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River City

BBC Scotland

Tatiana's deportation looms

Patrick considers his options

Stella gets a surprise

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 21st April


This week in Shieldinch…as the day of Tatiana’s deportation looms, Dan and Christina fight to keep her in Scotland; Molly and Tatiana’s hostile relationship takes an unexpected turn; and Stella’s surprised when Patrick is given a job at the Oyster.

Tatiana’s future hangs in the balance but, ever the optimist, Dan brings hope – their marriage has been approved. However, their good news proves short-lived when lawyer, Madeleine, reveals their marriage won’t be recognised as valid by the deportation officials.

A devastated Tatiana is advised asylum is her only remaining option. However, knowing that she’ll have to reveal the truth about her past and the identity of Christina’s father, Tatiana decides to silently take her chances. She’d rather protect Christina from the truth than expose a secret which could devastate her daughter.

All too aware time is running out, Tatiana pleads with Molly to take care of Christina once she’s gone. Despite their differences, the two women agree a truce – for both of them, Christina comes first.

Meanwhile, a jobless Patrick considers his options. Unwilling to return to work at Chrome, Kelly-Marie persuades Alex into giving Patrick a job at the Oyster Café. However, he doesn’t check with café manager Stella who is surprised when her new member of staff turns up for his first shift.

Tatiana is played by Magdalena Kaleta, Dan by Adam Robertson, Christina by Caitlin Gillespie, Molly by Una McLean, Stella by Keira Lucchesi, Patrick by Gerard Miller, Madeleine by Helen Logan, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini.


Previously on River City: Tuesday 14th April


This week in Shieldinch…Frank Paton plays dirty when Eileen and Councillor Greer shine the spotlight on his dodgy deals; Ellie’s frustration grows as Liz refuses to accept Malcolm’s deteriorating condition; and a familiar face returns to support Tatiana as the threat of deportation casts a shadow.

Eileen’s interest is spiked when she discovers the Parkview hostel is up for renewal and owned by Frank Paton. Sensing something dodgy, Eileen  probes DI Donald for information but is thwarted when he says he can’t get involved – he’s under investigation for headbutting Paton in the Tall Ship.

Fully supported by Councillor Greer, Eileen sets her sights on scuppering Paton’s chances of securing a new council contract for his dodgy business. Paton decides to play dirty to get his way and sets the wheels in motion to blackmail Greer, with a little help from Lenny.


Ellie arrives at the Hamilton’s and discovers a tired Liz struggling to cope after another disturbed night with Malcolm. Worried there’s more to Malcolm’s sleeplessness than meets the eye, Ellie urges Liz to get help but her advice falls on deaf ears.

Elsewhere, with the threat of deportation looming large, Dan decides takes matters into his own hands and starts a local petition in support of his fiancé. However, not everyone’s willing to sign it – Molly makes it clear she wants to see the back of Tatiana, the woman who broke her son’s heart. As Tatiana’s fate hangs in the balance, a familiar face, Christina, returns to offer some moral support.

Frank Paton is played by Paul Thomas Hickey, Eileen by Deirdre Davis, Councillor Greer by Matt Costello, Ellie by Leah MacRae, Liz by Eileen McCallum, Tatiana by Magdalena Kaleta, DI Donald by Robin Laing, Lenny by Frank Gallagher, Dan by Adam Robertson and Christina by Caitlin Gillespie.


Viewers outside Scotland can access this programme on Sky Channel 971, Freesat Channel 960, Virgin Media Channel 862 or bbc.co.uk/iplayer


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