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River City

BBC Scotland

Alex plays a dangerous game

Lenny's lawyer fails to impress

Tatiana and Dan's future happiness is overshadowed

This week's River City episode

Tuesday 31st March


This week in Shieldinch…Alex plays a dangerous game putting Lenny in the police spotlight; Lenny’s new lawyer, Erin Gunn, fails to impress; and Tatiana and Dan’s future happiness is overshadowed by some unsettling news.

With Lenny’s control over him intensifying, Alex takes drastic action, turning police informant. Throwing a police spotlight over Chrome, Alex reveals Lenny’s been money laundering through the club and provides damning evidence.

However, as the heat on Lenny builds, Alex fears repercussions and turns to an unlikely, and ruthless, ally for protection.

Lenny’s right hand man, Bron, is arrested and questioned. Confident Lenny’s legal team will do right by him, he’s dismayed when young lawyer, Erin Gunn, turns up to represent him. And he’s not the only one – Lenny doesn’t have any faith in Erin.


A nervous Alex confesses his plans to Kelly-Marie who knows all too well how dangerous Lenny can be. Fearing the worst, Kelly-Marie warns Alex he’ll never win a war against Lenny and tells him to keep her and Callum out of his fight.

Meanwhile, Tatiana receives a letter from immigration but is reluctant to open it, it case it’s bad news. Dan assures her all will be well and confirms his optimism for their future by proposing to a shocked Tatiana. However, the celebrations prove short-lived when Tatiana reads the letter – she’s going to be deported.

Alex is played by Jordan Young, Lenny by Frank Gallagher, Erin Gunn by Emma Hartley-Miller, Tatiana by Magdalena Kaleta, Dan by Adam Robertson, Bron by Martin McCardie and Kelly-Marie by Carmen Pieraccini.


Previously on River City: Tuesday 17th March


This week in Shieldinch…DI Donald prepares to lay his father to rest, stirring up family disharmony; doubts about the homeless hostel, and Frank Paton’s possible involvement, lead DI Donald to seek advice from Eileen; and DI Donald’s grief draws him closer to DCI Grant.

With his father’s funeral approaching, DI Donald seeks out his sister, Karen. However, his attempts to persuade her to attend the funeral fall on deaf ears. Still bitter and angry about the past, Karen reiterates she’s not interested – she said her goodbyes to their cheating, alcoholic father years ago.

Determined to make the hostel owners pay for their negligence, DI Donald visits the Parkview again. Outside, he comes across one of the residents, Jimmy, bloodied and disorientated and takes him back to the hostel.

As DI Donald tends Jimmy’s wounds he’s disturbed to hear about the life his father ended up living. DI Donald challenges Moira for the way she treats the homeless men. During their spat, he catches a glimpse of Frank Paton in the background and, suspicious of his presence, questions a rattled Moira.


Back in Shieldinch, DI Donald turns to Eileen for answers about Parkview. Oblivious to a possible Paton connection, Eileen agrees to see what she can find out about the owners.

Later, DI Donald drowns his sorrows in the Tall Ship. Will tries to stop him drinking however, when Paton arrives and goads him about his father, a drunk DI Donald snaps.

Elsewhere, DCI Grant reaches out to a grief-stricken DI Donald, putting their professional differences aside.

DI Donald is played by Robin Laing, Frank Paton by Paul Thomas Hickey, Eileen by Deirdre Davis, DCI Grant by Therese Bradley, Karen by Michelle Gallagher, Jimmy by James Martin, Moira by Gail Watson and Will by Scott Vickers.


Viewers outside Scotland can access this programme on Sky Channel 971, Freesat Channel 960, Virgin Media Channel 862 or bbc.co.uk/iplayer


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