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River City

BBC Scotland, iPlayer

Alex and Kelly-Marie have a heart-breaking decision

Martina faces the consequences of her actions

Stevie tries to shelter Stella from her results

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 9th February

This week in Shieldinch…with their premature son fighting for life, Alex and Kelly-Marie have a heart-breaking decision to make; Martina silently faces the consequences of her actions; and Stevie tries to shelter Stella from the results of her cancer test.

Alex remains at his son’s hospital bedside, clinging on to the hope he will survive. Feeling powerless, he does everything possible to comfort the baby, reading him the story of Peter Pan – the boy who never grew up. The words have a profound effect on Alex.

Surrounded by her family, Kelly-Marie slowly regains consciousness and is shocked to discover she’s given birth and her baby is in intensive care.

Alex rushes to Kelly-Marie’s bedside, full of assurances their son will pull through, optimistically talking about the future their family have together. United by love for their son, Kelly-Marie and Alex decide to name him David.

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However, heart-break awaits when baby David takes a turns for the worse and doctors deliver a devastating blow – their baby has brain damage and won’t survive off life-support. Together they prepare for the inevitable.

Martina is shocked to see her grandson fighting for his life in ICU. Seeing his tiny body hooked up to wires, guilt grips Martina but she’s also fearful what will happen when Kelly-Marie finally remembers details of her accident.

Elsewhere, Stella comes across Stella’s oncology letter and decides to hide it from her, fearing the worst. However, the couple are overjoyed to discover Stella’s in remission and their future finally looks bright.

Alex is played by Jordan Young, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini, Martina by Ann Louise Ross, Stevie by Paul James Corrigan and Stella by Keira Lucchesi.


Previously on River City

Tuesday 2nd February

This week in Shieldinch…Caitlin’s quest to get a job backfires plunging her deeper into financial trouble; Alex’s alibi shocks the family as his wife’s life hangs in the balance; and Robbie is forced to reconsider his future following the salon fire.

Caitlin confides in Ellie about her financial woes and is encouraged to turn her life around and get a job. However, her positivity proves short-lived when the interview doesn’t go well. Worse still, the interview makes Caitlin late for a dole appointment and she has her benefits sanctioned.

With no payments for four weeks, Caitlin blames Ellie for making her go for the job in the first place.

Feeling downbeat, Caitlin tries to return interview clothes she bought from the charity shop that morning but is given short shrift by an unimpressed Molly. The altercation proves to be a catalyst for change for Caitlin.


Elsewhere, Alex, the police’s prime suspect at the station, is forced to confess his alibi – he was with Angel.

Finally free from the police, Alex rushes to be at Kelly-Marie and his unborn baby’s side. However, Scarlett’s relief at seeing Alex quickly disappears when Robbie reveals Alex slept with Angel not only on the day of Kelly-Marie’s accident, but the night before the wedding.

Robbie assesses the burnt out remains of his salon and is forced to rethink his future while Molly faces her own mortality.

The mood darkens further when Kelly-Marie is rushed into surgery for an emergency caesarean with the fate of her unborn baby hanging in the balance.

Caitlin is played by Gayle Telfer-Stevens, Alex by Jordan Young, Robbie by Gary Lamont, Ellie by Leah MacRae, Molly by Una McLean, Angel by Hanna Stanbridge and Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini.



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