Erinsborough for Singapore and, although vulnerable, he urges her to stay away until the whole mess dies down. However, the best-laid plans soon go awry as Dimato materialises unexpectedly. The meeting has been changed and Tyler has no choice but to abandon the safety net of Brennan’s protection, or risk being found out as a traitor. Learning that Tyler has gone missing, Brennan’s initial reaction is one of anger, but it quickly turns to alarm when he finds Tyler’s phone on the road and realises his brother may be in real danger. The clock is ticking, and as they struggle for any leads on Tyler’s possible whereabouts, answers come from the unlikeliest of places as Paige must confess her own involvement in the car ring in the hope that they can find Tyler in time.

Genuinely torn over Mary’s offer of a trip to Singapore, Paige’s mind is made up during an exchange with Brennan, who unwittingly reminds her what she’s going to lose when Dimato is caught and the truth comes out. Paige informs Lauren and Brad that she’s leaving. While secretly against it, Lauren wills herself to encourage Paige to reconnect with her mother. Having received Lauren’s blessing and determined that it’s the right thing to do, Paige tears up the confession she wrote and proceeds to tell her friends of her plans, including a gutted but supportive Tyler. Discovering that Tyler’s about to head to the sting, Paige’s worry for him inflames – can she really run away and leave Tyler in his hour of need? Meanwhile, Brad laments Paige’s imminent departure to Terese. He’s glad that Terese helped facilitate Paige and Mary’s bonding, but didn’t expect Mary to take Paige overseas. Seeing how heartbroken Brad is, Terese’s guilt is piqued. She got exactly what she wanted but had to lie and manipulate to get it. Later, Lauren and Brad confess their true feelings about Paige to each other, reassuring themselves that she’ll be back.

Hearing that the Lassiters’ rebranding launch party is in disarray, Naomi throws her hat into the ring to organise the event and save the day. Dubious after her insistence that they can’t work together, Paul is reluctantly cajoled into hearing her pitch and he’s pleasantly surprised by its brilliance. But as she tries to close the deal, there’s a spanner in the works as Naomi loses one of the vital elements of the presentation, forcing her to improvise… and win the job anyway. Naomi Canning Enterprises is back in business.


Tuesday 28th July

Reeling from Paige’s revelation, Brennan accepts her help to find Tyler. They head to an abandoned carpark, where Dimato is holding court with Tyler and the rest of his gang, and they wait for back-up to arrive. Meanwhile Tyler takes a risk and tries to escape with evidence of Dimato’s crimes, but he’s caught red-handed. Brennan is forced to launch an early rescue, but the police arrive and, alongside Brennan and Paige, arrest Dimato and most of his group. Unfortunately the evidence is destroyed. Later Brennan learns the full extent of Paige’s betrayal, seemingly ending any hope of romance between them.

Lauren is upset that Paige is leaving, but takes comfort in planning a farewell family meal with Brad. Terese intervenes, suggesting catering for the evening to take the pressure off (and keep Lauren and Brad apart). But the dinner is scuppered when news comes through of Paige’s exploits. Paige is forced to explain why she became involved in the car ring, shocking Lauren – but Lauren’s thrilled when Paige decides to forgo the trip to Singapore and stay in Erinsborough. Noticing Terese’s bitter disappointment,   suss Mary wonders if she had an agenda all along – further piquing Terese’s guilt.  

Having heard Tyler’s gone missing, guilty Nate tries to apologise to Aaron for blanking him earlier. But he hits a raw nerve when he suggests Aaron clearly isn’t as close to Tyler as he thinks. Meanwhile Naomi is anxious for her ‘hotel box’ promotion to work, and is worried about Aaron’s commitment to the project. But it’s not Aaron she needs to worry about – when the day arrives, the actress playing his wife is a no-show. Naomi takes drastic action, locking Nate and Aaron in the box together to play the happy couple…

Disappointed when Paige decides against coming back to Singapore with her, Mary offers to stay in town to help in the wash-up of the car racket. But Paige insists she needs to fix things on her own - and promises to visit soon, making it clear that their relationship is in a much better, more honest place.  

Wednesday 29th July

Missing Naomi now she’s officially with Paul, Sheila tries to guilt-trip her into coming home for dinner. Learning she’s got plans with Moneybags, Sheila forces Paul’s hand and demands he cancel their date – she needs Naomi-time. Paul reluctantly obliges, but Naomi sniffs a rat - and she’s aghast to learn this isn’t the first time Sheila’s interfered in their relationship. Under duress, Sheila’s forced to confess she tried to warn Paul against taking up with Naomi because she thought he was too old for her. Naomi’s hurt, and Sheila admits the main reason she wanted time with Naomi is because she’s feeling like she’s losing her daughter. Softening, Naomi urges her mum to get on board with her new relationship. Making a decision, Sheila shows she’s committed by inviting them both around for dinner. Naomi panics – this is the last thing she had in mind. Needing backup, she coerces Amy into coming along with Jimmy. But when her mum insists on serving cask wine, it becomes clear this is going to be an interesting evening...

