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River City

BBC Scotland

Ellie is hiding something from Bob

Stella makes a devastating discovery

Angus's hurt deepens

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 24th November @ 8pm


This week in Shieldinch…Ellie’s back from Las Vegas but she’s hiding some holiday news from Bob; Stella makes a devastating discovery about her health and future happiness; and Angus’s hurt deepens when secrets and lies unravel.

Bob is over-the-moon when Ellie returns from her trip to Las Vegas to break-up with Buster. Bob senses that she’s holding back on what happened on the holiday – and for good reason as Caitlin and Jenny discover pictures online of Ellie marrying Buster.

Ellie desperately tries to track down Bob to break the news herself but Angus beats her to it. Humiliated by Ellie’s very public deception, Bob fails to see the funny side of the drunken joke, ignoring Ellie’s pleas that the annulment’s in the post. For Bob, her lies are unforgiveable.

Later, Angus offers Bob a shoulder to cry on. As Angus pours out his heart about how lucky he was to have had Zinnie in his life, Bob blurts out the shocking truth about her fling with Stevie. Enraged, Angus lashes out at Stevie.

Stella’s shocked to discover a lump in her breast and turns to Dr Annie for advice who insists she undergoes a biopsy. Stella hides the news from Stevie but she’s not the only one with a secret to tell.

Elsewhere, Jimmy finds himself forced into facing his own morality after Madonna asks some difficult questions about death.

Ellie is played by Leah MacRae, Bob by Stephen Purdon, Stella by Keira Lucchesi, Angus by Scott Fletcher, Caitlin by Gayle Telfer-Stevens, Jenny by Christine Steel, Stevie by Paul James Corrigan, Annie by Dawn Steele, Jimmy by Billy McElhaney and Madonna by Sienna Glackin.


Previously on River City: Tuesday 17th November


This week in Shieldinch…Lenny hits a crossroads in his life as guilt and his deteriorating health take hold; birthday boy Drew isn’t in the mood to celebrate due to family secrets and lies; and Molly and Liz face unexpected competition in their quest to secure the charity shop job.

With his MS worsening, Lenny reluctantly asks Dr Annie for more pain relief but she urges him to embrace new treatment or face the consequences.

Although Lenny claims to not care, the guilt over his part in Zinnie’s death weighs heavy. However, even Father Mulvaney’s words of wisdom fail to make him confess his sins.

Adding insult to injury, Martina publicly humiliates Lenny and DI Donald piles on the pressure to uncover the truth about the explosion. Facing an uncertain future, Lenny sets the wheels in motion to leave Shieldinch forever.


It’s Drew’s birthday but he’s in no mood to celebrate. He doesn’t want any presents or a party – all he wants is to finally find out who his father is. Drew confides in Patrick who reminds him that sometimes it’s better not knowing the truth and suggests that maybe Caitlin is protecting him for good reason.

Elsewhere. Eileen and Father Mulvaney hold interviews for the position of manager of the new charity shop. Once competitors, Molly and Liz join forces at the job interview – with hilarious consequences. However, their plans are thwarted by the arrival of superior rival Alasdair Quinn.

Also this week, AJ and Annie’s new start stumbles when their past rears its ugly head again.

Lenny is played by Frank Gallagher, Drew by Benjamin Nugent, Molly by Una McLean, Liz by Eileen McCallum, Annie by Dawn Steele, Father Mulvaney by Laurie Ventry, Martina by Ann Louise Ross, DI Donald by Robin Laing, Patrick by Gerard Miller, Caitlin by Gayle Telfer-Stevens, Eileen by Deirdre Davis, Alasdair Quinn by Michael MacKenzie and AJ by Sanjeev Kohli.


Viewers outside Scotland can access this programme on Sky Channel 971, Freesat Channel 960, Virgin Media Channel 862 or bbc.co.uk/iplayer


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