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River City

BBC Scotland

Alan and Grace's closeness unsettles their families

Alex questions Kelly-Marie

Jimmy tries to romance Scarlett

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 28th July


This week in Shieldinch…Alan and Grace’s growing closeness proves unsettling for both their families; a suspicious Alex questions Kelly-Marie about her friendship with Gabriel; and Jimmy unsuccessfully tries to romance Scarlett.

Eileen spots Grace in the street and asks her to pass on good news to her dad, Duncan – their planning application has been accepted, the land is officially theirs. However, when Grace reaches out the hand of peace to Duncan he makes it clear he’s not interested, not while she’s living under Alan Lindsay’s roof.

Later, when Duncan sees Grace and Alan laughing together over a drink at the Tall Ship it cuts deep, feeling further betrayed by his daughter.

Grace makes the momentous decision to sleep with Alan but their happiness proves short-lived when, the morning after the night before, a disgusted Kirsty walks in on the couple wrapped in each other’s arms. Feeling increasingly uncomfortable in her own home, Kirsty considers a future away from Shieldinch.

Over at the travellers’ site, Duncan makes a far-reaching decision which shocks Josie and Grace.

Elsewhere, Alex witnesses an exchange between Kelly-Marie and Gabriel which spikes his interest while Jimmy’s plans for a cosy night with Scarlett are scuppered when she lies about being busy at work.

Alan is played by Stephen McCole, Grace by Niamh McCann, Alex by Jordan Young, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini, Gabriel by Garry Sweeney, Jimmy by Billy McElhaney, Scarlett by Sally Howitt, Eileen by Deirdre Davis, Duncan by Stewart Porter, Kirsty by Bobby Rainsbury and Josie by Rachael-Anne Keiller.


Previously on River City: Tuesday 21st July


This week in Shieldinch…Erin tries to prove her worth making Lenny a business offer he can’t refuse; Angus is a man in demand with Bob and Buster vying for his attention; and jealousy rears its ugly head in the Lindsay household.

Lenny’s in the money following a business deal and decides to put a lump sum into Callum’s trust.

At Hamish the lawyer’s wake, Lenny asks Erin to help him invest his windfall into grandson Callum’s trust fund. With her boss planning to drop any criminal clients, Erin’s all too aware she’s on shaky ground and she faces an uncertain future. She sets her sights on working for Lenny but he’s not keen and she’ll need to prove her worth to convince him

Opportunity comes calling when Erin comes across a potential business investment which will not only make Lenny money but get one over on his arch enemy, Alex. It’s a win win situation.


Meanwhile, Angus finds himself torn between Buster and Bob on the work front. Busy at the garage, Bob needs Angus to lend a hand but Buster has his upcoming stand-up gig to promote and needs his agent to spread the word.

Realising Patrick’s at a loose end, Bob suggests Angus hires him to help out but the arrangement quickly proves problematic for all.

Elsewhere, Kirsty feels snubbed by her father believing he’d rather spend time with new girlfriend Grace than his own family.

Erin is played by Emma Hartley-Miller, Lenny by Frank Gallagher, Angus by Scott Fletcher, Bob by Stephen Purdon, Buster by Graeme Stevely, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini, Alex by Jordan Young, Patrick by Gerard Miller, Kirsty by Bobby Rainsbury and Grace by Niamh McCann.


Viewers outside Scotland can access this programme on Sky Channel 971, Freesat Channel 960, Virgin Media Channel 862 or bbc.co.uk/iplayer


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