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Tyler's lies almost catch up with him

Brennan reconnects with his brothers

Sheila wages war on Karl

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

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Monday 29th June

As Lauren struggles with the anniversary of her wedding, the tension between Terese and Brad escalates. When Robin tentatively asks Lauren out to dinner, she is fleetingly tempted, but then remembers that she only just buried her husband. A guilt-ridden Lauren confides in Paige, who turns to Brad, urging him to reach out to Lauren as a friend. Brad, though, is desperate to fix things with Terese, and doesn’t think it’s a good idea. However, unable to turn his back, Brad talks to Lauren, and it’s clear that she’s putting Matt up on a pedestal. Brad inadvertently lets slip that Lauren may not have known Matt as well as she thinks and when she pushes him to reveal what he knows, Brad is forced to admit Matt’s betrayal with Sharon Canning… And Lauren’s world will never be the same again.

When Toadie and Sonya witness Amy’s drive and immense efficiency first hand, they are clearly impressed but also a little intimidated. But when they discover a ‘to do list’ that Amy’s written, it’s clear why she’s so on ball – she’s juggling a precarious financial state and needs to be super organised to stay on top of things. In contrast, Amy is less than impressed with her new boss Kyle’s distinct lack of organisation. But when she goes against Kyle’s instructions on her first day on the job, undermining him in front of the client, Kyle loses his cool. Regretful, Amy admits her mistake to Sonya and worries she may be out of a job – the truth is she’s not used to taking orders from someone; she’s always been her own boss. Sympathetic, Sonya encourages Amy to apologise to Kyle – he’s a pretty reasonable guy and if she’s honest with him, he may surprise her and let her keep her job. Taking this on board, Amy does just that, explaining her actions to Kyle and admitting that despite appearances, she can’t afford to lose her job – she needs the money. Kyle accepts her apology, and sympathetic to Amy’s situation, he thinks it must be hard being a single mum. But Amy takes offence at this – it’s not hard, she loves it... Kyle is left baffled by the sparky personality he’ll now be working with.

Nate’s still reeling after Alistair’s kiss the night before. Susan presumes Nate’s unsuccessful date with Brett is the reason for his glumness, and is surprised when Nate reveals the truth. She wonders if Alistair might be genuine, but Nate has no idea. He suspects that Alistair’s trying to mess with his head out of homophobic spite. Later, Alistair apologises to Nate for his behaviour, putting it down to drunkenness. Nate, though, doesn’t trust him, and questions whether Alistair is apologising for ruining his date or the fact that he kissed him? Alistair is shocked, swearing that he has no memory of the kiss. A dubious Nate confides in Susan, coming to the conclusion that Alistair is gay, but not yet out of the closet. Deciding that Alistair needs a friend, Nate reaches out to him and is shocked to learn that Alistair is in a relationship with a woman.


Tuesday 30th June

Reeling in the wake of Brad’s revelation that Matt and Sharon kissed, Lauren craves the details of the encounter, wanting to understand just how far the betrayal went. With Brad unable to provide the answers, Lauren goes to Terese, who is upset that Brad went against their vow to keep the incident from Lauren. Both Brad and Terese try to convince Lauren that Matt’s infidelity was a one off and that Lauren should focus on the memory of his love for her, rather than this one mistake. Lauren is not reassured by this, however, and seeks out Sharon Canning herself. Sharon faces the music, taking responsibility for her actions, but also warning Lauren to be wary of Terese’s motives in keeping the truth from Lauren for so long. Paige backs up Sharon’s assessment of Terese: she is not Lauren’s friend and all she cares about is keeping her away from Brad. Confronted by Lauren once again, Terese admits that perhaps she did act to protect her marriage; wouldn’t anyone? Empathising, Lauren advises Brad not to make the same mistakes she did with Matt – Terese’s behaviour is a cry for help that he should heed. Brad reassures his wife that he loves her. But as Lauren casts aside the tainted memory of her late husband, we are left to wonder: how long can Terese hold together her ailing marriage and keep Brad and Lauren apart?

