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David finds the man he believes is his father

Leo gets a disturbing glimpse into his future

Mark and Steph get shocking news

Neighbours catch up (what happened last week)

This week's Neighbours episodes

Monday 24th October

Tyler’s determined to make a final decision about him and Piper, but her annoyance as he mulls over his choice leads her to make a surprising turn to someone else…

The Cannings are excited about their debut on Family Feud that night… although Gary is embarrassed over the number of times he mentioned Terese. Actually impressed, Terese decides to ask Gary on a date, but her chance is ruined by the announcement of a shocking visitor.

Leo plays a dangerous game to get his hands on market research material from Paul – all while using an unwitting Amy in the process…

Tuesday 25th October

Xanthe’s overcome with emotion as her mother Brooke arrives at the Canning house. While Brooke tries to explain her disappearance to a heartbroken Xanthe, she begs Gary to try and convince Xanthe to give her a second chance... will she get it?

As Piper and Angus wake up, having slept the night in Hermione, they are discovered by Aaron, who immediately twigs to what’s occurred the night before. It’s not long before the tryst is out… even to Tyler.

Leo pulls out all stops in convincing Amy to go on a date with him, including delivering her a very special gift...

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Wednesday 26th October

David tracks down the man he believes to be his father, but the skittish Bradley Satchwell panics and attacks him. When they wind up in hospital with nowhere to escape, will David finally get the truth he’s been looking for?

Sheila puts in motion a plan to get proof of her doubts about Brooke and her reasons for arriving in Erinsborough, but Xanthe springs her in the act – and reveals that as much as she wants her mum’s visit to be motivated by love, she finds herself doubting Brooke too.

Ready for her date with Leo, Amy looks stunning – though she feels awkward and out of her comfort zone. Paul tries to dissuade her from going and Elly has her doubts too, but Amy goes ahead with it… until she’s stood up.

Thursday 27th October

While Leo is surprisingly hit hard by Bradley’s disappearance from the hospital, David tracks down his ex-wife – who reveals that Bradley’s past bears a striking resemblance to Leo’s present.

Amy gets the full story about Leo standing her up, and softens to him when he demonstrates a rare moment of authentic emotion. Will she give him another shot?

Brad appears to be deteriorating in hospital, but when Lauren visits, he is quick to cover, not wanting to worry her. He does, however, call upon Terese to reveal not only the truth of his illness – but also a compelling secret about his will that he asks her to deal with…

Friday 28th October

Lauren is alarmed when Brad talks about his time being up and begs Karl for help, not realising the seriousness of his own crisis of confidence. Despite this, Karl returns from leave to solve Brad’s case with a new urgency…

While attempting to help Simone, Jack admits to her that he’s still in love with Paige. A manipulative Simone offers to leave but this only prompts Jack to invite her to stay – which is exactly as she’d hoped...

Angus ropes in Ben as part of his plan for a tattoo with which to impress Elly, not realising that he’s getting all geared up to tattoo himself with Ned’s poisoned ink…

Mark, Steph and Sonya endure the embarrassment and awkwardness of the IVF process, until they receive some devastating news that leads Steph to make a shattering decision in her relationship with Mark…

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