Trapped in Naomi’s promotional box, Nate decides to make the best of a bad situation and has some fun while Aaron becomes more frustrated with his antics. Outside the box, social media erupts at Lassiters’ progressive attitude to same-sex relationships, so Naomi is riding high and Paul is impressed. But she needs the boys to deliver a sexy photo finish or her stunt will be a disaster. Making amends, Nate tries a bit of acting and plants a Hollywood pash on Aaron - leaving boys shaken by the intensity of the kiss.
When Jimmy discovers Sonya’s cache of Ramsay Street secrets, he’s gripped by what he reads – and Karl, for one, will do anything to keep his from getting out - bribing Jimmy with his muffin. Karl is a little ashamed when he learns that Susan didn’t cave to Jimmy, and a lot shocked when he realises Susan’s known his secret for years – he plagiarised his classic hit Free As A River. Learning of Jimmy’s exploitation, Sonya and Toadie shred the secrets - all except one left unseen down the back of the couch. Jimmy cops his punishment – no desserts and helping Sheila prepare for the Canning/Robinson dinner. And it’s with Sheila that he reveals he held one secret back: he knows she has a thing for Paul Robinson

Amy’s copping a belting from Kyle in the Most Unique Tradie comp, and Kyle is not shy in letting her know about it. His cockiness only riles Amy to bet on the outcome – loser does a nudie run through Lassiters. She quickly regrets it, but when she sees the command that Naomi has over social media, she hits on an idea. Next thing Kyle knows, he’s getting pipped in the contest, and learning a lesson about creating social media buzz.  Kyle now faces the embarrassing prospect of running starkers through town.

Thursday 30th July

When Brad opens Josh’s credit card bill by mistake, Josh is forced to confess he‘s lost his job. Brad feels obliged to tell Amber that Josh can’t support her financially. Amber confronts Josh, who swears he’ll be completely honest with her from now on. But then Imogen unwittingly reveals to Amber that Josh was selling illegal peptides. Amber again confronts Josh for lying to her; and until they go to America for their baby’s FETO operation, he needs to give her space and do some growing up. Fearing another blasting, Imogen’s surprised when Josh refrains from pointing the finger, and instead blames himself for being irresponsible and immature. Determined to change and become a good parent, Josh jumps onto the parenting forum to get tips on how to be a good dad. But when he sees a post come through from Amber, he spies a way to remain close to her and the baby... and replies under the name, ‘Young Mum ‘97’...

Terrified Jimmy’s going to blab her secret to Paul and Naomi during the Canning/Robinson dinner, Sheila gives in to his every demand for cake and snacks, annoying Amy and embarrassing Naomi.  The heat on Sheila increases when Paul pulls her up and reminds her that this dinner was meant to be about her proving she’s on board with Naomi and Paul’s relationship – so why is acting crazy? Forced to cover, Sheila promises to rein it in – but when Jimmy renews his blackmail campaign, Sheila’s anxiety and frustration finally boil over. Shouting at Jimmy, she starts to shake him – only to be confronted by a fiercely protective Amy, who demands to know what the hell she thinks she’s doing.

Despite his highbrow tastes, Paul goes out of his way to fit in as a guest at the Canning/Robinson dinner. But as Sheila continues to undermine Amy’s parenting, the night quickly goes from awkward to downright uncomfortable. Seeing Naomi’s upset, Paul defuses the situation by suggesting Kyle do his nudie run that night! Grateful to Paul, and amazed that he’s fitting in with her family so well, Naomi suggests they skip the post-nudie run dessert and celebrate the successful Canning/Robinson merger alone up at the penthouse.

Concerned when she learns Karl is planning to continue paying Jimmy’s ransom demands, Susan reluctantly strikes a deal. She’ll tell him her secret if he swears not to encourage Jimmy to continue his youthful crime spree. Susan then proceeds to spin Karl a colourful yarn. He buys it, but Sonya smells a red herring. Susan reluctantly confesses her real secret - she gets weekly facials and pedicures. There are some things a husband doesn’t need to know – especially one as tight as Karl.

Friday 31st July

Severely rattled by her impulsive action of shaking Jimmy, Sheila is horrified and only wants to apologise, but furious Amy won’t listen. Implored by Kyle to give her version of events, a frazzled Sheila admits to being blackmailed by Jimmy, but when asked to divulge the secret that Jimmy read, Sheila refuses. Although Naomi backs her mother regardless, Sheila’s reticence frustrates Kyle and he finds his allegiance shifting to Amy and Jimmy. Knowing her mother’s behaviour is uncharacteristic and despite being at odds with Paul, Naomi embarks on extracting the information from Jimmy himself. But when she’s caught out and Jimmy sees the extent of the anger directed at Sheila, he seeks Sheila out, wanting to sort out the situation. Confronted by Amy, Paul and Naomi, Sheila lies and Jimmy supports the ruse by offering a half truth – he nagged Sheila for raspberry lemonade.  A disappointed Amy spirits him home leaving Paul and Naomi to try and dig to the truth of the matter. Why did Sheila omit the blackmailing from the tale, and just what is her big secret? But Sheila covers, knowing not only how embarrassing but also potentially damaging to her relationship with her daughter the truth would be if it came out. But neither Paul nor Naomi are left convinced.

The reality of her part in Dimato’s arrest now hitting home, as well as her manipulation of Joey, Paige is convinced Joey will return for retribution. Amber suggests she seek out Brennan for reassurance, knowing he is the only one she trusts to be completely honest. Despite her fear, Paige does so and when he coolly dismisses her concerns, she impulsively confronts him on his treatment of her, only to be rejected. Brennan is clearly still very much hurt. Amber commends Paige for trying to get through to him and tries to take her mind of things by suggesting a dip in the pool. However, when the girls enter the backyard, they are shocked to discover Paige’s boxing bag has been ripped to shreds with a pair of garden shears. Are Paige’s concerns warranted?

Despite Josh’s efforts to find work, he’s unsuccessful. When he discovers Amber’s pregnancy craving, he uses that as a way to open a dialogue between them but is disappointed when his overtures are returned with only politeness. Taking his frustrations out at the exercise area, he discovers Aaron is also down on his luck in work. Impulsively, Josh suggests he teams up with Aaron to form a dance troupe and despite his best efforts, fails dismally when Aaron puts his moves to the test.

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