When the Dimato investigation is shelved due to a drop off in crime in the area, Brennan is left frustrated. Wanting to keep the case alive, he asks Tyler if he can convince his boss, Stubbsy, to set up a security camera at the garage to watch the comings and goings at Grease Monkey’s. Having invented ‘Stubbsy’ to cover Dimato’s ownership of the garage, Tyler panics, going to Paige. She intervenes, convincing Brennan to back off. Tyler is left grateful and very relieved when Brennan not only cancels the CCTV idea, but apologises for putting Tyler in a difficult position and assures him he’ll stay out of Tyler’s business from here on in.

In fierce competition with Off Air, Sheila invents a charity bingo night with a unique twist, hiring a male revue dancer to shimmy around the bar whenever ‘bingo’ is called. Sheila struggles to get her family to help her with the event, but Naomi finally agrees. The bingo night gets off to an uneventful start... until Tyler and Brennan, forced to join in by a persuasive Sheila, realise the identity of the male dancer: it’s their brother, Aaron!

Wednesday 1st July

Brennan explains to Tyler that he called their middle brother, Aaron, to Erinsborough to see if he could help cheer Tyler up, though he never imagined in a million years they’d find Aaron working as an exotic dancer at The Waterhole. Tyler thinks it’s hilarious but Brennan doesn’t see the funny side, more annoyed that Aaron changed his career and never mentioned it. When Brennan remarks that they’re brothers and meant to know what’s going on in each other’s lives, Tyler’s guilt is piqued. However, Aaron’s arrival buoys Tyler, especially when Aaron is roped into helping Tyler get through work at the garage. Meanwhile, Brennan laments to Sheila about how distant he feels from his brothers. He feels like he doesn’t know them anymore, they’re strangers more than family. Sheila suggests Brennan not work so hard on recreating the past but get to know is brothers for who they are now. Armed with this advice, Brennan goes back to his brothers, determined they’ll be a close family once more.

While Paul admits he’s excited to have Amy back in his life, he still can’t get past his annoyance at Naomi for going behind his back. Naomi, meanwhile, has Sheila in her ear, advising her not to let Paul walk all over her. After being berated one too many times by Paul, Naomi loses her cool, threatening to call it quits on her job and their potential relationship.  Paul realises he’s gone too far and admits as much to Naomi. He implores her to reconsider her stance, but Naomi doesn’t come back unconditionally. Naomi negotiates the terms of her relationship with Paul, demanding to be wooed and placing a ban on Paul’s mood swings. Paul agrees but insists on a term of his own – that Naomi stop interfering in his family affairs. They shake on it, both quietly thrilled they’ve come to an understanding and that their relationship might finally take flight.

Trying to promote a rapprochement between Josh and Daniel, Amber organises a dinner with them on the eve of her fourteen week scan. It’s not long before Daniel and Joshua are arguing over the baby and whether they should find out the sex. It stresses Amber out and she demands they end the conversation. While she takes a bathroom break, Imogen reveals that Amber organised the dinner because she wants them to start getting along again. And if this unusual parenting situation is going to work, the boys need to work together to take care of Amber, not always be butting heads. The next day at the scan, Daniel and Joshua act as a team, supporting Amber. She’s happy with this change, but then as Karl performs the ultrasound he finds something unusual and rushes off to find a neonatal doctor. The trio’s fears that something could be wrong are justified when Karl comes back and ushers them into his office – he has some bad news. What could be wrong with the baby?

Thursday 2nd July

Amber, Joshua and Daniel are devastated to learn the baby likely suffers from congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Karl is reluctant to speculate on the baby’s chances, pointing out that they’ll need to see a specialist to confirm the diagnosis; however, he does confirm Joshua’s internet research that there’s a fifty percent survival rate after birth. Amber is shell-shocked by the news, blaming herself, before breaking down in her mother’s arms. Josh and Daniel realise that any tension between them is unhelpful and petty, and agree to bury the hatchet to support Amber. Josh realises money will be an issue and, figuring that’s a way he can constructively help, he approaches Forrest to ask if there’s a more expensive range of supplements he can sell. Forrest makes it clear the only option would be unapproved (ie. illegal) supplements and Josh baulks. At a family meeting with Lauren and Brad, the parents-to-be learn that the fifty percent survival statistic doesn’t count the families who choose not to pursue the pregnancy, leaving them with a stark reality. But with the diagnosis still unconfirmed, the parents-to-be recommit to doing whatever they can in the immediate future to help their baby. Josh realises he has no other financial options and returns to Forrest, telling him he’s in. He’ll sell anything to provide money for his sick baby.

