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River City

BBC Scotland

Zinnie's future is thrown into disarray

Eileen woos Scarlett to support the festival

Kelly-Marie has a health scare

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 6th October


This week in Shieldinch…unexpected offers throw Zinnie’s future into disarray; Eileen woos a cynical Scarlett to support the Shieldinch Festival with mixed results; and a pregnant Kelly-Marie has a health scare which casts doubt over her role at Chrome, much to Alex’s delight.

Zinnie’s future in Shieldinch looks uncertain after Dr Dan offers her a placement with the Peace Doctors in Nepal. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime but Angus can’t hide his dismay at the thought of losing the love of his life. Zinnie confides in Stevie who has his own work worries having quit his job at the Tall Ship. Together, they find mutual support in each other, something which is sorely lacking at home.

Meanwhile, Angus admits to Bob he’s heartbroken at the thought of losing Zinnie. Bob urges him to fight for their future together and flippantly suggests they get married. To his surprise, Angus takes the suggestion seriously.

Elsewhere, all too aware that Scarlett could cause trouble for the Shieldinch Festival if she’s not on side, Eileen unleashes a charm offensive. However, despite winning Scarlett over, friction quickly resurfaces throwing the forthcoming festival into chaos - it turns to Angus to save the day.

Kelly-Marie takes the lead at Chrome once again, organising a gay night with Robbie. However, a fall at the club spooks the pregnant Kelly-Marie, making her doubt her ability to run Chrome anymore. And Alex is only too thrilled to be back in charge.

Zinnie is played by Nalini Chetty, Eileen by Deirdre Davis, Scarlett by Sally Howitt, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini, Alex by Jordan Young, Angus by Scott Fletcher, Stevie by Paul James Corrigan, Bob by Stephen Purdon and Robbie by Gary Lamont.


Previously on River City: Tuesday 29th September


This week in Shieldinch…Eileen takes over the Tall Ship but quickly alienates herself; a vengeful Lenny sets his sights on making Erin pay for stealing his money; and new housemates, Liz and Molly, squabble over their new living arrangements.

Eileen’s bursting with pride at, once again, being the owner and landlady of The Tall Ship but not everyone shares her joy – Stevie’s smarting after Eileen shafted him over the sale of the pub. Stella urges him to keep calm – they’ve got a baby on the way now, he needs to work.

Determined to put the Tall Ship back at the heart of the community, Eileen hatches a plan to throw a Shieldinch Festival but her pushy approach irks everyone. Although she claims it’ll benefit all, Scarlett and others suspect Eileen’s motivation is to make money – for herself.


Lenny holds Erin Gunn hostage in Amber Cabs, determined to recover the money she fleeced him for. Despite her claims the money has gone, Lenny makes it clear he won’t take no for an answer – he’s going to get his money back, whatever it takes.


Elsewhere, money worries loom large over Scarlett and Angus. Despite being skint, Scarlett shocks everyone by announcing herself and Jimmy will pay for Kelly-Marie’s wedding dress. Angus’ cash flow is cause for concern and he fears he can’t keep paying the mortgage on his dad’s house.

There’s flatmate disharmony as Liz and Molly squabble over their living arrangements. It takes one of Molly’s poker pals, Alasdair Quinn, to act as peacemaker between the pair.

Eileen is played by Deirdre Davis, Lenny by Frank Gallagher, Erin by Emma Hartley-Miller, Liz by Eileen McCallum, Molly by Una McLean, Stevie by Paul James Corrigan, Stella by Keira Lucchesi, Scarlett by Sally Howitt, Angus by Scott Fletcher, Jimmy by Billy McElhaney, Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini and Alasdair Quinn by Michael MacKenzie.


Viewers outside Scotland can access this programme on Sky Channel 971, Freesat Channel 960, Virgin Media Channel 862 or bbc.co.uk/iplayer


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