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River City

BBC Scotland, iPlayer

Angus and Cassie bring their wedding day forward

Bob and Ellie's relationship reaches a crisis point

Kelly-Marie reveals a secret to Robbie

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 28th June


This week in Shieldinch…Alasdair’s hidden past triggers painful memories for Patrick whose world is turned upside down by the revelations; AJ and Annie’s wedding anniversary proves unforgettable for all the wrong reasons; and Drew is suspicious when a classmate is attracted to him.

Molly and Liz are shocked when a poison pen letter arrives at the charity shop accusing Alasdair of being a paedophile. Alasdair proclaims his innocence, explaining that himself and colleagues at a boarding school were involved in a child sex abuse trial. Alasdair was exonerated but one of the victim’s mothers has been obsessively hounding him for over three decades. While Liz desperately wants to believe Alasdair, Molly is sceptical.

At the Tall Ship, Patrick sympathetically listens to Alasdair’s story. That is, until he realises the nature of the accusations which trigger painful memories from his care home past.

Tormented by his own hidden abuse, an agitated Patrick arrives at the birthday party Scarlett has thrown for him. As he drinks, his mood worsens and he lashes out at his family and Angel.

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Later, two worlds collide when Patrick confronts Alasdair about what he knew and why he did nothing. As Patrick’s world spirals out of control, facing his past will prove devastating.

Elsewhere, AJ pulls out all the stops to spoil Annie on their wedding anniversary. However, he unwittingly makes the heart-breaking discovery, Alex is the object of Annie’s affections.

Drew is surprised when classmate, Jules, shows an interest in him. Believing it’s a dare, Drew is suspicious on their first date.

Alasdair is played by Michael Mackenzie, Patrick by Gerard Miller, AJ by Sanjeev Kohli, Annie by Dawn Steele, Drew by Benjamin Nugent, Molly by Una McLean, Liz by Eileen McCallum, Scarlett by Sally Howitt, Angel by Hanna Stanbridge, Alex by Jordan Young and Jules by Aishia Toussaint.


Previously on River City

Tuesday 21st June


This week in Shieldinch…Angus and Cassie are forced to bring their wedding day forward but best man Bob refuses to support their sham marriage; Bob and Ellie’s relationship reaches a crisis point; and Kelly-Marie reveals a secret to Robbie.

Cassie and Angus’s marriage of convenience hits the rocks after they discover their wedding has been double booked by the registry office. Determined to make their big day happen and save Cassie from deportation, the couple decide to get hitched immediately. They manage to use Angus’ pop-up venue and Cassie bags herself a second hand wedding dress but finding a best man proves a stumbling block. Unhappy his best friend is going ahead with his fake wedding, Bob refuses to stand by Angus. A rift grows between the pair which leads Bob to take drastic action, jeopardising whether the couple make it down the aisle or not.

Real-life affairs of the heart prove complicated as Bob and Ellie reach a crisis point. All the wedding drama leads to the couple to confront the cracks in their relationship as Bob argues with Ellie about commitment. Cassie offers some blunt observations to Ellie while Stella’s advice irks and there’s no happily-ever-after in sight for the couple.


Elsewhere, Kelly-Marie’s trial run as the Tall Ship’s new barmaid comes to an abrupt end when she clashes with Angel, causing trouble between Gary and Robbie. Frustrated by his best friend’s desire to self-destruct, Robbie confronts Kelly-Marie and is shocked to discover a secret she’s hiding from the family.

Angus is played by Scott Fletcher, Cassie by Sophia Kolinas, Bob by Stephen Purdon, Ellie by Leah MacRae, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini, Robbie by Gary Lamont, Stella by Keira Lucchesi, Angel by Hanna Stanbridge and Gary by James Mackenzie.


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