When Tyler realises that Aaron is single and open to meeting someone new, he concocts a plan to help his brother, and himself. He decides to set up Aaron and Nate, thinking this will make Nate forgive him for stealing Karl’s prescription pad. But the set-up starts rocky and quickly goes downhill when Nate and Aaron have completely opposite views on almost everything. When Tyler works desperately to find a topic they can agree on, the penny drops for Aaron and he and Nate are both quick to destroy Tyler’s dream – thanks, but no thanks. Tyler takes them to The Waterhole for an apology drink and feed, and finally manages to soften Nate’s anger by pointing out that if his good mate were still around, he’d have told Tyler what a dumb plan the matchmaking idea was. Nate and Tyler make up.

Paige’s 21st is coming up and Brad and Lauren are keen to celebrate this milestone after missing so many important moments in her life. Once she hears the news about Amber’s baby, Paige wants to cancel the party, but Amber encourages her to go ahead and give them all something fun to focus on. Paige approaches Terese to discuss The Waterhole as the party venue and the women reach a rapprochement of sorts, both mindful of burying their issues in the wake of the baby news. However, during a fun brainstorming session with Lauren and Brad, it’s clear Paige still harbours strong hopes of reuniting her parents.

Friday 3rd July

After promising Amber he’ll take care of the financial side of things in relation to their sick baby, Josh begins selling illegal peptides on the sly. However, he’s not discreet enough, and when Kyle hears Josh’s sales pitch, espousing the benefits of the ‘supplements’ to a body builder, he’s interested in buying some. Josh is torn. He has the chance to make a big sale with Kyle, but ultimately his conscience wins out and he pushes Kyle towards the legal, but less lucrative, supplements.

Meanwhile, Imogen’s worried Josh is getting in over his head financially, when he comes home with a new box of ‘supplements’. Her worry soon turns into suspicion when Josh dissuades Amber from joining his sales team, and then finds out he wouldn’t sell Kyle the ‘more expensive’ supplements. Taking matters into her own hands, she decides to do some snooping – in Josh’s supplements bag. However, she doesn’t get very far, Amber catching her in the act, and making Imogen promise she’ll lay off. And although she obeys, it’s clear Imogen’s reservations about Josh’s job remain.

Wanting to cheer up a miserable Daniel (in the wake of the baby news), Paul organises a family lunch and invites Amy and Jimmy along. After dispelling some initial nerves, it really seems as though Paul’s getting the hang of being a ‘family man’ and he’s thrilled when Amy agrees to let him babysit Jimmy for the afternoon while she goes to work. The babysitting goes well but when she comes home and sees Jimmy loaded up with presents, Amy is furious. She goes to the penthouse and rips through Paul for undermining her; declaring that leaving Jimmy with him was a mistake she won’t be making again.

Sheila’s keen to hold another Red Hot Bingo night, but when Paul shuts down the idea, citing the complaint that came through to council as the reason, Sheila’s hell bent on finding out who the complainant is. Her top suspect is Karl, and while he plays innocent in the beginning, it’s not long before he confesses to being the culprit. In an impassioned speech, he tells her he doesn’t agree with the use of exotic dancers (as he’s against treating people as sexual objects), and implores Sheila to put the kibosh on any more bingo nights featuring naked man flesh. Unable to argue with his logic, Sheila reluctantly agrees. However, when she stumbles across a flyer advertising Ladies’ Night at Off Air, she finally realises what Karl’s playing at, and vows to beat him at his own game.

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