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River City

BBC Scotland

Kelly-Marie is torn between work and home

Alan extends friendship to Grace

Eileen tries to stall Frank's plans

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 26th May


This week in Shieldinch…Gabriel’s new job at Chrome threatens to shine a light on Alex and Shug’s dodgy dealings; distracted by managing the club, Kelly-Marie’s torn between her work and home life; and Alan extends the hand of friendship to Grace while Eileen attempts to stall Frank Paton’s plans for the travellers’ site.

A skint Gabriel turns to Kelly-Marie for much-needed work. However, Alex is far-from-happy with his appointment as club barman fearing he’ll report back any dodgy dealings he witnesses to Kelly-Marie. Alex’s concerns aren’t without foundation after Gabriel becomes wary of Shug’s behaviour in the club and blows the whistle to Alex. However, much to Gabriel’s surprise, Alex downplays the accusations made against Shug.

Later, Gabriel’s suspicions grow when he discovers Alex hasn’t told Kelly-Marie about Shug’s underhand deals. Suspecting foul play, Gabriel decides to keep a close eye on Chrome.

Kelly-Marie’s guilt-ridden about the amount of time she’s dedicating to running the club to the detriment of her son, Callum. Patrick offers to babysit his nephew but it goes awry.

Elsewhere, Alan attempts to befriend Grace but is met with some hostility. Desperate to make a connection, Alan inadvertently reveals Josie’s been truanting from school. It’s a talking point between the pair but Grace doesn’t take the news well.

Eileen pulls out all the stops to scupper Frank Paton’s planning permission plans for the travellers’ site. Aware she’s running out of time, Eileen uses Scarlett to create a necessary delay.

Gabriel is played by Garry Sweeney, Alex by Jordan Young, Shug by Robert Jack, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini, Alan by Stephen McCole, Grace by Niamh McCann, Eileen by Deirdre Davis, Frank paton by Paul Thomas-Hickey, Callum by Robbie Neilson, Patrick by Gerard Miller and Scarlett by Sally Howitt.


Previously on River City: Tuesday 19th May


This week in Shieldinch…Angus’s attempts to become Buster’s new wrestling promoter dive; a desperate Angus turns to best mate Bob to save him from wrestling disaster; and Dan crosses the line with Zinnie misinterpreting her concern as something more.

Buster confides in Ellie he’s worried his comeback gig won’t happen. Keen to lift his spirits, Ellie organises a dinner party for herself, Buster, Bob, Zinnie and Angus.

At the dinner party, Buster shares his wrestling woes with the group and Angus spots an opportunity to turn promoter and make some fast cash. It spikes Buster’s interest and the pair strike up a partnership.

Desperate to bank roll his new venture, Angus turns to Bob for financial backing. Bob’s initially reluctant but Ellie sweet talks him into investing.

However, Angus’s grand plans for sporting glory quickly go awry and he turns to best mate Bob to save the day.


Elswhere, Zinnie warns Dan to stop relying on her to help out at the Health Centre so he suggests she works for him full-time.

However, Angus is less-than-impressed with the job offer, believing Dan is taking advantage of his girlfriend now that Tatiana has been deported. And, it seems Angus’ cause for concern may be real when, later that night, Dan makes a move on a shocked Zinnie.

Angus is played by Scott Fletcher, Buster by Grado, Bob by Stephen Purdon, Dan by Adam Robertson, Zinnie by Nalini Chetty and Ellie by Leah MacRae.


Viewers outside Scotland can access this programme on Sky Channel 971, Freesat Channel 960, Virgin Media Channel 862 or bbc.co.uk/iplayer


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